Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey David Gould 18901, PAPsychiatry1124021399
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15904, PAPsychiatry1407859580
Fredric M Mintzer 19047, PAPsychiatry1407859960
Conemaugh Health Initiatives 15901, PAPsychiatry1083617674
Brian Patrick Ahlstrom 15901, PAPsychiatry1801899166
Bernard J. O'neill 19611, PAPsychiatry1659373975
Jb Pain Free Md Pllc 19010, PAPsychiatry1316441017
Patricia Passeltiner 15213, PAPsychiatry1578567814
Nancy Dunbar 19380, PAPsychiatry1770587586
Farooq I Khan 15701, PAPsychiatry1710981337
Eliot M Wallack 19146, PAPsychiatry1750385449
Summit Physician Services 17201, PAPsychiatry1306840814
John B Chawluk 17901, PAPsychiatry1376548594
Kathy Marie Piston 16148, PAPsychiatry1386649671
Tony L Byler 17111, PAPsychiatry1154326361
David Kent Nace 19010, PAPsychiatry1881699742
Michael Feinberg 19004, PAPsychiatry1972508612
Corey Nyles Rigberg 19601, PAPsychiatry1407851892
Kussay Nassr 17822, PAPsychiatry1316942022
Thomas Hild Graham 19301, PAPsychiatry1508860990
Deepak Kumar Chugh 38826, PAPsychiatry1053315481
James Albert Dematteis 16507, PAPsychiatry1821093469
Jingzi Shang 16507, PAPsychiatry1356346993
Richard Bruce Kasdan 15206, PAPsychiatry1598761025
Richard Alan Weisman 15206, PAPsychiatry1912903451
John Bartlett Talbott 15206, PAPsychiatry1700882248
Stuart Lee Silverman 15206, PAPsychiatry1326044868
Edward Jacob Mistler 15215, PAPsychiatry1386640837
Neil Amdur Busis 15232, PAPsychiatry1407852999
Farhad Sholevar 18104, PAPsychiatry1417953761
John Timothy Carey 15061, PAPsychiatry1437155645
Jeffrey Jacob Esper 16507, PAPsychiatry1649276809
Ronald Fisher 16652, PAPsychiatry1760488878
Henry R Kranzler 19104, PAPsychiatry1205832201
Herbert M Adler 19107, PAPsychiatry1356347389
Abayomi O Ige 19141, PAPsychiatry1184620130
Thomas Matthew Dugan 15061, PAPsychiatry1346246394
Albert T. Derivan 19426, PAPsychiatry1235135294
Harry A Doyle 19103, PAPsychiatry1831195700
Jagadeesh K Moola 17011, PAPsychiatry1952307746
Mid Atlantic Psychiatric Physicians 17603, PAPsychiatry1932105756
Anne V Dall 17042, PAPsychiatry1548266281
John Joseph Della Rosa 18704, PAPsychiatry1487650297
Steven M Cartun 17601, PAPsychiatry1053317602
Calvin Randolph Stafford 19013, PAPsychiatry1023014628
Donald E Manning 15901, PAPsychiatry1619973427
Seth H Lichtenstein 15146, PAPsychiatry1598761041
John Stephen Shymansky 15146, PAPsychiatry1205832755
Barry R Reznick 15009, PAPsychiatry1568468775
Leighton Huey 18702, PAPsychiatry1275539215
Family Services Of Western Pennsylvania 15238, PAPsychiatry1609873173
Burton Singerman 15901, PAPsychiatry1003813452
Regional Health Services Inc 16507, PAPsychiatry1174520654
John I Boswell 16801, PAPsychiatry1720085228
Edwin Ladja Tan 16648, PAPsychiatry1376540773
Barbara G Kuhlengel 17033, PAPsychiatry1457358640
Lauren Sue Freidus Katz 19081, PAPsychiatry1528065687
Shivkumar Shivappa Hatti 19063, PAPsychiatry1841297975
Laurie B Kile 17109, PAPsychiatry1447257407
Rasik B Lal 16801, PAPsychiatry1851398812
Mark G Fuller 15090, PAPsychiatry1659378511
James J Gaul 19047, PAPsychiatry1114924941
Frank J Munoz 17033, PAPsychiatry1023015781
Jasbir Singh Kang 15275, PAPsychiatry1669470365
Arlene P Bennett 19038, PAPsychiatry1003813981
Timothy Edward Schneider 16142, PAPsychiatry1063419836
Shella Asif Khatri 17201, PAPsychiatry1619974540
Rajkumar R Sarma 15215, PAPsychiatry1184622508
Sarma Behavioral Health Associates, Inc. 15215, PAPsychiatry1710985130
Daniel Barry Block 19390, PAPsychiatry1578561965
Neuropsychiatric Associates Inc., Pc 15701, PAPsychiatry1518965854
William J Oberfield 19063, PAPsychiatry1114925310
Marc Rothman 19320, PAPsychiatry1700884889
Arthur John De Carle 16801, PAPsychiatry1356349450
Thomas Pearce Dauler 16801, PAPsychiatry1699773507
Kenneth William Hylbert 16801, PAPsychiatry1447258348
Timothy Hans Derstine 16801, PAPsychiatry1629076534
Stephen Michael Gollomp 19096, PAPsychiatry1194723585
Roderick Edward Hines 17601, PAPsychiatry1528065729
William Stover Wiggins 18901, PAPsychiatry1508864257
Craig Sherman Feaster 16801, PAPsychiatry1912905795
Mihaela Mihaescu Nowak 15701, PAPsychiatry1801894696
David Liskov 18704, PAPsychiatry1780683417
Rosemary Andries Horstmann 18103, PAPsychiatry1982603460
Horacio Spina 15243, PAPsychiatry1316946775
Rosemary M Keffer 17109, PAPsychiatry1235138371
Francis T Daly 17043, PAPsychiatry1336148295
Maria Corazon G Fernando 17602, PAPsychiatry1194725994
Leo George Dorozynsky 17602, PAPsychiatry1528068137
Advanced Neurocare, Inc. 16602, PAPsychiatry1730189234
Debrin Packer Goubert 15143, PAPsychiatry1326048539
Hoda Z Hanna 19602, PAPsychiatry1487654505
Zahid F Awan 19602, PAPsychiatry1952301988
Pa Institute Of Neurological Disorder Pc 17801, PAPsychiatry1326049388
Elliot Morton Michel 15065, PAPsychiatry1902807845
Donald L Rezek 16335, PAPsychiatry1750382651
Edward Lloyd Williamson 15601, PAPsychiatry1669473492
Ilia Nikhinson 19122, PAPsychiatry1275534018
Michael Sauter 15904, PAPsychiatry1205837051
Lisa A. Jamnback 15301, PAPsychiatry1578564555
Allegheny Clinic 15212, PAPsychiatry1154321560
Judith A Cohen 15212, PAPsychiatry1942200365
Alicia J Kaplan 15212, PAPsychiatry1093716045
David Howard Sirken 19013, PAPsychiatry1609876168
Dale J. Hindmarsh 15601, PAPsychiatry1679574503
Susan M Baser 15212, PAPsychiatry1659370559
Benyam G. Tegene 17011, PAPsychiatry1477552438
Anthony Mark Ruffa 16504, PAPsychiatry1134128341
Kevin M Kelly 15212, PAPsychiatry1356342109
Maria J Sunseri 15224, PAPsychiatry1487655460
Joseph A Wapenski 15237, PAPsychiatry1487654281
Christine Anne Martone 15215, PAPsychiatry1053312488
Patricia J. Jarrett 16001, PAPsychiatry1487655916
Karen A Medzoyan 17042, PAPsychiatry1275534729
James G Jones 19131, PAPsychiatry1265433726
North Philadelphia Health System 19122, PAPsychiatry1194726323
Richard Louis Ray 15212, PAPsychiatry1831190065
Swami Nathan 15212, PAPsychiatry1437150612
Miles Ladenheim 19123, PAPsychiatry1972504199
Jesus Herrera 19134, PAPsychiatry1104827278
Lorinda Jean Berger 19002, PAPsychiatry1528069697
Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street 17901, PAPsychiatry1982606802
Debra Byler 17033, PAPsychiatry1174525810
John Patrick Shields 15212, PAPsychiatry1114929890
Olga A. Katz 19107, PAPsychiatry1427050913
Eric Marc Levin 17201, PAPsychiatry1750383246
Warren Jay Zalut 19006, PAPsychiatry1508858770
Neurological Institute Of Western Pennsylvania Pc 15601, PAPsychiatry1891787941
Michael Dorfman 19341, PAPsychiatry1629060587
Luisito Dingcong 16830, PAPsychiatry1841282738
Neurologic Care And Diagnostic Center Pc 19341, PAPsychiatry1598757585
Adrian Brian Blotner 32610, PAPsychiatry1184616948
Rafael Revol Nunez 19130, PAPsychiatry1700879996
David J Bayard 18960, PAPsychiatry1841283645
Richard Alan Buckler 18960, PAPsychiatry1528051224
Xin C Wang 18960, PAPsychiatry1528051257
Pedro Gonzalez-alegre 19107, PAPsychiatry1003808684
Sami L Khella 19104, PAPsychiatry1124011473
Girish Shah 19122, PAPsychiatry1053312272
Rajendra Gajula 18612, PAPsychiatry1124011614
Victor Gordon Stiebel 15217, PAPsychiatry1164423364
John A. Flamini 16508, PAPsychiatry1669465464
Deborah Alice Snyderman 19103, PAPsychiatry1073515649
Michael D Rancurello 15212, PAPsychiatry1619978996
Gary N Swanson 15212, PAPsychiatry1760484471
Tina L Reiter 15146, PAPsychiatry1336140755
Satyajit Mukherjee 17201, PAPsychiatry1376544817
Shirley John 15401, PAPsychiatry1679575021
Sujatha Pandian 15074, PAPsychiatry1508867086
Nasim Shajihan 15074, PAPsychiatry1043211196
Sandeep S Rana 15212, PAPsychiatry1871594283
Thomas F Scott 15212, PAPsychiatry1093717092
George A Small 15212, PAPsychiatry1821099011
James P Valeriano 15212, PAPsychiatry1801898788
David G Wright 15212, PAPsychiatry1174525828
James Curtis West 20889, PAPsychiatry1225021876
Patton V Nickell 15212, PAPsychiatry1801897293
Lance Alan Besner 16507, PAPsychiatry1265433361
Chhinder P Binning 17601, PAPsychiatry1962494260
Sam Leon Carson 19001, PAPsychiatry1194718569
Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers 18431, PAPsychiatry1952395121
Chun S Chang 18612, PAPsychiatry1942294111
C Paul Scott 15206, PAPsychiatry1710971874
Pamela Louise Leib 17901, PAPsychiatry1235123928
Venkatachalam Mangeshkumar 17543, PAPsychiatry1730173485
Marjorie Saul 19382, PAPsychiatry1154316602
Katherine B. Frantz 19124, PAPsychiatry1710972161
Anne Rosemary Laforte 15009, PAPsychiatry1326033713
Suzanne E Vogel-scibilia 15009, PAPsychiatry1063407468
Barry L Levine 15241, PAPsychiatry1134114366
Ronald A Krisch Md Pc 18103, PAPsychiatry1215922265
Stephen Charles Padnes 19107, PAPsychiatry1669467692
Elliott J. Goldstein 15213, PAPsychiatry1457346306
Reena S Banka 19149, PAPsychiatry1457347940
Soraya Radfar 15228, PAPsychiatry1306832662
Nagbhushan S Rao 17109, PAPsychiatry1366438558
John P Nelson 15206, PAPsychiatry1053307249
Randon Scott Welton 17033, PAPsychiatry1518953421
Robert Louis Chaefsky 19020, PAPsychiatry1679569420
Henry Donald Wills 19403, PAPsychiatry1790772168
Daniel Monti 15238, PAPsychiatry1306833777
Rebecca S Roma 15233, PAPsychiatry1366439747
Wally N Novero 16148, PAPsychiatry1598752966
Harold C Sternlicht 15206, PAPsychiatry1730176116
Brenda K Freeman 15212, PAPsychiatry1497742878
Ali Ahmed 17043, PAPsychiatry1396732616
Linda Zulovich 16127, PAPsychiatry1285621284
Victor Jay Nemerof 19047, PAPsychiatry1679560650
Neurologic Subspecialties Inc 18503, PAPsychiatry1215924261
Robert Michael Dreyfus 19107, PAPsychiatry1689662363
Raul Rodriguez-feo 15901, PAPsychiatry1740278258
Jan M Savit 15901, PAPsychiatry1326036831
Leo Jan Bastiaens 15241, PAPsychiatry1235127754
Ravindranath Kolli 15062, PAPsychiatry1093709040
Ana Recober Montilla 19104, PAPsychiatry1710971023
Leonard J. Leone 16508, PAPsychiatry1043205214
Razvan Theodor Vaida 17349, PAPsychiatry1396739512
Julianne Jean Oboyle 18431, PAPsychiatry1750376182
Donald J Kushon 99701, PAPsychiatry1730174756
Peter J. Hauber 15219, PAPsychiatry1548256555


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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