Providers with Taxonomy: Psychiatry in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychiatry
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shahin Shirzadi 77074, TXPsychiatry1013910876
James Marcellus Barry 76021, TXPsychiatry1952304743
Leonard Hershkowitz 77074, TXPsychiatry1831192608
Abel Hipolito 78240, TXPsychiatry1801899562
Scott Hall 76021, TXPsychiatry1396748075
Jerome Marc Kane 76021, TXPsychiatry1558364232
Michael D Jenkins 79106, TXPsychiatry1912900028
Health And Human Services Commission 78028, TXPsychiatry1588671481
John R Debus 75231, TXPsychiatry1457354094
Lawrence G Root 77002, TXPsychiatry1518960178
Muhammad Naeem 76234, TXPsychiatry1508869116
Paul T Homsy 77095, TXPsychiatry1801899455
Philip Michael Becker 75231, TXPsychiatry1609879394
Todd Jay Swick 77063, TXPsychiatry1730182213
Leon D Rosenthal 75231, TXPsychiatry1285637827
Kandasami Senthilkumar 77701, TXPsychiatry1811990369
Sheldon G. Gross 78229, TXPsychiatry1922001395
Deena Gandhi 77478, TXPsychiatry1124021480
Michael R Seals 75093, TXPsychiatry1689677056
Rajat Gupta 78746, TXPsychiatry1225031552
Hanane Chichane 76028, TXPsychiatry1689677957
Ricardo R Pardo 77521, TXPsychiatry1932101243
John Raymond Seals 78229, TXPsychiatry1639171929
Mark E Pretorius 75093, TXPsychiatry1912900580
Jennifer York 78731, TXPsychiatry1194728535
Raymond A. Martin 77030, TXPsychiatry1497758130
Kevin Clifford Gaffney 77380, TXPsychiatry1972506426
Stephanie M Schwartz 77521, TXPsychiatry1063414316
Jade Schiffman 77030, TXPsychiatry1700888971
Joyce J Gelfond 78232, TXPsychiatry1710981758
Gary J. Gronstedt 78731, TXPsychiatry1780688531
Jill K Pontius 75766, TXPsychiatry1124022918
David Joel Korman 75801, TXPsychiatry1942204755
Joseph Albert Abijay 79761, TXPsychiatry1225032899
Ali Moussaoui 77598, TXPsychiatry1114921905
Stephen David Gelfond 78234, TXPsychiatry1467456426
William L High 77701, TXPsychiatry1952305443
Emilio Rene Cardona 77030, TXPsychiatry1467456897
Herbert Isaac Dorfan 77030, TXPsychiatry1346245636
Francisco J Marquez 79936, TXPsychiatry1487659249
Eulon Ross Taylor 78751, TXPsychiatry1619972411
Teresita Mouret Brothers 78229, TXPsychiatry1093710758
Nancy A Burt 78251, TXPsychiatry1407851223
Thomas Albert Grugle 75230, TXPsychiatry1033113469
Uma Pulipaka 75601, TXPsychiatry1700881562
Jackson T. Biggs 77964, TXPsychiatry1821093493
Efren Saucedo Olea 78205, TXPsychiatry1740285386
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association 75093, TXPsychiatry1245235886
Cyrus Sajadi 77057, TXPsychiatry1174529531
Krishna Kishore Kambhampati 77504, TXPsychiatry1750387122
Jose M Diaz 77030, TXPsychiatry1194721480
Edwin A Green 76801, TXPsychiatry1295731479
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association 75042, TXPsychiatry1255337275
Rajen B Desai 77706, TXPsychiatry1992701940
Suzanne K Gazda 78231, TXPsychiatry1740286764
Ruy Mireles Quintanilla 78503, TXPsychiatry1467458422
Shahzad Saeed Allawala 75116, TXPsychiatry1861498743
Johnnie L. Rose 77002, TXPsychiatry1609872365
George B Creel 76508, TXPsychiatry1063418804
Healthtexas Provider Network 76034, TXPsychiatry1235135906
Ashok Jain 77478, TXPsychiatry1780680470
James H Grubbs 78704, TXPsychiatry1215933015
Anne Elizabeth Anderson 77030, TXPsychiatry1659377455
Hugh Randall Matthews 77098, TXPsychiatry1144226804
Martin David Solomon 76051, TXPsychiatry1962408583
Joel A Holiner 75230, TXPsychiatry1639174246
Walter Elliston 75230, TXPsychiatry1912902537
Rodolfo Molina 75230, TXPsychiatry1083619605
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXPsychiatry1760488936
Kristi J Posey 77027, TXPsychiatry1013913177
Patricia Lowrimore 76107, TXPsychiatry1831194455
Shiraj Adambhai Vahora 79720, TXPsychiatry1407852650
Marci Ann Roy 78730, TXPsychiatry1457356073
Joshua Williams Goldman 78228, TXPsychiatry1952307241
James G Baker 78712, TXPsychiatry1487650156
Louise D Mccullough 77030, TXPsychiatry1447256441
Douglas E Lewis 79106, TXPsychiatry1538166996
Thomas Gray Hardaway 78217, TXPsychiatry1417954728
W Dennis Tobin 77901, TXPsychiatry1861499063
Cynthia Louise Sills 77070, TXPsychiatry1124025382
Melissa Michelle Yu 77030, TXPsychiatry1831196914
David Trent Orman 78234, TXPsychiatry1275530933
Rodolfo Fierro-stevens 79902, TXPsychiatry1568469245
Michael Scott Woods 75093, TXPsychiatry1821095522
Steven Philip Glusman 79930, TXPsychiatry1275530974
H S Chuang 77068, TXPsychiatry1538166442
Sun City Neurology, P.a. 79902, TXPsychiatry1164420832
Sara Westgate 78735, TXPsychiatry1336147941
Johanan Levine 79905, TXPsychiatry1316945843
Easwar M Sundaram 75092, TXPsychiatry1679571004
Bharathy E Sundaram 75092, TXPsychiatry1396743720
Mohamad S Al-rifai 75092, TXPsychiatry1023016458
Jose A Matus 75092, TXPsychiatry1841298270
Jerome E Lopez 75092, TXPsychiatry1083612303
Aaron H Fink Md Pa 77027, TXPsychiatry1437157757
Milton Altschuler, M.d., P.a. 77027, TXPsychiatry1053319384
Doyle I. Carson 75042, TXPsychiatry1750389821
Jonathan Edward Walker 75230, TXPsychiatry1952309031
Suprabha Bhat 77074, TXPsychiatry1972501047
Pamela Y Blake 77008, TXPsychiatry1548268691
Dallas County Hospital District 75235, TXPsychiatry1649278995
Syed Mansoor Hussaini Md Pa 75254, TXPsychiatry1053776856
Stonewall Memorial Hospital 79502, TXPsychiatry1083612121
Grzegorz P Kurzydlo 77338, TXPsychiatry1083611925
Hector Xavier Samaniego 78229, TXPsychiatry1487651527
Miguel Angel Gutierrez 78503, TXPsychiatry1922005438
Dante R Burgos 75401, TXPsychiatry1427055391
Blair William Krell 77566, TXPsychiatry1912904731
Desiree B Thomas 77025, TXPsychiatry1821095258
Texoma Neurology Associates, Pa 75092, TXPsychiatry1669470092
Festus Uzokwe 77072, TXPsychiatry1275532046
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXPsychiatry1376541193
Jose J Leyva 77031, TXPsychiatry1992703714
Edward Brown Gripon 77706, TXPsychiatry1063411775
Clark Don Terrell 78230, TXPsychiatry1700885415
Beechnut Neurology Pa 77074, TXPsychiatry1750380226
Ronald Devere 78734, TXPsychiatry1770582058
Kathleen Anne Gallentine 77005, TXPsychiatry1184623498
Bryan Wieck 76301, TXPsychiatry1962401166
Harvey C. Martin 76301, TXPsychiatry1326047556
David Ira Kabel 75093, TXPsychiatry1467451443
William J Hwang 75237, TXPsychiatry1093714172
Rose Street Mental Health Care, Llp 76301, TXPsychiatry1760481709
Alejandro Munoz 75160, TXPsychiatry1619976693
Zareena Raffi 75216, TXPsychiatry1780683771
Robert Leon Boyne 75701, TXPsychiatry1134128176
Theresa Marie Vail 75701, TXPsychiatry1700885605
Joseph S Jenike 75088, TXPsychiatry1851391726
John E Hueter 75503, TXPsychiatry1609876515
Judith E. Hogg 79106, TXPsychiatry1699775387
Valery N Lipenko 76022, TXPsychiatry1982604427
Jung T. Cheng 76012, TXPsychiatry1942200464
Montgomery Verona 78705, TXPsychiatry1326048729
Edward W. Tobey 75503, TXPsychiatry1306846712
Erica Cotner Montgomery 77030, TXPsychiatry1801896147
Randolph Warren Evans 77004, TXPsychiatry1780684076
Elizabeth Jane Davidson 79401, TXPsychiatry1801896089
Son Vi Nguyen 79101, TXPsychiatry1699775908
Gregory R Montoya 75503, TXPsychiatry1083614176
Manazir Shamsi 77022, TXPsychiatry1750381992
Michael E Clevenger 75503, TXPsychiatry1245230341
Priscilla Ray 77030, TXPsychiatry1801897863
Susan E Backes 77027, TXPsychiatry1972504975
Eliza B San Roman 79930, TXPsychiatry1144221003
Jaron L Winston 78757, TXPsychiatry1568463420
Senior Adults Specialty Healthcare Pa 78757, TXPsychiatry1639170541
Scott R. Elkin 78705, TXPsychiatry1265433080
Charles Hunt Sargent 78232, TXPsychiatry1982605978
Jamal Rafique 77081, TXPsychiatry1891794996
Proguidance Iom, Pllc 75243, TXPsychiatry1366898561
Mumtaz Suleman 77058, TXPsychiatry1023017431
Mary Quiceno 76107, TXPsychiatry1497754162
Bhupesh Hasmukh Dihenia 79410, TXPsychiatry1205835022
Edmund Cavazos 78229, TXPsychiatry1568461986
William W Follett 78373, TXPsychiatry1295736999
Ed Jose Borrego 79912, TXPsychiatry1356342075
Jean K Thomas 75503, TXPsychiatry1881695534
Nancy L Griffin 75503, TXPsychiatry1295736957
Richard Earle Palmer 77070, TXPsychiatry1811998420
Daniel Dong Wook Hyun 78212, TXPsychiatry1194726448
David Flume 78746, TXPsychiatry1962403469
Roddy M Strobel 79706, TXPsychiatry1669473112
Aziz Shaibani 77030, TXPsychiatry1164423588
J Clay Sawyer 76712, TXPsychiatry1720080724
Edward Earl Icaza 77494, TXPsychiatry1134121940
Kirk Steven Dutton 76701, TXPsychiatry1861494700
Thomas R Weiss 78229, TXPsychiatry1063414928
Chess Medical Group, Llp 78041, TXPsychiatry1740282557
Jeffrey Allen Jackson 77479, TXPsychiatry1821090697
Nancy Washburn 77090, TXPsychiatry1740282524
Marie T Kelly 76102, TXPsychiatry1497757819
Mark Steven Jacobs 77081, TXPsychiatry1295737617
James T Stinnett 76542, TXPsychiatry1790787190
Vatsala Bhaskaran 77034, TXPsychiatry1427040401
William S. Gilmer 77004, TXPsychiatry1558353417
George S Leventon 77401, TXPsychiatry1992797997
Michael Anthony Schlesser 75235, TXPsychiatry1649262551
Andres Hugo Keichian 77054, TXPsychiatry1225020019
Gwendolyn Dukes 77204, TXPsychiatry1437141298
Robert D Schneider 79902, TXPsychiatry1801888631
Michael John Higgins 78236, TXPsychiatry1629060314
Richard David Brower 79905, TXPsychiatry1801888557
Asim A Shah 77030, TXPsychiatry1275525834
Melvin Lee Cohen 78232, TXPsychiatry1609868165
Randolph B. Schiffer 79430, TXPsychiatry1447242995
Edwin Howard Charnock 75115, TXPsychiatry1790777076
Guru V Motgi 75237, TXPsychiatry1285626572
Yong He 75115, TXPsychiatry1710979133
Altaf Loya 77089, TXPsychiatry1538151964
Ramon Victor Sanchez 78205, TXPsychiatry1063404408
Richard Ahn 75115, TXPsychiatry1700878071
Nancy Ann Robinson 77598, TXPsychiatry1700878089
Jack David Gardner 75203, TXPsychiatry1851383152
Charles C Tuen 75237, TXPsychiatry1114919412
David Chen 75208, TXPsychiatry1609868918
Thomas A. Leavens 76104, TXPsychiatry1114910460
Houston Paul Putman 78746, TXPsychiatry1720071087
Miguel Angel Pappolla 77054, TXPsychiatry1528051646
Elisa G. Sanchez 78577, TXPsychiatry1366435307
Benjamin R Millar 78217, TXPsychiatry1275526188


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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