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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark B Silverman MIPsychiatry1336147958
Michael L. Goldstein UTPsychiatry1962400580
Samaritan Center INPsychiatry1679571228
Ted E Barber OHPsychiatry1568460111
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychiatry1467450015
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychiatry1043218613
Laurence Steven Krain IAPsychiatry1548268147
Sara Westgate TXPsychiatry1336147941
Ramon Andres Garcia CAPsychiatry1063410678
Subrata Roy OHPsychiatry1649278151
Mark William Wilson NYPsychiatry1285632794
Anil Assudani CAPsychiatry1497753909
Larry Stewart Myers KYPsychiatry1184622680
Melinda S Lantz NYPsychiatry1295733715
Maria Angela Catolico VAPsychiatry1659379170
Kavitha Raja CAPsychiatry1700884228
Johanan Levine TXPsychiatry1316945843
Hop N Trinh MAPsychiatry1457359903
Peter William Pick WIPsychiatry1518965912
Kenneth Woodrow CAPsychiatry1730187154
Marion William Grant ALPsychiatry1710985122
David Erich Roth HIPsychiatry1831197250
Rajkumar R Sarma PAPsychiatry1184622508
Gerald Melvin Robertson LAPsychiatry1801894225
Sarma Behavioral Health Associates, Inc. PAPsychiatry1710985130
Naomi A Levy ILPsychiatry1700884129
Michael I Gurevich NYPsychiatry1699773010
Yuriy Kheyfits NYPsychiatry1225036650
Easwar M Sundaram TXPsychiatry1679571004
Mohamad S Al-rifai TXPsychiatry1023016458
Jose A Matus TXPsychiatry1841298270
Aravind Pai CAPsychiatry1629076088
Donald Thomas Evert OHPsychiatry1164420550
Daniel Barry Block PAPsychiatry1578561965
Timothy A Murphy CAPsychiatry1780682070
Matthew William Ruble MAPsychiatry1972501302
Thomas James Herbst MIPsychiatry1679571012
Arlin Edward Brown WAPsychiatry1982602322
John Williams Plyler SCPsychiatry1053319400
John Hume Lucas SCPsychiatry1679571020
Thomas A Privett SCPsychiatry1285632638
Richard Evan Jackson TNPsychiatry1457359770
Babu V Gupta OHPsychiatry1598763856
Jerome E Lopez TXPsychiatry1083612303
Louis Howard Medved NYPsychiatry1801894100
Edgardo C Angeles MAPsychiatry1942208251
Martin Hurwitz Md Pc NYPsychiatry1285632505
Joseph Balla NCPsychiatry1407854730
Robert Arthur Nash VAPsychiatry1194723429
Stephen Arthur Young FLPsychiatry1154329498
Paul Milton Schyve ILPsychiatry1699773937
Phillip Borders OHPsychiatry1679571913
Gregg Lowell Friedman FLPsychiatry1275531543
Arthur P. Kowell CAPsychiatry1700884905
Henry Grass ORPsychiatry1255339404
Laura Chapman Renbaum MDPsychiatry1073511226
Nazanin Matloubi CAPsychiatry1790783942
James M Houser LAPsychiatry1821096181
Kevin A Oconnor MNPsychiatry1396743670
Mohammad I Hussain TNPsychiatry1699773747
Doyle I. Carson TXPsychiatry1750389821
Good Samaritan Hospital INPsychiatry1184622458
Clyde Alexander Sheehan MSPsychiatry1588662720
Michael Gruenthal NYPsychiatry1578561718
Nivea R Ribas FLPsychiatry1699773895
Irene Litvan KYPsychiatry1568460715
Sheldon Golub NYPsychiatry1043218241
Bilal Ahmed INPsychiatry1679571871
William J Oberfield PAPsychiatry1114925310
Brad R Bundy OHPsychiatry1922006147
David Lloyd Snow TNPsychiatry1821096041
Howard Lawrence Berkowitz NYPsychiatry1982602116
David L. Kreitzman NYPsychiatry1427056605
Okechukwu Nwangburuka CAPsychiatry1871591024
Stephen S Kirzinger KYPsychiatry1114925377
Leslie I Wolfson CTPsychiatry1205834371
Jonathan Edward Walker TXPsychiatry1952309031
Paul Stephen Aisen CAPsychiatry1669470753
Bhupendra K Shah INPsychiatry1760480800
Pradeep Modur KYPsychiatry1346248515
Hector L Rodriguez PRPsychiatry1083612154
Charles L. Ihlenfeld NYPsychiatry1699773705
Howard Lawrence Herman ILPsychiatry1154329274
Marc Rothman PAPsychiatry1700884889
Arthur John De Carle PAPsychiatry1356349450
Chester W Jenkins MSPsychiatry1184622201
Pamela Y Blake TXPsychiatry1548268691
Rex S Houser LAPsychiatry1184622110
Michael J Becker LAPsychiatry1992703920
Thomas Pearce Dauler PAPsychiatry1699773507
Vijay Rajan OHPsychiatry1891793642
Russell H Glantz ILPsychiatry1235137233
James William Holmes KYPsychiatry1497753495
Patrick Daniel Enders OHPsychiatry1750389771
Debra L Burris LAPsychiatry1902804933
Hemachandra P Gunawardhana MOPsychiatry1558369413
Ibe O. Ibe MOPsychiatry1689672545
Afaf El-mashhady MOPsychiatry1679571533
Emile Borde NYPsychiatry1831197888
Olin Mckay Fox NCPsychiatry1659379600
Robert Garcia MIPsychiatry1184622136
Kimberly A Mebust WAPsychiatry1447258496
Joyce Yong Chung DCPsychiatry1215935374
Debra Hollander MIPsychiatry1760480826
Heidi Crayton VAPsychiatry1669470720
Dale Robert Richards OHPsychiatry1497753370
Deborah Hope Matek ILPsychiatry1871591776
Kenneth William Hylbert PAPsychiatry1447258348
Nesreen Suwan ILPsychiatry1821095936
Extended Care Physicians Mountain, Pa NCPsychiatry1104823087
David Dirk Vander Velde MIPsychiatry1396743084
Stuart Jack Goodman MDPsychiatry1982601068
Ronald J Johnson ILPsychiatry1679571897
Marvin E Vollmer INPsychiatry1922006949
Ehab Gamil Hanna CAPsychiatry1972500403
Steven G Gibson INPsychiatry1336146422
Cheryl Seaman NYPsychiatry1528066925
Jenaro Scarano-garcia PRPsychiatry1407854060
Lawrence A Meredith COPsychiatry1649277807
Howard M Schecht OHPsychiatry1710984711
Michael Warren Bain GAPsychiatry1447258975
Benjamin Crocker MEPsychiatry1841297009
Robert L Woods CAPsychiatry1982602058
Grace A. Medeiros RIPsychiatry1598762551
Ferd And Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Childrens Svc Of Plm Bch FLPsychiatry1841297926
Kashinath Gangadhara Yadalam LAPsychiatry1588661508
Ellen Porter Knox KYPsychiatry1154328250
Steven R Shelton INPsychiatry1215934310
Jeffrey D Greenwood TNPsychiatry1801894001
Asad E Ismail KYPsychiatry1144227026
Mark Loyal Young MNPsychiatry1831197326
Morris B Chang WAPsychiatry1164420428
Timothy Hans Derstine PAPsychiatry1629076534
Richard Stephens French INPsychiatry1750389409
Michael H Levine INPsychiatry1861490484
Caryn M Vogel INPsychiatry1437157435
Richard Zarriello CAPsychiatry1245238765
Stonewall Memorial Hospital TXPsychiatry1083612121
Zoltan Mocsary CAPsychiatry1306843966
Dina Youseff Boutros OHPsychiatry1295732352
Felix Brizuela OHPsychiatry1598762635
Grzegorz P Kurzydlo TXPsychiatry1083611925
David Kenneth Reynolds AZPsychiatry1942207477
Stephen C Mory TNPsychiatry1821096538
Hector Xavier Samaniego TXPsychiatry1487651527
Western Neurological Associates Inc UTPsychiatry1083611966
Michael V. Delollis ORPsychiatry1366440323
Atiya S. Khan INPsychiatry1881691368
Rebekah J Woods KYPsychiatry1144228164
Prevesh K Rustagi INPsychiatry1245237411
Miguel Angel Gutierrez TXPsychiatry1922005438
Donald Joseph Tamulonis OHPsychiatry1073511531
Arthur E Jordan SCPsychiatry1326045642
Robert Campbell Ward MIPsychiatry1598762379
Heather Miller Kurera CAPsychiatry1144228396
Michael J Deal INPsychiatry1285632992
Angela Dumitrache WVPsychiatry1245238328
Stephen Michael Gollomp PAPsychiatry1194723585
Roderick Edward Hines PAPsychiatry1528065729
Blair William Krell TXPsychiatry1912904731
William E Philippi GAPsychiatry1881692010
Robert F Goldstein TXPsychiatry1346248614
Veronica Manaois Gubatan TNPsychiatry1558369736
Thomas J. Curfman INPsychiatry1184621641
Andrew J Spoljaric INPsychiatry1699773309
Abdulkarim M Sharba INPsychiatry1467459362
Xabier Beristain FLPsychiatry1124025135
Jacob Manjooran NVPsychiatry1508863374
Michael Brian Lloyd UTPsychiatry1497753354
Michael A Keys OHPsychiatry1407854763
Walter Gene Husar NJPsychiatry1619974466
Lisa Marie Frappier RIPsychiatry1619975802
Dariusz Waldemar Gawronski MNPsychiatry1235136003
Emad Ramses Milad NHPsychiatry1457359853
Norman M Burns MIPsychiatry1891793402
Minsoo Kang WAPsychiatry1780681569
William Stover Wiggins PAPsychiatry1508864257
Gabor Pal Szuhay NJPsychiatry1902803380
Madhav H. Bhat INPsychiatry1376540823
Martin D. Levine CAPsychiatry1669470860
David A Kahn RIPsychiatry1679570311
Rebecca Susan Daily KSPsychiatry1659379360
Texoma Neurology Associates, Pa TXPsychiatry1669470092
Spring Medical Care, P.c. Psychiatry1992278428
Latha Venkatesh MOPsychiatry1417954835
Harry Ben Rauch TXPsychiatry1275530255
Michael L Nicholas INPsychiatry1124026059
Maria I. Seliverstov, Md Inc. CAPsychiatry1841298775
Bryan Dirks DCPsychiatry1588662548
Loretta M Vanevery INPsychiatry1184622185
Betsy Rosiek INPsychiatry1053319095
Health Administration Services, Inc. Psychiatry1356349229
George R. Athey COPsychiatry1982602801
Mohd Azfar Malik MOPsychiatry1942208715
Craig Sherman Feaster PAPsychiatry1912905795
Robert G. Wellman KYPsychiatry1760481527
Jeffrey Pevnick MOPsychiatry1588662381
Richard Lynn Koller ORPsychiatry1255330031
David R Edelstein Md Sc ILPsychiatry1144229865
Edward Healton DCPsychiatry1184623944


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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