Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Pamela E Parker 35294, ALPsychiatry1396845392
Marisa A Giggie 78229, ALPsychiatry1851473532
Edward M Turpin 35805, ALPsychiatry1225118847
Thuan Tran 19147, ALPsychiatry1053460758
Bradley Sadler 36693, ALPsychiatry1306983143
Andrea Dickens 35213, ALPsychiatry1487865432
Maurice Vernon Jeter 34207, ALPsychiatry1558543447
Anil P Saini 36117, ALPsychiatry1801004171
Andrew Wayne Hurd 75024, ALPsychiatry1114217593
Mark Rynda 55407, ALPsychiatry1124461967
Richard Awbrey Friedman 36606, ALPsychiatry1770920365
Sanam Anwer 23901, ALPsychiatry1659705135
Lydia Robinson Marcus 35233, ALPsychiatry1174968911
Samuel Nixon Gillespie 35650, ALPsychiatry1184612095
Nwmc Winfield Physicians Llc 35594, ALPsychiatry1366831380
Maher Loutfi 22191, ALPsychiatry1336365162
Southern Neurology And Sleep, Pc 35007, ALPsychiatry1477809663
Psychiatry 280, P.c. 35242, ALPsychiatry1528456779
Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center 35501, ALPsychiatry1871687756
Loucresie Nichelle Rupert 54601, ALPsychiatry1295056471
Lori Ann Mcintosh 36608, ALPsychiatry1710956602
Alabama Behavioral Care Llc 35203, ALPsychiatry1003371865
Lacey Pody 35235, ALPsychiatry1629581517
Fabio Catao 54476, ALPsychiatry1669815106
River Region Psychiatry, Llc 36117, ALPsychiatry1285013318
Jean F. Pointon P.c. 35401, ALPsychiatry1871786244
John Christopher Strunk 36305, ALPsychiatry1811983596
Dallarie Jamison 36305, ALPsychiatry1083079453
Tracy Odom 36305, ALPsychiatry1104332527
Douglas W Adams 35802, ALPsychiatry1043291123
Fanisha Y Porter 31201, ALPsychiatry1659716546
Mary Kathryn Osborne 10003, ALPsychiatry1740506344
Rama M Nadella 35801, ALPsychiatry1124072145
Rasmoni Roy 38117, ALPsychiatry1215378948
John Charles Hammond 35210, ALPsychiatry1154766905
Christopher Ray Hope 36801, ALPsychiatry1275829319
Christopher Scott Randolph 36207, ALPsychiatry1669455606
Ramakanth Kamaraju Vemuluri 36117, ALPsychiatry1922208222
Mechi Mental Wellness Llc 35214, ALPsychiatry1700426012
Mina Lobbous 35249, ALPsychiatry1063832046
William Roger Davis 95688, ALPsychiatry1124494646
Kolbe Clinic Llc 35210, ALPsychiatry1841675865
Chen-wen Christopher Heh 97210, ALPsychiatry1467449629
Sharon N Gonzalez Barbosa 00603, ALPsychiatry1114364171
Wiregrass Wellness Center, Llc 36305, ALPsychiatry1013117167
Sarah Siddiqui 30501, ALPsychiatry1902225998
Wellstone, Inc. 35802, ALPsychiatry1407809213
Peyman Tashkandi 90027, ALPsychiatry1295197200
James Lamb 40202, ALPsychiatry1427411537
Sheri L Swader 31602, ALPsychiatry1194706911
Rosalinda Flores 78503, ALPsychiatry1366805939
Christina Clem Smith 35242, ALPsychiatry1568492007
Brian Thomas Perrin 35243, ALPsychiatry1639512957
Drew Ryan Uhrig 35243, ALPsychiatry1578829834
Kyle R Hudgens 35243, ALPsychiatry1669475240
Rodney K Swillie 35243, ALPsychiatry1013910694
Giovanni Avila 35233, ALPsychiatry1386021285
Jaesung Kim 98664, ALPsychiatry1962834796
Aurangzeb Memon 36608, ALPsychiatry1518221357
Mahantkeshavjivandas Llc 30047, ALPsychiatry1952900326
Xiaohua Li 28207, ALPsychiatry1477581635
George C Graves 36535, ALPsychiatry1043248420
Jaria Afrin Chowdhury 35124, ALPsychiatry1407266505
Thomas R Syverson 34429, ALPsychiatry1750366290
Vijayamala Bondugula 30501, ALPsychiatry1053526871
James Nathaniel Starr 30501, ALPsychiatry1942567060
Amanda Kaye Adcock 35058, ALPsychiatry1730579889
Kathy H Tanner 35055, ALPsychiatry1639271844
Ali R Malek 33409, ALPsychiatry1255354478
Andrea Landers Huntley 30501, ALPsychiatry1851574057
Adebimpe Wakilat Oyowe 30517, ALPsychiatry1942654181
Karen Cretsinger Albright 13202, ALPsychiatry1316145535
William Edward Lievens 36117, ALPsychiatry1013110006
Salman Rashid 35233, ALPsychiatry1740561869
Hassan Kesserwani 36303, ALPsychiatry1851366009
Kolbe Clinic B, Llc 35043, ALPsychiatry1396330809
Lalleh Fatimeh-adhami Vigo 35801, ALPsychiatry1932441086
Ebony Renae Davis 33467, ALPsychiatry1447695184
Thomas Risdon Scales 37027, ALPsychiatry1437204732
David Albert Brenner 99204, ALPsychiatry1124072475
Benjamin Allen Jones 35022, ALPsychiatry1841533809
Bryan Luke Smelser 35022, ALPsychiatry1215373386
Kristen Sandefer 35249, ALPsychiatry1588018923
Mohammad Junaid Humayun 37232, ALPsychiatry1750790838
Adrianne Lona 94304, ALPsychiatry1124275268
Michael J Mcmanus 36305, ALPsychiatry1326056219
Shakir Meghani 36305, ALPsychiatry1407872948
Farrukh S. Khan 31904, ALPsychiatry1932249885
Farouk Khan 61032, ALPsychiatry1427021948
Philip Tracy Massa 35022, ALPsychiatry1962449223
Jason Crowell 40241, ALPsychiatry1386987725
Rachel Bass 85719, ALPsychiatry1699185280
Gary Michael Bernard 78234, ALPsychiatry1194258939
Grayson And Associates Pc 35209, ALPsychiatry1194772442
William Blake Tennant 35058, ALPsychiatry1871026609
Margi Bharatbhai Patel 76508, ALPsychiatry1154704690
Anthony Staples 24018, ALPsychiatry1255727145
Cullman County Medical Clinic Inc 35055, ALPsychiatry1609879220
Jane Pearson Md Pa 35205, ALPsychiatry1568466597
Dothan Psychiatric, Pc 36305, ALPsychiatry1053391581
Sbjs Pc 36301, ALPsychiatry1134106065
Southern Psychiatric Associates, Llc 35226, ALPsychiatry1245216043
Gadsden Regional Primary Care Llc 35903, ALPsychiatry1356304125
Jefferson Clinic, P.c. 35233, ALPsychiatry1124086509
Anniston Neurology And Headache Management Center P C 36207, ALPsychiatry1780637603
North Central Neurology Associates, Pc 35058, ALPsychiatry1992749626
Montgomery Psychiatry, P.c. 36117, ALPsychiatry1548299365
David D. Harwood, M.d., P.c. 36117, ALPsychiatry1104855931
Physician Professional Fee Component 35801, ALPsychiatry1083643621
Cnop Llc 35401, ALPsychiatry1861958340
Meghani Medical, Pc 36305, ALPsychiatry1942235460
Decatur Neurology, Pc 35601, ALPsychiatry1457377913
The Healthcare Authority For The City Of Huntsville 35801, ALPsychiatry1760400535
Valley Behavioral Services P.c. 35758, ALPsychiatry1992810428
Neurology Consultants Of Tuscaloosa, P.c. 35406, ALPsychiatry1972607471
Cnc Neurology, P.c. 36360, ALPsychiatry1972600245
Hamo Neurology Clinic 35150, ALPsychiatry1033205679
Houston Co Healthcare Authority Dba Enterprise Sleep Clinic 36330, ALPsychiatry1063509297
Premier Health Systems, Inc 36609, ALPsychiatry1134205511
Houston County Healthcare Authority 36301, ALPsychiatry1649637273
Neurological Specialists Pc 35903, ALPsychiatry1346319886
Charles T Nevels Md Pc 35405, ALPsychiatry1346314366
Center For Psychiatry 35976, ALPsychiatry1598832206
Meghani Medical, Pc 36330, ALPsychiatry1841367992
Meghani Medical, Pc 36360, ALPsychiatry1609943745
Tennessee Valley Life Center 35801, ALPsychiatry1477612935
Steven H. Bonner M.d.,p,c, 35473, ALPsychiatry1396807657
Newton Neurology Associates, P.c. 35205, ALPsychiatry1942362991
Houston County Healthcare Authority 36301, ALPsychiatry1285783134
Gary R. Kilgo, M.d. , P.c. Kilgo Clinic 35476, ALPsychiatry1538212311
Andalusia Physician Practices Llc 36420, ALPsychiatry1437202009
East Alabama Physicians, Llc 36801, ALPsychiatry1356494298
Park Place Psychiatry, Llc 36117, ALPsychiatry1629108261
Artie Nelson 35244, ALPsychiatry1851421218
Pamela Quinn Md Mph Neurology Pc 35976, ALPsychiatry1902937824
Bhc princeton Psychiatry 35209, ALPsychiatry1942331863
Hope Psychiatry P.c. 35022, ALPsychiatry1518090273
Mobile Neurology Group, P.a. 36608, ALPsychiatry1720102031
Huntsville Hospital Pediatric Neurology 35801, ALPsychiatry1598881617
Alabama Sleep Clinic Pc 35801, ALPsychiatry1881761302
Birmingham Pain Center Inc. 35244, ALPsychiatry1710038476
Yhap Psychiatric Services, Inc 35951, ALPsychiatry1275694119
Southern Crescent Psychiatry 35603, ALPsychiatry1871613240
Southern Sleep Clinics Llc 36420, ALPsychiatry1235251760
Southern Sleep Clinics Llc 36360, ALPsychiatry1992827497
Southern Sleep Clinics Llc 36330, ALPsychiatry1881716306
Southern Sleep Clinics Llc 36027, ALPsychiatry1316069800
Richard G. Diethelm, Md, Pc 35235, ALPsychiatry1205053824
Christopher L. Jenkins, M.d., L.l.c. 36609, ALPsychiatry1245444009
Neurology Consultants Of Huntsville, P.c. 35801, ALPsychiatry1871700799
Neurology Neurodiagnostic Lab Llc 35007, ALPsychiatry1417165127
Pablo Valle Blacio, Md, Llc 36207, ALPsychiatry1104036367
Alabama Neurological Institute 35209, ALPsychiatry1437360435
Marshall Medical Center North 35976, ALPsychiatry1285833301
Joseph R. Cuccia Md, Pc 35660, ALPsychiatry1265622708
Fay Ferrell, M.d., Ph.d., Llc 36303, ALPsychiatry1558552638
Alaa M. Elrefai, Md, Pc 35212, ALPsychiatry1720272735
Florence Alabama Neurology Clinic, Inc 35630, ALPsychiatry1790970499
Hope West P.c. 35022, ALPsychiatry1194910158
Jetty Psychiatric Services Llc 35211, ALPsychiatry1750576815
Pamela E Parker Pc 35209, ALPsychiatry1851570295
Cobblestone Psych Ctr 35802, ALPsychiatry1649452269
Juliana M Fort Md Llc 36532, ALPsychiatry1316120819
Gadsden Hma Physician Management Llc 35901, ALPsychiatry1447433222
Shankar Yalamanchili Md Llc 36116, ALPsychiatry1225215700
Montgomery Psychiatry, Pc 36078, ALPsychiatry1821276874
Hope For Families And Community Services, Inc. 36089, ALPsychiatry1093984148
East Alabama Psychiatric 36801, ALPsychiatry1225208507
Eamc Physicians Group 36801, ALPsychiatry1598935637
Brookwood Psychiatric Associates 35209, ALPsychiatry1972774362
Neurology Specialists Of Al, Pc 35209, ALPsychiatry1871766709
Marilynn Hammond Md Llc 36609, ALPsychiatry1225202401
Hugh H. Sharp Iv Md Llc 35801, ALPsychiatry1487828323
Central Alabama Psychiatry, Llc 35209, ALPsychiatry1063688216
Ford Headache Clinic, Llc 35242, ALPsychiatry1093972937
Mungara And Associates 36117, ALPsychiatry1962661967
Nwmc Winfield Physician Practice 35594, ALPsychiatry1811152853
Wiregrass Behavioral Systems, Pc 36345, ALPsychiatry1568840460
Adult & Child Development Professionals Llc 35205, ALPsychiatry1740448398
Medplex, Inc. 35233, ALPsychiatry1356818090
Cheryl R. Goyne, M.d. Llc 35007, ALPsychiatry1053560086
Dothan Neurodiagnostic Center Pc 36301, ALPsychiatry1043463557
Psychiatric Corporation Of Alabama 35406, ALPsychiatry1104079797
Psychiatric Associates Of North Al, P.c. 35601, ALPsychiatry1669617650
George W. Demuth, M.d. Llc. 36117, ALPsychiatry1477799971
North Shelby Psychiatric Services, Inc. 35124, ALPsychiatry1811134877
A. Gerry Hodges, M.d., P.c. 35223, ALPsychiatry1902044118
Hope For Families And Community Services, Inc. 35470, ALPsychiatry1508005836
Inmed Clinical Services 36116, ALPsychiatry1003057787
Hartselle Physicians, Inc. 35640, ALPsychiatry1730320748
Neurology Associates,p.c 35801, ALPsychiatry1710121066
Rebecca Jones Llc 35244, ALPsychiatry1659506905
Shelby Psychiatry 35007, ALPsychiatry1881820967
Emily Lazenby, Llc 35216, ALPsychiatry1396972766
Marshall Medical Center South Heather Krausse Md 35950, ALPsychiatry1669601720
J Bradley Hassell Md Pc 36607, ALPsychiatry1447489331
Carr Mental Wellness, Llc 35901, ALPsychiatry1659607075
Shakil A Khan Md Pc 35212, ALPsychiatry1528399078
Smitha Rao Persaud, M.d., L.l.c. 35803, ALPsychiatry1750604633
Eric Crowe, M.d., Llc 35209, ALPsychiatry1073837399


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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