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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Erik Burton NMPsychiatry1730381179
Erin Tansey MNPsychiatry1417213083
Ernest Kenneth Mladinich NMPsychiatry1821003393
Eva Kaul Psychiatry1447579719
Evan Joseph Skow NMPsychiatry1710327408
Florian Birkmayer NMPsychiatry1760424154
Fouad Khlil Reda NMPsychiatry1487775433
Gabriel Carlos Monthan CAPsychiatry1033401831
Gabriela Prieto NMPsychiatry1023260841
Gabriela Sanchez NMPsychiatry1649663535
Gail Thaler NMPsychiatry1942268644
Gary Borrell NMPsychiatry1952377319
Gary Rosenberg NMPsychiatry1275549867
George Edwin Davis NMPsychiatry1013005925
George Nurnberg NMPsychiatry1568508687
Gerald Fredman NMPsychiatry1962689638
Gerardo Villarreal NMPsychiatry1104847342
Gerson Suarez Cedeno NMPsychiatry1376951442
Gilbert Esser NMPsychiatry1255470282
Giselle D. Ferreira NMPsychiatry1881891216
Glenn Michael Dempsey NMPsychiatry1114165719
Glenn D Graham NMPsychiatry1275549982
Gray B Clarke NMPsychiatry1407862154
Hae Won Shin Psychiatry1760665327
Hammam Yahya NMPsychiatry1932515970
Heather A Wood NMPsychiatry1770677163
Helene Silverblatt NMPsychiatry1407861966
Howard Stephen Berger NMPsychiatry1477681153
Hussaina Yousuf Saria CAPsychiatry1942349956
Hydie Jill Sobel NMPsychiatry1457541294
Ian Charles Osborn NMPsychiatry1285655837
Imran K Alam NMPsychiatry1700806452
Isabel Del Socorro Ross NMPsychiatry1154647717
J George Quintana NMPsychiatry1831291590
Jacqueline Joy Kraus NMPsychiatry1417994401
James S. Goodman NMPsychiatry1407838832
James Reese LAPsychiatry1467581272
Jan Fawcett NMPsychiatry1255320198
Janice E. Evans NMPsychiatry1245446178
Javier Antonio Vera NMPsychiatry1093789265
Jeannette Elizabeth Ferguson NMPsychiatry1386083368
Jeffrey Dunn NMPsychiatry1336235951
Jeffrey W Glassheim NMPsychiatry1174685721
Jeffrey William Katzman NMPsychiatry1558475939
Jeffrey Raymond Mitchell OKPsychiatry1568442135
Jennifer Vickers NMPsychiatry1174539662
Jeremy Miller NMPsychiatry1114260916
Jill M Marjama Lyons NMPsychiatry1366534570
Joanna Katzman NMPsychiatry1023023587
Joanna Teufel NMPsychiatry1023039260
Joel Radhames Nunez Gonzalez NMPsychiatry1497066997
John Adair NMPsychiatry1336155035
John A Campa NMPsychiatry1457531022
John Carty NMPsychiatry1457490468
John Craig Eaves NMPsychiatry1437147899
John Neil Russo NMPsychiatry1437211992
John M Tanner NMPsychiatry1235240599
Jolanta Maria Gurdek NYPsychiatry1205910098
Jolynn Herrera Muraida NMPsychiatry1770509416
Jon-paul Hamilton NMPsychiatry1275843781
Jonathan W. Bolton NMPsychiatry1164558854
Jory Mazzola NMPsychiatry1255537593
Jose Alberto Canaca NMPsychiatry1033543772
Jose Canive NMPsychiatry1689695827
Jose A. Padin-rosado NMPsychiatry1831112762
Joseph M. Bicknell NMPsychiatry1033125745
Joseph Luzius NMPsychiatry1295874287
Josie Jean Pokorny NMPsychiatry1851755540
Josip Gazic NMPsychiatry1134268162
Juan R Bustillo NMPsychiatry1700892445
Judith E. Pentz NMPsychiatry1700926334
Judy C Mccarver NMPsychiatry1255320818
Julia Teresa Gallegos NMPsychiatry1235270182
Julie Elizabeth Kilpatrick NMPsychiatry1730196510
Justin F Beatty NMPsychiatry1013303981
Kacy Richmond NMPsychiatry1073967139
Kader Tawfiq Abdelerahman NMPsychiatry1003058157
Kanchan Kohli NMPsychiatry1235485343
Kara Dawn Martinez NMPsychiatry1023251055
Karla Miranda PAPsychiatry1902287428
Katherine Canfield NMPsychiatry1225154503
Kathleen Shuck Johnson NMPsychiatry1952356180
Kathryn Fraser NMPsychiatry1932121431
Kathy Marie Wolfe NMPsychiatry1538401518
Kenneth Harold Bull NMPsychiatry1700808672
Kenneth Crumley NMPsychiatry1720093289
Kenneth Imerman NMPsychiatry1487856431
Kevin E Rexroad NMPsychiatry1407815798
Kevin Vicenti NMPsychiatry1669511697
Kimothi Cain NMPsychiatry1174848006
Kristina S Sowar NMPsychiatry1649414590
Kurt Norman Johnson CAPsychiatry1063830149
Kurt Olson NMPsychiatry1831174341
Larry E Davis NMPsychiatry1760499057
Larry D White NMPsychiatry1134213523
Laura Cruz-hinson NMPsychiatry1760521785
Leah A Rudnick NMPsychiatry1972518439
Lee Hammond Iii NMPsychiatry1881600500
Lenora Michelle Mathes NMPsychiatry1013259076
Leon L Gerson NMPsychiatry1649426842
Leslie Lou Chavez NMPsychiatry1780940908
Leslie Morrison NMPsychiatry1558376020
Lisa Baeza Johnson NMPsychiatry1962514349
Liz-beth Porter NMPsychiatry1013056019
Lori Willinghurst NMPsychiatry1013994961
Lorian J. Kostranchuk NMPsychiatry1831251586
Lucas Dunklee NMPsychiatry1043577604
Luzma Cardona NMPsychiatry1821137837
Madeleine Grigg-damberger NMPsychiatry1760497218
Mahmoud M Ismail NMPsychiatry1326415365
Mahvish Masood Khan DEPsychiatry1174061899
Maju Mathew Koola MDPsychiatry1578602512
Manuel A Gurule NMPsychiatry1235297839
Marcello Argeo Maviglia NMPsychiatry1699948489
Maria Elena Arizaga NMPsychiatry1841339843
Mario A Campos NMPsychiatry1508217928
Mario Cruz NMPsychiatry1922070523
Mark L Berger NMPsychiatry1124034830
Mark M Luley NMPsychiatry1881815462
Martin B. Gonzales NMPsychiatry1942664859
Mary L. De Luca NMPsychiatry1235152919
Mary Ida Johnson NMPsychiatry1184630832
Marygrace Castro NMPsychiatry1275672289
Marylou Solbrig WAPsychiatry1861572091
Matthew Todd Starr NMPsychiatry1831355106
Matthew Stewart Wilson MOPsychiatry1649392796
Mauricio Tohen NMPsychiatry1326256561
Melissa Andrea Garzon NMPsychiatry1528454972
Melissa Ashley Marie Martinez AZPsychiatry1942797006
Melissa A Merhege NMPsychiatry1003111873
Michael Bogenschutz NMPsychiatry1942215496
Michael Champion NMPsychiatry1396839767
Michael O. Flanagan NMPsychiatry1497756670
Michael Hollifield KYPsychiatry1134191307
Michael Sievert NMPsychiatry1831117431
Mishel Farasatpour CAPsychiatry1841533767
Mohamad Khafaja NMPsychiatry1780867119
Molly Kathleen King NMPsychiatry1528159696
Monique Elise Simpson NMPsychiatry1790105369
Muhammad Atif Zubairi GAPsychiatry1053616722
Nancy Martin NMPsychiatry1215226758
Nancy Morrison NMPsychiatry1871500835
Narges Moghimi Psychiatry1689014045
Nathaniel West Rediske NMPsychiatry1679884241
Neil S Arnet NMPsychiatry1174582118
Nils Rosenbaum NMPsychiatry1134268147
Nina E Higgins Psychiatry1083904023
Nurit Hale Patt NMPsychiatry1093834244
Omar Mohammed Hussein NMPsychiatry1639433907
Pamela Arenella NMPsychiatry1346315884
Parvaneh F Bakhtiar NMPsychiatry1053405423
Patricia L Kelly CTPsychiatry1194924530
Patricio Rodrigo Escalona NMPsychiatry1073626156
Patrick J Abbott NMPsychiatry1962419903
Paul E Romo NMPsychiatry1306089313
Paula L Hensley NMPsychiatry1811903487
Paula Hughson NMPsychiatry1447327812
Paula Mata-molina NMPsychiatry1407980428
Pedro B Simpson NMPsychiatry1780857821
Peggy D Rodriguez NMPsychiatry1811154958
Poone Haghani Tehrani NMPsychiatry1457661670
Pragyan Sharma NMPsychiatry1861846206
Randolph Philip Baca NMPsychiatry1790982643
Rashmi Sabu NMPsychiatry1417962978
Raymond G Franchini NMPsychiatry1508871054
Rebekah Marie Smith NMPsychiatry1104117951
Rene Gonzalez NMPsychiatry1659512309
Rhoshel Krystyna Lenroot NMPsychiatry1265686356
Richard Barendsen NMPsychiatry1689689135
Robben Raines Gingery NMPsychiatry1255422101
Robert Bailey NMPsychiatry1386650083
Robert Anthony Buser NMPsychiatry1336261783
Robert W. Coberly NMPsychiatry1578657946
Robert L Karp NMPsychiatry1356557557
Robert T Kellogg NMPsychiatry1417041898
Robert Sullivan NMPsychiatry1598823049
Roberto Gomez NMPsychiatry1750303251
Rodrigo R Merino NMPsychiatry1124127139
Ronald Lee Romanik NMPsychiatry1013120013
Ronald Cary Rosen NMPsychiatry1568540920
Rosemary Hunter NMPsychiatry1033271390
Ruth Ann Vest Atkinson NMPsychiatry1053326504
Ryan Alexander Mals NMPsychiatry1265828214
Sally L Harris NMPsychiatry1598788697
Samual Keith NMPsychiatry1073529657
Samuel Aaron Nickell NMPsychiatry1306010400
Sarah Pirio Richardson NMPsychiatry1962608901
Scott C Carroll NMPsychiatry1659333961
Sean Yutzy NMPsychiatry1851306328
Semiramis Youssof NMPsychiatry1417193459
Seymur Gahramanov NMPsychiatry1811181886
Shanna Vaughan Diaz NMPsychiatry1376869123
Shannon Stromberg NMPsychiatry1013027762
Sharon Cooperman NMPsychiatry1972751238
Shashwat Pandhi PAPsychiatry1760749600
Sigmund G. Jenssen NMPsychiatry1538110796
Snehal Rudresh Bhatt NMPsychiatry1356576854
Sofya M Rubinchik NMPsychiatry1699706325
Stephanie Fallon NMPsychiatry1942216528
Stephanie Tucker MDPsychiatry1417137977


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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