Providers with Taxonomy: Podiatry in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Podiatry
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jungmin Yoo 25801, WVPodiatry1558752485
Neurological Associates, Inc. 25301, WVPodiatry1841256849
St. Mary's Himg, Llc 25705, WVPodiatry1184233454
Karen Grace Lo 70043, WVPodiatry1801826672
Carrie Parris Frame 25311, WVPodiatry1992904270
Christopher E Majewski 20874, WVPodiatry1013975226
Frederick Foot And Ankle Specialists 21702, WVPodiatry1205906302
Jerry I Hadrych 26505, WVPodiatry1124010459
Daniel K Chianese 46992, WVPodiatry1831405380
Foot Country, Llc 24901, WVPodiatry1265021356
James Pipes 43210, WVPodiatry1316473721
Nicholas Vincent Dimassa 45714, WVPodiatry1508391533
Complete Foot And Ankle Care Llc 43952, WVPodiatry1578865531
Seth Thomas Craft 25309, WVPodiatry1942565239
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc 25701, WVPodiatry1730183286
Edward A Filcheck 26505, WVPodiatry1487659058
Dung S Le 26038, WVPodiatry1295731412
Joseph H Goodwin 26003, WVPodiatry1043216260
Philip W Mallory 25701, WVPodiatry1417953159
Richard M Moorehead 26003, WVPodiatry1588664031
Jeffrey B Wilps 26062, WVPodiatry1063412401
Paul J Wieckowski 26062, WVPodiatry1457351892
Seth J. Stinehour 25526, WVPodiatry1053303834
Billy P May 25701, WVPodiatry1508858135
Kevin Raymond Schroeder 26104, WVPodiatry1073505533
Harold David Zorger 26241, WVPodiatry1255324117
John Bowman White 25526, WVPodiatry1215923495
Theresa Fahy 25405, WVPodiatry1598751539
Keith M Newman 26301, WVPodiatry1962499921
Sheila J Brooks 24701, WVPodiatry1467442871
Achilles Foot & Ankle Surgery Pc 26003, WVPodiatry1619954906
Scott W Berneburg Dpm Inc 25801, WVPodiatry1215914395
Scott William Berneburg 25801, WVPodiatry1124005202
Scott J. Feathers 26101, WVPodiatry1942288733
Howard Gerald Malin 25401, WVPodiatry1184603458
Dale Steven Herman 25401, WVPodiatry1437139987
Kevin Douglas Brown 25702, WVPodiatry1811968555
Richard Luther Rauch 25401, WVPodiatry1619941663
Kathleen M Cronin 25405, WVPodiatry1629043393
West Virginia University Medical Corporation 26506, WVPodiatry1275504508
Martin M Mrozek 25840, WVPodiatry1437119856
Mohammad Imani 25304, WVPodiatry1134183643
Charles Allen Taylor 25801, WVPodiatry1528024049
Jeffrey E Shook 25601, WVPodiatry1346207487
Michael Lupashunski 25704, WVPodiatry1710945183
James Louis Chianese 24740, WVPodiatry1932159704
Robert Knox 24740, WVPodiatry1386695245
Jeffrey E Wheeler 25313, WVPodiatry1174562748
Martin M Mrozek Dpm Proffessional 25840, WVPodiatry1184667396
Anthony P Zarra 24740, WVPodiatry1437189321
Winchester Foot & Ankle Associates Pllc 25414, WVPodiatry1376573089
John Thomas Acree 25401, WVPodiatry1558392381
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 24740, WVPodiatry1740227909
Barbara D Hagey 26104, WVPodiatry1275570343
David Allen Anderson 26452, WVPodiatry1225062631
Bruce David Winans 26101, WVPodiatry1336161264
Gregory Daniel Borowski 25504, WVPodiatry1962418921
Steve Scott Melek 25601, WVPodiatry1861403222
James L Thomas 25701, WVPodiatry1740202191
Kenneth Burton Avery 25701, WVPodiatry1154334696
Gerald Marshall Erskine 24970, WVPodiatry1346350030
Todd Schmidgall 25309, WVPodiatry1396857017
Luciano Serdoz 25801, WVPodiatry1144328659
David Ferrero 26554, WVPodiatry1316047020
David Chris Wood 25702, WVPodiatry1164513099
John Garan 26062, WVPodiatry1497848725
Jason Scott Newton 26005, WVPodiatry1932294246
Stacey Renee Smith 25177, WVPodiatry1437245735
Michael Patrick Noto 25177, WVPodiatry1013003318
West Virginia Foot Care Specialists, Pllc 25526, WVPodiatry1053408674
Elizabeth Marilynn Feltner 25530, WVPodiatry1174611818
David Ross Franke 26301, WVPodiatry1548350705
David Gleitzman 26505, WVPodiatry1164507935
John A. Brem, Dpm 26070, WVPodiatry1083792337
A Nedra Yulonda Fuller Terry 25702, WVPodiatry1902976863
Ashton C Curtis 26241, WVPodiatry1023126489
Anthony Catania 26330, WVPodiatry1619067873
Gordon Allan Miller 26505, WVPodiatry1992880751
Zach J Tankersley 25701, WVPodiatry1528162161
Leonard A Reynolds 26003, WVPodiatry1467528687
Footwise Podiatry Of Inc. 26505, WVPodiatry1447313564
Phillip Kenneth Slampak 26155, WVPodiatry1548327067
Edward A Filcheck Pllc 26505, WVPodiatry1881742088
Kanawha Valley Foot And Ankle Associates, Pllc 25177, WVPodiatry1083750335
Raleigh St Podiatry Inc. 25401, WVPodiatry1083752364
Carrie A Lakin Dpm Inc 25301, WVPodiatry1255467155
Mallory, Inc. 25701, WVPodiatry1134256183
Neurological Associates, Inc. 25311, WVPodiatry1699279455
Allan Evangelista 26508, WVPodiatry1154480887
Jeffrey E Shook Dpm Pllc 25702, WVPodiatry1750400768
Geriatric Foot Care Of W Vir 26554, WVPodiatry1144342338
Rusty L. Cain Dpm 26554, WVPodiatry1609067008
Steven R. Downer 26101, WVPodiatry1114111234
David James Cornish 25313, WVPodiatry1114112042
Carrie A Lakin 25301, WVPodiatry1578742631
Leonard A. Reynolds, Dpm 26003, WVPodiatry1326227380
Steve Scott Melek 25601, WVPodiatry1659552958
Bryan W. Danhires, Dpm Pllc 26301, WVPodiatry1295916047
E Marilynn Feltner 25530, WVPodiatry1164604922
Nikola Bicak Dba Jackson Foot & Ankle Clinic 25271, WVPodiatry1417130766
New Martinsville Foot And Ankle 26155, WVPodiatry1306020060
Ankle And Foot Care Centers 26034, WVPodiatry1477737427
Keith M Newman, Dpm 26301, WVPodiatry1720263684
Dr Brooks Foot Care 24701, WVPodiatry1750559829
Mark T Wilt 24740, WVPodiatry1053580696
Berkeley County Foot And Ankle Center Llc 25427, WVPodiatry1801061932
Great Teays Podiatry, Pllc 25526, WVPodiatry1487816898
Panhandle Podiatry Pllc 25404, WVPodiatry1841479813
Goodwin Foot & Ankle Center Pllc 26003, WVPodiatry1821270406
Barbara D Hagey Inc. 26104, WVPodiatry1154512317
Christopher T Moore 43950, WVPodiatry1134336761
Matthew Allen Polk 25411, WVPodiatry1053574392
Uha physicians Office Center 26506, WVPodiatry1710137443
Great Teays Podiatry 25526, WVPodiatry1417109489
Uha podiatry 26506, WVPodiatry1083869598
Rusty L. Cain Inc 26554, WVPodiatry1497980619
Associated Podiatrists, Pllc 26301, WVPodiatry1730418732
Jeffrey Jay Findling 26505, WVPodiatry1558685289
Christopher T Moore, Dpm 43950, WVPodiatry1578884284
Allison Su Sellers 26062, WVPodiatry1982904850
Patrick J Nunan Dpm Pllc 25701, WVPodiatry1134416993
Seneca Family Foot Care, Pllc 24970, WVPodiatry1245500040
Wheeling Foot Clinic 26003, WVPodiatry1033483763
Jamie Leann Hall-jasper 25601, WVPodiatry1982915575
Wheeling Foot Clinic 26038, WVPodiatry1952736357
Logan Foot & Ankle Center 25601, WVPodiatry1215334966
Brandi Sue Craft 25705, WVPodiatry1386904035
Blake Austin Weeks 25801, WVPodiatry1205191640
Timothy John Donatelli 24740, WVPodiatry1982667903
Robert Andrew Dale 26301, WVPodiatry1679666911
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 25304, WVPodiatry1174968218
Valley Foot And Ankle Care Pllc 26062, WVPodiatry1154794097
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 25136, WVPodiatry1598100539
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 24870, WVPodiatry1538504345
Raleigh General Hospital Llc 25801, WVPodiatry1528441011
Rachel Zorger 26241, WVPodiatry1114277688
Huntington Foot & Ankle Clinic, Inc 25702, WVPodiatry1326131566
Huntington Podiatry Associates Pllc 25701, WVPodiatry1851461032
Center For Foot And Ankle Care Pc 26062, WVPodiatry1912079377
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 25801, WVPodiatry1932555091
Summersville Outpatient Center 26651, WVPodiatry1992244081
Kathryn Bosia 26506, WVPodiatry1205242435
Giaimo Mobile Podiatry Of Wv Pllc 25302, WVPodiatry1386183473
Dupontdpm Pllc 25526, WVPodiatry1629548987
Complete Foot And Ankle Care 26070, WVPodiatry1295133627
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 24301, WVPodiatry1982255576
Ultimate Health Services Inc 25705, WVPodiatry1467492975
Daniel Wright 25601, WVPodiatry1437535267
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 24605, WVPodiatry1003251141
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 24060, WVPodiatry1780029728
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 25526, WVPodiatry1740749928
Logan General Hospital Llc 25601, WVPodiatry1720032105
Michael A Gentile 25701, WVPodiatry1124087846
Richard Curtis Arnold 25303, WVPodiatry1245246529
R Curtis Arnold 25303, WVPodiatry1558418913
John J Mollica 25404, WVPodiatry1972605079
David Joseph Romano 26038, WVPodiatry1194880047
Marshal T Gwynn 24740, WVPodiatry1407173982
Douglas Stewart Dockery 24740, WVPodiatry1669433231
Bradley Henry Hoffman 24740, WVPodiatry1093166076
Scott Orthopedic Center, Inc. 25702, WVPodiatry1699732214
Foot And Ankle Clinic Of The Virginias Inc 25504, WVPodiatry1710504048
Center For Foot And Ankle Care, P.c. 26062, WVPodiatry1013083823
Beckley Podiatry Associates Inc 25801, WVPodiatry1265550826
Amber Rose Fioritto 44122, WVPodiatry1538514062
Barbara D Hagey Inc 45714, WVPodiatry1194916247
William Jeffrey Weily 25504, WVPodiatry1912197146
Peter Neil Brieloff 20902, WVPodiatry1134122138
Mark A Gardner 25405, WVPodiatry1336131473
Jessica Rispoli 25801, WVPodiatry1053790410
Nikola Bicak 25271, WVPodiatry1093710527
Cherie L Kelly-danhires 26506, WVPodiatry1013020569
Bryan W Danhires 26506, WVPodiatry1134232879
Jennifer Erin Michael 26201, WVPodiatry1770991838
Jeffrey Addison Michael 44601, WVPodiatry1760855852
Jana Atik 26101, WVPodiatry1245624337
Kristin Lynne Silinski 26101, WVPodiatry1669853834
Rusty Lee Cain 26554, WVPodiatry1811908270
War Memorial Hospital Inc 25411, WVPodiatry1780904961
Steven L Goldman 25405, WVPodiatry1285616128
Hsing Hsi Lee 26651, WVPodiatry1205922721
Advanced Foot & Ankle Care, Pllc 25526, WVPodiatry1013008572
Greater Washington Advanced Podiatry Llc 24901, WVPodiatry1477579738
Kirt Thomas Miller 25705, WVPodiatry1679514673


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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