Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth Todd 70809, LAPsychiatry1316949530
James Neal Domingue 70503, LAPsychiatry1699779645
Irene Scaltsas 71105, LAPsychiatry1770587537
Dhanpat Chandra Mohnot 70056, LAPsychiatry1780689364
New Orleans Headache & Neurology Clinic, Apmc 70056, LAPsychiatry1124023700
Edward Stewart Haight 70359, LAPsychiatry1972509818
Donald Severinus Gervais 70359, LAPsychiatry1750387676
Kashinath Gangadhara Yadalam 70629, LAPsychiatry1588661508
Alphonse Kenison Roy 70001, LAPsychiatry1730186750
Candace Cutrone 70005, LAPsychiatry1447257464
Shelly Nicole Savant 70563, LAPsychiatry1285631085
Dariusz Waldemar Gawronski 70810, LAPsychiatry1235136003
Gerald Melvin Robertson 71270, LAPsychiatry1801894225
James M Houser 70445, LAPsychiatry1821096181
Rex S Houser 70445, LAPsychiatry1184622110
Michael J Becker 70445, LAPsychiatry1992703920
Debra L Burris 70005, LAPsychiatry1902804933
Michael T Happel 70005, LAPsychiatry1215935275
Stacy Schmidt Drury 70118, LAPsychiatry1316945116
J Gary Booker 71104, LAPsychiatry1013916642
The Medical Advantage, Inc. 70119, LAPsychiatry1144229352
Terence C D'souza 70115, LAPsychiatry1306845201
Basavapunna R Kaza 71075, LAPsychiatry1447250329
Nabil A Moufarrej 71105, LAPsychiatry1689674590
Padmini Nagaraj 70002, LAPsychiatry1295735116
Thomas A Krefft 70445, LAPsychiatry1528068327
John Deback 70808, LAPsychiatry1689674053
Warren Edmund Trask 70808, LAPsychiatry1477553758
Our Lady Of The Lake 70808, LAPsychiatry1851391148
Jose Francisco Artecona 70112, LAPsychiatry1326048315
Charlotte A Hollman 70808, LAPsychiatry1316948151
Barbara J. Golden 70808, LAPsychiatry1225039068
Leanne Mcburney Truehart 70471, LAPsychiatry1144221912
Brian W Mooney 70601, LAPsychiatry1780685024
Nguyen Nguyen 70601, LAPsychiatry1497756746
David Buttross 70601, LAPsychiatry1083615421
Peter Mike Mahony 70601, LAPsychiatry1962403303
Lake Area Psychiatry Llc 70601, LAPsychiatry1164423570
Jeanne M. Estes 70806, LAPsychiatry1215929336
Glen B. Estes 70808, LAPsychiatry1912999079
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70809, LAPsychiatry1407848443
James Whitton Lowe 70118, LAPsychiatry1073505947
Keith Bradford Kessel 71104, LAPsychiatry1982696381
Lloyd Dewayne Bellah 71101, LAPsychiatry1770575177
Pelican Iom, Llc 70810, LAPsychiatry1174988067
Edwin Rommel Urbi 71303, LAPsychiatry1649264755
Arsham Nishan Naalbandian 71303, LAPsychiatry1649264334
Mohamed Riad Hajmurad 71303, LAPsychiatry1093709784
Sudheera Rachamallu 70808, LAPsychiatry1629063789
Melissa Albritton Watson 70808, LAPsychiatry1750376471
James H. Blackburn 70503, LAPsychiatry1265428551
Richard Hugh Gold 70810, LAPsychiatry1407843915
Nabil Morshed Gad 71303, LAPsychiatry1346238029
Christopher D Phillips 70808, LAPsychiatry1073501219
Tawfik M. Mukhtar-benghozi 71303, LAPsychiatry1790774081
Jon D Olson 70810, LAPsychiatry1619966819
Charles E. Eberly 70810, LAPsychiatry1982693180
Kevin J Callerame 70808, LAPsychiatry1245229459
Carolyn C Baker 70810, LAPsychiatry1639168834
Joseph A Acosta 70808, LAPsychiatry1710976915
Oscar L Rogers 70810, LAPsychiatry1376532572
Rodney E Hillis 70737, LAPsychiatry1336138494
Steven J. Cavalier 70810, LAPsychiatry1952390023
Charles C. Ugokwe 71301, LAPsychiatry1144210717
Robin Falkenstine Hogue 71107, LAPsychiatry1518957810
Anwantbir Chawla 70458, LAPsychiatry1205827656
Patrick T Wheat 71457, LAPsychiatry1003897208
Aruna Gullapalli 71201, LAPsychiatry1154303261
Timothy R Best 70601, LAPsychiatry1245212455
Ehtesham U Syed 70601, LAPsychiatry1326020330
Charles A Murphy 70601, LAPsychiatry1760464796
Aneeta Afzal 70601, LAPsychiatry1396727335
Jayendra K Patel 70601, LAPsychiatry1467434191
Christopher D. Meyers 70115, LAPsychiatry1306829635
Lillian Lesser 70808, LAPsychiatry1831172113
Ezra Samuel Elkayam 70065, LAPsychiatry1023091477
Navin P Patel 70806, LAPsychiatry1356328074
Nicole Dickens 70508, LAPsychiatry1376522516
Richard & Marie Palmer Apmc 70006, LAPsychiatry1588644421
Michael E Ehrlich 71270, LAPsychiatry1780654186
Angela Norreen Traylor 70112, LAPsychiatry1427028844
Kent Mcdonald 71110, LAPsychiatry1285605543
Kimberly Dawn Law 71105, LAPsychiatry1427029438
Kevin W. Young 70526, LAPsychiatry1356312912
Michael P Charlet 70360, LAPsychiatry1023082856
David Michael Murdock 70433, LAPsychiatry1508830316
Laura L Mcclintock 71104, LAPsychiatry1932174414
Donna M Mancuso 70115, LAPsychiatry1649245069
Alan Carl Sconzert 70601, LAPsychiatry1528034188
Gerald Joseph Calegan 70810, LAPsychiatry1902873516
Aaa Clinics Amc 71118, LAPsychiatry1881661098
Suresh Kumar Donepudi 71118, LAPsychiatry1922075035
Ronnie Vincent Taravella 70808, LAPsychiatry1205804606
Renee Marie Bruno 70808, LAPsychiatry1144298522
Susan K Glade 70005, LAPsychiatry1780653709
Clyde O. Hurst 70433, LAPsychiatry1982673562
Donald S Adams 70006, LAPsychiatry1013986314
Archie Melcher 70006, LAPsychiatry1578532818
Dr. Brain, Inc 70005, LAPsychiatry1912356163
Alfredo E Torres 71201, LAPsychiatry1033178975
Jay A Weiss 71201, LAPsychiatry1437118395
Michael Boykin 71291, LAPsychiatry1063471670
Gregory James Brown 71106, LAPsychiatry1821058181
Michael L. Brown 70601, LAPsychiatry1174583249
Janet Seligson-dowie 70461, LAPsychiatry1225098262
Elodie Pons Braud 70808, LAPsychiatry1699735548
Degan Joseph Dansereau 70115, LAPsychiatry1700846458
George C Daul 70123, LAPsychiatry1629039839
Rita Agarwal 71291, LAPsychiatry1235191586
Wael Alabdulkarim 70503, LAPsychiatry1154383313
Kongara & Assoc Llc 70808, LAPsychiatry1780646901
Michelle R Simon 70363, LAPsychiatry1922061175
Scott Zentner 71202, LAPsychiatry1265496830
Calvin Cecil Walker 71203, LAPsychiatry1710941737
Samir A Salama 70508, LAPsychiatry1750345559
Sarwat Gad 70508, LAPsychiatry1669436465
Helen Elizabeth Ullrich 70130, LAPsychiatry1891750238
Dr Chalasani & Assoc Llc 70808, LAPsychiatry1790740025
Richard Eugene Ramsay 70121, LAPsychiatry1790740694
Roy Russell Ragsdill 71201, LAPsychiatry1275599185
Bridget A Bagert 70115, LAPsychiatry1174589824
John Kevin Jackson 70006, LAPsychiatry1750347878
Darcelle Marie Delrie 71303, LAPsychiatry1659337640
Oladapo Folarin 71303, LAPsychiatry1346206349
Milton W. Anderson 70121, LAPsychiatry1386601243
Elizabeth Bouldin 70121, LAPsychiatry1992762330
Douglas S Pool Md A Medical Corporation 70005, LAPsychiatry1912964206
Douglas Stuart Pool 70005, LAPsychiatry1457318743
Rudolph H Ehrensing 70121, LAPsychiatry1346208436
Talaat H Mohamed 70115, LAPsychiatry1447218300
Michael Terry Parker 71303, LAPsychiatry1932167764
Terrebonne Parish Hospital Service District #1 70360, LAPsychiatry1740248129
Trent D Desselle 70121, LAPsychiatry1801854005
Thomas L Keister 70448, LAPsychiatry1134177462
Dean A Hickman 70121, LAPsychiatry1093763336
Benedict Ekundayo Idowu 70816, LAPsychiatry1134177645
Nancy Rose Haslett 70121, LAPsychiatry1790734432
Bruce J Lepler 70121, LAPsychiatry1457301749
David S. Dawes 70508, LAPsychiatry1255383501
Lionel Andrew Branch 70112, LAPsychiatry1619929080
Baton Rouge Clinic, A Medical Corporation 70808, LAPsychiatry1871546911
Mordecai Potash 70112, LAPsychiatry1104879659
Kenneth Allen Gaddis 70809, LAPsychiatry1619921335
Jeri Lynn Rasch 71129, LAPsychiatry1912950957
Gary B Niditch 70121, LAPsychiatry1275586133
Pediatric Neurology Of Acadiana 70508, LAPsychiatry1538113717
Catherine A Mcdonald 70503, LAPsychiatry1235183468
Morteza Shamsnia 70006, LAPsychiatry1508811704
Lalania K. Schexnayder 70808, LAPsychiatry1063467165
Carol R Redillas 70043, LAPsychiatry1629023908
Steven J Snatic 70508, LAPsychiatry1184670127
Leopoldo A Dealvare 70508, LAPsychiatry1639125693
Steven J Zuckerman 70809, LAPsychiatry1972559698
New Orleans Physicians On call, Inc. 70816, LAPsychiatry1114973948
Balminder S Mangat 70427, LAPsychiatry1114974151
Richard F. Kutner 70458, LAPsychiatry1043267008
Alvin M Rouchell 70121, LAPsychiatry1508813254
Maga E Jackson-triche 70112, LAPsychiatry1124075346
Venugopal Vatsavayi 70806, LAPsychiatry1659318442
Richard M Zweifler 70121, LAPsychiatry1295774347
Charlotte N.p. Hutton 71360, LAPsychiatry1285673277
Daniel Curtis Dunlap 70506, LAPsychiatry1174562367
Jacqueline Carter 70121, LAPsychiatry1336188960
William A Bloom Md Llc 70461, LAPsychiatry1952340788
Robert Detrinis 70112, LAPsychiatry1891734455
Chandra M Katta 70812, LAPsychiatry1831131499
Gopinath Kongara 70808, LAPsychiatry1134161532
Huey P. Long Medical Center 71360, LAPsychiatry1467496190
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 71103, LAPsychiatry1104860121
Ronald Charles Fiore 70115, LAPsychiatry1548205362
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 71103, LAPsychiatry1417992249
Neuropsychiatric Clinic Of Acadiana Llc 70503, LAPsychiatry1629014642
Pamela Mcpherson 71107, LAPsychiatry1194761163
Neurology Consultants 71291, LAPsychiatry1912943069
Michael A Puente 70072, LAPsychiatry1982640074
John L Freiberg 70072, LAPsychiatry1609812791
Walter D Truax 70072, LAPsychiatry1427094515
Steven T Atkins 70072, LAPsychiatry1245276336
Degan J Dansereau Md Llc 70115, LAPsychiatry1295771897
Brian Babiak Md And Willis knighton Medical Center 71118, LAPsychiatry1346286804
Herbert F Vandenberg 71270, LAPsychiatry1558397109
Kay Kennedy Md And Willis knighton Medical Center 71105, LAPsychiatry1770519035
Gregory Alphonse Redmann 70112, LAPsychiatry1801822317
Kendall L Genre 70121, LAPsychiatry1184651473
Michael E Walsh 70433, LAPsychiatry1588691711
Kristina M Lafaye 70112, LAPsychiatry1801823323
Thomas Andrew Gulick 71201, LAPsychiatry1770511669
Kristoffer Gerard Mccoy 70508, LAPsychiatry1427086123
Stephen Russell Deputy 70112, LAPsychiatry1932137064
Michael Vittorio Susano 71107, LAPsychiatry1063440105
Anwar Ismail 70065, LAPsychiatry1679501712
Maria B Cruse 70301, LAPsychiatry1538197025
The Psychiatric Medicine Institute Of La Llc 70508, LAPsychiatry1023047776
Steve M Taylor 70433, LAPsychiatry1477583003
Lee Stevens 71101, LAPsychiatry1982634390
Kathryn Kay Kennedy 71105, LAPsychiatry1427088020
Lafayette Health Ventures, Inc 70503, LAPsychiatry1568492841
Lynn Simon 70802, LAPsychiatry1811927486
David W Galarneau 70121, LAPsychiatry1417987371
Northshore Behavioral Health, Llc 70433, LAPsychiatry1235160680


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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