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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Scott Nesheim MNPsychiatry1114926219
Aftab Poshni ILPsychiatry1821097924
Giuseppe Caccioppoli OKPsychiatry1598764573
Chandragupta S Vedak ILPsychiatry1871592881
George L Wilkinson CAPsychiatry1033118047
Donald B Chesler OKPsychiatry1093714008
Kanakam Dileepan CAPsychiatry1558360578
James Joseph Jordan MNPsychiatry1720087760
Alejandro Munoz TXPsychiatry1619976693
Timothy James Sullivan TNPsychiatry1417956400
Zareena Raffi TXPsychiatry1780683771
Robert Leon Boyne TXPsychiatry1134128176
David B Sudderth FLPsychiatry1902805856
Francis T Daly PAPsychiatry1336148295
Pratyusha Tummala-narra DCPsychiatry1568461432
Lauren K Jacker ILPsychiatry1154320042
Andrea Mernan RIPsychiatry1326047218
Theresa Marie Vail TXPsychiatry1700885605
Michael Feld ILPsychiatry1427057322
Carlo Tornatore DCPsychiatry1821097726
Joseph S Jenike TXPsychiatry1851391726
Robert Richard Ratcliffe NCPsychiatry1073512992
Mary C Weber INPsychiatry1588664445
Ellen Diane Drexler NYPsychiatry1952301855
John G. Fisher VAPsychiatry1487654364
Basavapunna R Kaza LAPsychiatry1447250329
Christina Josephine Templeton MNPsychiatry1972502839
Ethan Pien HIPsychiatry1588663454
Charles Kitchen ILPsychiatry1841299732
Peter Betz VAPsychiatry1871592790
John L. Hendrickson VAPsychiatry1699775593
James W. Gallagher VAPsychiatry1871593772
Nabil A Moufarrej LAPsychiatry1689674590
Padmini Nagaraj LAPsychiatry1295735116
Thomas A Krefft LAPsychiatry1528068327
Caroline Sehon DCPsychiatry1316947120
Julian Hart Fisher MAPsychiatry1679573489
Sheila Sontag DCPsychiatry1861492613
Randy B Kozel RIPsychiatry1699775486
Jayesh R Kamath CTPsychiatry1982604799
Christopher Santangelo DCPsychiatry1881694693
Mohebat Sabeti WAPsychiatry1932109709
Firas Beitinjaneh VAPsychiatry1720088594
Peter P Bingcang WAPsychiatry1639179401
Carlos C Perez FLPsychiatry1083614796
Maria Corazon G Fernando PAPsychiatry1194725994
Daniel J. Friedenson MAPsychiatry1730189465
Dian Picou FLPsychiatry1437159258
Gary D Gorman FLPsychiatry1760482509
Michael Sirdofsky DCPsychiatry1154321909
Michael Steven Narus ORPsychiatry1114927753
Stephen D. Rioux MEPsychiatry1750381398
Leonid Shkolnik NYPsychiatry1184624736
John R Belden MEPsychiatry1194725754
Christina M Underwood VAPsychiatry1902806565
Leonard C Kaminow MEPsychiatry1548260102
Paul L Muscat MEPsychiatry1366442923
Peggy J Brown ARPsychiatry1174523740
Anthony Gerard Maniscalco NYPsychiatry1659371144
Yevgeniy I Khesin NJPsychiatry1821098500
Judith E. Hogg TXPsychiatry1699775387
Leo George Dorozynsky PAPsychiatry1528068137
Farrell Hobbs Braziel GAPsychiatry1023018785
Daryl Jay Victor NYPsychiatry1811997323
Paul Slotwiner NYPsychiatry1689674384
Usman Siddiqui INPsychiatry1114927712
Christine M Fitzpatrick NYPsychiatry1750381356
Eric Alan Steckler VAPsychiatry1972503514
Nicolas Du Mont NYPsychiatry1881694420
Charles D Hanson MAPsychiatry1679573257
Alan Leonard Zaur VTPsychiatry1093715534
Laszlo Jozsef Mate FLPsychiatry1457351934
Michael Orlyn Wilke MNPsychiatry1689674103
Valery N Lipenko TXPsychiatry1982604427
Virginia Yates GAPsychiatry1063412500
Philip Jay Scharfer FLPsychiatry1265432744
Lorn Scott Miller ALPsychiatry1609876184
Lorna Jayne Clark-rubin NYPsychiatry1841290368
Montgomery Verona INPsychiatry1326048729
Edward W. Tobey TXPsychiatry1306846712
Bassam Osman ILPsychiatry1215937628
Emily Mccort COPsychiatry1538169859
John K Sullivan MEPsychiatry1518967843
Hal Ira Rubin NYPsychiatry1326048653
David Nochlin WAPsychiatry1457351793
Erica Cotner Montgomery TXPsychiatry1801896147
Bryan E Flueckiger INPsychiatry1992705305
Oscar Adolfo Sanchez ORPsychiatry1063412427
William Francis Kenny NYPsychiatry1649270018
Gary L Portadin NYPsychiatry1275533648
Justine Sarah Mccarthy MAPsychiatry1629078092
Philip A. Hanna NJPsychiatry1306846647
Robert Gold ORPsychiatry1558361808
Keith L. Meloff NJPsychiatry1902806250
Lakshmi Martin ILPsychiatry1174523427
Wei Wei Ma NJPsychiatry1063412310
Joseph C. Landolfi NJPsychiatry1033119383
Roopal M. Karia NJPsychiatry1467452722
Subramanian Hariharan NJPsychiatry1497755847
Juan B Espinosa Pacc FLPsychiatry1750381026
Michael E. Judd VAPsychiatry1871593145
Linda Youngman Evans GAPsychiatry1750381034
Claudia Berenson AKPsychiatry1770583932
Frances M. Dyro NYPsychiatry1942200118
Nitin M Karnik WAPsychiatry1205836475
Michael L Moeller MNPsychiatry1598765877
Raji P. Grewal NJPsychiatry1407856792
Todd M. Kline COPsychiatry1003816398
Frank L Cantrell CAPsychiatry1528068814
Lauren Kantor Gorman NYPsychiatry1053311340
Randolph Warren Evans TXPsychiatry1780684076
Gary Leo Bernardini NYPsychiatry1417957713
Michael L. Rosenberg NJPsychiatry1275533440
Patrick R Helfenbein INPsychiatry1710987987
Robert Carl Clark COPsychiatry1861492035
Elizabeth Jane Davidson TXPsychiatry1801896089
Alice Park TXPsychiatry1891795076
Phillip D. Kramer NJPsychiatry1053311233
Cyrus Eugene Adams INPsychiatry1609876903
Son Vi Nguyen TXPsychiatry1699775908
Dewat R Chaudhry ILPsychiatry1982604377
Leonard I Leven NYPsychiatry1821098245
Sudhansu Chokroverty NJPsychiatry1063412492
Aleksandr Dekhtyar ILPsychiatry1851391155
Stephen S Flitman AZPsychiatry1023018223
Raemarie Smilanic COPsychiatry1093715294
Anthony J Monteverdi ORPsychiatry1811997018
Carol Anne Lindberg CAPsychiatry1275533473
Jay Klazmer NJPsychiatry1356341556
Gopa Mukherjee COPsychiatry1578563763
Lynn Ellen Musgraves COPsychiatry1174523369
Anabelle Maldonado-medina FLPsychiatry1609876804
Debrin Packer Goubert PAPsychiatry1326048539
Geoffrey B. Phillips CAPsychiatry1396745501
Larry Allen Wade COPsychiatry1245230317
Gregory R Montoya TXPsychiatry1083614176
Wali Mohammad NYPsychiatry1437159548
Victor S Hogen CAPsychiatry1235139346
Lianjie Du CAPsychiatry1255331385
Reena Thomas NYPsychiatry1649270695
Mihaela Boran CTPsychiatry1427058478
Robert Scott Benson FLPsychiatry1316947377
Lawrence W Henderson INPsychiatry1639179849
Steve Lawrence Sarche COPsychiatry1467452698
Lisa Julie Renner COPsychiatry1740280726
Paul R Fox CAPsychiatry1699775833
Frank Alon Katz CAPsychiatry1700886777
Michael Frank Smith TNPsychiatry1518967629
Vassiliki Toulios ILPsychiatry1093715104
Hoda Z Hanna PAPsychiatry1487654505
Manazir Shamsi TXPsychiatry1750381992
Richard L Sullivan MEPsychiatry1518967678
Surjit K Dhamoon NYPsychiatry1073513271
John Alexander Menninger COPsychiatry1891795019
Cheryl Ann Clark COPsychiatry1447250675
Jose Emmanuel Moulier PRPsychiatry1770583841
Lee Jeffrey Suckno NJPsychiatry1316947419
Glenn O Archibald ALPsychiatry1316947450
Jose Francisco Artecona LAPsychiatry1326048315
William Southall Evans GAPsychiatry1437159456
Jose Lorenzo Ramirez INPsychiatry1114927142
Mary Kristine Simonson WAPsychiatry1316948359
Zahid F Awan PAPsychiatry1952301988
Don B Vogel MDPsychiatry1609876614
Joseph C La Mancusa OHPsychiatry1487654497
Sreejaya Veluvali MNPsychiatry1568462570
Joseph Austin Miller MDPsychiatry1568463503
Todd Louis Samuels MDPsychiatry1467452490
Guillermo Gonzalez MAPsychiatry1316948367
Priscilla Ray TXPsychiatry1801897863
Carmen Dolores Davila-toro COPsychiatry1962403931
Corey S. Greenwald GAPsychiatry1407857477
Larry Steven Garsha WIPsychiatry1003817925
Susan E Backes TXPsychiatry1972504975
Daniel Mejer ALPsychiatry1710988720
Nicholas Mcclean-rice VAPsychiatry1750382776
Deborah D Dover MTPsychiatry1972504850
Kara M. Rooney VAPsychiatry1932100815
Suresh Rayancha NYPsychiatry1447251335
Thomas Yun CAPsychiatry1245231133
Antal E. Solyom VAPsychiatry1962403857
Malinda A Pike MTPsychiatry1851392708
Eliza B San Roman TXPsychiatry1144221003
Alan Martin Matez CAPsychiatry1326049149
Jaron L Winston TXPsychiatry1568463420
Yazan Houssami GAPsychiatry1043211949
Ingrid Vasiliu-feltes FLPsychiatry1205837101
Donald L Rezek PAPsychiatry1750382651
Margaret Sellers-bok ALPsychiatry1104827013
George Michael Shehi ALPsychiatry1629079538
David Abba Krendel GAPsychiatry1568463370
Scott R. Elkin TXPsychiatry1265433080
Edward Lloyd Williamson PAPsychiatry1669473492
Michael Kahan NYPsychiatry1699776427
Barbara J. Golden LAPsychiatry1225039068
Ilia Nikhinson PAPsychiatry1275534018
Andrea C Scott AZPsychiatry1437150216
Jeffrey D Wilharm IAPsychiatry1982605762
Mark R Gloss MAPsychiatry1730188319
Gary Lee Crawley FLPsychiatry1407855851


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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