Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth George Terkelsen 02649, MAPsychiatry1336142504
Robert Wade Conroy 02747, MAPsychiatry1528062858
Wayne Edward Brunell 02139, MAPsychiatry1740282094
Farrel Douglas 02721, MAPsychiatry1497757561
David G. Satin 02459, MAPsychiatry1578569356
Donal T O'hanlon 01199, MAPsychiatry1548267107
Kaloyan S Tanev 02114, MAPsychiatry1538166889
Peter A Orlov 01801, MAPsychiatry1477550754
Ronald D Abramson 01778, MAPsychiatry1326045022
Shannon J Scarry 02601, MAPsychiatry1265430912
Hop N Trinh 02122, MAPsychiatry1457359903
Matthew William Ruble 02657, MAPsychiatry1972501302
Edgardo C Angeles 02346, MAPsychiatry1942208251
Grace A. Medeiros 02871, MAPsychiatry1598762551
Daniel Hicks 20007, MAPsychiatry1417956160
Judith Kupersmith 20007, MAPsychiatry1245239409
Carlo Tornatore 20007, MAPsychiatry1821097726
Julian Hart Fisher 02445, MAPsychiatry1679573489
Randy B Kozel 02871, MAPsychiatry1699775486
Daniel J. Friedenson 01002, MAPsychiatry1730189465
Michael Sirdofsky 20007, MAPsychiatry1154321909
Justine Sarah Mccarthy 01027, MAPsychiatry1629078092
Guillermo Gonzalez 02740, MAPsychiatry1316948367
Mark R Gloss 02446, MAPsychiatry1730188319
Theodore Gavrilescu 01841, MAPsychiatry1336148618
Cecilia Mikalac 01609, MAPsychiatry1558362285
Michael R Sorrell 01104, MAPsychiatry1528069887
Ping Cui 01830, MAPsychiatry1558363564
Pushpa Narayanaswami 02215, MAPsychiatry1326040197
Jane Louise Erb 01930, MAPsychiatry1053303081
Hilary W Hoge 02445, MAPsychiatry1023000841
Alison Fife 02115, MAPsychiatry1477545143
Krzysztof K Kundo 02721, MAPsychiatry1922090596
Paul N Chervin 01801, MAPsychiatry1396737714
Michael Bralower 01852, MAPsychiatry1700879517
John Halperin 07901, MAPsychiatry1124010079
George S Patrick 01104, MAPsychiatry1548262660
Emilio M Melchionna 01104, MAPsychiatry1912908229
John R Kania 02062, MAPsychiatry1073506796
Philip S Hsu 01107, MAPsychiatry1881696813
Max G Baranovsky 02135, MAPsychiatry1568455939
Jeremy Worthington 02721, MAPsychiatry1679567903
Gerald K Lazar 02467, MAPsychiatry1326032681
Kishanlal Chakrabarti 02152, MAPsychiatry1659365856
Kenneth Minkoff 01720, MAPsychiatry1033103247
Michel N Fayad 02115, MAPsychiatry1881688901
Alyssa Ann Lebel 02115, MAPsychiatry1235123381
Luz M. Martin 01104, MAPsychiatry1396739231
Mary F Anderson 02135, MAPsychiatry1942294491
John F Reichard 02467, MAPsychiatry1265427686
Claudio Demb 02139, MAPsychiatry1730174921
Liliana Teresa Smurawska 02135, MAPsychiatry1588659742
Dale E Rauch 01655, MAPsychiatry1124013271
Judith A Hinchey 02135, MAPsychiatry1356336275
Sheela Eva Hegde-batlivala 02135, MAPsychiatry1497740344
Ludmila Fridman 01701, MAPsychiatry1538154463
Rogelio Bayog 02780, MAPsychiatry1487649208
Luz Evangeline Salud Dizon 02301, MAPsychiatry1902891724
James S Thompson 01089, MAPsychiatry1063407617
Jeffrey B Weilburg 02458, MAPsychiatry1336135953
Leora Borek 02478, MAPsychiatry1134115553
Henry Querfurth 02135, MAPsychiatry1336135649
Paul Hamburg 02446, MAPsychiatry1639165624
David H. Gill 01440, MAPsychiatry1316933294
David Mischoulon 02114, MAPsychiatry1841286887
Mohammad U Qayyum 01056, MAPsychiatry1922094762
Albert L Fullerton 01801, MAPsychiatry1205822905
Jason Jones 01844, MAPsychiatry1629065123
Shalini G Mansharamani 02780, MAPsychiatry1518954031
Robert Aaron Levine 02114, MAPsychiatry1154318459
Michael B Robbins 01960, MAPsychiatry1760479091
James A Whitlock 03079, MAPsychiatry1447247630
Lyudmila Rakita 02301, MAPsychiatry1700873999
Louis Robert Caplan 02215, MAPsychiatry1306833561
Richard G Selbst 01843, MAPsychiatry1134116270
Rachel Austen Nardin 02139, MAPsychiatry1548257447
Muhammad Zubair Kareem 01040, MAPsychiatry1235126061
Eugene John Cacciola 02445, MAPsychiatry1881682466
Lesley Fishelman 01069, MAPsychiatry1710975537
Kenneth C Gorson 02481, MAPsychiatry1275528192
Andrew William Tarulli 07901, MAPsychiatry1700872561
Alfredo Ignacio Gonzalez 02746, MAPsychiatry1396730123
Gouri Datta 01805, MAPsychiatry1528054889
Ellen S Lathi 02481, MAPsychiatry1740276674
Lowell H Kallen 06260, MAPsychiatry1528053949
Clifford B Saper 02215, MAPsychiatry1629066113
Mohammad Syed Ali Hazratji 01040, MAPsychiatry1578551966
Robert Emmett Minahan 20007, MAPsychiatry1841288255
Gholam Motamedi 20007, MAPsychiatry1801884192
Fernando Pagan 20007, MAPsychiatry1881682029
Mary Angela Oneal 02115, MAPsychiatry1508854746
N Paul Rosman 02118, MAPsychiatry1356339444
Joel Herskowitz 02118, MAPsychiatry1467440545
William A Debassio 02118, MAPsychiatry1700874732
David Mann 02139, MAPsychiatry1427047398
Martin Paul Kafka 02476, MAPsychiatry1538157458
Louis Nemser 02492, MAPsychiatry1902895857
Karl C Kuban 02118, MAPsychiatry1871582627
Michael T Hayes 02190, MAPsychiatry1689663338
Victor Soria 02150, MAPsychiatry1023007614
David H. Weinberg 02135, MAPsychiatry1497744163
Daniel Hooberman 02035, MAPsychiatry1154310852
Roger D Weiss 02478, MAPsychiatry1245229855
Susan M Kattlove 02138, MAPsychiatry1144219783
Bryan - Lieberman 02062, MAPsychiatry1114916533
Julia M Reade 02460, MAPsychiatry1629067913
Barbara Ellen Schildkrout 02467, MAPsychiatry1609865922
Amani Boulos Michael 02021, MAPsychiatry1568451615
Stuart Edwin Grassian 02467, MAPsychiatry1790774867
Joan C Breen 01835, MAPsychiatry1104816156
James Elton Groves 02114, MAPsychiatry1013906015
Martha Rotstein Bobruff 02169, MAPsychiatry1043200983
Arthur Bobruff 02169, MAPsychiatry1861482705
Subha Thiagarajan 01420, MAPsychiatry1437149317
Guy A Rordorf 02114, MAPsychiatry1518957422
Steven Luria Ablon 02114, MAPsychiatry1083604839
Paul Steven Blachman 02190, MAPsychiatry1669462578
Marie Elizabeth Pasinski 02129, MAPsychiatry1336139948
Michael Edward Charness 02132, MAPsychiatry1457341083
Galen Vincent Henderson 02115, MAPsychiatry1881684421
Michael Daniel Daniels 02129, MAPsychiatry1124018767
Grace Chang 02115, MAPsychiatry1366432908
George Papakostas 02114, MAPsychiatry1588654131
Charles William Popper 02478, MAPsychiatry1932199429
Karleyton C Evans 02114, MAPsychiatry1407846058
Mia M Maccollin 02129, MAPsychiatry1437149093
Alison Macleod Oneill 02139, MAPsychiatry1194715771
Cenk Ayata 02114, MAPsychiatry1326038043
Thomas Nilan Byrne 02114, MAPsychiatry1346230075
Jacqueline Olds 02140, MAPsychiatry1336139054
John Benjamin Herman 02114, MAPsychiatry1275523961
Nancy Jean Mcdonnell 02150, MAPsychiatry1154311876
Vaughn L. Mankey 02114, MAPsychiatry1225028954
Rakesh Karmacharya 02114, MAPsychiatry1720078389
Thomas Cannon Bond 02148, MAPsychiatry1972593648
Judith Gallen Edersheim 02114, MAPsychiatry1154311835
Alan S Barry 02478, MAPsychiatry1750371431
Joseph Biederman 02114, MAPsychiatry1619967304
Mahmood Hussain Sharfi 02062, MAPsychiatry1154311611
Susan Dubois Swick 02114, MAPsychiatry1952391419
Michael Allen Rater 02478, MAPsychiatry1740270214
Jonathan E Kolb 02445, MAPsychiatry1821088394
Reisa A Sperling 02115, MAPsychiatry1265422638
Anne Louise Oaklander 02114, MAPsychiatry1275523615
Alicia Davette Powell 02114, MAPsychiatry1497745996
Linda Carol Shafer 02114, MAPsychiatry1891785390
Michael A Schwarzschild 02114, MAPsychiatry1821088337
Susan Donaldson 02148, MAPsychiatry1902896418
Anthony P Weiner 01805, MAPsychiatry1710977228
Walter Panis 02114, MAPsychiatry1588654859
Paul Matthew Zusky 02114, MAPsychiatry1578553848
Joan Wheelis 02138, MAPsychiatry1871583302
Michael Carl Irizarry 02114, MAPsychiatry1790775237
Ann M Neumeyer 02114, MAPsychiatry1417947912
Barbara Jo Beck 02114, MAPsychiatry1720078272
Charles S Wasserman 01742, MAPsychiatry1659361020
Shirley H Wray 02114, MAPsychiatry1861482317
Astrid Desrosiers 02139, MAPsychiatry1033109582
Scott Numo Wilson 02114, MAPsychiatry1659361103
Lawrence Franklin Selter 02114, MAPsychiatry1821088238
Jonathan Rosand 02114, MAPsychiatry1194715524
Peter G Derosa 02630, MAPsychiatry1285624510
Stephen William Parker 02114, MAPsychiatry1366432536
Dennis J Selkoe 02115, MAPsychiatry1184614356
Albert S Yeung 02114, MAPsychiatry1023008349
Alice Weaver Flaherty 02114, MAPsychiatry1396735601
James Richard Lehrich 02114, MAPsychiatry1205826518
Paula Karen Rauch 02114, MAPsychiatry1720078033
Peter W Newberry 02114, MAPsychiatry1659361897
John Herbert Growdon 02114, MAPsychiatry1407846686
Randy Sue Glassman 02115, MAPsychiatry1316937543
Carol Anne Wool 02114, MAPsychiatry1528058708
David F Gitlin 02115, MAPsychiatry1720078967
Stephen Charles Kleinman 02129, MAPsychiatry1962492124
David Norman Caplan 02114, MAPsychiatry1780674945
Donna Beth Greenberg 02114, MAPsychiatry1053301226
Ross John Baldessarini 02478, MAPsychiatry1487644787
Oliver Freudenreich 02114, MAPsychiatry1710977038
Adele Casals Viguera 02114, MAPsychiatry1609866847
Donna Marie Digioia 02114, MAPsychiatry1972593119
Lauren Rachel Moo 02114, MAPsychiatry1871583930
Janet Cohen Sherman 02114, MAPsychiatry1487645511
Eric David Leskowitz 02114, MAPsychiatry1740271873
Maria V Lopez-bresnahan 02114, MAPsychiatry1114917283
Nhi Ha Thuy Trinh 02114, MAPsychiatry1629068796
David M Biondi 02114, MAPsychiatry1629068713
Martina B Albright 02458, MAPsychiatry1144210220
Robin Moira Jones 02114, MAPsychiatry1336139468
Tia Andrea Horner 02129, MAPsychiatry1316938442
Jerome S Gans 02481, MAPsychiatry1306837455
Richard F. Lewis 02114, MAPsychiatry1649261751
Kai Spring Hayes 01830, MAPsychiatry1063403921
Sherese Ali 02114, MAPsychiatry1740271634
M Cornelia Cremens 02114, MAPsychiatry1275524191
Jonathan P Schindelheim 02111, MAPsychiatry1598756421
Peter Grey 01770, MAPsychiatry1740271857
Katherine Ackerman 01730, MAPsychiatry1740271774
Shawn Norman Murphy 02114, MAPsychiatry1639160534
Julia Heath Coleman 02476, MAPsychiatry1427049329
William Ellis Falk 02114, MAPsychiatry1003807918


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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