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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
M Natacha Umlauf Md Pediatrics Plc MIPreventative Medicine1750354692
Janell N Shaw MNPreventative Medicine1932172798
James S. Ice IDPreventative Medicine1144293903
Paul A. Young NJPreventative Medicine1134192917
Douglas Joseph Chadbourne FLPreventative Medicine1487627303
Lawrence G. Shory ALPreventative Medicine1386617280
Timothy M. Mallon NJPreventative Medicine1629041447
Robert Michael Gabel OHPreventative Medicine1467425116
Randy Jean Guliuzza WYPreventative Medicine1649243486
Lon W Keim NEPreventative Medicine1881667574
Debra J Milek WAPreventative Medicine1568436160
William Bruce Ferrara CAPreventative Medicine1619940202
Juliann M Althoff INPreventative Medicine1578536108
Christopher Robert Armstrong VAPreventative Medicine1982678512
Mark A. Rainey NYPreventative Medicine1063486629
Frank Sparandero MDPreventative Medicine1104890797
Charles Anthony Ciccone MAPreventative Medicine1598739195
Julie A Abbott MNPreventative Medicine1821062373
Gina Rose Virgilio CAPreventative Medicine1730153289
William K Chin CAPreventative Medicine1821062308
Delbert David Clark CAPreventative Medicine1194799593
Richard John Montminy FLPreventative Medicine1588638787
Karen Mikelait Allstadt FLPreventative Medicine1093789398
Paul Jeffrey Brady GAPreventative Medicine1972577062
Monte L Bible CAPreventative Medicine1053385146
Christopher Gareth Hardy WAPreventative Medicine1184698292
Quad City Occupational Health Preventative Medicine1396719423
Kathryn Mary Asp MNPreventative Medicine1821062738
James R Hickman MNPreventative Medicine1073587150
David Christopher Danish CAPreventative Medicine1861466948
Roger A Miller OHPreventative Medicine1639143878
Chris Foust Connelly WAPreventative Medicine1114991858
Kevin J O'toole COPreventative Medicine1063486835
Martha P Millman MNPreventative Medicine1326012196
Troy Wayne Ross NVPreventative Medicine1154396877
Mark Anthony Brenzie VAPreventative Medicine1427023043
Alexander Stock TXPreventative Medicine1225003775
John Edward Downs WIPreventative Medicine1447225933
Thomas J. Danyliw CTPreventative Medicine1003881426
Darryl S Chutka MNPreventative Medicine1245205640
Stewart E Dismuke KSPreventative Medicine1043285463
Jayson T Tappan VAPreventative Medicine1225003585
Physicians' Medical Group CAPreventative Medicine1083689368
Arnold R Soslow MAPreventative Medicine1174598361
David Kevin Gustavison MIPreventative Medicine1467427682
Keith James Baugh NCPreventative Medicine1235104365
John R Stewart VAPreventative Medicine1124093190
John Nichols Beard NCPreventative Medicine1275508301
Nancy Evelyn Bizzell NCPreventative Medicine1245205384
Brenda Ellis Mitchell MDPreventative Medicine1912972837
James Bellamy NJPreventative Medicine1962477828
John Carmen Pellosie FLPreventative Medicine1861467698
Andrew Joseph Breuder NHPreventative Medicine1568438281
Theodore Frederick Them PAPreventative Medicine1497720270
Winona Stoltzfus NMPreventative Medicine1053387811
James W Loewenherz FLPreventative Medicine1053387746
James Malenkos TXPreventative Medicine1619943149
Shakeel Ahmad NYPreventative Medicine1043286602
Cynthia Perry TXPreventative Medicine1578539078
David E Webster VAPreventative Medicine1639145071
Subash Babu Duggirala MDPreventative Medicine1215903653
Michael Lynn Farrell GAPreventative Medicine1124094420
Brian Hadley Reed TXPreventative Medicine1821064916
Chang-jiang Zheng MNPreventative Medicine1275509622
Donald Robert Yoho FLPreventative Medicine1225004591
Duane Allan Dietz NHPreventative Medicine1902872294
David Cole ARPreventative Medicine1952377178
Scott Alan Fujimoto CAPreventative Medicine1205802386
Evelyn Maria Barraza GAPreventative Medicine1578539706
Eric Andrew Nelson PAPreventative Medicine1871569053
William Garry Rudolph VAPreventative Medicine1295702124
John G Muller VAPreventative Medicine1235106162
Steven Richard Smith WAPreventative Medicine1326014267
James Joseph Andonian MIPreventative Medicine1275509267
Neil M King NCPreventative Medicine1588630545
Beth A Baker MNPreventative Medicine1235105297
Bernard T Swift TXPreventative Medicine1497722235
Timothy Wayne O'hara VAPreventative Medicine1083681878
James Allen Black AZPreventative Medicine1962479881
John Scott Brooks VAPreventative Medicine1770550584
Jill Catalano Feig LAPreventative Medicine1891762704
Dennis E Schultz WIPreventative Medicine1821065582
David B. Tsai NCPreventative Medicine1083681688
David B. Tsai, M.d., P.a. TXPreventative Medicine1952378556
Tacoma Hyperbaric Billing, Llc WAPreventative Medicine1831166354
Fredric A Marks CAPreventative Medicine1023085354
Mary Elizabeth Gabriel NCPreventative Medicine1518934868
Adam Joseph Newell ORPreventative Medicine1407823602
Marlene K Lambiaso FLPreventative Medicine1528035706
Eleanor Sue Cantrell VAPreventative Medicine1407823693
Patricia L Ryder FLPreventative Medicine1700853934
Christopher J Martin WVPreventative Medicine1255309282
John Howard Jones PAPreventative Medicine1215905146
Jonathan Michael Lieske VAPreventative Medicine1861469900
Frederick John Landro TXPreventative Medicine1073580072
Edward Doyle WVPreventative Medicine1649247677
Alan Ducatman WVPreventative Medicine1720055759
Curry E Horak COPreventative Medicine1649247693
Robert Gerbo WVPreventative Medicine1598733578
Donald Walter Hess PAPreventative Medicine1043288939
Reid A Sousek WIPreventative Medicine1275501041
David Peter Goodfriend VAPreventative Medicine1205804804
Christopher Philip Novak NMPreventative Medicine1508834110
Brian Gregory Scott TXPreventative Medicine1871561498
James E Burns VAPreventative Medicine1376511907
Edward Stephen Ellis TNPreventative Medicine1376511931
Garrett Wayne Duckworth WAPreventative Medicine1316915168
Steven Paul Winkel MAPreventative Medicine1215905799
William Warnick Dodson FLPreventative Medicine1700854080
Mary Jane Gelnett WAPreventative Medicine1801864103
Brett Binet Hart VAPreventative Medicine1962470419
Ting Tai GAPreventative Medicine1184692659
Peter Blumenthal NJPreventative Medicine1346218682
Hope Medical Group Inc GAPreventative Medicine1154399210
Hieu Viet Hoang INPreventative Medicine1528036738
Warren S Gilbert NVPreventative Medicine1669440855
Kevin P. Michaels ALPreventative Medicine1568430759
Glenn David Mcdermott UTPreventative Medicine1255309449
Herman K. Hobohm OHPreventative Medicine1922077833
Gordon Tagge WAPreventative Medicine1174591333
Mark C Taylor IAPreventative Medicine1629046784
John Schiller Gillick CAPreventative Medicine1609845700
Wendy E. Miklos MTPreventative Medicine1104895275
Michael R Bell INPreventative Medicine1285603399
Ronald Dudley Ross PAPreventative Medicine1477522563
Cheryl Marie Klenow MNPreventative Medicine1487623435
James L Anderson MNPreventative Medicine1821067802
Christine Maura Schindler CAPreventative Medicine1881663581
Marvin Elmer Nielsen MDPreventative Medicine1386613008
Juan Carlos Fals CAPreventative Medicine1891764510
Carl D Griffin INPreventative Medicine1578532305
David Chandler Krulak INPreventative Medicine1437128014
Robert Michael Wheeler MNPreventative Medicine1497724009
Ray F Miller IAPreventative Medicine1093784647
Michael Thomas Acromite MIPreventative Medicine1669441069
Holly Linn Doyne MNPreventative Medicine1548239056
Marilyn Pang-wan Wong CAPreventative Medicine1538128715
Robert Denton Lesslie SCPreventative Medicine1346209533
Brent Randall Gibson INPreventative Medicine1467421669
David Lee Wood TNPreventative Medicine1912976150
Alan J Elnick MIPreventative Medicine1083683346
Sterling Scott Sherman NCPreventative Medicine1528037827
Mical J Kupke VAPreventative Medicine1811956980
Austin N Indritz MNPreventative Medicine1063471977
Michael H Broderdorf MNPreventative Medicine1346209301
Charlton Scott Mcnair NCPreventative Medicine1255390191
Rachel W Hamil GAPreventative Medicine1124087077
Gina Buono WIPreventative Medicine1467411546
Daren Richard Brooks INPreventative Medicine1962461053
Mark Edward Wert TNPreventative Medicine1467411553
Michael Earl Parker LAPreventative Medicine1336108364
Central Virginia Occuhealth, P.c. Preventative Medicine1780643718
Mark A Lovell IAPreventative Medicine1245299346
Keith Johnson TXPreventative Medicine1912966615
Mark Simonds Riddle CAPreventative Medicine1851350441
Patrick F Whitney FLPreventative Medicine1972562767
Richard B Villata UTPreventative Medicine1508825365
Gary Bogart Ewing SCPreventative Medicine1861451650
Dennis John Darcey NCPreventative Medicine1144289737
Dennis L Thrasher AZPreventative Medicine1861451379
Craig S Heligman MOPreventative Medicine1093774523
David L Grimes ARPreventative Medicine1548229909
Ed M Neely SCPreventative Medicine1265491633
Alexander Paul Keller GAPreventative Medicine1700845195
William Kenneth Statz FLPreventative Medicine1316906670
Northeast Orthopedics Pa Preventative Medicine1114987476
James Edwin Boyd SCPreventative Medicine1376503516
Charles Ross Buck IAPreventative Medicine1598725863
Susan Gail Kaplan NYPreventative Medicine1205896479
Alan Frederick Philippi VAPreventative Medicine1447210281
Andrew J Applewhite TXPreventative Medicine1063472991
Robert D. Langer WYPreventative Medicine1023078128
Brian Alexander Johns IAPreventative Medicine1003876137
Kenneth Allen Stone COPreventative Medicine1912967043
William Kent Brunell MNPreventative Medicine1023078094
Gary Mcgowan VAPreventative Medicine1497715478
Stephen Jo Calvin FLPreventative Medicine1710959002
Steven Brian Cersovsky VAPreventative Medicine1891765111
Glen Douglas Macpherson INPreventative Medicine1467429050
Gregory T Lang GAPreventative Medicine1487620951
Thomas D. Fadell Luna NYPreventative Medicine1629043310
Michele Ayn Soltis WAPreventative Medicine1649242926
Karen L Oldham TNPreventative Medicine1639140585
Lisa Ann Black TXPreventative Medicine1770555252
Michael Bruce Band FLPreventative Medicine1760458152
Jeffrey A Westpheling IAPreventative Medicine1538137690
Joshua Russell Mann MSPreventative Medicine1891760351
Edward Scott Hurd VAPreventative Medicine1497729529
Robert Berke NYPreventative Medicine1720057599
William C Otto INPreventative Medicine1568439156
Richard Lequeux Bradner NCPreventative Medicine1417916271
Omnimed Llc Preventative Medicine1588623433
Walter R Cayce AZPreventative Medicine1528034626
Luz Eneida Ramos PRPreventative Medicine1699741926
Violet Roberson ILPreventative Medicine1578536207
Eric D Poplin INPreventative Medicine1275503815
Arturo Leon CAPreventative Medicine1669443701
South Florida Center For Hope Inc. FLPreventative Medicine1184691578
Jeffrey P Keck MOPreventative Medicine1467422113
Gary Witucki WIPreventative Medicine1184699472


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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