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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Claudia Mikail CAPreventative Medicine1346228103
Keith Hanley HIPreventative Medicine1275511198
John Christie NYPreventative Medicine1376521955
John D. Trask VAPreventative Medicine1922086420
Jay Arthur Clemens TXPreventative Medicine1295713840
Basit Ali TXPreventative Medicine1962480632
Obayode Ayewa GAPreventative Medicine1346228962
Moira Shannon AZPreventative Medicine1346228996
Mark Reardon OHPreventative Medicine1497733935
Aryeh Shander NJPreventative Medicine1578541942
Multi care Industrial Medicine Lcc Preventative Medicine1336127729
Charles S Davis VAPreventative Medicine1558349886
James David Polk TXPreventative Medicine1194703447
Anthony Paul Tvaryanas OHPreventative Medicine1811975170
Jerry Bryan Owen TXPreventative Medicine1073591350
Marc Vincent Goldhagen CAPreventative Medicine1730167909
Robert Doane Wasson MNPreventative Medicine1871571174
Adamarie Multari MNPreventative Medicine1952389256
Eric H Hanson NVPreventative Medicine1760460950
James Edward Cook PAPreventative Medicine1558349761
Monique Reeves MIPreventative Medicine1144208356
Andrew Erle Moore COPreventative Medicine1780662999
William W Alden LAPreventative Medicine1427036656
Theodore Douglas Chrobak OHPreventative Medicine1245218478
Michelle Townsend Bruce TNPreventative Medicine1407834724
Louis D. Eldredge CAPreventative Medicine1043298375
David Dean Krieger VAPreventative Medicine1225016470
Nishith Kishor Jobanputra VAPreventative Medicine1376521443
Adam Seidner CTPreventative Medicine1144208240
Scott B Shapiro NCPreventative Medicine1205814258
Bruce David Horton ILPreventative Medicine1952389900
Eugene A. Milder INPreventative Medicine1770561722
Michael Fredrick Kelley TXPreventative Medicine1790763704
Bindu Katragadda OHPreventative Medicine1801874938
Christine Weyman KYPreventative Medicine1265410393
Andrew Dvorak ILPreventative Medicine1770561714
Kirk J Rodysill MNPreventative Medicine1740268879
Robert M Marks VAPreventative Medicine1952389934
Chris John Kane FLPreventative Medicine1972582906
Dana Thomas VAPreventative Medicine1295714236
Timothy William Sowin NYPreventative Medicine1568441509
Green Clinic Llc Preventative Medicine1831178755
Jeffrey A Jones TXPreventative Medicine1407835440
Yvonne Sue Nelson NCPreventative Medicine1790764603
Richard Arbuthnot Mccluskey FLPreventative Medicine1811976541
Munish Khaneja NYPreventative Medicine1467431106
Lena Friend INPreventative Medicine1851370654
Konrad Hayashi VAPreventative Medicine1154300531
Aboaba A Afilaka CAPreventative Medicine1184603706
William Wayland Reynolds INPreventative Medicine1891774410
Louis George Gilleran CAPreventative Medicine1831178334
Arthur Fred Wells FLPreventative Medicine1730168238
Ngoc D Tran MDPreventative Medicine1740269372
Xu Wang TNPreventative Medicine1679552210
John J Zelis FLPreventative Medicine1205815859
Tedd Levin ORPreventative Medicine1598744971
Ann Patricia Fallon PAPreventative Medicine1366421638
David Van Diamond MAPreventative Medicine1265411664
Keith William Blackman LAPreventative Medicine1477532885
Robert Elliot Hain FLPreventative Medicine1528047982
Joseph Thomas Imbesi NJPreventative Medicine1457330755
Moore Hua Jan TXPreventative Medicine1790764041
Corrin J Hodgson MNPreventative Medicine1962481176
Michael Moloney TXPreventative Medicine1750360988
Jason Lemarr Henry VAPreventative Medicine1932188174
Frank Capobianco PAPreventative Medicine1669452710
Joseph John Lienert TXPreventative Medicine1144200213
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group, Pc Preventative Medicine1316927338
Britt Hunter Hatfield MAPreventative Medicine1720068802
Evan Joel Davies KYPreventative Medicine1265412282
John Neal Mcmillin ALPreventative Medicine1649250671
Scott A Salmon LAPreventative Medicine1699755744
Sharon Faith Attaway-kurrle GAPreventative Medicine1881674844
Christopher Sean Holland MDPreventative Medicine1336129394
Scott R Steelman MOPreventative Medicine1275513236
Elizabeth Evans Gresch WAPreventative Medicine1407836471
Erik Jason Reaves HIPreventative Medicine1467432419
Dean Alan Bailey CAPreventative Medicine1518947431
Akira Fujiyoshi MNPreventative Medicine1174503007
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Ohio, Inc, Preventative Medicine1750361655
Alan Yund FLPreventative Medicine1326028333
Melissa Ann Mohon OKPreventative Medicine1780664698
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of North Carolina, Pc Preventative Medicine1467432302
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of New Jersey, Pc Preventative Medicine1497735203
James Edward Lamar HIPreventative Medicine1891775607
Dwight Cator Fulton VAPreventative Medicine1487634333
James Francis Mayr WIPreventative Medicine1568442416
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Indiana, Pc Preventative Medicine1588644595
Carol Tieva Watts ALPreventative Medicine1215917141
Joel Anderson Smithwick SCPreventative Medicine1992785851
Joseph Thomas FLPreventative Medicine1730169616
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Washington, Ps Preventative Medicine1407836208
Allan M Soo AZPreventative Medicine1467432245
Michael J Oras INPreventative Medicine1396725172
Scott Allen Welch VAPreventative Medicine1740260520
Peter Thomas Walsh MIPreventative Medicine1881674331
Meritas Health Corporation Preventative Medicine1295715910
Julia Griggs Garcia NJPreventative Medicine1164402889
Robert Thomas Pero OHPreventative Medicine1972583631
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Arkansas, Inc. Preventative Medicine1841270311
Edwin Thomas Long VAPreventative Medicine1659351260
Elizabeth A Maley VAPreventative Medicine1306826193
Robin Margaret Wilkening PAPreventative Medicine1184604746
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Utah, Inc. Preventative Medicine1548240013
Gary Wayne Brunette PAPreventative Medicine1346220050
Glenn Donnelly TXPreventative Medicine1730169400
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Florida, Inc. Preventative Medicine1447230925
Center For Specialty Care Medical Group, Inc. Preventative Medicine1528048022
Gerry Lee Brower INPreventative Medicine1992785414
Nicholas Antony Davenport WAPreventative Medicine1447230123
John Albert Gibbons TXPreventative Medicine1437139110
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Connecticut, Inc. Preventative Medicine1609856178
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Maine, Inc. Preventative Medicine1194705764
James Calvin Young VAPreventative Medicine1750361069
Crescencio Torres ILPreventative Medicine1801876230
Timothy Mattison VAPreventative Medicine1912977125
Amy Marie Millikan VAPreventative Medicine1366412579
James E Longstaff MEPreventative Medicine1366412488
Gavin Martin Gassen LAPreventative Medicine1508836636
Daniel Earl Frederick WAPreventative Medicine1821068982
Daniel Sender Blumenthal GAPreventative Medicine1700866902
John Robert Dorsch NCPreventative Medicine1629058821
John Gilbert Martinez UTPreventative Medicine1710957980
Allan Curtiss Bushnell HIPreventative Medicine1063482255
Justin Trevor Woodson TXPreventative Medicine1720058951
Rex T Yang OHPreventative Medicine1245200476
Ann M Buff VAPreventative Medicine1023088036
Christopher J Almeida NHPreventative Medicine1467422600
David Bigelow AKPreventative Medicine1891765806
Joseph Louis Tonore LAPreventative Medicine1871563882
Michael Salvatore Termini VAPreventative Medicine1700856739
Charles Ray Fisher WIPreventative Medicine1215907019
Walter Lowell Clements ALPreventative Medicine1154391183
Joseph Paul Dervay TXPreventative Medicine1467422402
Alan Thomas Flanigan OHPreventative Medicine1629048616
Nils Siegfried Erikson TXPreventative Medicine1417927401
Stanley Gunstream COPreventative Medicine1063482982
Mark Ata Malakooti VAPreventative Medicine1225008212
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Texas, Inc. Preventative Medicine1013987999
Tamara Johnson-baack COPreventative Medicine1588634448
Northern Colorado Hyperbaric Physicians, Llp Preventative Medicine1114997087
David Kindley Cobb COPreventative Medicine1013987809
Michael Jacobs MDPreventative Medicine1447239793
Augustine W Lau AZPreventative Medicine1003896051
Robert Joseph Mccunney MAPreventative Medicine1750364535
Carolyn M Jones Assini NYPreventative Medicine1386624658
John L Kipp MNPreventative Medicine1366427601
Kevin S. Wall MNPreventative Medicine1508843335
Mark Brian Ringwelski WIPreventative Medicine1962487165
Jose A. Fuentes PRPreventative Medicine1346228335
Thomas Gardner Foreman SCPreventative Medicine1942284047
Matthew David Barker CAPreventative Medicine1689653651
Charles B Smith ALPreventative Medicine1699750398
William Sledge Riggins LAPreventative Medicine1205810058
Robert Lee Mott WIPreventative Medicine1609846872
Theresa Joan Buratynski NHPreventative Medicine1841276078
Brian Andrew O'neal VAPreventative Medicine1639159494
Robert M Paris HIPreventative Medicine1215917489
Anthony Castillo Biascan CAPreventative Medicine1023093556
Keith Edward Brandt INPreventative Medicine1801875612
Luis A Quinones PRPreventative Medicine1881674380
Ward Loomis Reed VAPreventative Medicine1558340513
John B Burgess LAPreventative Medicine1326024613
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Arizona, Inc. Preventative Medicine1023098845
George Arthur Applewhite MSPreventative Medicine1770562647
Timothy E. Marra PAPreventative Medicine1154391332
Guy J Racette TXPreventative Medicine1801876255
Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Consultants Pc COPreventative Medicine1619947579
Jacob Chua Liao Ong COPreventative Medicine1700856671
Robert Lewis Peskind COPreventative Medicine1225008196
Amy Elizabeth Allegretti ILPreventative Medicine1033193883
Troy Robinson Baker COPreventative Medicine1487624664
Cameron J L Nelson INPreventative Medicine1124004635
Lori Lynn Gross ORPreventative Medicine1457337156
Eve L Olson INPreventative Medicine1629052147
Matthew T Pena CAPreventative Medicine1649257015
Michael Timothy Kelley OHPreventative Medicine1306822812
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Alaska, Llc Preventative Medicine1841270337
Barbara Ann Schibly MNPreventative Medicine1902876170
Scott Francis Mcclellan INPreventative Medicine1952380024
Ben Albert Thompson HIPreventative Medicine1639158744
David Michael O'brien AZPreventative Medicine1740269646
David E Geyer OKPreventative Medicine1245214048
Charles S. Tedder CAPreventative Medicine1184609919
Wayne Thomas Murphy INPreventative Medicine1649255415
Hamid Rehman MNPreventative Medicine1144290305
Terry Zehr WIPreventative Medicine1184601924
Tom Talbert TXPreventative Medicine1366420333
Brian Edward Laakaniemi CAPreventative Medicine1285619924
Paul Dean Rockswold MDPreventative Medicine1396725339
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVPreventative Medicine1487631917
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVPreventative Medicine1235116716
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVPreventative Medicine1245217694
Phillip B Collins NHPreventative Medicine1518946771
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Georgia, Inc. Preventative Medicine1376523175
Theresa B. Goodman VAPreventative Medicine1992782411
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Pennsylvania, Pc Preventative Medicine1316927817
Sean Kevin Roden ORPreventative Medicine1528046554
Howard Eugene Feldman ILPreventative Medicine1447234729
Phi-nga Jeannie Le TXPreventative Medicine1770568479


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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