Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Idaho

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Idaho:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Louisa V Lavy 99204, IDPsychiatry1366454175
Richard A. Montgomery 83702, IDPsychiatry1275567638
James G Saccomando 83702, IDPsychiatry1487602330
David B Wait 83843, IDPsychiatry1245306760
Christine E Birch 83616, IDPsychiatry1871912634
Thadeus B Koontz 83501, IDPsychiatry1609010156
Uday Jalal Hassan Aloka 83702, IDPsychiatry1730576505
James Ryan Shackelford 83704, IDPsychiatry1639217359
Maisha Michelle Correia 95682, IDPsychiatry1831417757
Palouse Specialty Physicians, P.s. 99163, IDPsychiatry1760889265
Resilience Psychiatric Medicine 83814, IDPsychiatry1760893945
Bonner General Hospital, Inc 83864, IDPsychiatry1982112660
Meridian Advanced Psychiatry , Llc 83642, IDPsychiatry1609412683
Carl Andrew Astbury 99504, IDPsychiatry1124415823
Innovative Health Care Concepts, Inc 83404, IDPsychiatry1427108323
Heather Fowler Cumbo 83501, IDPsychiatry1063668077
Charles William Britt 83814, IDPsychiatry1154497279
Chad Cameron Hagen 83814, IDPsychiatry1962627265
Laura Mihaela Ross 85395, IDPsychiatry1538417142
Nicole L Carlberg 83814, IDPsychiatry1730196056
Melanie Jo Drake 83702, IDPsychiatry1801236575
Genhealth 85395, IDPsychiatry1144799792
Aaron James Crum 83704, IDPsychiatry1588000996
Ninon Marie Germain Collet 83704, IDPsychiatry1588705560
Crystal Ann Larson 83704, IDPsychiatry1982990453
Aixa Damaris Espinosa-morales 43614, IDPsychiatry1851449938
Huiyong Chong Goodyear-fassihi 83704, IDPsychiatry1356911176
Cristina Sanchez-jaquez 96706, IDPsychiatry1447448659
Bruce Robert Stevens 23060, IDPsychiatry1003870379
William H Miller 83814, IDPsychiatry1477629996
Ambitions Of Idaho, Inc 83651, IDPsychiatry1003145533
Tyler Leigh 93003, IDPsychiatry1952523482
Caroline Elizabeth Gass 98195, IDPsychiatry1306256086
William K. Domarad 98664, IDPsychiatry1831108455
Allen C Han 83642, IDPsychiatry1801825724
Samuel Joseph Pullen 27103, IDPsychiatry1689874968
Nicholas Michael Absalom 84047, IDPsychiatry1770744112
Darrell Zaugg 09094, IDPsychiatry1679654149
Bear Lake Community Health Center, Inc. 84028, IDPsychiatry1629309786
Summit Health Professionals 83404, IDPsychiatry1649262825
West Valley Professional Fee Billing, Llc 83605, IDPsychiatry1972545762
Pinnacle Health Systems 83404, IDPsychiatry1275577827
Saint Alphonsus Physicians Pa 83704, IDPsychiatry1881610079
Albert Crook, Do 83814, IDPsychiatry1801816632
Eastern Idaho Neurological Associates Pa 83404, IDPsychiatry1437252723
G Adrian Dean Md Inc 83301, IDPsychiatry1386737989
Family Health Services Corporation 83301, IDPsychiatry1871673889
North Idaho Mental Health Assoc 83814, IDPsychiatry1487724407
Stephen T. Bushi, M.d. 83705, IDPsychiatry1306993597
Neurology Of Twin Falls, Llc 83301, IDPsychiatry1861547390
St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83704, IDPsychiatry1659419570
Robert J Brock Md Pa 83404, IDPsychiatry1972643997
Ratus Pllc 83642, IDPsychiatry1164563805
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 83501, IDPsychiatry1790816262
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83706, IDPsychiatry1629116561
Alliance Family Services North, Inc. 89509, IDPsychiatry1679796007
Gerald R Moress Md Pc 83340, IDPsychiatry1619159126
Joseph Leon Martindale 83202, IDPsychiatry1689850877
Roberto Negron Md Pc 83704, IDPsychiatry1073781373
Michele L Boyer Md Chtd 83704, IDPsychiatry1487822797
David A Kent Md Chartered 83704, IDPsychiatry1447428735
Richard Montgomery Md Pc 83704, IDPsychiatry1730357047
Joseph Martindale, Do,pa 83202, IDPsychiatry1043489164
Patients First Neurology Llc 83404, IDPsychiatry1699942383
Richard A New Md Pa 83404, IDPsychiatry1336306091
Kayne Kishiyama Md Pa 83404, IDPsychiatry1457518110
Eagle Crest Life Services Inc 83814, IDPsychiatry1356500649
Bradford L Talcott Md Phd Pc 83404, IDPsychiatry1407015282
Alliance Family Services North 83814, IDPsychiatry1780847913
Ew Garland M.d. Pa 83404, IDPsychiatry1043417397
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83605, IDPsychiatry1861676298
Hagen, Inc. 83704, IDPsychiatry1881840593
Karin Lindholm, D.o. 83706, IDPsychiatry1235381948
Nicole Thurston, M.d., Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1336394394
Michael E Coats Md Pllc 99208, IDPsychiatry1245485291
Craig J Denny Md Prof Corp 83404, IDPsychiatry1770728040
Richard W Worst Md Pa 83301, IDPsychiatry1316269046
William R. Bozarth, M.d., P.s. 83501, IDPsychiatry1003137050
Life Change Associates, Pc 83201, IDPsychiatry1598077562
Palouse clearwater Neurology, P.a. 83843, IDPsychiatry1932412103
Nationwide Neuro Health 83605, IDPsychiatry1821303504
David Bryan Ramey 99208, IDPsychiatry1609182070
Ninon Germain Md Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1104135375
Psychiatry ect, Pllc 83201, IDPsychiatry1972808806
Centerpointe, Inc. 83651, IDPsychiatry1104124122
Charles C Novak Md Chartered 83704, IDPsychiatry1316245004
Ct Clancy Md Llc 83704, IDPsychiatry1558639971
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 83501, IDPsychiatry1073885349
Pullman Regional Hospital Clinic Network Llc 83843, IDPsychiatry1205104593
M Elizabeth Gerard Md Pllc 83201, IDPsychiatry1265670061
St Lukes Clinic Treasure Valley Llc 83712, IDPsychiatry1326336058
James G. Saccomando, Jr, M.d P.a. 83702, IDPsychiatry1720244700
Saint Alphonsus Specialty Services Inc 83704, IDPsychiatry1093040479
Little Angels 83401, IDPsychiatry1336408632
Latino Stand Up Idaho Llc 83401, IDPsychiatry1649539495
Consultants In Epilepsy And Neurology, Pllc 83702, IDPsychiatry1902155773
Latino Stand Up Idaho Llc 83401, IDPsychiatry1043556608
Little Angels Llc 83401, IDPsychiatry1437495041
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center 83501, IDPsychiatry1689915365
Human Supports Of Idaho, Inc 83706, IDPsychiatry1922340124
Human Supports Of Idaho, Inc. 83605, IDPsychiatry1700129491
Idaho Memory & Aging Center Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1730528548
Ashton Memorial, Inc. 83404, IDPsychiatry1245670793
Jeremy Handy, M.d., Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1265855118
Nationwide Neuro Health, Pllc 77081, IDPsychiatry1174946636
Idaho Sleep And Neurology, Pllc 83605, IDPsychiatry1902220411
Perma Mental Health Pllc 83702, IDPsychiatry1104214618
Kafia Abbasi Md Chtd 83704, IDPsychiatry1396110458
Joshua D Smith And Associates Inc 83401, IDPsychiatry1538406335
Joshua D Smith And Associates Inc 83201, IDPsychiatry1265779078
Matthew D Pitcher, Do Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1598129728
Tamara Helfer, M.d., Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1548610272
Craig J Denny Md Prof 83404, IDPsychiatry1932552379
Treasure Valley Tms Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1902345051
North End Psychiatry 83702, IDPsychiatry1720586969
Yavruian Associates, Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1285121830
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83704, IDPsychiatry1013056316
Gritman Medical Center Inc 83843, IDPsychiatry1235626474
Centerpoint Psychiatry And Family Practice 83440, IDPsychiatry1558828236
Centerpointe, Inc. 83651, IDPsychiatry1427511203
Northwest Telepsychiatry, Pc 83704, IDPsychiatry1568025336
Idaho Neurology Pllc 83706, IDPsychiatry1720423429
Nume Tms Utah, Pllc 84111, IDPsychiatry1811549637
Nume Tms Texas, Pllc 77098, IDPsychiatry1184276909
Palouse Specialty Physicians, P.s. 83843, IDPsychiatry1407499445
Center For Behavioral Health Iowa, Inc. 52806, IDPsychiatry1942613955
Mvhc Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1659991495
Ratus Ip Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1891315644
High Desert Psychiatry Llc 83706, IDPsychiatry1851912117
University Of Utah Pediatric Services 83402, IDPsychiatry1669918769
Ascend Llc 83404, IDPsychiatry1811514870
Foothills Psychiatry And Addiction 83404, IDPsychiatry1023635018
Jcw Psychiatry Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1861001687
Debra S Gorin Md Pc 83401, IDPsychiatry1083724215
Northwest Psychiatric Associates Pa 83814, IDPsychiatry1316023567
Eagle Rock Regional Neurology, P.c. 83404, IDPsychiatry1710053756
Psychiatric Services, Pa 83301, IDPsychiatry1528136793
Affiliated Neurologists Pllc 83501, IDPsychiatry1316090426
Dwyer & Harrington, Pllc 83703, IDPsychiatry1568589596
Scott P. Hoopes, M.d., P.a. 83642, IDPsychiatry1891816823
Targhee Internal Medicine 83440, IDPsychiatry1639391477
Michael E. Estess 83702, IDPsychiatry1609078104
Family Care Center 83404, IDPsychiatry1992902530
Kootenai Health 83814, IDPsychiatry1174661151
Idaho Behavioral Health Services, Llc 83404, IDPsychiatry1831435163
Idaho Physician Services Inc. 83404, IDPsychiatry1902841893
Clearwater Neurosciences Pllc 83501, IDPsychiatry1760086300
Restore Sleep Now Llc 83709, IDPsychiatry1346837945
Next Level Psychiatry Idaho Pllc 83854, IDPsychiatry1295328045
Yellow Daisy, Pllc 83236, IDPsychiatry1902491467
Family Health Services Corporation 83316, IDPsychiatry1003862525
Family Health Services Corporation 83338, IDPsychiatry1730135310
Genhealth Inc 83501, IDPsychiatry1750976932
Sage Healthcare Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1891820767
Marc Bostick Md Chartered 83704, IDPsychiatry1508034802
Richard J. Pines, D.o., Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1801306873
Coire Weathers, Md, Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1710250543
Hamilton Warren sutton, Md, Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1174031736
Inland Northwest Neuromonitoring Pllc 83702, IDPsychiatry1790321966
Madison Co Memorial Hospital 83440, IDPsychiatry1477122570
Grand Teton Child Neurology 83404, IDPsychiatry1639322258
Novotelehealth 83401, IDPsychiatry1336817444
Clearwater Psychiatry Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1487318960
Piktel Llc 83704, IDPsychiatry1164189155
Tmhc 83814, IDPsychiatry1619344637
Center For Behavioral Health Iowa, Inc. 50314, IDPsychiatry1952542557
Carepoint Inpatient Blue Sky Neurology Idaho, Llc 83404, IDPsychiatry1992379507
Dirne Health Centers Inc 83814, IDPsychiatry1053980110
Freedom Recovery Llc 83201, IDPsychiatry1861159238
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Inc 83706, IDPsychiatry1649357716
Haven Behavioral Outpatient Services Of Boise, Llc 83702, IDPsychiatry1619534609
Mary Lynn Young, Md Pllc 83704, IDPsychiatry1952051930
Dirne Health Centers Inc 83814, IDPsychiatry1336899772
Helicase Llc 83605, IDPsychiatry1083343388
Rskiom, Pllc 83854, IDPsychiatry1689158461
Aaron Dunham 83642, IDPsychiatry1033504147
Abhilash Desai 83704, IDPsychiatry1366519084
Adam Nielsen Burch 83404, IDPsychiatry1205213246
Ahmad Waqqas Zubairi 49201, IDPsychiatry1801852694
Alan H Hines 83702, IDPsychiatry1285749630
Albert Allen Crook 83814, IDPsychiatry1811985146
Alex Peter Bormann 83705, IDPsychiatry1477547370
Alex Brent Wills 83702, IDPsychiatry1649597055
Alfred F Brem 83605, IDPsychiatry1427187848
Alison Joy Krause 83702, IDPsychiatry1528488905
Amy S Edwards 83616, IDPsychiatry1881688810
Andrew L Olnes 83221, IDPsychiatry1336292572
Angela Pana 83814, IDPsychiatry1932596970
Anna I Irwin 83642, IDPsychiatry1407033228
Arnold Kadrmas 83501, IDPsychiatry1316002033
Barbara J. Hagen 83704, IDPsychiatry1043206683
Barbara D Morgan 83843, IDPsychiatry1831290949
Barry J Bergen 83522, IDPsychiatry1538165592
Benjamin Murray Stewart 83704, IDPsychiatry1174934327
Bill Taylor Terry 83651, IDPsychiatry1619985579
Bradford L Talcott 83404, IDPsychiatry1154395101
Brian F Smart 98026, IDPsychiatry1013961960
Brian Stucki 83301, IDPsychiatry1588867477
Bruce K Miewald 83814, IDPsychiatry1467528984
Camille Aimee Lacroix 83544, IDPsychiatry1609888007


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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