Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lawrence Anthony Dunn 27536, NCPsychiatry1285636969
William John Simons 54703, NCPsychiatry1790778801
Robyn R Miller 28602, NCPsychiatry1164417036
Jean Basnight 28532, NCPsychiatry1891783056
Hira Ayub Silat 27705, NCPsychiatry1275055725
Clear Sky Behavioral Llc 28752, NCPsychiatry1457703373
George Lee Bradley 28150, NCPsychiatry1033197645
Manjusri Chatterjee 27511, NCPsychiatry1003885286
Olgierd Pucilowski 28791, NCPsychiatry1689647463
Nerva Augustin 28314, NCPsychiatry1740255041
Diane White 28472, NCPsychiatry1093778011
Kurt Richard Washburn 28211, NCPsychiatry1437108826
Anthony Hallock Wheeler 27262, NCPsychiatry1487610713
Giuliana Guerci Gage 28025, NCPsychiatry1780638288
Carol Richardson 28025, NCPsychiatry1154364578
Shane Wyatt Rau 23188, NCPsychiatry1811925803
Barbara Andrea Diaz Hernandez 49058, NCPsychiatry1366486961
Christopher Britt Peterson 28801, NCPsychiatry1235157454
Karlus C. Artis 27534, NCPsychiatry1649386632
Masood Mohiuddin 28655, NCPsychiatry1336158351
Eugene Leonard Roberts 28792, NCPsychiatry1134148745
John Dellabadia 27704, NCPsychiatry1861418733
Deborah A Wilkins 27707, NCPsychiatry1790873305
John David Mauney 28607, NCPsychiatry1386736056
Uzma S Faheem 27215, NCPsychiatry1033209838
Erica Michelle Arrington 53226, NCPsychiatry1720183759
Cherry Chevy 27609, NCPsychiatry1760576268
Nilima Daftary Shukla 28054, NCPsychiatry1922189877
Michele Ille Martin 28655, NCPsychiatry1740355593
Rhonda Gregory Mcmillian 97045, NCPsychiatry1902956196
William Leighton Anixter 28801, NCPsychiatry1285781633
Patricia Ruth Knaudt 27518, NCPsychiatry1124142211
Kishore M Gadde 70808, NCPsychiatry1003979873
Morcom Medical Consultants, Pllc 28526, NCPsychiatry1447314075
Ian Kim 28501, NCPsychiatry1366594293
Foothills Consulting Associates Llc 28150, NCPsychiatry1770624637
Julia Czajkowski Johnson 55130, NCPsychiatry1942413273
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 28001, NCPsychiatry1639387319
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 28147, NCPsychiatry1700080041
Thomas Patrick Jensen 27513, NCPsychiatry1780843599
Johny Denis Ardeljan 28401, NCPsychiatry1265692073
Elbert Andrew Rudisill 28602, NCPsychiatry1063531515
Kimberly Bennett 27607, NCPsychiatry1710188362
Dan N Cotoman 28144, NCPsychiatry1992986210
Shalaka D Indulkar 28303, NCPsychiatry1194919514
Kerry Lee Landry 27707, NCPsychiatry1396910857
Erikka Daniene Dzirasa 27707, NCPsychiatry1366618332
Carlene Wendy Kingston 27157, NCPsychiatry1114186897
Benjamin Nnadozie Anyanwu 27262, NCPsychiatry1679755151
Sandra Onyeagoro 21043, NCPsychiatry1104053362
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 27546, NCPsychiatry1457589343
Tayyba G Buttar 27284, NCPsychiatry1972737922
Danilo Reyes Bernardo 90095, NCPsychiatry1902123060
One Love Periodic Services, Inc 28655, NCPsychiatry1710275409
Anna Shapiro 10032, NCPsychiatry1043503808
An'drea Taylor 27707, NCPsychiatry1598995029
Judith Myers Sherman 88012, NCPsychiatry1316177249
El Futuro, Inc. 27344, NCPsychiatry1346576667
F.i.r.s.t. 28803, NCPsychiatry1710116942
Aaron Brodsky 28792, NCPsychiatry1295874204
Dhipthi Abhilashini Brundage 27707, NCPsychiatry1912140963
Garrett Douglas Anderson 30312, NCPsychiatry1427310218
Raj Kirit Patel 27103, NCPsychiatry1457794216
Sanjai Miika Olavi Dayal 06516, NCPsychiatry1689000655
Piedmont Behavioral Services, Pc 27529, NCPsychiatry1225451776
Megan Arvidson 27610, NCPsychiatry1942610480
Ryan Landis Brown 78723, NCPsychiatry1750760948
Daymark Recovery Servics Inc 27028, NCPsychiatry1093191660
Brandon Patrick Corbett 72745, NCPsychiatry1639435142
Carolina Child Neurology, Pllc 28303, NCPsychiatry1780014761
Stuart Downie 27705, NCPsychiatry1326466418
Crossroads Counseling Center, Inc. 28602, NCPsychiatry1487670279
Aminata Cisse 19104, NCPsychiatry1699031203
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 27546, NCPsychiatry1255573911
Novant Medical Group, Inc 28470, NCPsychiatry1124579750
Psychiatric Services And Consultation, Pc 27518, NCPsychiatry1114447877
David W. Branyon 28602, NCPsychiatry1568415297
Craig Thomas Morgan Chepke 28078, NCPsychiatry1831363712
Triad Psychiatric And Counseling Center Pa 27410, NCPsychiatry1285671602
Highlands cashiers Physician Services, Inc. 28741, NCPsychiatry1851685051
Strategic Physicians Llc 28451, NCPsychiatry1518479625
Donovan Ross 28655, NCPsychiatry1952440968
Carteret Medical Group Llc 28557, NCPsychiatry1700164464
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 28025, NCPsychiatry1457486128
Kenneth Todd Ashkin 28277, NCPsychiatry1306896592
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 27101, NCPsychiatry1083763536
Jeffrey Litzinger 90740, NCPsychiatry1316918170
Premier Sleep And Neurology 28277, NCPsychiatry1932698156
Javier B Rojas Md Pllc 28601, NCPsychiatry1376022806
A Caring Alternative, Llc 28655, NCPsychiatry1740312297
A Caring Alternative, Llc 28655, NCPsychiatry1932118551
Daniel Sloan Johnson 28791, NCPsychiatry1699781583
Syed Taj-ul Arfeen 28791, NCPsychiatry1245298702
Greenbrook Tms Greensboro Llc 27410, NCPsychiatry1942724729
Harold Walker Elliott 28305, NCPsychiatry1750366233
St Lazarus Behavioral Health Pc 28262, NCPsychiatry1417464900
Mission Community Anesthesiology Specialists Llc 28803, NCPsychiatry1437629664
Mission Community Anesthesiology Specialists Llc 28712, NCPsychiatry1598235830
Mission Community Anesthesiology Specialists Llc 28803, NCPsychiatry1508336157
Brian Benjamin Blackmon 60098, NCPsychiatry1033235882
Medpsych Integrated Pllc 27617, NCPsychiatry1154898013
El Futuro, Inc. 27707, NCPsychiatry1073849394
William A. Vanhorn 29526, NCPsychiatry1588620058
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 27028, NCPsychiatry1235515800
Embassy Health Network 28376, NCPsychiatry1730694746
Erin Pamela Sutton 97703, NCPsychiatry1609132810
Catalyst Therapeutic Services, Pllc 27707, NCPsychiatry1225536758
Leah Danielle Fryml 27705, NCPsychiatry1609236736
Javier Rojas 28601, NCPsychiatry1235559667
Strickland Consulting & Counseling 27858, NCPsychiatry1194287607
Kim Gloria Hoover 27403, NCPsychiatry1003922733
Daymark Recovery Services Inc 28640, NCPsychiatry1184900615
Atif Sheikh 60611, NCPsychiatry1497174353
Universal Mental Health Services Inc 28645, NCPsychiatry1336361427
Matthew Wells Mcconnell 28204, NCPsychiatry1699018044
Daymark Recovery Servcies Inc 27101, NCPsychiatry1790807535
Thomas E Meek 28612, NCPsychiatry1083713812
Richard D Bey 27101, NCPsychiatry1336107333
Elizabeth May Leonard 29405, NCPsychiatry1508906256
Virginia Litz 28036, NCPsychiatry1891051009
Corneliu Natanael Stanciu 03756, NCPsychiatry1902244957
Anisha Gulati 34997, NCPsychiatry1811215205
Scott Nord Lurie 28204, NCPsychiatry1417967803
Shailesh Male 27834, NCPsychiatry1770841132
Christine Pao 33125, NCPsychiatry1972981371
Hyun-hee Kim 06510, NCPsychiatry1427445485
Natalia Gonzalez 27710, NCPsychiatry1023436177
Jonathan Macfarlane Coakham 27834, NCPsychiatry1669034872
William David Scheidler 27599, NCPsychiatry1790196681
Hannibal Person 10029, NCPsychiatry1659613511
Heather Spain 68131, NCPsychiatry1811315864
Richard Spotswood Hamilton 28791, NCPsychiatry1346220621
Sarah Jane Nelson 55805, NCPsychiatry1013335819
Samantha Gnanasegaram 03301, NCPsychiatry1023440252
Thomas Jonathan Foutz 63110, NCPsychiatry1891037586
John Bocock 31093, NCPsychiatry1548680945
Sarah E Wells Slechta 28801, NCPsychiatry1760600548
James Russell Bateman 27157, NCPsychiatry1053756577
Sheela Myers 28210, NCPsychiatry1992983589
Sound Sleep Neurology Pllc 28303, NCPsychiatry1992350623
Yelena Komissarova 12601, NCPsychiatry1538318860
Unc Physicians Network Llc 27560, NCPsychiatry1477089613
Unc Physicians Network, Llc 27560, NCPsychiatry1437552015
Ngu Wah Aung 28305, NCPsychiatry1760741961
Mecklenburg Neurology Group 28025, NCPsychiatry1417446691
Yongqin Wu 28304, NCPsychiatry1952563777
Imran Farooqui 75075, NCPsychiatry1649677410
Cityblock Medical Practice Nc, P.c. 11225, NCPsychiatry1760049308
Steven Putman 28211, NCPsychiatry1790748861
Chinedu M Iheagwara 28791, NCPsychiatry1144554676
Caring For Children, Inc. 28801, NCPsychiatry1659429926
James Adams Wainer 27609, NCPsychiatry1952523987
James A Wainer Md Pa 27609, NCPsychiatry1629223409
Kami Harris 27617, NCPsychiatry1134625643
Anna Wilson Bunker 30606, NCPsychiatry1376961565
John Joseph Mezzullo 28562, NCPsychiatry1497795553
Crystal Hagood 28025, NCPsychiatry1740504364
Olukayode Oluseun Onasanya 27455, NCPsychiatry1649500158
Marla R. Hemphill 28305, NCPsychiatry1487699146
Linda Diane Francis 28403, NCPsychiatry1891869038
Josneldavmatus Hunkin Faiivae 29203, NCPsychiatry1528323961
Jaclyn Martindale 28025, NCPsychiatry1922307438
Yawen Wang 93301, NCPsychiatry1275821720
Vincent Alan Lombardi 28262, NCPsychiatry1548241409
Katherine Lay Breiter 28655, NCPsychiatry1972702108
Chut Sombutmai 28025, NCPsychiatry1649320987
Divine Purpose Services Limited Llc 29732, NCPsychiatry1174897391
John Edward Latz 28625, NCPsychiatry1013972025
Thompson Child And Family Focus 28211, NCPsychiatry1477864734
Living Well Behavioral Care Inc 27545, NCPsychiatry1336783711
Sound Sleep Interpretation, Llc 28303, NCPsychiatry1316340433
Justin R Smith 28546, NCPsychiatry1669882122
David William Lacey 22939, NCPsychiatry1205838968
Bryan Lee Bacon 09139, NCPsychiatry1184600405
Barbara V. Wise 28305, NCPsychiatry1578586541
Robert Carl Mckenzie 20817, NCPsychiatry1558400630
Donald Robert Teater 28786, NCPsychiatry1699769224
Hazel Thornton Maston 28054, NCPsychiatry1659647709
Matthew E Holmes 28786, NCPsychiatry1730270927
Theresa Beth Sevilis 33919, NCPsychiatry1407111461
Lisa Verges 28801, NCPsychiatry1154416519
Benjamin Mark Hoffman 30329, NCPsychiatry1417375460
Ricardo C Bierrenbach Decastro 28803, NCPsychiatry1881645505
Christian Antonio Robles 27157, NCPsychiatry1336415306
Carolinas Sleep Specialists Pa 28025, NCPsychiatry1356668834
Center For Emotional Health 28054, NCPsychiatry1174922348
Greater Carolina Sleep Diagnostics Pllc 27704, NCPsychiatry1386284511
Duane O Campbell 28144, NCPsychiatry1770771529
Jomar Roberts 28144, NCPsychiatry1295904993
Access Family Services, Inc. 28054, NCPsychiatry1922393339
Eric Monticello 58103, NCPsychiatry1558816306
Nicholas Kensinger Ladd 28803, NCPsychiatry1649615998
Marion Edward Wright 28501, NCPsychiatry1699986364
Moses Cone Physician Services, Inc. 27401, NCPsychiatry1164949814
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, NCPsychiatry1346736758
The Sparc Network, Llc 28209, NCPsychiatry1396155834
Krystle Graham 28211, NCPsychiatry1225268949
Iverson Brooks Carter 27103, NCPsychiatry1891828224
Michael M Amiri 28204, NCPsychiatry1720161011
Harold Hong 27707, NCPsychiatry1558537415


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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