Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Baten 87505, NMPsychiatry1043213192
Daniel Nelson Pistone 88001, NMPsychiatry1962405084
Robert C Woody 88081, NMPsychiatry1144228834
Thomas J. Carlow 87109, NMPsychiatry1326048307
Eliza B San Roman 79930, NMPsychiatry1144221003
Michael O. Flanagan 87109, NMPsychiatry1497756670
New Mexico Brain Institute, Inc. 88310, NMPsychiatry1215920426
Javed Iqbal 88011, NMPsychiatry1235123605
Ben Hill Passmore 88345, NMPsychiatry1235123688
Robert R Franklin 87571, NMPsychiatry1538153515
Joseph G Frechen 88310, NMPsychiatry1073500609
Harold E Alexander 88005, NMPsychiatry1104813609
David N Ewing Md Pc 87106, NMPsychiatry1043207285
John Paul Simmons 88310, NMPsychiatry1841285962
Yedida Zoe Rissman 87420, NMPsychiatry1245674704
Judy C Mccarver 87110, NMPsychiatry1255320818
Gabriel A. Hernandez 88011, NMPsychiatry1003806472
Sara L Montgomery 87401, NMPsychiatry1821089400
Eric W Stoltzfus 87401, NMPsychiatry1104817782
Amanda L Deligtisch 87131, NMPsychiatry1881685303
Chitra Bhandari 87301, NMPsychiatry1437140845
George Rushton Greer 87505, NMPsychiatry1699756759
James S. Goodman 87110, NMPsychiatry1407838832
Jan Fawcett 87131, NMPsychiatry1255320198
Timothy C Ownbey 87109, NMPsychiatry1386632404
Karen A Lecomte 88310, NMPsychiatry1487636056
Omnisleep Llc 87109, NMPsychiatry1164410528
John Craig Eaves 87109, NMPsychiatry1437147899
Lynda M Parker 87401, NMPsychiatry1356323588
Roger Ronald Hesselbrock 87117, NMPsychiatry1154304236
William Ulwelling 87109, NMPsychiatry1891778676
Steven S Lustbader 87505, NMPsychiatry1558344119
Kurt Olson 87112, NMPsychiatry1831174341
Anthony James Holzgang 87505, NMPsychiatry1073598298
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87109, NMPsychiatry1104802354
Santa Fe Indian Hospital 87505, NMPsychiatry1992782650
Lori Willinghurst 87109, NMPsychiatry1013994961
Flor J. Caballar Gonzaga 87301, NMPsychiatry1336127653
Jeffrey Raymond Mitchell 87110, NMPsychiatry1568442135
Douglas A Puryear 87507, NMPsychiatry1053399204
Steven R Black 88201, NMPsychiatry1578546438
Jill June Blacharsh 87301, NMPsychiatry1972574416
Michael Hollifield 87109, NMPsychiatry1134191307
Mario Cruz 87106, NMPsychiatry1922070523
Abraham Fiszbein 88001, NMPsychiatry1700859956
James W Cockerill 87117, NMPsychiatry1902879174
Robert Garrett 88061, NMPsychiatry1801860416
Javier Antonio Vera 87031, NMPsychiatry1093789265
Don F. Seelinger 87110, NMPsychiatry1396714325
San Juan Regional Medical Center Inc 87401, NMPsychiatry1992764112
Dermot Michael Cotter 96859, NMPsychiatry1841259520
Kevin E Rexroad 87106, NMPsychiatry1407815798
Scott Nelson 87505, NMPsychiatry1578522892
Lawrence W. Lazarus 87501, NMPsychiatry1083685531
Ariadna Sadzine-bessinger 87401, NMPsychiatry1689633893
Viveca A Meyer 87131, NMPsychiatry1215901012
Douglas Barrett 87102, NMPsychiatry1972562973
Daniel J. Rifkin 87109, NMPsychiatry1598739690
Gary Borrell 87131, NMPsychiatry1952377319
Noah David Freedman 87505, NMPsychiatry1366417669
Neil S Arnet 87109, NMPsychiatry1174582118
Leonel G. Rodarte 88011, NMPsychiatry1528029980
Truett Layton Maddox 88240, NMPsychiatry1356305536
Edwin Bacon Hall 87106, NMPsychiatry1871557678
Jafet Emiro Gonzalez Zakarchenco 87571, NMPsychiatry1336105998
Michael Dudelczyk 87505, NMPsychiatry1942267596
Gail Thaler 87109, NMPsychiatry1942268644
Jonathan David Beamer 87501, NMPsychiatry1578511218
Christopher S Calder 87131, NMPsychiatry1386693596
Bhisit Bhothinard 88061, NMPsychiatry1356392542
James F Vanpelt 88201, NMPsychiatry1083667182
Sigmund G. Jenssen 87106, NMPsychiatry1538110796
Deirdre Donaldson 87131, NMPsychiatry1164482923
Scott C Carroll 87106, NMPsychiatry1659333961
Roswell Hospital Corporation 88201, NMPsychiatry1427001759
Kathleen Shuck Johnson 87109, NMPsychiatry1952356180
Ana T Arizaga-morales 88061, NMPsychiatry1326095498
James Meehan Heneghan 88101, NMPsychiatry1447297999
Carlsbad Medical Center Llc 88220, NMPsychiatry1518904168
Teresa Arizaga morales, M.d., P.c. 88061, NMPsychiatry1457399347
Neal Jeffrey Musselman 88220, NMPsychiatry1447290481
Oksana Lyubarsky 87505, NMPsychiatry1891737318
Florian Birkmayer 87106, NMPsychiatry1760424154
Margaret Anne Conolly 87571, NMPsychiatry1013950252
Walter Farr 87507, NMPsychiatry1770528085
Southwest Counseling Center, Inc. 88001, NMPsychiatry1790721611
Alan F Shultz 87109, NMPsychiatry1578508610
Southwestern Regional Medical Center 88210, NMPsychiatry1225065527
Roberta Stellman 87937, NMPsychiatry1417988890
Sofya M Rubinchik 87112, NMPsychiatry1699706325
Gregory Alan Charlton 88011, NMPsychiatry1386675270
Christopher Clancy 87507, NMPsychiatry1669402103
Las Cruces Mental Health Center Pc 88012, NMPsychiatry1912936774
Darlene K Mullon 89147, NMPsychiatry1558315952
Teresa Ann O'brien 87701, NMPsychiatry1053349878
Ernest Flores 88012, NMPsychiatry1154353183
Sandia Psychiatric Services Pc 87107, NMPsychiatry1558395475
Jose Lujan-palma 88201, NMPsychiatry1407880867
Charles Edward Hauser 87124, NMPsychiatry1184659427
Roswell Hospital 88201, NMPsychiatry1619902863
Jolynn Herrera Muraida 87109, NMPsychiatry1770509416
Wilhelmina Francisco Tengco 87109, NMPsychiatry1508883232
Alan M. Berkowitz 88061, NMPsychiatry1831117548
William F Johnson 87505, NMPsychiatry1467471953
Gerardo J. Moreira 88008, NMPsychiatry1013935675
Michael Sievert 87112, NMPsychiatry1831117431
Toni Jean Camp 87506, NMPsychiatry1255350872
Imran K Alam 87131, NMPsychiatry1700806452
Ian Charles Osborn 87108, NMPsychiatry1285655837
Jose Canive 87131, NMPsychiatry1689695827
Elida Santos De Greinel 87131, NMPsychiatry1851312094
Anilla Del Fabbro 87131, NMPsychiatry1760403901
Joanna Teufel 87131, NMPsychiatry1023039260
Gerardo Villarreal 87108, NMPsychiatry1104847342
Yvonne D Hall 87124, NMPsychiatry1922029164
Anju C Jaiswal 87131, NMPsychiatry1003837246
Kenneth Harold Bull 87107, NMPsychiatry1700808672
Roberto Gomez 87131, NMPsychiatry1750303251
Bruce J. Fisch 87131, NMPsychiatry1407878911
Jose A. Padin-rosado 87106, NMPsychiatry1831112762
Sally L Harris 87109, NMPsychiatry1598788697
Cary C Suter 87108, NMPsychiatry1407879745
Larry Dwight Holden 87506, NMPsychiatry1033133384
Erlinda Ramos Casuga-marquez 87420, NMPsychiatry1881608743
Carol Cameron Schwarz 87110, NMPsychiatry1417961764
Raymond G Franchini 87131, NMPsychiatry1508871054
William Jay Apfeldorf 87106, NMPsychiatry1144235698
Donald Geeze 87131, NMPsychiatry1407861958
Richard Barendsen 87131, NMPsychiatry1689689135
Michael Bogenschutz 87106, NMPsychiatry1942215496
Joanna Katzman 87131, NMPsychiatry1023023587
Tamara Kodis 87131, NMPsychiatry1912912478
Carol Larroque 87131, NMPsychiatry1467467928
Deborah Dellmore 87131, NMPsychiatry1275548737
Elaine Edmonds 87131, NMPsychiatry1164437620
Rashmi Sabu 87131, NMPsychiatry1417962978
Helene Silverblatt 87131, NMPsychiatry1407861966
Albert Vogel 87131, NMPsychiatry1043225519
Sean Yutzy 87131, NMPsychiatry1851306328
Ernest Kenneth Mladinich 87110, NMPsychiatry1821003393
Leslie Morrison 87131, NMPsychiatry1558376020
Christobel Rendall 87131, NMPsychiatry1174538649
Philip Milstein 87508, NMPsychiatry1245245653
Richard Kim Laughter 87301, NMPsychiatry1134135916
Paula L Hensley 87106, NMPsychiatry1811903487
Mark L Berger 87109, NMPsychiatry1124034830
Joseph M. Bicknell 87131, NMPsychiatry1033125745
Gary Rosenberg 87131, NMPsychiatry1275549867
Samual Keith 87131, NMPsychiatry1073529657
Donna M Sigl 87106, NMPsychiatry1174539787
Lee Hammond Iii 87131, NMPsychiatry1881600500
Stephanie Fallon 87108, NMPsychiatry1942216528
Gray B Clarke 87106, NMPsychiatry1407862154
Mary Ida Johnson 87131, NMPsychiatry1184630832
Russell Snyder 87131, NMPsychiatry1235145848
Steven Jenkusky 87131, NMPsychiatry1689680324
Corey Ford 87131, NMPsychiatry1447266135
Robert Bailey 87106, NMPsychiatry1386650083
Cynthia Geppert 87108, NMPsychiatry1629084322
Juan R Bustillo 87131, NMPsychiatry1700892445
Jennifer Vickers 87131, NMPsychiatry1174539662
Larry E Davis 87108, NMPsychiatry1760499057
Glenn D Graham 87108, NMPsychiatry1275549982
Ignacio G Martinez 88401, NMPsychiatry1992711436
Cynthia King 87106, NMPsychiatry1730196775
Nancy Morrison 87131, NMPsychiatry1871500835
David James Mullen 87106, NMPsychiatry1780691741
Dan Martinez 87107, NMPsychiatry1083621049
Teresita Ann Mccarty 87131, NMPsychiatry1528075587
Patrick J Abbott 87106, NMPsychiatry1962419903
Julie Elizabeth Kilpatrick 87107, NMPsychiatry1730196510
Elizabeth R Weil 87106, NMPsychiatry1962419911
Cynthia Williams 87131, NMPsychiatry1952318909
Leonel Perez-limonte 88220, NMPsychiatry1063420412
Senthilkumar Ramasamy 87124, NMPsychiatry1326056201
Beth Robin Reich 87505, NMPsychiatry1952319907
Roland W. Jacobs, Md, Pc 90290, NMPsychiatry1043229800
Roland W. Jacobs, Md, Pc 87580, NMPsychiatry1861401705
State Of New Mexico 87701, NMPsychiatry1912918103
Bruce William Hinrichs 87108, NMPsychiatry1881605020
Thomas Birdsall Vosburgh 87108, NMPsychiatry1427061795
Patricio Rodrigo Escalona 87108, NMPsychiatry1073626156
Edgar Jonathan Lisansky 87108, NMPsychiatry1932212024
Jorge Justin Vargas 88310, NMPsychiatry1083727499
Jeffrey William Katzman 87131, NMPsychiatry1558475939
Dwight Holden Md Fapa Inc. 87506, NMPsychiatry1427163807
Carol Nelson 87112, NMPsychiatry1740395813
Fiszbein Inc 88001, NMPsychiatry1609983139
Maurits Willem Rol 87048, NMPsychiatry1366464299
Anthony John Morton 87106, NMPsychiatry1922018217
Roland W. Jacobs 87580, NMPsychiatry1497762694
Tien Nguyen 87112, NMPsychiatry1346265055
Paul Tiger 87301, NMPsychiatry1821022583
Mary L. De Luca 87110, NMPsychiatry1235152919
Kathryn Fraser 87106, NMPsychiatry1932121431
Ruth Ann Vest Atkinson 87131, NMPsychiatry1053326504
Kenneth Crumley 87106, NMPsychiatry1720093289
Stephen Lewis 87131, NMPsychiatry1912914979
John Adair 87106, NMPsychiatry1336155035
Madeleine Grigg-damberger 87131, NMPsychiatry1760497218


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