Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Mississippi

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Mississippi:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Aamir Hashmat 39301, MSPsychiatry1710983150
Zaineb Daud 39301, MSPsychiatry1568468908
Clyde Alexander Sheehan 38801, MSPsychiatry1588662720
Chester W Jenkins 38701, MSPsychiatry1184622201
Stuart Samson 39440, MSPsychiatry1831199108
David I. Doorenbos 39301, MSPsychiatry1710979323
Samuel D. Newell 38801, MSPsychiatry1962495192
Justin C. Graff 38801, MSPsychiatry1427041664
William Thomas Oakes 38801, MSPsychiatry1205829330
Robert K Ozon 39503, MSPsychiatry1861483075
Mark Owen Rester 39232, MSPsychiatry1538140512
Rafique Ahmad 39301, MSPsychiatry1275516387
Jan Chandler Osborne 38834, MSPsychiatry1992789309
Margaret K Cassada 38703, MSPsychiatry1427032754
Jeffrey Louis Mcgilbra 39301, MSPsychiatry1578542007
Fawaz Abdrabbo 39157, MSPsychiatry1760466551
Timothy Lyon Arnold 39301, MSPsychiatry1861462178
Thomas Mcdonald 38801, MSPsychiatry1144289182
Greenwood Leflore Hospital 38930, MSPsychiatry1083674204
Bertha J Blanchard 39402, MSPsychiatry1043274616
June Annette Powell 38834, MSPsychiatry1235194960
Rush Neurology Associates, Pllc 39301, MSPsychiatry1104884139
Ruth K. Fredericks, M.d. 39216, MSPsychiatry1427007400
James Larry Parker 39232, MSPsychiatry1912957341
Rebecca Mixon Sugg 39216, MSPsychiatry1982656773
Mohammad A. Ahmed 39183, MSPsychiatry1861458762
Biloxi Hma Physician Management Llc 39530, MSPsychiatry1770537920
Grayson S Norquist 39216, MSPsychiatry1386681633
Marianne Barnes 38801, MSPsychiatry1962440230
Mohamad F Hadidi 38614, MSPsychiatry1164460101
Howard Roffwarg 39216, MSPsychiatry1720026784
Shashidhar M Shettar 39216, MSPsychiatry1417998832
John Anthony Liberto 39531, MSPsychiatry1356382162
Elizabeth Ann S Roberson 39402, MSPsychiatry1447291208
James Stephen Sabin 39401, MSPsychiatry1508808015
Kirtida Dipakkumar Desai 39193, MSPsychiatry1578505715
Allen Carl Richert 39216, MSPsychiatry1922040195
James Allen Marlowe 39402, MSPsychiatry1952344913
Charles Duane Burgess 39429, MSPsychiatry1518900679
Alexandria G Polles 39402, MSPsychiatry1851334981
Peter Stephen Kamp 39402, MSPsychiatry1962445031
Thomas Louis Welch 39402, MSPsychiatry1528002318
Charles Chapman Sledge 39402, MSPsychiatry1881638732
Lee Voulters 39501, MSPsychiatry1669417705
Vicksburg Clinic Llc 39180, MSPsychiatry1659307791
Rodrigo M Galvez 39232, MSPsychiatry1598791824
Ross E Collins 38804, MSPsychiatry1508893074
Gray Hilsman 39180, MSPsychiatry1164450755
Richard J. Aubert 39208, MSPsychiatry1043249501
Charles Kenneth Lippincott 38801, MSPsychiatry1376572123
Ken Lippincott, M.d., P.a. 38801, MSPsychiatry1386673036
Angelos Basil Vamvakas 39540, MSPsychiatry1538199831
Nancy Sharon Martin 39208, MSPsychiatry1750311874
Salil Chandra Tiwari 39216, MSPsychiatry1922039528
Rosalie A. Casano 39232, MSPsychiatry1396776480
Margaret E. Tidd 39208, MSPsychiatry1467484170
Brian Doyal Maher 39501, MSPsychiatry1407888985
Janet Theresa Angelo 39216, MSPsychiatry1316978547
Debashis Biswas 38671, MSPsychiatry1831144039
Nathaniel O. Lawson 39157, MSPsychiatry1780615633
Andrea Koosne Garrison 38801, MSPsychiatry1316984149
Thomas Alfonso Miller 39402, MSPsychiatry1083658702
Philip Merideth 39216, MSPsychiatry1942248992
Gregory Andrew Gordon 39232, MSPsychiatry1639105794
Angela L. Chandler 39202, MSPsychiatry1083650345
Chasity Lynne Torrence 39193, MSPsychiatry1407110554
John Westbrook Norton 39216, MSPsychiatry1124060033
Teresa F Hill 39216, MSPsychiatry1811923766
Colette C Parker 39216, MSPsychiatry1053357749
Elements Medical Group Of Mississippi Inc 39047, MSPsychiatry1508386582
Miguel Figueroa 39120, MSPsychiatry1598703852
Lennon E. Bowen 39565, MSPsychiatry1619919156
John Elgin Wilkaitis 39211, MSPsychiatry1154360824
Eric Karl Undesser 39216, MSPsychiatry1124051321
Ray V Kimble 39216, MSPsychiatry1689607962
Pioneer Health Services, Inc 39111, MSPsychiatry1275566515
Gurdial S Sandhu 39216, MSPsychiatry1477587400
Shiloh Neurology 38834, MSPsychiatry1265465264
Ethel S. Rose 39216, MSPsychiatry1376568568
Eric Jermaine Warren 39042, MSPsychiatry1730114117
Brenda Belaga Price 39042, MSPsychiatry1821014176
Delta Medical Group 38703, MSPsychiatry1790701134
Namita K. Arora 39180, MSPsychiatry1922025360
Southern Neuroscience Center, Pa 39402, MSPsychiatry1346267325
Vicksburg Clinic Llc 39183, MSPsychiatry1992722482
Paul Scott Mcginnis 39042, MSPsychiatry1083632269
Vincent Liberto 39216, MSPsychiatry1184642472
Edward Joseph Harvey 39531, MSPsychiatry1376561456
Clifford Hall 38614, MSPsychiatry1700805041
John Jefferson Beddingfield 39216, MSPsychiatry1386663201
William G. Clark 39440, MSPsychiatry1518987478
Heartsouth Pllc 39402, MSPsychiatry1316967219
Phillip C Rowden 71465, MSPsychiatry1083636484
Ibis D. Sigas 39503, MSPsychiatry1801819263
Deepika Majithia 39216, MSPsychiatry1316961139
Gerald Randle 39202, MSPsychiatry1497769665
Scott Patrick Baymiller 38606, MSPsychiatry1164436184
James John Corbett 39216, MSPsychiatry1013921618
Abelardo Wee 39216, MSPsychiatry1962416347
University Neurology Group, Pllc 39216, MSPsychiatry1770599110
Robert Herndon 39216, MSPsychiatry1124034590
Walid Rahhal 39401, MSPsychiatry1356358998
Memorial Hospital At Gulfport 39501, MSPsychiatry1972511442
Susan Boston 39531, MSPsychiatry1881602100
Kenneth Ray Daughtrey 39208, MSPsychiatry1902814361
Kevin Mark Passer 39402, MSPsychiatry1558379263
Akif Khawaja 39204, MSPsychiatry1659381044
Geoffrey B Hartwig 39401, MSPsychiatry1235141888
Pedro Antonion Munera-cordoba 39501, MSPsychiatry1528171469
Sarker Abdul Aleem 39759, MSPsychiatry1063525624
Archil Chechelashvili 39339, MSPsychiatry1609989102
William Frederick Seith 39531, MSPsychiatry1760598189
North Mississippi Medical Center 38801, MSPsychiatry1730295585
Meridian Medical Associates, Pa 39301, MSPsychiatry1316051766
Robert Adams 39202, MSPsychiatry1003830563
Mecheri Sundaram 39216, MSPsychiatry1073527743
Teresa Gayle Mulvihill 39402, MSPsychiatry1255356044
Hartmut Uschmann 39216, MSPsychiatry1972517308
Alfredo Rodriguez 39759, MSPsychiatry1164434882
Mississippi State Hospital At Whitfield 39193, MSPsychiatry1497788715
Terrence John Millette 39581, MSPsychiatry1740298967
Mississippi State Hospital At Whitfield 39193, MSPsychiatry1053335497
Tbd Acquisition Ii Llc 39501, MSPsychiatry1780191577
Elizabeth Connell Henderson 39332, MSPsychiatry1023034758
Aremmia D. Tanious 39440, MSPsychiatry1184638033
Adele A Thiel 39232, MSPsychiatry1992810691
Andrew Linn Kerby 38834, MSPsychiatry1104844505
John David Richardson 39601, MSPsychiatry1144230038
William Earl Owens 38834, MSPsychiatry1770501173
James Allen Rusch 39503, MSPsychiatry1780618686
John Black 38677, MSPsychiatry1609984376
Nicholas Allen Cummings 38870, MSPsychiatry1588774814
Vasanthi Kumari Nalluri 39531, MSPsychiatry1407966567
Judy M. Harville 39111, MSPsychiatry1821108952
Ayyagari Indiradevi 38654, MSPsychiatry1316058399
Stephen Charles James 39501, MSPsychiatry1699886176
Subbulaxmi Rayudu 38606, MSPsychiatry1083725618
Angel Arturo Leis 39216, MSPsychiatry1841302411
Parveen Kumar 39157, MSPsychiatry1366544603
Sreedhar Rao Rayudu 38606, MSPsychiatry1922101328
Philip Alan Schaeffer 39501, MSPsychiatry1548364847
Sonia Ashish-mishra 39307, MSPsychiatry1629173018
South Mississippi Health Service, Inc 39402, MSPsychiatry1447356902
Mississippi Neurology Center, Pa 39232, MSPsychiatry1144327420
Jennifer Anitra Thomas-taylor 39581, MSPsychiatry1245338441
Ginger Wishik 39503, MSPsychiatry1134228703
W Thomas Oakes Jr, Md, Pc 38801, MSPsychiatry1760581227
Robert B Culpepper 38655, MSPsychiatry1598864274
Owen B Evans 39216, MSPsychiatry1649379694
Alan Rather Moore 39216, MSPsychiatry1245330133
Michael Coleman Graeber 39216, MSPsychiatry1558461459
Joanne Eleanor Turner 38804, MSPsychiatry1346340858
Raymond G Overstreet 39701, MSPsychiatry1447350541
Karen Holloway 39047, MSPsychiatry1801997127
Amy Chanda Miller 38866, MSPsychiatry1265533038
Alena Bess Tyre-littlejohn 38804, MSPsychiatry1578654851
Patrick E Weldon 39204, MSPsychiatry1003907460
Paul King Md Pc 38654, MSPsychiatry1649362518
Saleem Akber Ali 39705, MSPsychiatry1801989124
Christopher P. Karcher 39564, MSPsychiatry1194810408
Marshall E. Belaga, M.d. & Brenda C. Price, M.d., P.l.l.c. 39042, MSPsychiatry1629163332
David R Hill 39307, MSPsychiatry1780770909
Nancy Bryant 39216, MSPsychiatry1417044827
Scott Rodgers 39216, MSPsychiatry1548357643
Jefferson Medical Associates 39440, MSPsychiatry1285722108
Anastasia Kelley 39564, MSPsychiatry1235228297
Reb Mcmichael 39193, MSPsychiatry1255420196
Terry T Jordan 39301, MSPsychiatry1417046327
Carolyn Frances Tingle 39193, MSPsychiatry1700975984
Roger Anastasio 39401, MSPsychiatry1760563548
George E Wilkerson 39482, MSPsychiatry1689758385
Sheridan G Tucker 39301, MSPsychiatry1801971379
Lidgia R Vives-jackson 39501, MSPsychiatry1306922976
Albert Berchman Devillier 39501, MSPsychiatry1750492609
Faiza Naseem Qureshi 39193, MSPsychiatry1780766295
Mark Edmund Ladner 39216, MSPsychiatry1487753562
William S Cook 39211, MSPsychiatry1356440721
Michael E Stept 39216, MSPsychiatry1649352337
Ancel C Tipton 39216, MSPsychiatry1548366768
James Joseph Morris 39531, MSPsychiatry1104908532
Melinda Mullins Jackson 36345, MSPsychiatry1528148483
Mohanasruthi Sanku 39216, MSPsychiatry1891282562
Kenneth E Peres 39339, MSPsychiatry1801967674
Savira Virk Sidhu 38672, MSPsychiatry1184796203
Diane Ellen Ross 39507, MSPsychiatry1447323001
Krishna Rao Nalluri 39503, MSPsychiatry1336212554
Sydney A Smith 39501, MSPsychiatry1184798993
Ralph Wayne Smith 39042, MSPsychiatry1740354992
Jeanne Nizigiye 39204, MSPsychiatry1598833253
William C Welch 39216, MSPsychiatry1629136825
Chelsea R Grow 39501, MSPsychiatry1205997251
Gary Alan Roberson 39193, MSPsychiatry1629133400
Isham Harrison Evans 38655, MSPsychiatry1164589891
William H Vaughan 39071, MSPsychiatry1417004813
Sheryl Ann Smothers Heffernen 39193, MSPsychiatry1326195728
North Mississippi Medical Clinics Inc 38801, MSPsychiatry1053469486
Kamal Hokan 38614, MSPsychiatry1093866303
Joe C Scoggin 39216, MSPsychiatry1225180938
Nunilon U Thomas 39307, MSPsychiatry1336291681
Virginia J Payne 39216, MSPsychiatry1497808463


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