Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Frances Marie Feigl 08083, NJPsychiatry1518960202
David B. Brozyna M.d.,p.a. 07070, NJPsychiatry1760484075
Jersey Shore Psychiatric Associates, P.c. 07753, NJPsychiatry1457356685
William Kevin Cors 07840, NJPsychiatry1235134990
Jeffrey R Boxman 08205, NJPsychiatry1376548172
Furey Anthony Lerro 07701, NJPsychiatry1275538027
Divya Gupta 08820, NJPsychiatry1477559763
David Lee Snyder 08057, NJPsychiatry1750387718
Jay P Bellias 08096, NJPsychiatry1194721746
John Calvin Chatlos 07733, NJPsychiatry1497752695
Walter Gene Husar 07001, NJPsychiatry1619974466
Jeffrey A Mattes 08540, NJPsychiatry1104823806
Marc Rothman 19320, NJPsychiatry1700884889
Jay Allen Cohen 08628, NJPsychiatry1588663231
Curt P Pinchuck 07013, NJPsychiatry1275532871
Yevgeniy I Khesin 07860, NJPsychiatry1821098500
The Neuroscience Center Of Northern New Jersey , Pa 07960, NJPsychiatry1265432595
David Nochlin 08820, NJPsychiatry1457351793
Philip A. Hanna 08820, NJPsychiatry1306846647
Keith L. Meloff 08820, NJPsychiatry1902806250
Wei Wei Ma 08820, NJPsychiatry1063412310
Joseph C. Landolfi 08820, NJPsychiatry1033119383
Roopal M. Karia 07754, NJPsychiatry1467452722
Subramanian Hariharan 08820, NJPsychiatry1497755847
Raji P. Grewal 08619, NJPsychiatry1407856792
Michael L. Rosenberg 08820, NJPsychiatry1275533440
Phillip D. Kramer 08820, NJPsychiatry1053311233
Sudhansu Chokroverty 08820, NJPsychiatry1063412492
Jay Klazmer 08053, NJPsychiatry1356341556
Lee Jeffrey Suckno 07866, NJPsychiatry1316947419
Joseph Austin Miller 20889, NJPsychiatry1568463503
Neurologic Arts Associated, Llc 07860, NJPsychiatry1730180654
Michael W. Shore 08034, NJPsychiatry1932100641
Maria Choy 07751, NJPsychiatry1093716268
Matthew Francis Conigliari 07960, NJPsychiatry1417958604
Mark Steven Diamond 07960, NJPsychiatry1073514113
Stuart Warren Fox 07960, NJPsychiatry1063413102
Richard Seth Rosenberg 07960, NJPsychiatry1598766636
Lisa M Coohill 07922, NJPsychiatry1417958521
Carrier Clinic Medical Association 08502, NJPsychiatry1982605077
Bernard M Weintraub 07860, NJPsychiatry1922000934
Simhadri M Gupta 08820, NJPsychiatry1760483895
Laurie J. Peterson-deerfield 08043, NJPsychiatry1689676207
County Of Union 07922, NJPsychiatry1558363127
John Halperin 07901, NJPsychiatry1124010079
Edward Lewis Farkas 07666, NJPsychiatry1154313955
Michael R. Goldin 07054, NJPsychiatry1558353102
Roberto L Caga-anan 07045, NJPsychiatry1932192168
Anthony P La Forgia 07016, NJPsychiatry1255324364
Norman S Chazin 08221, NJPsychiatry1710970553
Ronald Barabas 07719, NJPsychiatry1003809609
Richard Frank Tonzola 07866, NJPsychiatry1669465100
Denise Ann Bongiovanni 07834, NJPsychiatry1396738738
Ketamine Treatment Centers Of Princeton, Llc 10017, NJPsychiatry1780174482
Mukesh J Jhaveri 10940, NJPsychiatry1275526709
Dmitry Primak 07410, NJPsychiatry1609860733
Manish B Viradia 08822, NJPsychiatry1457345324
Angel A Hernandez 07102, NJPsychiatry1447244967
Rolando Y Hong 07102, NJPsychiatry1720072242
Stanley Joel Knep 07012, NJPsychiatry1518952803
Anthony C Tamburello 08302, NJPsychiatry1487649364
Rakesh K Bansil 07039, NJPsychiatry1811982499
Neurology Group Of North Jersey Pa 07012, NJPsychiatry1063407674
Steve Lequerica 07012, NJPsychiatry1881689495
Ravi Yangala 08221, NJPsychiatry1144216755
Avery Seth Katz 07012, NJPsychiatry1083600662
Dorothy Mary Pietrucha 07753, NJPsychiatry1598751083
Fouad Eljarrah 07018, NJPsychiatry1831185008
Vicente M Lim 07203, NJPsychiatry1275529356
Chiang L Lin 07102, NJPsychiatry1164418240
Syed S Jafri Md 07047, NJPsychiatry1144216144
Andrew William Tarulli 07901, NJPsychiatry1700872561
Vijay Maggio 08540, NJPsychiatry1518954080
Bertram Warren 07023, NJPsychiatry1376530667
Robert C Bransfield 07701, NJPsychiatry1467449769
Ernest B Leibov 07871, NJPsychiatry1619964996
Joyce Mae Bailey 07950, NJPsychiatry1841287125
Andres J Pumariega 08103, NJPsychiatry1629065529
Carl Joseph Chiappetta 08619, NJPsychiatry1548258213
Kyun Shin 07701, NJPsychiatry1346238771
Anna Barrett 07052, NJPsychiatry1205824356
Lydia Shajenko 07020, NJPsychiatry1841289634
Kurt Alfred Jaeckle 07901, NJPsychiatry1205825650
Cape Physicians Associates Pa 08210, NJPsychiatry1003805227
Michael R Mc Allister 07032, NJPsychiatry1427048370
Andrew Douglas Logue 08542, NJPsychiatry1447241377
Robert Dennis Aiken 08903, NJPsychiatry1851372981
Marco Pappagallo 10029, NJPsychiatry1720069610
Methods Of Change Inc 07508, NJPsychiatry1306827357
Epilepsy & Neurophysiology Medical Consultants Pa 07601, NJPsychiatry1013998830
Barry Lewis Zimmerman 08753, NJPsychiatry1467433912
Sanjeevani Jain 07871, NJPsychiatry1902887235
Alan D. Deutsch 07753, NJPsychiatry1528040011
Peter P Barcas 07753, NJPsychiatry1407838972
Stephen John Burns 07702, NJPsychiatry1972586204
Sumul N. Raval 07764, NJPsychiatry1376526673
Surinderjeet Singh Sandhu 08701, NJPsychiatry1407839418
Norman H Ladov 07444, NJPsychiatry1003899063
Caren G. Marks 08820, NJPsychiatry1174507644
Ivan Lendvai 08852, NJPsychiatry1477537769
Prabhakaran Rangaswamy 07701, NJPsychiatry1013991207
South Jersey Neurocare Pa 08055, NJPsychiatry1265416317
Jung Hi Lee 08628, NJPsychiatry1417931494
Dagmar Kloupar 07871, NJPsychiatry1497739312
The Van Ost Institute For Family Living 07631, NJPsychiatry1891779625
Advent Christian Health Associates 07974, NJPsychiatry1538143102
Martin D. Schlakman, M.d. Llc 08837, NJPsychiatry1689183311
Elizabeth Anne Hogan 08628, NJPsychiatry1073598561
Lourdes Lloren Montezon 07882, NJPsychiatry1083699128
Jean Robert Harry Jacques 11203, NJPsychiatry1154306868
Gerald Alexander Groves 07882, NJPsychiatry1942285887
Matthew J Deluca 07003, NJPsychiatry1982680302
Scott Michael Weaner 08619, NJPsychiatry1922084219
Norma Saunders 07102, NJPsychiatry1861478166
Carmelo Pingol 07102, NJPsychiatry1437135738
Joseph M Young 07102, NJPsychiatry1871579102
Usha P Bhatt 07882, NJPsychiatry1124004494
Dasen M Brajkovic 11203, NJPsychiatry1699751974
Jayantilal Ramdas Patel 08648, NJPsychiatry1457338253
Chunilal M Kansagra 07753, NJPsychiatry1538146030
Maher Awad 07747, NJPsychiatry1134106677
Saud A. Sadiq 10019, NJPsychiatry1033196506
Pierre Blanchard 11203, NJPsychiatry1093792947
Mark Mintz 08043, NJPsychiatry1649258450
Vinobha Gooriah 08638, NJPsychiatry1912985565
Andrea Jeanne Walter 07452, NJPsychiatry1457330417
Lourdes Medical Associates Pa 08035, NJPsychiatry1568441541
David E. Harrison 08210, NJPsychiatry1689653313
Marc Cantillon 07039, NJPsychiatry1427037803
Arunesh Kumar Mishra 08861, NJPsychiatry1750361671
John R Rushton 08034, NJPsychiatry1386624369
Jeffrey Mark Kargman 08750, NJPsychiatry1942280409
Stephen M Scheinthal 08084, NJPsychiatry1790765196
Bernard Schanzer 07208, NJPsychiatry1669442760
David R Mccomb 08109, NJPsychiatry1326018433
Michael L Sananman 07208, NJPsychiatry1407826514
Peter Q. Harris 07753, NJPsychiatry1366412959
Bruce D Lipsius 08034, NJPsychiatry1891765434
Ying Tao 07208, NJPsychiatry1265402812
Larry Stewart Janoff 08034, NJPsychiatry1245200864
Allen C Zechowy 08034, NJPsychiatry1023088648
Deborah M O'donnell-mulgrew 08084, NJPsychiatry1639149123
Scott D Tzorfas 08244, NJPsychiatry1780654061
Jane Chamberlain 08084, NJPsychiatry1962472282
Stephen M Sachs 07208, NJPsychiatry1992776090
Joseph Buceta 07206, NJPsychiatry1154392975
Purabi Bharatiya 07206, NJPsychiatry1639140577
Robert Elswit 07834, NJPsychiatry1811968506
Mohamed H Yosry 08753, NJPsychiatry1932170651
Neurological Associates Pa 07208, NJPsychiatry1053382713
Catherine Gayle 08084, NJPsychiatry1528039146
Nazli E Gulab 08002, NJPsychiatry1598736118
Steven W Sarner 07860, NJPsychiatry1205807930
Hillard C Sharf 08034, NJPsychiatry1730150350
Linda J. Lang 07719, NJPsychiatry1275504748
David Gary Krefetz 08021, NJPsychiatry1366414799
Syed Arif Zaidi 07601, NJPsychiatry1982675476
Michael J. Friedman 08002, NJPsychiatry1104897586
Douglas Leonard 08002, NJPsychiatry1073585485
Kate Haller 07083, NJPsychiatry1962474213
Rowansom Newjersey Institute For Successful Aging geriatric Neurology 08084, NJPsychiatry1861464968
Harry Madison 08002, NJPsychiatry1013989334
Nahed M El-kholy 07860, NJPsychiatry1518939800
Sofia Feygin 07206, NJPsychiatry1164494209
Saul Gorman 07206, NJPsychiatry1982676045
Stephen Grelecki 07206, NJPsychiatry1508838665
Delfin George C. Ibanez 07728, NJPsychiatry1144292210
Marina Galea 07206, NJPsychiatry1649242793
Anwar Ghali 07206, NJPsychiatry1093787145
Justine Marie Kent 07110, NJPsychiatry1902878077
Geetha Kumar 08002, NJPsychiatry1326010349
Adriana M. Fitzsimmons 07753, NJPsychiatry1285606921
Mohammad Awais Sethi 07206, NJPsychiatry1174595037
Suhas Shanbhag 08628, NJPsychiatry1144292004
William Lukachko 07960, NJPsychiatry1285606855
Narsimha Pinninti 08002, NJPsychiatry1700858222
William F Ranieri 08002, NJPsychiatry1144292665
Leslie N Madrak 08012, NJPsychiatry1851363485
John Paul Ragone 08640, NJPsychiatry1184696791
Joseph Marc Verret 07206, NJPsychiatry1861464364
Rodemar Perez 07206, NJPsychiatry1780656272
Manuel Sanchez 07103, NJPsychiatry1407828999
Jesus Pena 07206, NJPsychiatry1174596498
Rachel Markowitz 07753, NJPsychiatry1922071216
Walter J Rhoades 08002, NJPsychiatry1730152943
David Rissmiller 08002, NJPsychiatry1235102443
S. Mark Sacher 08002, NJPsychiatry1871566828
Glenn D Zielinski 08002, NJPsychiatry1457324303
James J. Rogers 08002, NJPsychiatry1174596944
Helen H. Yi 08002, NJPsychiatry1124091061
Alfred J Wayslow 08002, NJPsychiatry1902879828
Mark Rosenberg 08084, NJPsychiatry1407829096
Robert Marc Davis 08060, NJPsychiatry1912970559
Lynne H Stein 08002, NJPsychiatry1700850336
Mark Wallen 08084, NJPsychiatry1366416901
John Stein 07960, NJPsychiatry1235103573
Arun Kachroo 08048, NJPsychiatry1609840602
Rowansom Newjersey Institute For Successful Aging geriatric Psychiatry 08084, NJPsychiatry1881668846
Edward Francis Caruso 08804, NJPsychiatry1780658864
Marina Kharaz 08701, NJPsychiatry1194790899


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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