Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alex J Janusz 49242, MIPsychiatry1396749628
Kersti Bruining 49684, MIPsychiatry1558364315
Lawrence Mark Eilender 48034, MIPsychiatry1366445173
Anthony A Emmer 48034, MIPsychiatry1003819897
Louis E Rentz 48334, MIPsychiatry1376546192
William Michael Leuchter 48034, MIPsychiatry1619970423
Botsford General Hospital 48336, MIPsychiatry1609311794
Jamie K Warbasse 49684, MIPsychiatry1205839669
Forest View Psychiatric Hospital Inc 49546, MIPsychiatry1902808272
Thomas R Mccormick 48080, MIPsychiatry1275537532
Desanka Stipic 48080, MIPsychiatry1174527436
Michigan Neurology Associates Pc 48080, MIPsychiatry1861498362
Robert Pohl 48067, MIPsychiatry1275539595
Frank J Hamlett 48602, MIPsychiatry1659377760
James Tae Suk Rhyee 48532, MIPsychiatry1104823749
Arcadio V Ramirez Md Pc 48104, MIPsychiatry1548267115
Lori Jo Holstege 49829, MIPsychiatry1093712267
Raghu Ram Veeramasuneni 49085, MIPsychiatry1427055466
Leonard Sahn 48034, MIPsychiatry1316944275
Mitchell L Elkiss 48334, MIPsychiatry1588661391
Bruce M Silverman 48334, MIPsychiatry1356349062
Associates In Neurology, Pc 48334, MIPsychiatry1891792628
David Dirk Vander Velde 49504, MIPsychiatry1396743084
George E Ristow 48911, MIPsychiatry1861499758
William J Walters 49546, MIPsychiatry1699772442
Peter Benjamin Spencer 49085, MIPsychiatry1669479432
Mark A Kachadurian 48334, MIPsychiatry1376540286
Alex M Steinbock 48334, MIPsychiatry1427055342
Robert Campbell Ward 49085, MIPsychiatry1598762379
Norman M Burns 48307, MIPsychiatry1891793402
Mark B Silverman 48334, MIPsychiatry1336147958
Peter William Pick 48602, MIPsychiatry1518965912
Thomas James Herbst 48104, MIPsychiatry1679571012
Anita Valanju Shelgikar 48109, MIPsychiatry1720086689
Robert Garcia 48375, MIPsychiatry1184622136
Debra Hollander 48075, MIPsychiatry1760480826
Malachy F Browne 48038, MIPsychiatry1902804719
Surendra Kaul 48640, MIPsychiatry1225036031
Nancy Juopperi 48152, MIPsychiatry1861491524
Paul Robert Lessem 48070, MIPsychiatry1467451161
Saleem A. Tahir 48154, MIPsychiatry1952300659
Jae Chul Kim 48532, MIPsychiatry1295734762
Kanchana Mala Madhavan 48152, MIPsychiatry1811996242
Ranajit Sil 48184, MIPsychiatry1932108388
Harinder Rai 48109, MIPsychiatry1427430172
Tessy C Jenkins 48034, MIPsychiatry1548269897
Robert Schwyn 48126, MIPsychiatry1538168612
Southfield Rehabilitation Company 48075, MIPsychiatry1790785095
Lester Edward Potempa 48075, MIPsychiatry1164422283
Nadeem M Mirza 49079, MIPsychiatry1437159597
Macomb Family Services, Inc. 48036, MIPsychiatry1831190701
Prameela Devi Baddigam 48038, MIPsychiatry1952302861
Basivi Reddy Baddigam 48038, MIPsychiatry1386645299
Girish C Mangalick 48192, MIPsychiatry1225039522
Venkateswara Talasila 48604, MIPsychiatry1124029335
Bronson Lakeview Hospital 49079, MIPsychiatry1235131137
Robert L Lawton 48033, MIPsychiatry1801898697
Sudad Louis Md Pllc 48092, MIPsychiatry1760847651
Bruce M Sack 48334, MIPsychiatry1972505303
Sam K Ajluni 48073, MIPsychiatry1700888179
Toby Hazan 48334, MIPsychiatry1275535650
Elliot D Luby 48334, MIPsychiatry1093717423
Jean Alce 48201, MIPsychiatry1083616429
Sally Rose Szymanski 48105, MIPsychiatry1306838404
Christian M Dinsmore 49855, MIPsychiatry1346232220
Roman E Politi 49855, MIPsychiatry1588656466
Pratap C Gupta 49855, MIPsychiatry1295727188
Southfield Rehabilitation Company 48093, MIPsychiatry1619969540
Saul Z Forman 48334, MIPsychiatry1124010806
Yang Mao-draayer 48109, MIPsychiatry1760474407
Michele Reid 48331, MIPsychiatry1730171380
Mark A Olson 48093, MIPsychiatry1225020746
Varsha S Karamchandani 48307, MIPsychiatry1184616542
Steven W Huder 49770, MIPsychiatry1871585166
Akemi Takekoshi 48038, MIPsychiatry1356334676
Ronald Dean Nervig 49684, MIPsychiatry1518950625
Henry Lauris Paulson 48109, MIPsychiatry1497748537
Kamlesh R Garg 48237, MIPsychiatry1841283819
Karla Aurora Blackwood 48109, MIPsychiatry1871586719
Leonard J Rosen 48331, MIPsychiatry1841283587
Bernard Joseph Biermann 48109, MIPsychiatry1205820230
Jeanette M Scheid 48824, MIPsychiatry1700870573
Kristyn Marie Gregory 48094, MIPsychiatry1295729267
Iqbal Allarakhia 48236, MIPsychiatry1831183524
Patti Lynn Peterson 49802, MIPsychiatry1780678318
Muktiraj Mehta 49031, MIPsychiatry1588658017
Rafael Combalecer 49546, MIPsychiatry1639164171
Mazhar Munir 49503, MIPsychiatry1821083924
Madhu Mendiratta 48034, MIPsychiatry1467447441
Nilar Shein 49802, MIPsychiatry1477548311
David Mazur 49546, MIPsychiatry1134114895
Katherine Ann Chamberlain 48867, MIPsychiatry1497741052
Nilofer Nisar 48184, MIPsychiatry1922094564
Susan M Palac 48808, MIPsychiatry1386630929
Shailaja Gaddam 48202, MIPsychiatry1316933971
Kelvin Lin-yu Chou 48109, MIPsychiatry1376539791
Norman Olken 49093, MIPsychiatry1770579807
Ravinder K Sharma 49015, MIPsychiatry1518954254
J Barry Rubin 48071, MIPsychiatry1235126996
Gerald F Robbins 49423, MIPsychiatry1174510796
Hermann Darwin Banks 48135, MIPsychiatry1760479398
Gavin I Awerbuch Md Pllc 48604, MIPsychiatry1811984487
Faith Abbott 48609, MIPsychiatry1326035650
Kenneth J Bottesi 48315, MIPsychiatry1164419008
Lisa F Hinchman 48336, MIPsychiatry1528056132
Mohammed Idris Zahoor 48336, MIPsychiatry1922096452
James Thomas Aills 48532, MIPsychiatry1184612590
K V Mathew 48532, MIPsychiatry1750379160
Howard Robert Belkin 48009, MIPsychiatry1346238375
Gregory G Green 49442, MIPsychiatry1780673525
Sue E Huffstutter 49431, MIPsychiatry1134118961
Stephen Colon 48109, MIPsychiatry1962884601
Michael A Nigro 48334, MIPsychiatry1104815786
P Harold Finkel 48334, MIPsychiatry1013906601
Anne M Pawlak 48334, MIPsychiatry1891784484
Barbara Regina Herzig 48009, MIPsychiatry1336138965
William Charles Stacey 48109, MIPsychiatry1992794481
David A Green 48334, MIPsychiatry1215926522
David A Simpson 48334, MIPsychiatry1912996265
Deborah F Gelinas 48823, MIPsychiatry1487643680
Cornelius Robens 49684, MIPsychiatry1538158688
Brian A Connolly 48009, MIPsychiatry1104815208
J Scott Allen 48025, MIPsychiatry1659361608
Dong Ho Yoo 48439, MIPsychiatry1720078546
Daniel L Menkes 48073, MIPsychiatry1477543262
Ron Samarian 48025, MIPsychiatry1437149234
Steven David Klamerus 49855, MIPsychiatry1538159264
Jarrett Schroeder 48075, MIPsychiatry1427048024
Barry G Siegel 48307, MIPsychiatry1619967197
Danny F Watson 48302, MIPsychiatry1831189299
Weiguo Zhao 48858, MIPsychiatry1649260134
M Mazen Al-hakim 48073, MIPsychiatry1306837018
Ayman Rayes 48085, MIPsychiatry1053302612
Steven H Schechter 48322, MIPsychiatry1902897390
Sami Mounayer 48073, MIPsychiatry1790776037
Eric Joseph Ashman 49007, MIPsychiatry1639160849
Robert E Lane 48003, MIPsychiatry1972584159
Eric D Achtyes 49548, MIPsychiatry1780665976
Iftikhar A Khan 48604, MIPsychiatry1134100175
Child And Family Service Of Saginaw County 48602, MIPsychiatry1720069602
Eric Edward Erickson 49548, MIPsychiatry1558342220
Malaz Almsaddi 48302, MIPsychiatry1003897562
Hiten C Patel 48025, MIPsychiatry1972585248
Rashmi Gupta 48034, MIPsychiatry1932181989
James Edward Swain 48109, MIPsychiatry1407838147
Jasveen Kaur Dhadli 48439, MIPsychiatry1538141254
John J Back 48103, MIPsychiatry1285616995
Richard M Trosch 48034, MIPsychiatry1134101645
Thomas J Oneil 48088, MIPsychiatry1023090552
Sabiha Jabeen Omar 48334, MIPsychiatry1841272259
Easter Seals Michigan, Inc. 48326, MIPsychiatry1376526616
Kimberly Kay Wallman 49855, MIPsychiatry1720061385
Carol Louise Cappuccio 49855, MIPsychiatry1982687547
Lynn E Miller 49855, MIPsychiatry1659354298
Carol E Gamber 49855, MIPsychiatry1124001763
Nadia F Zaki 48307, MIPsychiatry1184607616
Deborah Banazak Wagenaar 48824, MIPsychiatry1255315628
Lionel W Rosen 48824, MIPsychiatry1689658056
Chakrapani Ranganathan 48088, MIPsychiatry1194709584
Paul Edward Quinlan 48824, MIPsychiatry1376527721
Jed Gary Magen 48824, MIPsychiatry1619951936
Gary L Trock 48073, MIPsychiatry1578547774
Joel L Young 48307, MIPsychiatry1356325468
Jennifer K Margolis 48334, MIPsychiatry1174507362
Alka Y Shah 48072, MIPsychiatry1952385072
James Christopher Buswinka 49660, MIPsychiatry1396729448
Brian Daniel Smith 48824, MIPsychiatry1629052790
Christine Larsen Shafer 48824, MIPsychiatry1083698930
James A Vanharen 49546, MIPsychiatry1114901840
Joel Beltran 48602, MIPsychiatry1447234075
Hope Network West Michigan 49548, MIPsychiatry1679558670
Hope Network Behavorial Health Services 49504, MIPsychiatry1043295934
Virginia Skiba 48202, MIPsychiatry1346226883
Bong Jung 48604, MIPsychiatry1619953197
Michael S. Ossian 48659, MIPsychiatry1578549812
Gary Fredric Koloff 48334, MIPsychiatry1477539708
David Robert Franzblau 49525, MIPsychiatry1669458576
Abdallah Zamaria 48080, MIPsychiatry1346227022
W.a. Foote Memorial Hospital, Inc 49201, MIPsychiatry1235676446
Cesar D Hidalgo 48307, MIPsychiatry1477530806
Christopher Kynrint Blazes 48109, MIPsychiatry1568449916
Suzanne Alice Albrecht 49684, MIPsychiatry1306823232
Leon Rubenfaer 48334, MIPsychiatry1487632345
Louise Desgranges 48439, MIPsychiatry1730167248
Ahmad Kaddurah 48503, MIPsychiatry1376521922
Robert William Ellis 48843, MIPsychiatry1124006549
Mubeen A Memon 48161, MIPsychiatry1568440774
Carol B. Levin 48864, MIPsychiatry1497733646
Nancy Jingyang Cao 48073, MIPsychiatry1194703207
Christopher James Whitty 48193, MIPsychiatry1457339574
Marion Dunn 48502, MIPsychiatry1376522342
David B Vanholla 49870, MIPsychiatry1699754457
Lincoln Behavioral Services 48239, MIPsychiatry1669451944
Kathleen Michelle Fouche Brazzle 48322, MIPsychiatry1629057906
Keon Chang 48186, MIPsychiatry1669451738
Wade Michael Cooper 48108, MIPsychiatry1124007208
Northern Neurology, Pllc 49783, MIPsychiatry1104806827
Daniel R Fain 49503, MIPsychiatry1922088491
Paul G Wasielewski 49519, MIPsychiatry1164402772
Charlene J Sweeney 49781, MIPsychiatry1700866415


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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