Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jerry F Sherrill 29631, SCPsychiatry1073587390
Leslie Elizabeth Frinks 29203, SCPsychiatry1699738591
Nioaka Nicole Campbell 29203, SCPsychiatry1083675615
Melissa Perez Maceda 29646, SCPsychiatry1326078676
Stephanie Lisa Berg 29203, SCPsychiatry1508809831
Deepa Sobti 29203, SCPsychiatry1124058458
William Blake Haren 29605, SCPsychiatry1558479410
Jennifer Elizabeth Heath 29203, SCPsychiatry1629169214
Rodney Owen Leacock 29203, SCPsychiatry1356436703
Valerie Meshack Mosley 75233, SCPsychiatry1992896559
Ralph C Pollock 29203, SCPsychiatry1215069034
Rachel Annette Houchins 29203, SCPsychiatry1528199536
Catherine E. Louis 28792, SCPsychiatry1073717567
George Mack Jacob 29605, SCPsychiatry1457508384
Jonathan Riddle Scarff 23801, SCPsychiatry1750523205
Daniel Uderitz 29455, SCPsychiatry1295963437
Emile Andrew Barrouk 29646, SCPsychiatry1346479847
Stephanie Leigh Price 29401, SCPsychiatry1487948774
Urvi Shah 29621, SCPsychiatry1053759332
Matthew English Gaskins 29206, SCPsychiatry1669784674
Brian Guy Leduc 82001, SCPsychiatry1346565736
Elizabeth Jo Mason 29615, SCPsychiatry1235367822
Ifeanyi Obianyo Iwuchukwu 60637, SCPsychiatry1215169974
Peter Louis Loper 29203, SCPsychiatry1992090765
Stephanie Sapna Shah 37684, SCPsychiatry1942561816
Yi-jou Tsai 30328, SCPsychiatry1053674903
Nakia Wilson 32610, SCPsychiatry1104265909
John Robert Ganz 29407, SCPsychiatry1962841700
Sami Al Kasab 52242, SCPsychiatry1538509799
Isabella Osato Adjinah 29201, SCPsychiatry1710242151
Eric Anthony Brueckner 06519, SCPsychiatry1578901328
Lauren Maurissa Baras 98271, SCPsychiatry1578901591
Claben Rey M Barraca 29646, SCPsychiatry1386674620
Leslie Renee Kimpler 77030, SCPsychiatry1568759553
Kristina Salinas Hotz 29203, SCPsychiatry1407111636
Ravindra Prakash Srivastava 29926, SCPsychiatry1497822738
William Harold Bingham 29169, SCPsychiatry1588077622
Jaclyn Sligar 29210, SCPsychiatry1942613278
Rekha Prasad 32117, SCPsychiatry1164480745
Annabelle K Simpson 98188, SCPsychiatry1164785614
Todd Keith Magro 29406, SCPsychiatry1437319266
St Francis Physician Services Inc 29615, SCPsychiatry1093163511
Jeffrey Scott Cluver 29406, SCPsychiatry1194746677
Mahir I Shah 29708, SCPsychiatry1083709182
Lauren Tucker 29732, SCPsychiatry1548642721
John A Porter 29601, SCPsychiatry1487636999
Julian Christopher Duda 92103, SCPsychiatry1952716409
Michael Anthony Sierra 29615, SCPsychiatry1720491640
Ravi Anand 06510, SCPsychiatry1619325503
Yevgeniy Gelfand 29425, SCPsychiatry1013005495
David Michael Allen 29407, SCPsychiatry1659768620
Jeffrey D Raynor 29203, SCPsychiatry1841409760
Rebecca Ann Payne 29203, SCPsychiatry1740379817
John Gabriel Smith 29425, SCPsychiatry1609396035
Ilva Genoveva Iriarte 29414, SCPsychiatry1952663445
Addason Fellows Heath Mccaslin 60611, SCPsychiatry1083032809
Jessica P Floyd 33919, SCPsychiatry1386888113
Brittany Schafer Jones 29201, SCPsychiatry1780996280
Ryan Gianatasio 75075, SCPsychiatry1144489550
Susan Jayne Olson 29577, SCPsychiatry1205996303
Susan Samuel 30322, SCPsychiatry1851564363
Henry Biemann Othersen 29209, SCPsychiatry1710909718
Kelly Anne Campbell 78723, SCPsychiatry1205240611
Anthony Williamson 29910, SCPsychiatry1609829845
Violetta Czepowicz 29605, SCPsychiatry1356325435
Rachel Leidner 75230, SCPsychiatry1770879553
Orlando Arthur Ricalde 29678, SCPsychiatry1336113646
Douglas Ray Davis 67401, SCPsychiatry1386056083
Clinton Emmitt Branch 30501, SCPsychiatry1184739435
Richard Galloway 22042, SCPsychiatry1750415485
Charles Stewart Jervey 29615, SCPsychiatry1801865365
Laura Genevieve Mccabe 70112, SCPsychiatry1568824266
Eventus Wholehealth, Pllc 28025, SCPsychiatry1548759392
Joel Robert Saul 97701, SCPsychiatry1609280387
Yasmeen Rauf 44106, SCPsychiatry1790029627
James Philip Battista 29425, SCPsychiatry1366769986
Awakenings Psychiatric Services, Pc 29601, SCPsychiatry1518591858
Jared Jeffrey Woodward 06510, SCPsychiatry1518372879
Christine Joan Wolfe 19103, SCPsychiatry1417395559
Cordy Mcgill-scarlett 29425, SCPsychiatry1790301240
Zane Mccarthy 30276, SCPsychiatry1366890972
Ashnoo Nanavati 22042, SCPsychiatry1003297086
Michael Nahhas 77030, SCPsychiatry1427431469
Vernetta H Jacobs 29209, SCPsychiatry1285726935
Phyllis Marie Bryant-mobley 29204, SCPsychiatry1902891294
Amy Beth Levenson 80045, SCPsychiatry1588768113
Katelin Jean Williamson 29210, SCPsychiatry1477967859
Julian A Bravo 93702, SCPsychiatry1982638623
David Craig Fipps 55905, SCPsychiatry1255781720
William Kendall Bache 02301, SCPsychiatry1619312774
Carolina Family Care, Inc 29720, SCPsychiatry1275564098
Nzinga Liza Robertson 31201, SCPsychiatry1740663319
Christopher Robert Pryor 29414, SCPsychiatry1730569245
Rebecca Anne Frost 03756, SCPsychiatry1003174376
Margaret Ruyle Rukstalis 29210, SCPsychiatry1649629619
Gregory J Sengstock 29841, SCPsychiatry1033179858
Harsh Soni 37129, SCPsychiatry1588002638
Mohit Datta 30309, SCPsychiatry1720217102
Emily Cullen 29414, SCPsychiatry1598026601
Lidia Bastos Conforto Yamada 29425, SCPsychiatry1932461233
Bradley Allen Clayton 29204, SCPsychiatry1659419869
Amar Anand 94591, SCPsychiatry1407297005
Erin Nickel Brooks 27607, SCPsychiatry1528447091
Alain Zingraff Lekoubou Looti 17033, SCPsychiatry1174963888
Mark James Corsale 33309, SCPsychiatry1356471999
John Heyl Gibson 27103, SCPsychiatry1326057928
Neil Ghanshyam Patel 28211, SCPsychiatry1477992063
Swaroop Abhimanyoo Pawar 28204, SCPsychiatry1073778627
Maria Elena Moreno 20110, SCPsychiatry1659716918
Katherine Willett Dahlberg 29169, SCPsychiatry1629314836
Meenakshi Parmar 29425, SCPsychiatry1417170143
Leonardo Morantes Gomez 27607, SCPsychiatry1821317637
Faisal Ahmed 95661, SCPsychiatry1588004287
Darlene H Moak 29407, SCPsychiatry1659323830
James Adam Mauro 37129, SCPsychiatry1740638238
Paul Everman 29401, SCPsychiatry1376657072
Frank Olin Pusey 29169, SCPsychiatry1730277732
Sc Pain & Spine Specialists, Llc 29566, SCPsychiatry1841615283
Amanda Clark Floyd 29732, SCPsychiatry1699936641
George M. Sandoz 29526, SCPsychiatry1013975010
Stacia Moore 28792, SCPsychiatry1215019617
Darwin Russell Boor 30501, SCPsychiatry1730178419
Sairah Bashir 22042, SCPsychiatry1366624231
Melanie N Asbury 79930, SCPsychiatry1285889030
Samir Rameshchandra Karia 40202, SCPsychiatry1326278342
Khoa Dang Tran 24014, SCPsychiatry1346458908
Katie Newman Chambers 29732, SCPsychiatry1770921751
Sarah Oros 40508, SCPsychiatry1598179731
Nicole Yvonne Franklin 95667, SCPsychiatry1629275540
Joshua Daniel Vanderwerf 29650, SCPsychiatry1659712602
Rukhsana W. Mirza 29401, SCPsychiatry1649301482
Christina Pitts Lynn 29588, SCPsychiatry1700014248
Oday Alsarraf 61104, SCPsychiatry1871907774
Neurology Assoc Of Greenville 29605, SCPsychiatry1811989221
Carolina Orthopaedic And Neurosurgical Associates 29303, SCPsychiatry1568454056
Clemson Neurology 29631, SCPsychiatry1699766436
Daniel Pistone Md Pa 29526, SCPsychiatry1801876446
Center For Neurology Care Llc 29301, SCPsychiatry1306826060
Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute Pa 29801, SCPsychiatry1518943364
Mobile Diagnostics, Llc 29150, SCPsychiatry1487624862
The Regional Medical Center Of Orangeburg And Calhoun Counties 29118, SCPsychiatry1003889676
Lake Ridge Neurological 29672, SCPsychiatry1063486363
Aiken Psychiatric And Psychotherapy Associates Pa 29803, SCPsychiatry1114995099
Absher Neurology Pa 29607, SCPsychiatry1578532925
Carolina Neurological Clinic, L.l.p. 29414, SCPsychiatry1346209129
University Medical Associates 29425, SCPsychiatry1982678496
Aiken Neurosciences Pc 29801, SCPsychiatry1518929629
Ernest C. Martin, M.d., P.a. 29625, SCPsychiatry1871555896
Counseling Associates Llc 29585, SCPsychiatry1831152545
Piedmont Health Group Llc 29646, SCPsychiatry1275597585
Inlet Cardiopulmonary & Associates, Pa 29585, SCPsychiatry1063479806
Aiken Regional Medical Centers 29801, SCPsychiatry1083663553
Neuroscience Associates Of The Upstate, Pa 29621, SCPsychiatry1144272105
Upstate Psychiatry, Pa 29605, SCPsychiatry1497792592
Anderson Psychiatry And Psychotherapy, Llc 29621, SCPsychiatry1033156484
Upstate Psychiatric Associates Pa 29303, SCPsychiatry1205874716
Colleton Neurology Associates Llc 29488, SCPsychiatry1922047943
Trident Behavioral Health Services Llc 29406, SCPsychiatry1962444752
Coastal Psychiatry, Llc 29407, SCPsychiatry1699702654
Spartanburg Regional Med Ctr 29303, SCPsychiatry1710918230
St. Andrews Psychiatric Services, Llc 29407, SCPsychiatry1922039940
Palmetto Primary Care Physicians 29445, SCPsychiatry1942249867
Palmetto Primary Care Physicians 29492, SCPsychiatry1144269929
Orangeburg Psychiatric Associates 29118, SCPsychiatry1003302795
University Specialty Clinics Neuropsychiatry And Behavioral Science 29203, SCPsychiatry1821020116
Neurology And Pain Clinic Llc 29118, SCPsychiatry1124051396
Anmed Health 29621, SCPsychiatry1194750554
Neurology Neurosurgery Clinic, P.a. 29403, SCPsychiatry1760417141
University Medical Associates 29425, SCPsychiatry1851318455
South Carolina Neurological Clinic Pa 29201, SCPsychiatry1821009077
Donald J Curran Do Pllc 86326, SCPsychiatry1376658633
Sumter Psychiatry Associates Pa 29154, SCPsychiatry1679589485
Midlands Neurology & Pain Assoc, P.a 29205, SCPsychiatry1629084132
Coastal Addiction Recovery Llc 29406, SCPsychiatry1942701792
Kershaw Cnty Psych Llc 29020, SCPsychiatry1366559395
Coastal Carolina Physician Practices Llc 29910, SCPsychiatry1487761318
Mcleod Physician Associates Ii 29532, SCPsychiatry1629189766
Carolina Rheumatology & Neurology Assoc. 29572, SCPsychiatry1215031653
Greenville Neurology Consultants, Pa 29605, SCPsychiatry1073618732
Carol Nichols & Carol Kooistra 29307, SCPsychiatry1033207832
Spartanburg Medical Center 29303, SCPsychiatry1295824159
The Regional Medical Center Of Orangeburg And Calhoun Counties 29118, SCPsychiatry1003998956
Statewide Outreach Project Llc 29115, SCPsychiatry1043320146
Coastal Carolina Physician Practices Llc 29927, SCPsychiatry1033216312
Northeast Psychiatric Associates 29118, SCPsychiatry1487728051
Carolina Psychiatric Services, Inc 29169, SCPsychiatry1326115031
Strand Psychiatric Associates Pa 29588, SCPsychiatry1538229448
Mario S. Bangco, Md, Pa 29526, SCPsychiatry1093876435
Charleston Neurology Associates, Llc 29406, SCPsychiatry1508921750
Tarunendu S Dwivedi Md Pc 29732, SCPsychiatry1679622013
University Medical Associates 29425, SCPsychiatry1003967050
Oaktree Medical Centre, Pc 29615, SCPsychiatry1487794319
C J Jones Enterprises Pa 29485, SCPsychiatry1033245634
Anderson Neurological Associates 29621, SCPsychiatry1285766428
Clemson Behavioral Health Pa 29631, SCPsychiatry1467575936
M Alexander Staton Md Pa 29577, SCPsychiatry1417070640
John F Abess Md Pa 29401, SCPsychiatry1780802348
Mary S Boyd Md Llc 29169, SCPsychiatry1962624106
Claire J Hyde Md Pa 29169, SCPsychiatry1518189760
Jan Presberg Md Llc 29169, SCPsychiatry1841412178


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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