Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Mcvea Ferguson 93117, CAPsychiatry1770586851
Yao Liu 93291, CAPsychiatry1891798971
Stewart Edward Teal 95838, CAPsychiatry1902809460
Blair Lynn Romer 95603, CAPsychiatry1639172190
Esmaeil Sebti 92284, CAPsychiatry1194728881
William H. Geiger 93405, CAPsychiatry1780687202
Daniel Eytan Fast 90212, CAPsychiatry1518961549
Lawrence Remigi Sutter 95350, CAPsychiatry1679577506
Amirhassan Bahreman 91942, CAPsychiatry1164426953
Ronald Evans Borchardt 93703, CAPsychiatry1871597591
Edward J O'connor 90403, CAPsychiatry1568466555
Jacqueline V Tran 95816, CAPsychiatry1760486534
Anne Grace Stephanie Pascual 93906, CAPsychiatry1962406645
Olga A Yahontova 93422, CAPsychiatry1578565628
Maria T Lymberis 90403, CAPsychiatry1982609319
Vickie A Walton 93720, CAPsychiatry1366447658
Robert Lee Calmes 93701, CAPsychiatry1730184987
San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center 91406, CAPsychiatry1164427316
Sherry Lee Braheny 91942, CAPsychiatry1518962778
Kalpana Maniktala 91403, CAPsychiatry1295730497
Sanjay Masson 93277, CAPsychiatry1982609756
Tedde Marie Rinker 94022, CAPsychiatry1306841176
Diego Fabian Lerner 90277, CAPsychiatry1750386801
Muhammad Abdul Rauf 93703, CAPsychiatry1255336137
Enrico Cusi Lallana 95825, CAPsychiatry1225033087
Russ T Shimizu 90403, CAPsychiatry1780688242
Thomas E Mcknight 95973, CAPsychiatry1679578538
Mary S. Genevieve 93401, CAPsychiatry1871598706
Nirmal Singh Brar 93710, CAPsychiatry1710982608
Edward Bruce Friedman 91910, CAPsychiatry1053316794
Nader Oskooilar 92660, CAPsychiatry1336144872
Dw Sievert Md Inc 93720, CAPsychiatry1972509214
Virginia E Hofmann 95403, CAPsychiatry1649276940
Robert Weinstock 90025, CAPsychiatry1487650859
Martin S Wasserman 90402, CAPsychiatry1134125180
Joel M Rothfeld 95973, CAPsychiatry1750387692
Martin S Fischer 91356, CAPsychiatry1801892799
David A. Stein 92123, CAPsychiatry1619973476
Richard W Merel, Md, A Professional Corporation 90505, CAPsychiatry1184620965
David Z. Ritvo 94596, CAPsychiatry1205832094
Nicodemus J. Garcia 92123, CAPsychiatry1669478400
Michael David Mcgee 93424, CAPsychiatry1538165006
John Ira Hochman 90048, CAPsychiatry1063418788
Neuromedical Diagnostic Medical Group 90813, CAPsychiatry1033116546
Rodrigo Alberto Munoz 92103, CAPsychiatry1982601340
Alvin R Mahoney 91011, CAPsychiatry1447257845
Lisa Herring Sovory 92506, CAPsychiatry1306843677
Peter Banys 94118, CAPsychiatry1174520241
Abbas Mehdi 93720, CAPsychiatry1356348387
Ann L. Chappell 94609, CAPsychiatry1245237361
Ronald Seff 94062, CAPsychiatry1891792925
Timothy Joseph Hayes 90404, CAPsychiatry1194722264
Vladimir Lipovetsky 91436, CAPsychiatry1396742367
Md Medical Group, Inc. 93720, CAPsychiatry1700883733
Marvin H Firestone 94402, CAPsychiatry1376540245
Cameron Russell Adams 90028, CAPsychiatry1346247392
Richard Gardiner 95469, CAPsychiatry1740288448
Khalifa Mansour 90241, CAPsychiatry1538166418
Ramon Andres Garcia 95841, CAPsychiatry1063410678
Anil Assudani 94063, CAPsychiatry1497753909
Kavitha Raja 96001, CAPsychiatry1700884228
Kenneth Woodrow 94025, CAPsychiatry1730187154
Aravind Pai 96001, CAPsychiatry1629076088
Timothy A Murphy 92028, CAPsychiatry1780682070
Allan Stanley Abrams 93065, CAPsychiatry1306844626
Arthur P. Kowell 91436, CAPsychiatry1700884905
Nazanin Matloubi 90027, CAPsychiatry1790783942
Okechukwu Nwangburuka 96001, CAPsychiatry1871591024
Paul Stephen Aisen 92103, CAPsychiatry1669470753
Terry D Fife 85013, CAPsychiatry1346248390
Ehab Gamil Hanna 90650, CAPsychiatry1972500403
Robert L Woods 92618, CAPsychiatry1982602058
Peter D Glusker 95437, CAPsychiatry1902803406
Richard Zarriello 96001, CAPsychiatry1245238765
Zoltan Mocsary 93291, CAPsychiatry1306843966
Heather Miller Kurera 91767, CAPsychiatry1144228396
Martin D. Levine 91405, CAPsychiatry1669470860
Harry Ben Rauch 92612, CAPsychiatry1275530255
Maria I. Seliverstov, Md Inc. 91403, CAPsychiatry1841298775
Natan Ryan Shaoulian 90210, CAPsychiatry1114926433
Thomas Karl Ciesla 90404, CAPsychiatry1780683169
Shireen R Damania 93612, CAPsychiatry1548269723
Simon Tobias Villa 93703, CAPsychiatry1659370690
George L Wilkinson 94063, CAPsychiatry1033118047
Behavioral Health Medical Group Of Beverly Hills Inc. 90210, CAPsychiatry1740280445
Frank L Cantrell 93710, CAPsychiatry1528068814
Alice Park 95210, CAPsychiatry1891795076
Carol Anne Lindberg 90274, CAPsychiatry1275533473
Geoffrey B. Phillips 92705, CAPsychiatry1396745501
Victor S Hogen 91345, CAPsychiatry1235139346
Lianjie Du 92868, CAPsychiatry1255331385
Paul R Fox 90210, CAPsychiatry1699775833
Frank Alon Katz 90035, CAPsychiatry1700886777
Thomas Yun 94110, CAPsychiatry1245231133
Alan Martin Matez 92108, CAPsychiatry1326049149
Thomas E. Teske 92243, CAPsychiatry1447259965
Michael Hewitt Mitchell 93003, CAPsychiatry1033204581
Litos O. Mallare 90265, CAPsychiatry1457351421
Agnieszka Anna Wisniewska 94587, CAPsychiatry1659501708
Ariella Chana Emunah 95661, CAPsychiatry1205836996
Robert James Spensley 95628, CAPsychiatry1649270802
Peter John Wagner 92270, CAPsychiatry1962403774
Michael Hernandez 90033, CAPsychiatry1508865023
Nancy A Trahms 94904, CAPsychiatry1740289149
David Carreon Md Inc 94087, CAPsychiatry1720572274
Michelle Simone Saidel 92315, CAPsychiatry1528068517
Tapeesh Kansal 92507, CAPsychiatry1841291408
Kaditam V Reddy 91360, CAPsychiatry1770584245
Reynaldo B Santa Mina 95835, CAPsychiatry1144221383
Stephen David Forner 95926, CAPsychiatry1336141159
Jack Lianjie Du, M.d., A Medical Corporation 92868, CAPsychiatry1720080294
Frank Galen Mcknight 94705, CAPsychiatry1902808413
Michael D Cummings 92691, CAPsychiatry1538151493
Michael Jackson Little 95969, CAPsychiatry1952393845
Charles E. Imbus 91007, CAPsychiatry1912999764
Viliam Jesus Furdik 91006, CAPsychiatry1689666265
Charles D. Malinick 92821, CAPsychiatry1518959162
Scot J Richardson 93003, CAPsychiatry1437141058
Lucian Maidan 95816, CAPsychiatry1518959097
John Richard Lagourgue 92629, CAPsychiatry1124010780
Jeff Svoboda 94086, CAPsychiatry1497748750
David Saul Golub 94706, CAPsychiatry1538152798
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAPsychiatry1861485880
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CAPsychiatry1164415238
Nighat Sarwar 93720, CAPsychiatry1003809989
Michael Kevin Seid 95124, CAPsychiatry1457344400
Mikhail Meyerovich 93117, CAPsychiatry1073506952
Jack Hugh Florin 92835, CAPsychiatry1912990656
Patcho N Santiago 92055, CAPsychiatry1023001658
Ethan Geoffrey Harris 95825, CAPsychiatry1124011689
Miguel Angel Valdes-sueiras 91342, CAPsychiatry1598758864
Salima Lydia Brillman 94085, CAPsychiatry1841292455
Rodney Daniel Collins 90211, CAPsychiatry1700879061
Gordon Craig Preston 94114, CAPsychiatry1417940685
Marla A Reckart 95062, CAPsychiatry1750382024
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92801, CAPsychiatry1477554012
Clifford Fraser 91403, CAPsychiatry1881687531
Eagan Medical Group Inc 92647, CAPsychiatry1265946289
Dennis Peter Padla 95811, CAPsychiatry1295728921
David Brody 94102, CAPsychiatry1386637437
Melchor Mercado 95355, CAPsychiatry1750374104
Arthur Amador 92507, CAPsychiatry1043203466
Nam Hua Tran 95112, CAPsychiatry1720072895
Duke A Phan Md Neurology Inc 92708, CAPsychiatry1982698767
H Abdul Majid 95112, CAPsychiatry1518951391
Paul Richard Mascovich 94952, CAPsychiatry1215921184
Allen David Bott 94609, CAPsychiatry1770577652
Joel Nicholas Peterson 92134, CAPsychiatry1437143997
Charles Atwood Adams 92024, CAPsychiatry1083608533
Elizabeth Galton 90403, CAPsychiatry1760476394
Viguen Gurgen Movsesian 91352, CAPsychiatry1477548923
June Seliber-klein 93908, CAPsychiatry1184619439
Antelope Valley Neuroscience 93534, CAPsychiatry1114912979
Foothills Neurological Medical Gp 91773, CAPsychiatry1154317584
Laja I Ibraheem 90807, CAPsychiatry1811983232
Renee Dupont 92024, CAPsychiatry1831185263
David Scharf Md Inc 91403, CAPsychiatry1447246798
Renee M. Dupont, Md, Inc 92024, CAPsychiatry1619963741
Karen Fay Higgins 95945, CAPsychiatry1023005774
Marta Elena Pariewski 90035, CAPsychiatry1689660458
Larry Alan Kean 94553, CAPsychiatry1154318830
A Kareem Jaffer 92543, CAPsychiatry1225025422
David Leh-sheng Huang 94903, CAPsychiatry1104813351
Ronald Harrington 92103, CAPsychiatry1194712380
Allan Bruce Chinen 94122, CAPsychiatry1780671586
Sudhir Malik 92103, CAPsychiatry1801884523
Michael J Ilas 92595, CAPsychiatry1659369445
Terence David Sanger 94305, CAPsychiatry1326036013
A Scott Overfield 94535, CAPsychiatry1033107727
Richard J. Corelli 94301, CAPsychiatry1912995507
John Lester Schaeffer 95821, CAPsychiatry1497743918
Kenneth T Abjelina 90505, CAPsychiatry1649267071
William H Likosky 93701, CAPsychiatry1730176207
Joseph Connolly 95903, CAPsychiatry1275520926
Salma S. Khan 94115, CAPsychiatry1114914918
Charles Dennis Barton 94538, CAPsychiatry1881688505
Yung Cheng Joseph Chen 90703, CAPsychiatry1265428817
Komal Desai 93309, CAPsychiatry1144217506
Thomas W Ela 92831, CAPsychiatry1831184795
Arnold Knepfer 94925, CAPsychiatry1134117435
Ferdinand A Alfonso 91010, CAPsychiatry1356339733
John A. Zolan 93105, CAPsychiatry1366430357
Jeffrey Fordham Johns 94704, CAPsychiatry1922096932
Mitchell Jay Galerkin 95661, CAPsychiatry1467440339
Barbara Ann Smith 92118, CAPsychiatry1710976667
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAPsychiatry1356330203
Eric Mark Rothenberg 94025, CAPsychiatry1083602932
Sonya Sheth Patel 95032, CAPsychiatry1659360139
Bena Fisher 91910, CAPsychiatry1598754939
Rashmi S Deshmukh 95131, CAPsychiatry1407845852
Manisha Ram Punwani 94109, CAPsychiatry1407845720
Jin R. Soofi 95202, CAPsychiatry1972592939
Walter William Strauser 92123, CAPsychiatry1518957521
George M. Bifano 93105, CAPsychiatry1083604920
Pedro Deoliveira Guimaraes 93401, CAPsychiatry1285624155
Julie Motosue-brennan 95820, CAPsychiatry1003806498
George Allan Goodman 95403, CAPsychiatry1487644811
Hope W Levin 90049, CAPsychiatry1033109335
Steven David Brass 95817, CAPsychiatry1548250848
John D Hixson 94143, CAPsychiatry1336130475


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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