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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph Sonderleiter ORPsychiatry1942205869
Ronald M Tarrel MNPsychiatry1710982632
Julio A Calcano PRPsychiatry1629073531
Enrico Cusi Lallana NHPsychiatry1225033087
Francisco J Marquez TXPsychiatry1487659249
William Kevin Cors NJPsychiatry1235134990
James Cocores FLPsychiatry1992700660
Jonathan Covault CTPsychiatry1619972395
Jeffrey R Boxman NJPsychiatry1376548172
Eulon Ross Taylor TXPsychiatry1619972411
Sam Michael Sasser ORPsychiatry1487659298
Bart A Grelinger KSPsychiatry1730184433
Ty L Schwertfeger KSPsychiatry1386649093
Beverly Greenspan CTPsychiatry1376548081
Mary L Goodsett WIPsychiatry1053316778
Heidi Erickson FLPsychiatry1871598508
Saba Mansoor AZPsychiatry1740285477
Michael P Sethna MNPsychiatry1538164363
John T Jaccard WAPsychiatry1194720920
Michael Feinberg PAPsychiatry1972508612
Johns Hopkins University MDPsychiatry1356346100
Teresita Mouret Brothers TXPsychiatry1093710758
Gautham P Reddy KSPsychiatry1942205653
Nicholas Demartinis CTPsychiatry1164427886
James Donaldson CTPsychiatry1114922838
Niansen Liu TNPsychiatry1679578371
Paul G Genilo KSPsychiatry1982609681
Larry S Goodlund WIPsychiatry1881699502
Rafael Yakutilov NYPsychiatry1003811720
Alexandr L Safarov NYPsychiatry1912902636
Russ T Shimizu CAPsychiatry1780688242
Gregory G Fischer WIPsychiatry1295730190
Paul Steve Mitch OHPsychiatry1104821255
Thomas E Mcknight CAPsychiatry1679578538
Adam Mehmet Gulhan PAPsychiatry1841294345
Sue-ann F Mulvihill WAPsychiatry1255336954
Matthew Layton WAPsychiatry1699770305
University Of Connecticut Health Center CTPsychiatry1720083769
Stephen Peters IAPsychiatry1093710188
Jeuti B Wylde INPsychiatry1740285741
Corey Nyles Rigberg PAPsychiatry1407851892
Mary C Fields WIPsychiatry1861497745
Nancy A Burt TXPsychiatry1407851223
Michael Patrick Horan NVPsychiatry1942205968
Mariana K Vosika WIPsychiatry1730184615
Thomas A Phipps ORPsychiatry1568467892
Leslie A Huszar FLPsychiatry1528063492
Kussay Nassr PAPsychiatry1316942022
Devin Dene Zimmerman INPsychiatry1760487532
Mary S. Genevieve CAPsychiatry1871598706
Asad Ehtisham KYPsychiatry1558366856
Douglas W Kaplan MNPsychiatry1588669253
Heather L Hall OKPsychiatry1497750343
Rodrigo M Ubilluz ILPsychiatry1811991383
Vladimir V Karpitskiy ARPsychiatry1902801848
Ahsan Y Khan MOPsychiatry1346245479
Jeffrey C Curtin ILPsychiatry1285638759
United Community And Family Services, Inc. CTPsychiatry1558366757
Thomas Albert Grugle TXPsychiatry1033113469
Michael M Vesali MOPsychiatry1942205703
The Midtown Practice For Psychiatry Pc NYPsychiatry1689189532
Paul R Ash ORPsychiatry1063417392
Thomas Hild Graham PAPsychiatry1508860990
Gary D Usher NHPsychiatry1467457127
Paul R Cass NHPsychiatry1841295508
Laurie S Coyner KSPsychiatry1376547828
John T Tran CAPsychiatry1174528350
Deepak Kumar Chugh CAPsychiatry1053315481
Nirmal Singh Brar CAPsychiatry1710982608
Richard Henry Silberman INPsychiatry1295730075
Evelyn Sarah Brown OHPsychiatry1932104734
Willard Allen Hauser NYPsychiatry1922003755
Furey Anthony Lerro NJPsychiatry1275538027
Uma Pulipaka TXPsychiatry1700881562
Edward Bruce Friedman CAPsychiatry1053316794
Michele Mangum SCPsychiatry1417952169
Carl David Herman PAPsychiatry1932104585
Mark Ashby FLPsychiatry1063417616
Mira G. Narkiewicz WAPsychiatry1245235803
Jackson T. Biggs TXPsychiatry1821093493
Dhanpat Chandra Mohnot LAPsychiatry1780689364
Efren Saucedo Olea TXPsychiatry1740285386
James Albert Dematteis PAPsychiatry1821093469
Anca Balasu WAPsychiatry1093710634
Mary Lee Hutcheson FLPsychiatry1811992456
James J Kirkland GAPsychiatry1538164173
Jingzi Shang PAPsychiatry1356346993
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association TXPsychiatry1245235886
Laura Lynn Hershkowitz WAPsychiatry1144225780
Nader Oskooilar CAPsychiatry1336144872
Dana M Winegarner KSPsychiatry1396740916
Sandra Arleen Yerkes MDPsychiatry1306841853
David Thomas Greco CTPsychiatry1740285204
Joseph N Blustein WIPsychiatry1164427738
New Orleans Headache & Neurology Clinic, Apmc LAPsychiatry1124023700
Victor R Angeles KYPsychiatry1922003532
Kusuma Rao GAPsychiatry1740285212
Andrew Thomas Gergely MDPsychiatry1336144831
Lawrence H. Neville WAPsychiatry1134124639
Tasmina Sheikh FLPsychiatry1659376150
Traci E. Powell ILPsychiatry1457356958
Louis E Kopolow MDPsychiatry1164428694
Richard Bruce Kasdan PAPsychiatry1598761025
Richard Alan Weisman PAPsychiatry1912903451
John Bartlett Talbott PAPsychiatry1700882248
Stuart Lee Silverman PAPsychiatry1326044868
Edward Jacob Mistler PAPsychiatry1386640837
Galina Stolina NYPsychiatry1174529622
Philip R Kennedy GAPsychiatry1912903485
Zaki A Ajans MOPsychiatry1174529648
David R. Edelstein ILPsychiatry1679579155
Neil Amdur Busis PAPsychiatry1407852999
Kerry Disanto ILPsychiatry1386640878
Frederick W Engstrom VTPsychiatry1811993322
Diana J Antonacci NCPsychiatry1114923620
Massoud M Azar NYPsychiatry1649276163
Gary Mason Wilkes OHPsychiatry1548265051
Edward A. Major NYPsychiatry1245235753
Daniel E Moalli CTPsychiatry1427053958
Cyrus Sajadi TXPsychiatry1174529531
Philip H. Lavine NCPsychiatry1891791257
Konrad W Bakker MDPsychiatry1346246782
Kenneth Ray Gamblin COPsychiatry1063418408
Morven C Barwick CTPsychiatry1982600300
Heritage Mental Health Clinic, Llc KSPsychiatry1487650842
Tracy Todd Skipton NEPsychiatry1053317487
Charlotte Mae Farmer MNPsychiatry1134125560
Aamir Hashmat MSPsychiatry1710983150
Zaineb Daud MSPsychiatry1568468908
Dw Sievert Md Inc CAPsychiatry1972509214
Farhad Sholevar PAPsychiatry1417953761
Elliott George Gross NYPsychiatry1023014370
Robert Pohl MIPsychiatry1275539595
John C Mareska OHPsychiatry1205832573
Mary Kathryn Alderson UTPsychiatry1891791034
Catherine Lewis CTPsychiatry1275539488
John Timothy Carey PAPsychiatry1437155645
Richard Feuer CTPsychiatry1841296076
Ellen Celeste Gaughan NYPsychiatry1366448599
Mary Elizabeth Traynor ALPsychiatry1710983077
Comprehensive Neurology And Sleep Medicine, P.a. MDPsychiatry1972509362
Fernando Perez-magnelli MOPsychiatry1649276999
Jeffrey Jacob Esper PAPsychiatry1649276809
Allison Westmoreland Weaver INPsychiatry1891791182
Charisse D Litchman CTPsychiatry1487650693
Krishna Kishore Kambhampati TXPsychiatry1750387122
Dennis D. Thoen UTPsychiatry1023014297
Paul H Wurst FLPsychiatry1366448615
Jose M Diaz TXPsychiatry1194721480
Virginia E Hofmann CTPsychiatry1649276940
Robert Weinstock CAPsychiatry1487650859
Edwin A Green TXPsychiatry1295731479
Abraham M Glasman NYPsychiatry1780680991
Lifestream Behavioral Center Inc FLPsychiatry1902802002
Joy Demarcaida CTPsychiatry1841296951
Frank J Hamlett PAPsychiatry1659377760
Brian Francis Bladykas VAPsychiatry1871599902
John R Hall MOPsychiatry1578569612
Charles C Reel MDPsychiatry1619973773
Ronald Fisher PAPsychiatry1760488878
Krishna Devulapalli OHPsychiatry1205832318
Howard Jay Ilivicky MOPsychiatry1093711152
Thomas E Lawlor CTPsychiatry1780680702
Brian W Joseph FLPsychiatry1710983739
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association TXPsychiatry1255337275
Henry R Kranzler PAPsychiatry1205832201
Joel Solomon NYPsychiatry1538165535
David Charles Marzulo AZPsychiatry1699771600
Phillip G Maiden OHPsychiatry1063418168
Richard Howard Anderson MOPsychiatry1700882859
Jagdeep Kohli MNPsychiatry1245236397
John P Canale MOPsychiatry1578569620
Herbert M Adler PAPsychiatry1356347389
Rajen B Desai TXPsychiatry1992701940
Cynthia A Turner-graham MDPsychiatry1912903089
Suzanne Ballew Canning WAPsychiatry1134125115
Joseph G. Babin MOPsychiatry1750387775
Suzanne K Gazda TXPsychiatry1740286764
Mildred Baluyot MOPsychiatry1144226176
Abayomi O Ige PAPsychiatry1184620130
Thomas Matthew Dugan PAPsychiatry1346246394
Martin S Wasserman CAPsychiatry1134125180
Ruy Mireles Quintanilla TXPsychiatry1467458422
Barry J Bergen IDPsychiatry1538165592
Albert T. Derivan PAPsychiatry1235135294
Cynthia Brown Stevens WYPsychiatry1144226101
Antonio S. Dimalanta MOPsychiatry1992701817
John L Laubenthal FLPsychiatry1528064458
Merry Escano-brown MOPsychiatry1962408807
Joel M Rothfeld CAPsychiatry1750387692
Edgar L. Galinanes MOPsychiatry1134125081
Sonja Stahl Pinsky OHPsychiatry1770589624
Steven James Eickelberg AZPsychiatry1043216815
Charles Alan Thomas AZPsychiatry1003812074
Tomas Espinosa MOPsychiatry1497751333
Martin S Fischer CAPsychiatry1801892799
Neil S. Goldman NYPsychiatry1699771501
Mahteme Selassie MDPsychiatry1225034135
Henry C Echiverri ILPsychiatry1356347264
Mark Stephen Komrad MDPsychiatry1861498792


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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