Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laurence I. Radin 06320, CTPsychiatry1508860156
Robert Silliman White 06510, CTPsychiatry1568466134
Franklin Medical Group, Pc 06706, CTPsychiatry1780686964
Neil Culligan 06810, CTPsychiatry1649275611
Jan Mashman 06810, CTPsychiatry1639174618
Samuel Markind 06810, CTPsychiatry1427053404
Diane Wirz 06810, CTPsychiatry1922003805
Jonathan Covault 06030, CTPsychiatry1619972395
Beverly Greenspan 06030, CTPsychiatry1376548081
Nicholas Demartinis 06030, CTPsychiatry1164427886
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06030, CTPsychiatry1720083769
David Thomas Greco 06810, CTPsychiatry1740285204
Daniel E Moalli 06320, CTPsychiatry1427053958
Morven C Barwick 06030, CTPsychiatry1982600300
Catherine Lewis 06030, CTPsychiatry1275539488
Richard Feuer 06450, CTPsychiatry1841296076
Charisse D Litchman 06905, CTPsychiatry1487650693
Joy Demarcaida 06040, CTPsychiatry1841296951
Thomas E Lawlor 06030, CTPsychiatry1780680702
Gabriela Balf-soran 06511, CTPsychiatry1124024724
Kevin J Felice 06053, CTPsychiatry1033114889
Louis Reik 06030, CTPsychiatry1902803364
Charles Whitaker 06102, CTPsychiatry1942207220
Andrew Winokur 06030, CTPsychiatry1700883097
David M Waitzman 06030, CTPsychiatry1285631564
William P Shea 06030, CTPsychiatry1043217037
Leslie I Wolfson 06030, CTPsychiatry1205834371
Pramila Nathan 06460, CTPsychiatry1366441933
Jayesh R Kamath 06030, CTPsychiatry1982604799
Leonard I Leven 06870, CTPsychiatry1821098245
Mihaela Boran 06418, CTPsychiatry1427058478
Jose Antonio Montes-rivera 06030, CTPsychiatry1700183613
Julian Lieb 06525, CTPsychiatry1306847199
Dennis Caffrey 06706, CTPsychiatry1487656336
Samuel Leon Bridgers 06518, CTPsychiatry1053303693
Daniel F Connor 06030, CTPsychiatry1780676213
Susan Teresa Savulak 06489, CTPsychiatry1962495606
Jose A Camacho-pantoja 06605, CTPsychiatry1801898804
Gregory Warwick Taylor 06002, CTPsychiatry1144221607
Yonghong Tan 06850, CTPsychiatry1427454529
Howard Kenneth Weiner 06906, CTPsychiatry1891787859
Robert G Giebisch 06516, CTPsychiatry1588658934
Moshe Hasbani 06511, CTPsychiatry1225022973
Jeffry Klugman 06511, CTPsychiatry1225023203
Douglas A Berv 06518, CTPsychiatry1306831391
Paul S Sachs 06790, CTPsychiatry1073509949
Marie-anne Denayer 06489, CTPsychiatry1679569545
Mark Weremchuk 06033, CTPsychiatry1487642005
Lazar John Greenfield 06030, CTPsychiatry1841286994
Yale University 06519, CTPsychiatry1205822236
Aaron J. Roberto 06473, CTPsychiatry1275896029
Lowell H Kallen 06260, CTPsychiatry1528053949
Daniel R Kelleher 06810, CTPsychiatry1740278589
Enrique J Tello 06518, CTPsychiatry1154319416
Frederick O Reindel 06010, CTPsychiatry1134117492
Paul Henri Desan 06510, CTPsychiatry1689662686
Seth M Powsner 06510, CTPsychiatry1528056561
James F Leckman 06519, CTPsychiatry1932197878
Paula Cristina Zimbrean 06519, CTPsychiatry1477542249
Manoharan Nachiyappan 06010, CTPsychiatry1467441378
Bristol Hospital Multi specialty Group, Inc. 06010, CTPsychiatry1396734109
Robert A King 06519, CTPsychiatry1902895758
Alice G Papsun 06519, CTPsychiatry1427047208
Fred R Volkmar 06519, CTPsychiatry1972592780
Avijit Mitra 06492, CTPsychiatry1417946179
Ezra Eh Griffith 06514, CTPsychiatry1215926852
Dana Salomy 06519, CTPsychiatry1841289261
Richard A Houser 06444, CTPsychiatry1972593887
William Sledge 06519, CTPsychiatry1386634764
Christopher H Vandyck 06510, CTPsychiatry1821088188
Linda C Mayes 06519, CTPsychiatry1760472161
Dorothy E Stubbe 06519, CTPsychiatry1922098326
Eric Dietrich Hermes 06516, CTPsychiatry1013908094
Joseph L Woolston 06519, CTPsychiatry1568453017
James L Scott 06514, CTPsychiatry1801877808
Carine Jean 06519, CTPsychiatry1982685889
Joanne Leslie Kurt 06519, CTPsychiatry1093796872
Andres S Martin 06519, CTPsychiatry1336120112
Richard Makover 06492, CTPsychiatry1811978539
Debra Ann Pollack 06810, CTPsychiatry1588645212
Thomas H Mcglashan 06519, CTPsychiatry1861473431
Sabina Lim 06519, CTPsychiatry1851372429
Velandy Manohar 06457, CTPsychiatry1356322952
Joseph Laurence Schindler 06519, CTPsychiatry1609857044
Mary E Schwab Stone 06519, CTPsychiatry1801878194
David S Russell 06510, CTPsychiatry1548241839
Robert David Beech 06519, CTPsychiatry1821079195
Stephen M Strittmatter 06510, CTPsychiatry1083695381
Richard M. Ketai 06457, CTPsychiatry1003898172
Frederick K Nahm 06830, CTPsychiatry1548242647
John E Schowalter 06519, CTPsychiatry1356323364
Jeffrey H. Gottlieb 06457, CTPsychiatry1043292980
Joachim M Baehring 06519, CTPsychiatry1982686622
Anna M Szekely 06519, CTPsychiatry1790767432
Bahman Jabbari 06510, CTPsychiatry1609858349
Steven P Novella 06510, CTPsychiatry1518949254
Ognen A C Petroff 06510, CTPsychiatry1427030162
Jana Preiningerova 06510, CTPsychiatry1336121078
Robert Bradford Duckrow 06519, CTPsychiatry1366424004
Dhasakumar S Navaratnam 06510, CTPsychiatry1528041738
Hal Blumenfeld 06510, CTPsychiatry1982687109
Laura R Ment 06510, CTPsychiatry1346223575
Alan James Sholomskas 06510, CTPsychiatry1568452159
Johnson Professional Associates, Pc 06076, CTPsychiatry1770564262
Ellen Salurand 06281, CTPsychiatry1710969282
Thomas D Stewart 06510, CTPsychiatry1861473647
Hajime Arthur Tokuno 06516, CTPsychiatry1275515371
Tsilia Glinberg 06510, CTPsychiatry1497736060
Paul J Lombroso 06519, CTPsychiatry1407846819
Richard S.k. Young 06106, CTPsychiatry1093797979
Mary Ellen Savage 06511, CTPsychiatry1417930629
Wendol Arthur Williams 06510, CTPsychiatry1851380612
Jonathan S Greenberg 06082, CTPsychiatry1033107198
Rishon H Stember 06851, CTPsychiatry1669463592
Jeffrey Howard Boyd 06708, CTPsychiatry1083697114
Geoffrey Miller 06510, CTPsychiatry1891779658
Dahlia A Saad Pendergrass 06102, CTPsychiatry1104801745
Stephen G Waxman 06510, CTPsychiatry1558346874
Yuencheng Han 06762, CTPsychiatry1336124676
Huned S Patwa 06510, CTPsychiatry1588649792
Kinson Lee 06708, CTPsychiatry1659356897
Post Traumatic Stress Center 06511, CTPsychiatry1972588895
Bennett A Shaywitz 06510, CTPsychiatry1497730345
Sally E Shaywitz 06510, CTPsychiatry1578548327
Masonicare Behavioral Health, Llc 06492, CTPsychiatry1992781488
Sabooh Mubbashar 06708, CTPsychiatry1154307502
Lori Sobel 06705, CTPsychiatry1780660134
Nicole A Foubister 06519, CTPsychiatry1760468805
John N Forrest 06519, CTPsychiatry1174509905
Andrew W. Sylvester 10019, CTPsychiatry1770560120
Jonathan M Horowitz 06880, CTPsychiatry1174500185
Mahlon Hale 06119, CTPsychiatry1326025230
Michael Balkunas 06052, CTPsychiatry1023095916
Donald C Bell 06890, CTPsychiatry1003894783
Tadeusz Rachwal 06076, CTPsychiatry1730167313
Victor Tirado 06109, CTPsychiatry1609855592
Robert Horace Peters 06512, CTPsychiatry1659351559
Michael Paul Anthony 06260, CTPsychiatry1124008552
Karen Ann Daly 06250, CTPsychiatry1477530665
Javier Salabarria 06492, CTPsychiatry1366428831
Thomas E. Reinhardt 06708, CTPsychiatry1588648240
Amy Marie Taylor 01434, CTPsychiatry1841277357
Eugenia Popescu 06105, CTPsychiatry1285605071
Miriam M Friedlander 06102, CTPsychiatry1215908009
John Manuel De Figueiredo 06410, CTPsychiatry1942271739
Maria Manuela Da Costa 06052, CTPsychiatry1558332155
Michael J Pierce 06033, CTPsychiatry1760453138
Igor Gene Turok 06492, CTPsychiatry1972575801
Philip Brunquell 06106, CTPsychiatry1457323289
Kim Clancy Brownell 06106, CTPsychiatry1598737314
Francis Dimario 06106, CTPsychiatry1902878606
Brenda L Planck 06457, CTPsychiatry1417929068
Caroline R Dumont 06519, CTPsychiatry1316910441
Richard H Mattson 06510, CTPsychiatry1578536538
Neurological Group, Pc 06320, CTPsychiatry1336112267
Tanya R Bilchik 06118, CTPsychiatry1881668101
Rosanne M Samson 01655, CTPsychiatry1497729776
Gerard Sanacora 06519, CTPsychiatry1992779151
Pamela Hetherington 06519, CTPsychiatry1760457485
Carol Leicher 06106, CTPsychiatry1821063355
Richard B Sadler 06457, CTPsychiatry1831164326
Behzad Habibi Khameneh 06810, CTPsychiatry1669447538
Nayer S. Bukhari 06105, CTPsychiatry1639145139
Alan Schmerler 06040, CTPsychiatry1396711495
Edwin Zalneraitis 06106, CTPsychiatry1962478206
Francine M Testa 06437, CTPsychiatry1144296112
Susan R Levy 06437, CTPsychiatry1407822489
Ira A Pollack 06082, CTPsychiatry1760459614
Robert H. Berland 06103, CTPsychiatry1265409726
Stephen L Alloy 06042, CTPsychiatry1881662450
David Leigh Hedberg 06040, CTPsychiatry1871562504
Charles J Morgan 06610, CTPsychiatry1376502211
Neil R Liebowitz 06032, CTPsychiatry1609835362
Jamshid Alem Marvasti 06040, CTPsychiatry1275592859
Susanne Shrader 06032, CTPsychiatry1528028818
Martin Kremenitzer 06810, CTPsychiatry1215997598
Jose R Santos 06032, CTPsychiatry1275593550
Pamela L Shuman 06239, CTPsychiatry1265409031
Peter L Mohrer 06437, CTPsychiatry1205800463
Surita Rao 06030, CTPsychiatry1437120821
Daisy Jacob 06112, CTPsychiatry1881661544
Bruce Stephen Rothschild 06112, CTPsychiatry1407821176
Stephen Glenn Vance 06320, CTPsychiatry1215909379
Luis Roberto Gonzalez 06320, CTPsychiatry1801863220
Yolanda M Pena 06001, CTPsychiatry1659348365
Milford Hospital, Inc 06460, CTPsychiatry1912966557
Glenn Konopaske 06030, CTPsychiatry1386613354
Alex Ralph Demac 06762, CTPsychiatry1588631964
Hana Edelson 06360, CTPsychiatry1518926963
Lynn Winther 06457, CTPsychiatry1245206556
Benjamin Joshua Zigun 06418, CTPsychiatry1083682900
Anees Ahmed 06040, CTPsychiatry1184692089
George Robert C Amilo 06708, CTPsychiatry1700852787
Middlesex Hospital 06457, CTPsychiatry1972563138
Robert Bonwetsch 06810, CTPsychiatry1801856687
Martin Tolar 06510, CTPsychiatry1124089123
Family And Children's Aid, Inc. 06810, CTPsychiatry1821059486
Rebecca Adams Trotman 10605, CTPsychiatry1427010909
Richard G Pugliese 06457, CTPsychiatry1750343117
Stephen R Holzman 06033, CTPsychiatry1821050915


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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