Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Howard Schaengold 98074, WAPodiatry1891798955
Ankle And Foot Clinic Of Lower Columbia Pllc 98632, WAPodiatry1861495640
Steve R Feller 98499, WAPodiatry1235132705
Jinwah John Hoy 98101, WAPodiatry1104820653
John Yohan Joo 98133, WAPodiatry1720083652
Brent Barker 98684, WAPodiatry1942206891
Bradley J Capawana 83843, WAPodiatry1447257076
John William Parmelee 98027, WAPodiatry1114922853
Christopher John Lamy 98664, WAPodiatry1801894050
Foot And Ankle Center Of Issaquah Llc 98027, WAPodiatry1659758290
Inland Northwest Surgery Center Pllc 99206, WAPodiatry1134127657
Timothy Ellis Messmer 98274, WAPodiatry1477552701
Stephen J Miller 98273, WAPodiatry1083613277
Daniel Adam Lowinger 98107, WAPodiatry1285634519
Ronald J Douglas 99202, WAPodiatry1558361725
Don Benjamin Floyd 98037, WAPodiatry1639171333
Robert L Hovancsek 98520, WAPodiatry1508868167
Michael James Frazier 98003, WAPodiatry1881686731
Richard A Frost 99202, WAPodiatry1558353433
Daniel E Greenan 98148, WAPodiatry1780677047
David Lawrence Cutler 98225, WAPodiatry1902899206
Shani Mcginnis 99216, WAPodiatry1003809252
Khanh Bao Hoang 98503, WAPodiatry1316930985
Jacqueline Mendoza Babol 99206, WAPodiatry1528050994
Christopher Michael Coop 98683, WAPodiatry1487647921
Gordon S Nishimoto 98208, WAPodiatry1356334460
Kenneth L. Hilliard 98372, WAPodiatry1851386973
Ryan Alan Bierman 98042, WAPodiatry1164417101
Ronald S Sorensen 98372, WAPodiatry1710972740
Charles R Chu 98372, WAPodiatry1346235959
Alan Stuart Woodle 98103, WAPodiatry1770570160
Sound Podiatry P.s. 98310, WAPodiatry1992793772
Suzanne M Wilson 98004, WAPodiatry1811984248
Irvin G Engen 99208, WAPodiatry1982693768
Thomas M Landino 98003, WAPodiatry1003805482
Timothy W Young 98027, WAPodiatry1508855966
Douglas Darren Presta 98055, WAPodiatry1669463519
Curtis Trousdale Holden 98908, WAPodiatry1326029430
Robert Allan Sampson 97213, WAPodiatry1730160516
Timothy I Mccord 98201, WAPodiatry1306827795
David Monroe Gent 98310, WAPodiatry1205818069
Curtis W Long 99362, WAPodiatry1033191408
David Gent & Associates Ps 98310, WAPodiatry1992787006
Randolph Charles Fish 98408, WAPodiatry1063493559
Michael Aziz Mishalanie 98055, WAPodiatry1982694501
Donald Keith Grim 99218, WAPodiatry1538143698
Gregory W Spencer 98055, WAPodiatry1194702274
Randolph Verity Anderson 98274, WAPodiatry1407827454
Douglas J Ichikawa 98004, WAPodiatry1124099601
Christopher D Lotufo 98684, WAPodiatry1215909452
Mary E Crawford 98201, WAPodiatry1780659532
Ankle & Foot Clinics Northwest, Ps 98201, WAPodiatry1730154584
Cherie H Johnson 98201, WAPodiatry1427024132
Ha Quang Nguyen 98405, WAPodiatry1508825449
Philip R Yearian 98499, WAPodiatry1255307807
Gregory E Webb 98405, WAPodiatry1184697088
Andrew Singtiong Soo 98032, WAPodiatry1932178993
Gavin Hall Smith 98499, WAPodiatry1427019868
Joseph N. Hall 98012, WAPodiatry1649231200
Glen A. Curda 98004, WAPodiatry1760446611
Basin Foot & Ankle Ps 98837, WAPodiatry1669437067
Borys E Markewych 99203, WAPodiatry1659337111
Molina Kaur Kochhar 98506, WAPodiatry1699732693
Tyler Alden Scheinost 98372, WAPodiatry1851358436
Robert A Sampson Dpm Llc 97213, WAPodiatry1396702791
Kerry Jay Sweet 98431, WAPodiatry1225096233
Franciscan Medical Group 98335, WAPodiatry1386602555
Foot And Ankle Specialists, Pllc 98148, WAPodiatry1154371391
Christopher Alan Taylor 98065, WAPodiatry1770533242
Daniel K Johnson 98148, WAPodiatry1730130527
Byron L Hutchinson 98166, WAPodiatry1730130592
Multicare Health System 98002, WAPodiatry1013969195
Multicare Health System 98030, WAPodiatry1811949928
David C Greenberg 97220, WAPodiatry1760434674
Peter J Lallas 98034, WAPodiatry1972556918
Lakeshore Clinic Pllc 98011, WAPodiatry1922052422
Yakima Hma Physician Management Llc 98902, WAPodiatry1730139510
Fred J. Hawley 98223, WAPodiatry1497701742
Edward G Blahous 98107, WAPodiatry1437196334
Broadway Foot & Ankle Ps 98065, WAPodiatry1265470678
Daren Benson 98664, WAPodiatry1083653265
Natalie Trevina Chu 98405, WAPodiatry1770522369
Thomas Michael Henry 98002, WAPodiatry1861432767
Jeffrey W Boggs 98201, WAPodiatry1457391088
Eddie P Lo 98405, WAPodiatry1902847551
Richard Thomas Bouche 98107, WAPodiatry1407897515
Bruce Micheal Worthen 98372, WAPodiatry1235170515
Jac R Tiechner 98801, WAPodiatry1518908573
Advanced Podiatry Specialists Ps 98908, WAPodiatry1164463923
Dru Louis Rodriguez 99205, WAPodiatry1144262247
Martin S Lynn 98290, WAPodiatry1558304766
Richard Orvel Jones 98493, WAPodiatry1184668014
Shi-yuan Cheng 98011, WAPodiatry1790729283
Kurt W Davis 98683, WAPodiatry1790721827
Ramona L. Caliva Dpm 98310, WAPodiatry1700822251
Tony D. H. Kim 98801, WAPodiatry1477599777
Scott A. Schroeder 98801, WAPodiatry1124054911
Joseph H Leas 98664, WAPodiatry1669408118
Barney Aaron Yanklowitz 98493, WAPodiatry1942237037
Pacific Podiatry Group, Ps 98408, WAPodiatry1235165549
William A Boegel 98034, WAPodiatry1780614164
Stephen M Fuson 98408, WAPodiatry1740210947
Ankle And Foot Specialists Of Washington, Inc 98225, WAPodiatry1962432948
Herbert K Lo 98405, WAPodiatry1164453015
Rebecca E Brickman 98408, WAPodiatry1407886617
Kevin L Morris 98201, WAPodiatry1215977863
Ramona L. Caliva 98310, WAPodiatry1063453579
Western Washington Medical Group, Inc Ps 98201, WAPodiatry1023065919
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority 98404, WAPodiatry1063455665
Michael B Riojas 98223, WAPodiatry1225079478
Public Hospital Dist No 1 Skagit 98223, WAPodiatry1295774016
Swedish Health Services 98122, WAPodiatry1720033145
Sunnyside Community Hospital Association 98944, WAPodiatry1841639119
Kenneth R Brewer 98405, WAPodiatry1760415657
Brendon Andronicus Moodley 98052, WAPodiatry1275566549
Paul D Coulter 98101, WAPodiatry1417981903
Gene C Knutson 98408, WAPodiatry1487688982
Nicholas S Heath 98408, WAPodiatry1144254640
Battle Ground Foot And Ankle 98604, WAPodiatry1295760122
Sean S Laghaeian 98201, WAPodiatry1184640575
S Sound Foot & Ankle Inc Ps 98506, WAPodiatry1114944865
Mark K Williams 98506, WAPodiatry1528087293
Abraham Joseph Greenberg 98115, WAPodiatry1952321127
Jessica Lea Lund 98201, WAPodiatry1225058035
Richard Edward Horsman 98506, WAPodiatry1477574861
Steven Reiner 98368, WAPodiatry1083636393
Sean Laghaeian, Dpm 98338, WAPodiatry1821010893
David C. Bruce 98274, WAPodiatry1740203330
Donald W Orminski 98902, WAPodiatry1487668729
Eric J Heit 98101, WAPodiatry1487669362
Franciscan Medical Group 98002, WAPodiatry1164437851
Cindy Elise Bullock 98274, WAPodiatry1598770927
William James Tronvig 98520, WAPodiatry1427065697
John Val Rice 98584, WAPodiatry1255348074
John V Rice Dpm 98584, WAPodiatry1164439204
Franciscan Medical Group 98499, WAPodiatry1902814833
Brian D Mcinnes 98101, WAPodiatry1841208949
J Mari Rodriguez Adad 98007, WAPodiatry1730199050
Timothy S Grace 98374, WAPodiatry1891705935
Jon R Tiessen 98277, WAPodiatry1912918665
Mark T Reeves 98104, WAPodiatry1134232382
Stacey L Perry 98003, WAPodiatry1770592016
Kim Laverne Felder 98108, WAPodiatry1548292444
Rodney George Yen 98104, WAPodiatry1063428779
King County Public Hospital District No 2 98011, WAPodiatry1659814762
Jay Randall Cocheba 98274, WAPodiatry1679596365
Brittany Lynn Logan 98383, WAPodiatry1972982023
Stewart Pugmire Brim 99206, WAPodiatry1730297573
Ilona Barlam 98052, WAPodiatry1780794834
Serge Barlam 98052, WAPodiatry1942310008
Joan E Williams 98108, WAPodiatry1275643421
Howard Roth 98115, WAPodiatry1225140353
David Wayne Griffin 98684, WAPodiatry1275644585
Marc A Kravette 98101, WAPodiatry1780786756
Nathan Craig Dikes 99206, WAPodiatry1093818890
Karla Ann Trombello 98632, WAPodiatry1609979145
Steven Gregory Schatz 98632, WAPodiatry1518060052
Karen H Turcic 98684, WAPodiatry1457455685
Foot And Ankle Surgical Associates Inc Ps 98512, WAPodiatry1841394251
Western Washington Foot & Ankle Specialists, Inc 98531, WAPodiatry1104921915
Lakeshore Clinic Pllc 98034, WAPodiatry1346345972
Kelly Jean Hall 98155, WAPodiatry1205932191
Sean Laghaeian, Dpm 98338, WAPodiatry1396843678
Stanley G Newell Dpm Ps 98115, WAPodiatry1154429249
Stanley Gene Newell 98115, WAPodiatry1316045404
Douglas S Hale 98122, WAPodiatry1790885358
Douglas K Murdock 99352, WAPodiatry1619068772
John H Brunsman 98052, WAPodiatry1881786374
Anthony S Karuza 98226, WAPodiatry1942393848
Coupeville Foot And Ankle Clinic, P.s., Inc. 98239, WAPodiatry1629161179
Eddie P Lo Dpm And Natalie T Chu Dpm Pllc 98405, WAPodiatry1679666333
Rockwell G Moulton 98115, WAPodiatry1033202593
Eric Andrew Allen 98003, WAPodiatry1336233402
Brent R. Wendel, Dpm, Inc, P.s. 98122, WAPodiatry1942394853
Regina Currier 98239, WAPodiatry1093800682
Longview Foot & Ankle Clinic 98632, WAPodiatry1316032451
Bradley M Pederson 98362, WAPodiatry1598851081
Lyle K Lorimer 98007, WAPodiatry1407945348
Mark Dale Nellermoe 98466, WAPodiatry1386733541
Anthony C Yung 98383, WAPodiatry1639250152
Paul W Aufderheide Dpm 98383, WAPodiatry1932280443
Paul W Aufderheide 98383, WAPodiatry1730260241
Matthew E Williams 98101, WAPodiatry1336220946
Ronald S. Krivosha 98104, WAPodiatry1285717215
Edward Joseph Chesnutis 98208, WAPodiatry1821172156
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of Spokane Inc 99206, WAPodiatry1497839823
Chad Farley 98499, WAPodiatry1396820536
Spokane Foot Clinic, Ps 99206, WAPodiatry1306921424
Spokane Foot Clinic, Ps 99205, WAPodiatry1215012331
Greg R Brockbank 99205, WAPodiatry1710062849
Spokane Foot Clinic, Ps 99223, WAPodiatry1982789095
Brent Robert Wendel 98122, WAPodiatry1669557849
Douglas P Romney 99205, WAPodiatry1275618381
James J Porter 99205, WAPodiatry1699850727
Doris S K Lam 98274, WAPodiatry1518043298
Katrina Sullivan 98104, WAPodiatry1346326154
H Gary Corless 98026, WAPodiatry1609954015
Podiatric Physicians And Surgeons P.s. 98005, WAPodiatry1952480899
Gregory R Jespersen 98077, WAPodiatry1669551008
Cathy L Thosath 98077, WAPodiatry1104905553


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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