Providers with Taxonomy: Preventative Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Preventative Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Danny M Colton 92307, CAPreventative Medicine1831191956
Janet Nancy Iles 93117, CAPreventative Medicine1528064987
John G Alevizos 92618, CAPreventative Medicine1689671380
Calvin Wong 92123, CAPreventative Medicine1962400531
Patricia Readick Alexander 93446, CAPreventative Medicine1083612113
Kathleen Ann Loughlin 95060, CAPreventative Medicine1750381687
Perry W Beal 93235, CAPreventative Medicine1851391627
Frederic Butler 92562, CAPreventative Medicine1801896907
Margaret Ryan 92186, CAPreventative Medicine1619977618
Nardo Barrameda Buena 92805, CAPreventative Medicine1689673626
Lavon Ann Nolan 92374, CAPreventative Medicine1053312538
Matthew Charles Kidd 92363, CAPreventative Medicine1346232790
Laurie Jo Pierce 92008, CAPreventative Medicine1295728442
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAPreventative Medicine1033102934
Michael Bezouska 92109, CAPreventative Medicine1710979877
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Florida, Inc. 33309, CAPreventative Medicine1386193456
Justin Bradley Nast 94535, CAPreventative Medicine1669465449
Patrick James Kearney 94535, CAPreventative Medicine1972598480
Andrew Francis Vaughn 92136, CAPreventative Medicine1649266750
Antony G Rodas 90266, CAPreventative Medicine1265428189
David Jotham Snell 92679, CAPreventative Medicine1437145125
Henry Jonathan Schwartz 95403, CAPreventative Medicine1649267261
Sara Saltzstein 92055, CAPreventative Medicine1730176454
Joseph Connolly 95903, CAPreventative Medicine1275520926
Pacific Redwood Medical Group Inc 95482, CAPreventative Medicine1033103676
Lynn Barbara Murphy 92128, CAPreventative Medicine1124590583
Douglas Conrad Fuller 94535, CAPreventative Medicine1649268533
Daniel W Rhodes 92121, CAPreventative Medicine1780673012
Yoshinobu Mifune 92563, CAPreventative Medicine1902896525
Steve Kent Jones 93033, CAPreventative Medicine1407847734
Mark Richard Cullen 94305, CAPreventative Medicine1215919956
Stephen A. Mccurdy 95616, CAPreventative Medicine1144202540
Marc B. Schenker 95616, CAPreventative Medicine1225010622
Jon Thomas Umlauf 92120, CAPreventative Medicine1356332373
Anthony Steven Bianchi 93710, CAPreventative Medicine1609866649
Daniel Lamar 94535, CAPreventative Medicine1952383523
Richard Victor Guzzetta 93611, CAPreventative Medicine1265422695
Paul Vincent Rocereto 92108, CAPreventative Medicine1285617126
Val Wano Finnell 90245, CAPreventative Medicine1568446698
Charles Kitchens 94558, CAPreventative Medicine1750365045
Douglas David Slaten 93012, CAPreventative Medicine1649255589
William D Agerton 92135, CAPreventative Medicine1255316949
Christopher T Kuzniewski 92135, CAPreventative Medicine1821074329
Lisa A Peterson 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1437135647
Rebecca G Berke 92135, CAPreventative Medicine1083690101
Joseph Min Chen 94501, CAPreventative Medicine1952388464
Kenneth Wayne Hart 92408, CAPreventative Medicine1689651671
Claudia Mikail 91364, CAPreventative Medicine1346228103
Robert M Marks 92137, CAPreventative Medicine1952389934
Aboaba A Afilaka 95324, CAPreventative Medicine1184603706
Louis George Gilleran 92106, CAPreventative Medicine1831178334
Ann Patricia Fallon 23708, CAPreventative Medicine1366421638
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1316927338
Dean Alan Bailey 92136, CAPreventative Medicine1518947431
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Ohio, Inc, 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1750361655
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of North Carolina, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1467432302
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of New Jersey, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1497735203
James Edward Lamar 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1891775607
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Indiana, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1588644595
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Washington, Ps 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1407836208
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Florida, Inc. 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1447230925
Center For Specialty Care Medical Group, Inc. 90245, CAPreventative Medicine1528048022
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Maine, Inc. 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1194705764
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Texas, Inc. 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1013987999
Matthew David Barker 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1689653651
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Arizona, Inc. 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1023098845
Matthew T Pena 95817, CAPreventative Medicine1649257015
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Alaska, Llc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1841270337
Wayne Thomas Murphy 92055, CAPreventative Medicine1649255415
Brian Edward Laakaniemi 92620, CAPreventative Medicine1285619924
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Georgia, Inc. 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1376523175
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Pennsylvania, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1316927817
John Martin 93230, CAPreventative Medicine1861479362
James Senechal 90245, CAPreventative Medicine1780662106
Mary K. Miller 95758, CAPreventative Medicine1740264852
James Milton Richards 92108, CAPreventative Medicine1508836222
Kenichi Carrigan 92136, CAPreventative Medicine1659341089
U.a. Garred Sexton 90505, CAPreventative Medicine1609847649
Ahmik Lytton Jones 92155, CAPreventative Medicine1790756682
Luis Raul Rivero 32508, CAPreventative Medicine1053382895
William Douglas Burger 93003, CAPreventative Medicine1871564427
John C Sims 92145, CAPreventative Medicine1881665453
Karen L Milman 95945, CAPreventative Medicine1114998549
John Tueller 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1124090584
Matthew David Tadlock 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1881666956
James C Dunn 93246, CAPreventative Medicine1962475970
Gina Rose Virgilio 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1730153289
William K Chin 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1821062308
Delbert David Clark 92057, CAPreventative Medicine1194799593
Monte L Bible 92027, CAPreventative Medicine1053385146
David Christopher Danish 95065, CAPreventative Medicine1861466948
Physicians' Medical Group 93110, CAPreventative Medicine1083689368
Timothy Wayne O'hara 92136, CAPreventative Medicine1083681878
John Schiller Gillick 92107, CAPreventative Medicine1609845700
Christine Maura Schindler 92136, CAPreventative Medicine1881663581
Juan Carlos Fals 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1891764510
Marilyn Pang-wan Wong 94132, CAPreventative Medicine1538128715
Sterling Scott Sherman 92121, CAPreventative Medicine1528037827
Arturo Leon 92123, CAPreventative Medicine1669443701
Wanda J. Blaylark 95776, CAPreventative Medicine1235198789
John Davis Edmiston 92008, CAPreventative Medicine1649243338
Bob E. Mcclure 90638, CAPreventative Medicine1942275987
Julie Stenger Fields 94599, CAPreventative Medicine1730156282
Nara Um 92161, CAPreventative Medicine1275502163
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group, Pc 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1245788470
Timothy R Paulding 91355, CAPreventative Medicine1548237886
Edward Johnson 93944, CAPreventative Medicine1649244385
Scott R Nelson 92637, CAPreventative Medicine1285696278
Sarah Helen Cody 95128, CAPreventative Medicine1568425437
James Randall Elliott 93524, CAPreventative Medicine1124081971
Martin D Fenstershieb 95128, CAPreventative Medicine1346203296
Andrew Demetrius Horpeniuk 94574, CAPreventative Medicine1851355705
Paul D Blanc 94143, CAPreventative Medicine1013972298
Linda H Clever 94143, CAPreventative Medicine1871558932
David M. Rempel 94720, CAPreventative Medicine1598720666
Martin F Pricco 95355, CAPreventative Medicine1881651222
Wesley Owen Yeackle 92056, CAPreventative Medicine1053379677
Sylvia Yee Nor Young 92134, CAPreventative Medicine1952359291
Faculty Physicians & Surgeons Of Llusm 92408, CAPreventative Medicine1043260334
Camino Medical Group 94085, CAPreventative Medicine1417909631
Mohamed Amr Hafez 92369, CAPreventative Medicine1780636167
Luis Rafael Desouza 95670, CAPreventative Medicine1194776740
Willard Martin Towle 93423, CAPreventative Medicine1710939988
Us Healthworks Medical Group Pc 92562, CAPreventative Medicine1659323293
Ronald Philip Hattis 92373, CAPreventative Medicine1003868142
De Cao Bui 92626, CAPreventative Medicine1619929551
Peter Emmett Philbin 95431, CAPreventative Medicine1538111331
Westerband, Mds, Inc 91361, CAPreventative Medicine1386697076
Yolanta Petrofsky 94534, CAPreventative Medicine1184680365
Seung P Lee 90012, CAPreventative Medicine1568726404
Robert W Perkins 92647, CAPreventative Medicine1114984713
U.s. Healthworks Medical Group Of Washinton, Ps 98036, CAPreventative Medicine1821549551
Eric S Stover 48126, CAPreventative Medicine1194787085
Janet Whitney 92069, CAPreventative Medicine1891758157
Rais B Vohra 93721, CAPreventative Medicine1790740140
David I Hantman 92867, CAPreventative Medicine1306890462
Howard W Oliver 92307, CAPreventative Medicine1518911742
Philip Dempsey Darney 94110, CAPreventative Medicine1205880697
Benjamin J Bronicel 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1093769929
Lee W Davidson 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1780639385
Eric A Spencer 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1568417574
Heather T. Shover 92346, CAPreventative Medicine1558316653
Alexis L Dasig 95355, CAPreventative Medicine1639125578
Us Healthworks Medical Group Pc 92008, CAPreventative Medicine1760438592
Sarath Gunatilake 90650, CAPreventative Medicine1851347306
Alma M Palisoc 92408, CAPreventative Medicine1144277526
John Elloway 94945, CAPreventative Medicine1417994310
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation 95355, CAPreventative Medicine1801833496
Desmond A Crooks 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1306883871
Desert Valley Medical Group, Inc. 92395, CAPreventative Medicine1912945114
Henry K Poon 92103, CAPreventative Medicine1316985633
Patricia L. Rehfield 94590, CAPreventative Medicine1487693701
Gordon D Phillips 92373, CAPreventative Medicine1033158670
Marc B Schnapper 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1316986821
Jonathan W. Horstmann 92373, CAPreventative Medicine1699715953
James A Caviness 92055, CAPreventative Medicine1619917234
William Scott 93030, CAPreventative Medicine1528009594
Santa Barbara County Public Health Dept 93110, CAPreventative Medicine1013958172
Jagdish A Patel 95376, CAPreventative Medicine1407897481
Richard James Burton 95603, CAPreventative Medicine1881635621
Monica Brown 91406, CAPreventative Medicine1467496919
Nourishing Wellness Medical Center 90277, CAPreventative Medicine1164466884
Sonia Devgan 91361, CAPreventative Medicine1528002839
Richard M Abraham 97477, CAPreventative Medicine1457396442
Valerie J. Flaherman 94143, CAPreventative Medicine1467497008
Anthony R Galicia 93906, CAPreventative Medicine1912942095
Walter M Maier 92352, CAPreventative Medicine1235175233
A. Eugene Washington 94115, CAPreventative Medicine1013953256
Robert Lewis Goldberg 94115, CAPreventative Medicine1235165176
Sutter West Bay Medical Foundation 94115, CAPreventative Medicine1104852789
Janel Larson Meric 92780, CAPreventative Medicine1689601973
Robert Lee Oldham 93706, CAPreventative Medicine1356379507
Santa Barbara County Public Health Dept 93110, CAPreventative Medicine1144250788
Ronald Michael Lesko 92014, CAPreventative Medicine1013947969
Brett V Curtis 94925, CAPreventative Medicine1689605180
Mobile Medical Clinic Inc 90247, CAPreventative Medicine1104213776
Thomas E. Mcknight Jr Do Mph Inc 95973, CAPreventative Medicine1124169388
Elizabeth Anne Sutherland 94526, CAPreventative Medicine1952347569
John Alfred Hirshleifer 94612, CAPreventative Medicine1407893621
Brian Hoyt 98632, CAPreventative Medicine1154360071
Michael M Motamed 90638, CAPreventative Medicine1215964663
Timothy R O'neal 92373, CAPreventative Medicine1497794119
Patty Morell Diblasio 94568, CAPreventative Medicine1295979144
Earl Henry Lynch 93012, CAPreventative Medicine1770526675
Eric Thomas Lund 09391, CAPreventative Medicine1023040466
Royce Ellen Clifford 32508, CAPreventative Medicine1144253428
Wesley Chan 94596, CAPreventative Medicine1740214899
David Ross Field 93306, CAPreventative Medicine1598790834
Robert E. Kosnik 94115, CAPreventative Medicine1417982737
Christian A Tomaszewski 92103, CAPreventative Medicine1982629408
Compre Care Medical Associates 90003, CAPreventative Medicine1952327397
Jeffrey Edward Sudeith 92780, CAPreventative Medicine1649297383
Satwant Sidhu 91405, CAPreventative Medicine1083631626
Stuart Todd Stolp 95370, CAPreventative Medicine1760400949
Alexander K Morley 97401, CAPreventative Medicine1477574267
Ted Jay Robinson 92108, CAPreventative Medicine1912928433
Richard W Tezak 93906, CAPreventative Medicine1619998960
Lewis G. Shepler 94806, CAPreventative Medicine1356362230
Janet Weiss 94704, CAPreventative Medicine1861414534
Kevin Buckman 95240, CAPreventative Medicine1568484855


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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