Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bryan Richard Snyder 22901, VAPodiatry1376546408
Marc Blatstein 22401, VAPodiatry1083617260
Heather S Snyder 22901, VAPodiatry1033112172
Paul Shearer 24153, VAPodiatry1518960301
Steven Ellis Lipson 22152, VAPodiatry1831192335
Samuel Winfred Person 23805, VAPodiatry1154324879
Arnold Sherman Beresh 23666, VAPodiatry1417950973
Gregory Allen Shilling 22801, VAPodiatry1942203666
Paul B Cannon 22046, VAPodiatry1740285022
Gary Kugler 20176, VAPodiatry1750386496
Marc Andrew Garfield 23188, VAPodiatry1255336806
John H Bonk 24153, VAPodiatry1407851926
Gerald D Scheimberg 23434, VAPodiatry1639175334
Glen R Wilensky 23227, VAPodiatry1073519682
Raymond James Olkin 22030, VAPodiatry1386641959
Scot Charles Zindel 24501, VAPodiatry1700884269
Richard Resnick 22015, VAPodiatry1548268972
Arnold Steven Levin 22193, VAPodiatry1831197177
Eric B Masternick 20190, VAPodiatry1396743688
Annik Adamson 22310, VAPodiatry1255330692
George H Evancho 23322, VAPodiatry1487653440
Richard L Caudell 23834, VAPodiatry1497755136
Jesse Anderson 23434, VAPodiatry1770583080
Barry Leonard Swedlow 24501, VAPodiatry1619978590
David J Cho 23454, VAPodiatry1447259031
Carrie T Cho 23454, VAPodiatry1356340798
George Kenneth Marino 23113, VAPodiatry1699775197
David L Pontell 22031, VAPodiatry1457352239
Dominion Foot & Ankle Consultants Pc 22031, VAPodiatry1922009703
Robert M Hallivis 22031, VAPodiatry1215938006
Robert Joseph Shouey 22801, VAPodiatry1518969591
George Madison Long 23434, VAPodiatry1497748628
Miki Hori 22801, VAPodiatry1316949068
Richard Scott Mendelsohn 22031, VAPodiatry1174516819
Benjamin R Proto 23606, VAPodiatry1073506291
Steven M Taubman 23454, VAPodiatry1295729663
James E Dodd 22601, VAPodiatry1316931447
Michael Holtz 23464, VAPodiatry1235123019
William E Knudson 20176, VAPodiatry1083608814
Michael T Chung 23464, VAPodiatry1164416681
Christopher Joseph Mueller 23413, VAPodiatry1912992256
Jean Meredith Clay 23188, VAPodiatry1154316453
Joel Cristobal Zarzuela 22408, VAPodiatry1891781654
Dr N Hines & T Fahy 22180, VAPodiatry1821084872
Kenneth R Wilhelm 20121, VAPodiatry1841287414
Joonhyun Yoon 22304, VAPodiatry1689661266
Jeffrey S Coster 22304, VAPodiatry1801883202
Jeffrey L Graziano 22302, VAPodiatry1255328423
Aaron Glenn Gould 23602, VAPodiatry1255329868
Howard F Duke 23220, VAPodiatry1265428536
Mitchell R Waskin 23235, VAPodiatry1528052115
Patrick S. Agnew 23464, VAPodiatry1265420756
Gerard Julio Ranieri 22192, VAPodiatry1629066816
Inez Weekes 22485, VAPodiatry1700875192
Blue Ridge Podiatry Associates 24151, VAPodiatry1952390221
Lemuel Cristobal Zarzuela 22060, VAPodiatry1588654958
Danita A Reese 23970, VAPodiatry1801887443
Daniel N Thomas 23222, VAPodiatry1992796122
Joel Margolis 22211, VAPodiatry1194706820
Jimmy W Downing 22911, VAPodiatry1609859099
Mark D Dollard 20164, VAPodiatry1427049766
John William Cook 22408, VAPodiatry1619966579
Erin A Jerlin 23322, VAPodiatry1720079080
Fox Mill Foot And Ankle Center Plc 20190, VAPodiatry1134102833
George Douglas Lane 22046, VAPodiatry1770566408
Ken Evan Goldstein 20186, VAPodiatry1174506620
Renee P Mason 24210, VAPodiatry1336123645
Brian J Mazzei 24210, VAPodiatry1063496008
Ilene Sh Terrell 22407, VAPodiatry1346225257
Abingdon Foot & Ankle Clinic Pc 24210, VAPodiatry1861477515
Brian R Bunt 20186, VAPodiatry1730165218
Falls Church Medical Center, Inc. 22044, VAPodiatry1245216670
Christopher Brian Stewart 22911, VAPodiatry1346226446
Brian Joseph Mazzei Dpm And Renee Patrice Mason Dpm Pc 24210, VAPodiatry1720065469
William Joseph Collins 23604, VAPodiatry1811974249
Peter F Kelly 24014, VAPodiatry1114907458
Debra J Aleck 23707, VAPodiatry1972587178
Alan Robert Cook 23321, VAPodiatry1881678613
Daniel Stewart 22801, VAPodiatry1215913777
Travella A Sellers 27804, VAPodiatry1487630125
Seth A Rubenstein 20190, VAPodiatry1689657389
Jennifer Anne Keller 24019, VAPodiatry1144290784
Joseph R Disabato 22911, VAPodiatry1881664571
Marc A. Platt 24016, VAPodiatry1184695249
Charles M Zelen 24016, VAPodiatry1508837402
Martin Steven Stark 20110, VAPodiatry1720050446
William Scott Wooddell 23320, VAPodiatry1679546014
Andy Joseph Roussel 22192, VAPodiatry1417920117
Robert W Sullivan 23455, VAPodiatry1669445300
Robert Feldman 24523, VAPodiatry1558334193
Aaron Ben Pearl 22205, VAPodiatry1730154048
Bruce Ira Vogel 20110, VAPodiatry1295700144
Sussman ross Professional Association Of Virginia Pc 22150, VAPodiatry1396711651
Mehul Jitendra Shah 20176, VAPodiatry1730155896
Ronald Mark Landess 23226, VAPodiatry1780651034
Philbert Kuo 23321, VAPodiatry1487622445
Marc Jay Pinsky 23805, VAPodiatry1174590186
Mark L Scripps 22192, VAPodiatry1114995727
Richard Derner 22192, VAPodiatry1932177607
Robert Anthony Breiner 22003, VAPodiatry1891763447
Martha Anne Hurley 22408, VAPodiatry1760450514
Douglas Jeffrey Stabile 22192, VAPodiatry1467420059
Stephen Matthew Carley 22408, VAPodiatry1124096664
Michael Christopher Donato 22408, VAPodiatry1295703734
Robert D Tupper 23452, VAPodiatry1700854130
Joan Marie Shumaker 23226, VAPodiatry1174591234
Harry A Fee 23324, VAPodiatry1326016510
N Wynta Williams 23452, VAPodiatry1730158874
Steven Adam Gordon 20110, VAPodiatry1326017302
Jeffrey P. Frost 23235, VAPodiatry1982673612
Kenneth E Cookus 23294, VAPodiatry1508835315
Sonya C. Faircloth 23235, VAPodiatry1184693913
Limor Glazer 23111, VAPodiatry1841269115
Keith Anthony Jones 23708, VAPodiatry1528037835
Ayne F Furman 22314, VAPodiatry1063471258
Arthur Frederick Wolfson 23601, VAPodiatry1902865918
Foot And Ankle Specialists Of Virginia Pc 23834, VAPodiatry1770542599
Personal Footcare Llc 23805, VAPodiatry1487613030
Gary J Arminio 22015, VAPodiatry1255391231
Arteen Rassool 23455, VAPodiatry1891762340
Patrick Sapini 23235, VAPodiatry1174599955
Joanna G Shuman 20166, VAPodiatry1407829328
Seth J Schweitzer 23834, VAPodiatry1184683526
Robert J Baglio 22911, VAPodiatry1962478891
Laurence G. Rubin 23111, VAPodiatry1851351423
John S Ling 22031, VAPodiatry1629039680
Gary John Scheib 22031, VAPodiatry1609837418
Matthew John Keast 22044, VAPodiatry1376505842
Affiliated Podiatrists, P.c. 23601, VAPodiatry1366404899
D'wayne Scott Tupper 23703, VAPodiatry1861454332
John Jae-jung Kim 23708, VAPodiatry1841252285
Dawn Yvette Bell 23708, VAPodiatry1538121801
Ian Thomas Mcguinness 23708, VAPodiatry1891757787
Alex Gorenshtein 22601, VAPodiatry1154383891
Heather B Pearman 24382, VAPodiatry1942263934
Teddy R Johnson 24382, VAPodiatry1073576062
Janet E. Bechtel 24382, VAPodiatry1548223555
Stanley Idiculla 20170, VAPodiatry1043274368
Stephen F Stern 22180, VAPodiatry1235193236
Piedmont Podiatry Associates 24112, VAPodiatry1093770521
Piedmont Podiatry Associates 24540, VAPodiatry1639134166
Srikanth Mahavadi 23140, VAPodiatry1487610341
Anthony J. Vuolo 23453, VAPodiatry1972569598
Kristin Kaye Gingrich 23059, VAPodiatry1164489837
Calvin Herbert Kibwe Sydnor 23666, VAPodiatry1477510840
Earnest Paul Sims Mawusi 23666, VAPodiatry1295792562
Jonathan Nathaniel Brantley 23249, VAPodiatry1346299773
Louis William Nordeen 23116, VAPodiatry1073564043
Jacquelyn Jacobs 24501, VAPodiatry1538111695
Jeffrey Hall Pinsky 23805, VAPodiatry1386698124
Pink Wimbish 24153, VAPodiatry1689626798
Lynette Marla Santiago 23462, VAPodiatry1700840741
Allan Scott Wax 23836, VAPodiatry1609834795
Charles Christopher Nicholas 23452, VAPodiatry1124083100
Samuel Tischler 22031, VAPodiatry1710369293
Bernard Suher 23113, VAPodiatry1992759880
William H Simon 23454, VAPodiatry1710932165
Conrad Allison Claytor 24153, VAPodiatry1306891460
Gary F Gregasavitch 20176, VAPodiatry1316992381
Michael J Rayno 23454, VAPodiatry1801841879
Leon G Shingledecker 22306, VAPodiatry1033165642
Wayne Yuck Chin 23417, VAPodiatry1184670481
Soutwest Podiatry, P.c. 24382, VAPodiatry1942256490
My Hoa Kaas Dpm Pc 22031, VAPodiatry1598712150
Samuel Eugene Scott 24641, VAPodiatry1639116643
Grace M Lents 20889, VAPodiatry1114964582
Mckenzie Hastings Institute For Foot & Ankle Surgery, Llc 23435, VAPodiatry1487692687
Joseph V Bava 23454, VAPodiatry1568401750
Foot & Ankle Clinic Of South Boston Pc 24592, VAPodiatry1750323101
Theodore B Mckee 24401, VAPodiatry1306888417
Lisa Carey 20176, VAPodiatry1871536995
David Michael Binder 23225, VAPodiatry1154364206
John Larry Clements 24151, VAPodiatry1710920632
Steven M Yellin 24112, VAPodiatry1508809633
P&j Foot Care Centers Pc 24501, VAPodiatry1043253230
Dean V Dimotsis 22980, VAPodiatry1760426357
John R Clements 24016, VAPodiatry1629012208
Michael T Canavan 24540, VAPodiatry1891739991
Asif Shah 23060, VAPodiatry1669418786
Dawn Michelle Pfeiffer 23454, VAPodiatry1346276268
William W Eng 23226, VAPodiatry1013944909
Noel Paul Patel 23226, VAPodiatry1922035815
Bruce Alan Krueger 23417, VAPodiatry1952330219
Michael Alan Goldman 22902, VAPodiatry1073543930
Foot And Ankle Associates Of Southwest Virginia, P.c. 24153, VAPodiatry1841220530
Yvette L Thompson 23510, VAPodiatry1821029539
Southampton Foot & Ankle Clinic Pc 23851, VAPodiatry1316978729
Winchester Foot & Ankle Associates Pllc 22601, VAPodiatry1144250853
Brian Richard Wright 23231, VAPodiatry1922039809
Jules Gerard Parker 23504, VAPodiatry1396789806
Mobile Podiatry 23602, VAPodiatry1023473139
Foot Care Center Plc 22601, VAPodiatry1154351880
Pryncess Johnson 23249, VAPodiatry1629019153
James Edward Shadbolt 23233, VAPodiatry1720028913
Samuel Howard Schustek 22911, VAPodiatry1982633590
Alberto Francisco Orosco 23667, VAPodiatry1386677805
Blue Ridge Foot And Ankle Clinic Plc 22901, VAPodiatry1730112475
Barry Saffran 22031, VAPodiatry1215960620
James I Lewis 22601, VAPodiatry1528093416
Roland Ramdass 22601, VAPodiatry1477587657


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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