Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Winston R Ortiz Cintron 00717, PRPsychiatry1275537292
Jorge R. De Jesus 00682, PRPsychiatry1194721431
Dodanid Cardona 00725, PRPsychiatry1366447963
Ivonne De L Fraga Berrios 00918, PRPsychiatry1033116264
Hector L Rodriguez 00717, PRPsychiatry1083612154
Jenaro Scarano-garcia 00717, PRPsychiatry1407854060
Health Administration Services, Inc. 00921, PRPsychiatry1356349229
Concepci´┐Żn Maldonado 00909, PRPsychiatry1407855091
Annette Eunice Martinez Padilla 00612, PRPsychiatry1881695971
Luis J. Forastieri 00725, PRPsychiatry1902808553
Indra Febles-gordian 00921, PRPsychiatry1336131549
Nicolas M Perez Maldonado 00961, PRPsychiatry1558354829
Oscar Jesus Benitez 00921, PRPsychiatry1215920863
Hazel A Toledo 00612, PRPsychiatry1669464368
Armando Fortuno 00612, PRPsychiatry1578555272
Renato V Sartori 00918, PRPsychiatry1902894587
Francisco Guzman Yunque 00983, PRPsychiatry1972596351
Hector O Rivera Gonzalez 00736, PRPsychiatry1619963113
Carmelo Eduardo Herrero Lugo 00791, PRPsychiatry1588652085
Ruben L Bravo Valverde 00959, PRPsychiatry1053309260
Julio A. Mojica Sandoz 00918, PRPsychiatry1285623835
Ada L Delgado Mateo 00959, PRPsychiatry1992795975
Fabio H Lugo Gutierrez 00780, PRPsychiatry1306836176
Andrea Gonzalez Duenas 00924, PRPsychiatry1427048578
Dessie L Vega 00949, PRPsychiatry1659362895
Sylma Batista 00961, PRPsychiatry1396726584
Antonio A Milland Torres 00726, PRPsychiatry1376524181
Jorge A Sanchez-cruz 00918, PRPsychiatry1578544151
Jose Alberto Alonso Alonso 00919, PRPsychiatry1467434548
Yaidi Pablos 00918, PRPsychiatry1528040763
Jose R Busquets 00680, PRPsychiatry1285616284
Carmen A Fitzpatrick De Montalvo 00918, PRPsychiatry1407838865
Trevor Hope Grant 00936, PRPsychiatry1033192380
Irelis Ramirez 00918, PRPsychiatry1851374060
Carlos Tulio Vargas 00705, PRPsychiatry1750379830
Andres Montalvo 34769, PRPsychiatry1194713172
Manuel A Brignoni Roman 00717, PRPsychiatry1427047760
Jaime Rosa 00959, PRPsychiatry1922081611
Marieanne Perocier Aguirre 00917, PRPsychiatry1841274537
Lourdes Santiago 00717, PRPsychiatry1811972250
Juan Deniz 00909, PRPsychiatry1205811692
Mario Bernal 00918, PRPsychiatry1003891318
Jose Antonio Nunez-lopez 00727, PRPsychiatry1205811486
Jose Roy Vazquez-maldonado 00962, PRPsychiatry1104801273
Rodrigo Freytes 00927, PRPsychiatry1548245665
Nilda R De Jesus Pla 00961, PRPsychiatry1285619114
Ruben Brignoni Serrano 00961, PRPsychiatry1427033141
Carmen Serrano 00935, PRPsychiatry1992781595
Argelio A Lopez-roca 00918, PRPsychiatry1679559991
Maira Ayala 00969, PRPsychiatry1528044641
Efrain Del Valle 00982, PRPsychiatry1053398727
Francisco Jose Amador 00918, PRPsychiatry1790762334
Jorge Luis Santiago Colon 00926, PRPsychiatry1134106701
Luce Villafane Carmona 00738, PRPsychiatry1952389025
Maria Mercedes Cardona-rodriguez 00926, PRPsychiatry1265411037
Camille Aquirre Perocier 00928, PRPsychiatry1407835804
Centro Especializado En Dolor De Cabeza Y Neurologia 00923, PRPsychiatry1316917438
Hector Aviles 00921, PRPsychiatry1922078716
Jose Eugenio Villanueva 00927, PRPsychiatry1649258807
Armando Ivan Caro-bonet 00680, PRPsychiatry1962485417
Elvira Giambartolomei 00918, PRPsychiatry1528038007
Luis Rafael Polo 00907, PRPsychiatry1447220777
Benjamin Del Valle Rodriguez 00725, PRPsychiatry1811968894
Fernando Martinez Scmidt 00919, PRPsychiatry1023089836
Aidarilys Santiago Luna 00725, PRPsychiatry1942271820
Douglas Javier Romero 00926, PRPsychiatry1609847490
Miljan I Rosado Santiago 00603, PRPsychiatry1306817911
Robert Toro 00674, PRPsychiatry1598736092
Samuel Mendez 00680, PRPsychiatry1407828619
Lines Maria Perez 00918, PRPsychiatry1821060971
Merbil Gonzalez Diaz 00680, PRPsychiatry1902878614
Myrta N Sifonte 00960, PRPsychiatry1669445912
Raul Benitez 00674, PRPsychiatry1972578060
Reynaldo Rodriguez-llauger 00918, PRPsychiatry1851367122
Osvaldo G. De La Luz 00927, PRPsychiatry1972579084
Maria Dolores Olazabal 00966, PRPsychiatry1811965643
Eric Martinez Colon 00961, PRPsychiatry1225007263
Armando Luis Perez De Jesus 00784, PRPsychiatry1831167964
Jose Tito Lima Quinones 00909, PRPsychiatry1649249467
Glenn Joseph Garayalde 00907, PRPsychiatry1619946035
Hector Chinea-rodriguez 00745, PRPsychiatry1366411787
Justo X Rodriguez 00725, PRPsychiatry1528037876
Dayra Fernandez 00918, PRPsychiatry1811956709
Lesbia Aponte 00961, PRPsychiatry1023077716
Ana Judith Roman - Garcia 00927, PRPsychiatry1740240092
Gian Carlo Gierbolini 00674, PRPsychiatry1518935964
Innovative Psychiatric Group, Psc 00725, PRPsychiatry1851362735
Jaime Del Toro Soto 00918, PRPsychiatry1316906365
Luis Freytes-lugo 00683, PRPsychiatry1316919111
Paul Anthony Guzman Valido 00783, PRPsychiatry1740240043
Janet Perez Chiesa 00976, PRPsychiatry1750341566
Eduardo Rentas 00674, PRPsychiatry1215997994
Americo Oms 00780, PRPsychiatry1770544074
Ruth Rivera-malave 00674, PRPsychiatry1699736819
Juan Rodriguez Del Valle 00917, PRPsychiatry1396708947
Diogenes Orestes Adames 00985, PRPsychiatry1427011899
Gishlaine Alfonso 00918, PRPsychiatry1053374975
Carlos R. Lao Velez 00959, PRPsychiatry1144283904
Jose L Raimundi Melendez 00674, PRPsychiatry1669435459
Lydia R Fernandez 00922, PRPsychiatry1730143918
Mayra Vera-ramirez 00717, PRPsychiatry1851356638
Orlando A Torres 00780, PRPsychiatry1104881903
Socorro J Figueroa 00725, PRPsychiatry1376508085
Pedro Luis Nieves Lopez 00927, PRPsychiatry1881659035
Ramon Vicente Nevares 00920, PRPsychiatry1770549479
Roberto Coira 00926, PRPsychiatry1376509968
Arturo Miro 00985, PRPsychiatry1790741221
Juan J Rodriguez 00961, PRPsychiatry1558327668
Pedro Nelson Colberg 00918, PRPsychiatry1841257763
Wanda Ivelisse Quiles 00780, PRPsychiatry1538126289
Bogart R Esparza Razo 00716, PRPsychiatry1679521645
Ramon H. Parrilla 00739, PRPsychiatry1689622672
Bernardo Bibino Muniz 00680, PRPsychiatry1881642783
Reinaldo Jose Carreras 00717, PRPsychiatry1134177181
Antonio Rafael Gonzalez 00725, PRPsychiatry1124077649
Brenda L. Deliz 00921, PRPsychiatry1023068467
Reinaldo Joaquin Carreras 00717, PRPsychiatry1538110416
Nereida I Feliciano 00926, PRPsychiatry1528010725
Janira Nazario 00927, PRPsychiatry1770535684
Ohel Soto Raices 00918, PRPsychiatry1306899760
Arturo A Ortiz 00907, PRPsychiatry1891748125
Ramses Normandia 00918, PRPsychiatry1023062726
Miguel Arturo Ramirez Jimenez 00984, PRPsychiatry1144282427
Millan Javier Garcia 00612, PRPsychiatry1164487880
Lissette Jimenez-davila 00918, PRPsychiatry1477502441
Jose Rafael Gomez Alba 00982, PRPsychiatry1326099243
Edgar Carlos Hernandez Viera 00923, PRPsychiatry1477515310
Mercedes Velazquez 00926, PRPsychiatry1154382133
Joalmi Berrios 00921, PRPsychiatry1265486286
Carmen M. Rodriguez 00771, PRPsychiatry1871548313
Analid T. Diaz 00927, PRPsychiatry1679520639
Elsie M Wiscovich-teruel 00907, PRPsychiatry1386691764
Francisco J. Vazquez Reillo 00737, PRPsychiatry1194772483
Elizabeth Noriega De Quintero 00918, PRPsychiatry1619914595
Alberto M. Varela Fernandez 00918, PRPsychiatry1386682490
Jose E Quintero 00918, PRPsychiatry1609814904
Yvette Marie Cruz 00918, PRPsychiatry1558300616
Franklin Diaz 00745, PRPsychiatry1639118136
David A Flores 00736, PRPsychiatry1568401073
Ruth Miriam Feliciano 00915, PRPsychiatry1396785580
Victor M Vazquez-moreno 00953, PRPsychiatry1568402725
Jose M Palou Abasolo 00969, PRPsychiatry1407897994
Luis A Iguina 00921, PRPsychiatry1164462768
Angel R Chinea 00969, PRPsychiatry1720029317
Luis Antonio Rodriguez-vecchini 00909, PRPsychiatry1124069232
Alan Del Castillo 00918, PRPsychiatry1114968187
Hector Rodriguez Perez 00918, PRPsychiatry1457392474
Jose J Vigo 00917, PRPsychiatry1043252760
Ana Vidal 00926, PRPsychiatry1023050986
Walter Pagan 00918, PRPsychiatry1922041722
Rebecca Fantauzzi 00918, PRPsychiatry1134162878
Ivette Franceschi Nazario 00738, PRPsychiatry1033152608
Maricel Rios 00921, PRPsychiatry1568405033
Oscar A Ruiz 00918, PRPsychiatry1578506937
Nestor J Galarza 00921, PRPsychiatry1285677351
Manuel Pubillones 00921, PRPsychiatry1700820537
Gerardo Tejedor Gonzalez 00738, PRPsychiatry1073557880
Arlene Jeannette Martinez 00791, PRPsychiatry1790729341
Jaime Marchena Arraut 00738, PRPsychiatry1265476451
Margarita T Vargas-lopez 00725, PRPsychiatry1497781629
Madelyn Lopez 00918, PRPsychiatry1013945401
Dhilma L Alicea 00725, PRPsychiatry1588692339
Hilda M Rivera 00957, PRPsychiatry1255369047
Lelis L. Nazario-rodriguez 00935, PRPsychiatry1881622942
Frank F Escobar-roger 00921, PRPsychiatry1245268713
Olga S Rodriguez 00725, PRPsychiatry1588692099
Annette Martinez 00725, PRPsychiatry1205864717
Hilson Acosta 00739, PRPsychiatry1821026311
Rolando Irizarry 00918, PRPsychiatry1558399063
Erick F Santos Hernandez 00927, PRPsychiatry1558399071
Juan G Batista 00915, PRPsychiatry1457389975
Rafael Cruz Mena 00745, PRPsychiatry1033149661
Geraldo V Navarro 00725, PRPsychiatry1457380040
Lorenzo Gonzalez 00907, PRPsychiatry1275564163
Jesus Rivero 00986, PRPsychiatry1316978141
Olga Vanessa Rios 00959, PRPsychiatry1417988320
Vilma T. Mccarthy 00921, PRPsychiatry1174555809
Felix Maldonado 00732, PRPsychiatry1255371860
Julie M Olivencia Sanabria 00738, PRPsychiatry1053355784
Ignacio L Pita Garcia 00968, PRPsychiatry1447286679
Jose Antonio Rodriguez 00926, PRPsychiatry1770519662
Juan Rafael Nunez 00979, PRPsychiatry1801832159
Maria M Sanchez-bonilla 00907, PRPsychiatry1043254642
Reinaldo J Rodriguez Cruz 00791, PRPsychiatry1285673707
Ruben Rivera-carrion 00716, PRPsychiatry1720010960
Edna E Laracuente 00725, PRPsychiatry1659303089
Carlos I. De Jesus 00716, PRPsychiatry1891729364
Maria Eugenia Davila 00936, PRPsychiatry1598799868
Ricardo Enrique Sanchez 00612, PRPsychiatry1528092988
Nilda Burgos 00680, PRPsychiatry1104851054
Janice Quinones 00917, PRPsychiatry1932134095
Felix O Pitterson 00921, PRPsychiatry1811914542
Centro Interdisciplinario De Salud Mental, C.s.p 00717, PRPsychiatry1396763561
Miriam Marti 00921, PRPsychiatry1174541270
Michelle Troche Panetto 00921, PRPsychiatry1083633507
Yvonne Peterson-tapia 00921, PRPsychiatry1629097407
Maritza Ortiz Acosta 00731, PRPsychiatry1427077528
Jorge Gonzalez 00674, PRPsychiatry1902826175
Angie Linda Zayas-ortiz 00926, PRPsychiatry1497775332
Alicia M. Ortiz 00921, PRPsychiatry1437170941


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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