Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Washington DC

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Washington DC:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kelley L Phillips 80905, DCPsychiatry1124062443
Margaret Mary Swanberg 20889, DCPsychiatry1871526707
David Ault 20009, DCPsychiatry1942342399
Tushar J Makadia 97301, DCPsychiatry1528371101
Brady Lamont Yates 65473, DCPsychiatry1295022846
Muhammad Zeeshan Memon 33136, DCPsychiatry1144547134
Anna R Weissman 20037, DCPsychiatry1356789432
Thomas Shaver 20032, DCPsychiatry1790120137
Ahmareen Baten 20010, DCPsychiatry1871836023
Abhishek Nitturkar 17201, DCPsychiatry1033542774
Abigail E Ley 34986, DCPsychiatry1093073645
Marina Bota 47403, DCPsychiatry1164430831
Monika Karazja 20037, DCPsychiatry1801206578
Milangel Thaymee Concepcion Zayas 05302, DCPsychiatry1407147564
Aimee Aoi Sato 98105, DCPsychiatry1790043396
Sana Asif Kamal 20164, DCPsychiatry1811237324
Ivan Walks 20910, DCPsychiatry1790198430
Aileen D Kim 22202, DCPsychiatry1154483733
Bryce Wininger 02114, DCPsychiatry1154664449
Tayyba R Anwar 20010, DCPsychiatry1265877138
Ivonne Torriente Crespo 33437, DCPsychiatry1639548639
Anthony Robert Frattalone 55101, DCPsychiatry1912101114
Saisha Jackson 63103, DCPsychiatry1922494608
Meaghan Kelly 22031, DCPsychiatry1407275662
Uzoamaka Vanessa Onyejiaka 08854, DCPsychiatry1548688211
Kiarash Yoosefi 22042, DCPsychiatry1477994655
Mansoor Malik 21224, DCPsychiatry1164464392
Pooja Mohan Rao 70115, DCPsychiatry1750638508
Kristi L Cassleman 80230, DCPsychiatry1477858280
Amin Memon 20003, DCPsychiatry1396165270
Snezana Sonje 20060, DCPsychiatry1831397611
Walid Talat Aziz 33756, DCPsychiatry1417374372
Anthony Jason Belotto 20310, DCPsychiatry1104269398
Mohammed Ashfaq Azam 22042, DCPsychiatry1619232758
Fatima Noorani 22182, DCPsychiatry1265798789
Jim R. Monestime 22060, DCPsychiatry1568880326
John Kylan Lynch 20892, DCPsychiatry1356409098
Ifeanyi Michael Olele 22101, DCPsychiatry1194132407
Luca Bartolini 02905, DCPsychiatry1730443482
Xian Zhang 21046, DCPsychiatry1548686256
Stephanie Denise Wilson 94115, DCPsychiatry1851596498
Gowri Ramachandran 95817, DCPsychiatry1285089284
Heather El-amamy 10016, DCPsychiatry1669868584
Victor Antonio Torres-collazo 94104, DCPsychiatry1720242712
Ashnoo Nanavati 22042, DCPsychiatry1003297086
Kristopher Grajny 18103, DCPsychiatry1124414917
Megan Chochol 55905, DCPsychiatry1952764045
Guillaume Julien Jean Paul Lamotte 55905, DCPsychiatry1114371416
Patricia Elizabeth Ortiz 79905, DCPsychiatry1932596442
Axis Healthcare Group 20895, DCPsychiatry1326295098
Sara Teichholtz 20002, DCPsychiatry1760836209
Amal Idris Ahmed Elhaj 27835, DCPsychiatry1144647041
Willow Holistic Wellness 44122, DCPsychiatry1235694324
Jawad Iffat Chaudhry 22042, DCPsychiatry1629464268
Arpita V Patel 78613, DCPsychiatry1538343769
Bergina Brickhouse Isbell 21043, DCPsychiatry1861577553
Kelly King 22182, DCPsychiatry1184087330
Corina Freitas 13210, DCPsychiatry1699118471
Susan Andrea Waterman 20850, DCPsychiatry1376749333
Michelle Tutmaher 30329, DCPsychiatry1841677010
Randip Singh Taneja 37232, DCPsychiatry1336376490
Stephanie Renee Mayrant 22030, DCPsychiatry1215185202
Denise N Batuuka 20032, DCPsychiatry1497285233
Madhumathi Rao 20007, DCPsychiatry1013396555
Damira Vulas 20815, DCPsychiatry1780066621
Otema A Adade 20003, DCPsychiatry1790945285
Mgmc Llc 20007, DCPsychiatry1316949654
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20010, DCPsychiatry1881637619
Alberta M Vallis Md Pc 20010, DCPsychiatry1669402376
Restore Life Services, Llc 20019, DCPsychiatry1306376322
Neurodiagnostic Associates Pc 20010, DCPsychiatry1396778072
Washington Medical Group Pc 20036, DCPsychiatry1497768519
Peterson Neurology Pc 20017, DCPsychiatry1831286335
Government Of The District Of Columbia 20002, DCPsychiatry1871634170
Capitol Psychiatric Group 20037, DCPsychiatry1679618656
Ike Nnawuchi, Md, Pc 20015, DCPsychiatry1467577650
Drs Turak & Cochan Pa 20008, DCPsychiatry1104042829
Joan R Sealy Mdpc 20015, DCPsychiatry1003035049
Anxiety And Depression Treatment Center 20008, DCPsychiatry1336340249
Capitol Health Management Services, Llc 20017, DCPsychiatry1285823542
Judith A. Nowak, M.d., P.c. 20037, DCPsychiatry1518141803
Nana Yaw Asamoah Mensah, M.d.,llc 20017, DCPsychiatry1548447915
Stuart M. Sotsky Md Pllc 20008, DCPsychiatry1811162738
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20017, DCPsychiatry1043444607
Raymond I Band Md Pc 20016, DCPsychiatry1033432059
Harry Gill, Md, Phd, Pc 20008, DCPsychiatry1558684316
John M. Dluhy, M.d. P.c. 20015, DCPsychiatry1144544396
Wisconsin Avenue Psychiatric Center 20016, DCPsychiatry1871810366
Michael J. Petite Md Pc 20036, DCPsychiatry1730407354
Nana Yaw Asamoah mensah, M.d.,p.c. 20017, DCPsychiatry1457666000
Capitol Health Services Pc 20017, DCPsychiatry1841509585
Alpha Diagnostics, Llc 20032, DCPsychiatry1306156948
Coldstream Solutions, Inc. 20016, DCPsychiatry1053617670
Wisconsin Avenue Psychiatric Center 20016, DCPsychiatry1922398734
Navid Mostofi, Md, Pc 22180, DCPsychiatry1902164882
Metropolitan Therapeutic Services, Inc. 20005, DCPsychiatry1427303197
Steven H Lipsius Md Pc 20037, DCPsychiatry1962744490
Whc Physician Group Llc 20010, DCPsychiatry1477996858
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20010, DCPsychiatry1700220837
Harry Gill, Md, Phd, Pc 20016, DCPsychiatry1952746471
Foundation For Contemporary Mental Health 20037, DCPsychiatry1912324096
Some, Inc. 20019, DCPsychiatry1326430463
Paradigm Integrative Health, Llc 20003, DCPsychiatry1114308384
Jimmy Ibikunle Md Llc 20015, DCPsychiatry1982062386
Green Door Behavioral Health 20011, DCPsychiatry1801925193
Phs Behavioral Medicine 20017, DCPsychiatry1396012837
Windsong E Hollis Md Pllc 20002, DCPsychiatry1235681982
Axis Healthcare Group, Pc 20015, DCPsychiatry1598203200
Robin Berlin Md Llc 20016, DCPsychiatry1801323613
Bridges Behavioral Health 20002, DCPsychiatry1972033991
District Center For Wellness, L.l.c. 20002, DCPsychiatry1336660836
Andromeda Transcultural Health 20011, DCPsychiatry1669549192
Pieur Wellness 20005, DCPsychiatry1689154296
Providence Health Services, Inc 20017, DCPsychiatry1609031632
Balanced Healthcare Llc 20017, DCPsychiatry1285298372
Assurance Quality Care 20006, DCPsychiatry1700264033
Howard University 20017, DCPsychiatry1124685391
Howard University 20001, DCPsychiatry1003473281
Howard University 20019, DCPsychiatry1073178554
Vital Revenue Cycle Management 20011, DCPsychiatry1174183396
American Healthcare Plus Inc. 20017, DCPsychiatry1245873231
Rebound Health And Wellness Services Inc 20019, DCPsychiatry1609414994
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20017, DCPsychiatry1780219519
Susahealth Llc 20009, DCPsychiatry1063051951
Howard University 20060, DCPsychiatry1033163597
Wisconsin Ave Psychiatric Center Inc 20016, DCPsychiatry1871549949
Hope Behavioral Health Services Llc 20020, DCPsychiatry1205454311
Lotus The Center For Behavioral Health And Wellness 20003, DCPsychiatry1093291726
Some, Inc 26808, DCPsychiatry1922510668
Mehndiratta, Pa 20832, DCPsychiatry1104863463
Harry Gill Md Phd Pllc 20008, DCPsychiatry1093724619
Psychiatric Center Chartered,inc 20018, DCPsychiatry1831265131
Neurology Associates, Pc 20009, DCPsychiatry1871667840
Green Door, Inc. 20011, DCPsychiatry1073659140
Potomac Psychiatric Pllc 20006, DCPsychiatry1689716979
Clinical, Cultural And Consulting Services, P.c. 20037, DCPsychiatry1679690283
Glenn D Legler, Md, Pc 20008, DCPsychiatry1609086461
Georgetown University 20057, DCPsychiatry1457569931
Some, Inc 20001, DCPsychiatry1295803856
Quality Care Services, Llc 20002, DCPsychiatry1689224776
Psychotherapy Associates Of The Dmv 20009, DCPsychiatry1528675212
Uberphysicians Llc 21228, DCPsychiatry1972101350
.nadine Victoria Walker 30038, DCPsychiatry1659693885
Aabha A Shah 20010, DCPsychiatry1649598657
Abayomi Ishmael Jaji 20032, DCPsychiatry1265630750
Abdulrahman Bukhari 20037, DCPsychiatry1821696485
Abhishek Wadhawan 20032, DCPsychiatry1720450745
Abigail Turner 20010, DCPsychiatry1508251299
Adair Freeman Parr 20016, DCPsychiatry1891831061
Adam Lowy 20016, DCPsychiatry1871505537
Adam Sean Younoszai 20042, DCPsychiatry1043302219
Adelaide Robb 20010, DCPsychiatry1033209309
Aditi Malik 20032, DCPsychiatry1053579540
Adre J. Du Plessis 20010, DCPsychiatry1851323398
Adrian Brown 20037, DCPsychiatry1760691109
Adrian Timothy Kress 20307, DCPsychiatry1285795310
Adrienne Monica Smith 20008, DCPsychiatry1588605869
Aisha Siddiqa 20032, DCPsychiatry1881145837
Ajay K Makhija 20522, DCPsychiatry1750570438
Ajirioghene Igbide 20032, DCPsychiatry1659610871
Alan I. Faden 20015, DCPsychiatry1477791960
Alan Newman 20007, DCPsychiatry1669458394
Alberta M Vallis 20010, DCPsychiatry1932496221
Aleema Zakers 20010, DCPsychiatry1649610544
Alexa Andewelt 20036, DCPsychiatry1487874020
Alexander Dromerick 20010, DCPsychiatry1295743995
Alexander S. Isaac 20003, DCPsychiatry1861428054
Alexis Lighten Wesley 20037, DCPsychiatry1376998021
Alice O Adams 20060, DCPsychiatry1265547756
Alice Phillips 20032, DCPsychiatry1427235266
Alkinoos Vourlekis 20016, DCPsychiatry1134307622
Allen Sandler 20007, DCPsychiatry1013102615
Alvaro Guzman 20011, DCPsychiatry1568524668
Alycia Jennifer Bartley-heinsen 20007, DCPsychiatry1992050603
Amanda Holloway 20422, DCPsychiatry1164714473
Amanda E Norton 20006, DCPsychiatry1386800258
Amanda Grace Tinsley 20037, DCPsychiatry1841587243
Amarachi Nwaije 20032, DCPsychiatry1407228422
Amie Hsia 20010, DCPsychiatry1275582256
Amit Patel 20037, DCPsychiatry1831223296
Ana Maria Muniz-leen 20057, DCPsychiatry1043428709
Anca Gabriela Zinnes 20008, DCPsychiatry1942225776
Andrea L Gropman 20010, DCPsychiatry1407848005
Andree Bouterie 20307, DCPsychiatry1558485797
Andres Mario Salazar 20008, DCPsychiatry1205445996
Andrew Moss Becker 20037, DCPsychiatry1053379487
Andrew David Peters 20037, DCPsychiatry1174799324
Andrew Schwartz 20009, DCPsychiatry1730373721
Andrew Slye 13602, DCPsychiatry1992135305
Andrew B Stemer 20010, DCPsychiatry1578719670
Aneela Kazi 20003, DCPsychiatry1720241011
Angiolina Melchiorre 20003, DCPsychiatry1821073776
Aniceto J Navarro 20307, DCPsychiatry1518067685
Anjali Cherise Dsouza 20006, DCPsychiatry1043485063
Anjali Singh 20010, DCPsychiatry1265689517
Ann M Lux 20002, DCPsychiatry1740463785
Ann Elizabeth Norwood 20002, DCPsychiatry1497019079
Annapurni V Trouth 20060, DCPsychiatry1669587168
Anne Whistler Cannard 20307, DCPsychiatry1679637060
Anne Wanjiru Ruminjo 20005, DCPsychiatry1326297995


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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