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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anne Frederickson NYPsychologist Clinical1740434752
Annette Payne NYPsychologist Clinical1164536330
Ariella Vered Popple CAPsychologist Clinical1619162310
Arlene S Noble CAPsychologist Clinical1821299835
Arvalea Jane Nelson CAPsychologist Clinical1437403789
Ashley Watts ORPsychologist Clinical1568998763
Awen Knowles NYPsychologist Clinical1356622328
Benjamin Winn Mueller NYPsychologist Clinical1437439593
Betsy Mcdonnell NYPsychologist Clinical1275648727
Bhumi Mehta GAPsychologist Clinical1831665157
Brad Alan Arisohn NYPsychologist Clinical1750327359
Bradford Thomas Meyers OHPsychologist Clinical1528551918
Bradley Biggs NYPsychologist Clinical1336239151
Brandy Petrie Psychologist Clinical1942434683
Brenda Hawkins NYPsychologist Clinical1972528412
Brett Hartman NYPsychologist Clinical1184160715
Brian M. Freidenberg NYPsychologist Clinical1558759035
Brian Lukas CAPsychologist Clinical1962419549
Bronna D Romanoff NYPsychologist Clinical1619075348
Brooke Donovan NYPsychologist Clinical1295115418
Brooke Picotte NYPsychologist Clinical1043658404
Bruce Franklin Nelson NYPsychologist Clinical1962445312
Burton I Klinger NYPsychologist Clinical1376623959
Caitlin Killelea Holley NYPsychologist Clinical1801105739
Cal Regula NYPsychologist Clinical1508970781
Callen E. Fishman NYPsychologist Clinical1124463831
Carlton Walker NYPsychologist Clinical1265502595
Carol Carlson NYPsychologist Clinical1861572729
Carol Drucker CAPsychologist Clinical1417411372
Carol Odsess CAPsychologist Clinical1417008533
Carolyn S Bennett CAPsychologist Clinical1407881352
Carrie D. Thaler CAPsychologist Clinical1114059664
Carrie L Trimarchi NYPsychologist Clinical1154553022
Carter Mehl CAPsychologist Clinical1154456978
Charles Reed Kennedy NYPsychologist Clinical1750485116
Cheryl Ann Davies NYPsychologist Clinical1417984451
Cheryl A Frye NYPsychologist Clinical1346606167
Cheryl L Kaiser-ulrey GAPsychologist Clinical1548360522
Christa Stalberg Donaldson CAPsychologist Clinical1972643047
Christina Colgary Psychologist Clinical1154949808
Christopher Kunkle NYPsychologist Clinical1235415811
Christopher Hoover Smith ORPsychologist Clinical1922377233
Clifford Hartman ORPsychologist Clinical1508983099
Colleen Klee Psychologist Clinical1306124391
Corey Maloney Psychologist Clinical1477037646
Cory Prairie Psychologist Clinical1689104804
Craig Adam Kimmelblatt NYPsychologist Clinical1629192927
Cyndi Lowe CAPsychologist Clinical1407220031
Cynthia Lynn Townsend CAPsychologist Clinical1831687482
Dana Catharine Nevedal NYPsychologist Clinical1417372103
Daniel Brown NYPsychologist Clinical1417972662
Daniel Ryan Hoffman NYPsychologist Clinical1689121774
Daniel Melvin Huber NYPsychologist Clinical1831464718
David Greenawalt TXPsychologist Clinical1861834103
David J. Kelley NYPsychologist Clinical1184720088
David R Steindorf NYPsychologist Clinical1841274735
Deborah H Panitch NYPsychologist Clinical1104842848
Debra J Fruchtman NYPsychologist Clinical1245351816
Denise Eileen Mccarthy NYPsychologist Clinical1336209535
Diane Kathleen Cerjan GAPsychologist Clinical1437131380
Doreen Harris NYPsychologist Clinical1003909029
Drew Arthur Anderson NYPsychologist Clinical1033108956
Dvora Catherine Walker NYPsychologist Clinical1366846727
Ed Schmookler CAPsychologist Clinical1114131398
Edelgard Wulfert NYPsychologist Clinical1922173483
Edmund J Burke NYPsychologist Clinical1780755330
Edward James Hickling NYPsychologist Clinical1801903471
Elana B Gordis NYPsychologist Clinical1659638807
Elizabeth G Bradley NYPsychologist Clinical1023530532
Elizabeth M. Gialanella NYPsychologist Clinical1770850372
Elizabeth Koropsak-berman NYPsychologist Clinical1013030741
Elizabeth Krainer CAPsychologist Clinical1396181194
Elizabeth Mcgowan Lewis NYPsychologist Clinical1992718399
Elizabeth Critz Schockmel NYPsychologist Clinical1336294743
Ellen K. Womack GAPsychologist Clinical1427126689
Elsa P. Johnson CAPsychologist Clinical1194842641
Eric Greenleaf CAPsychologist Clinical1689698979
Erika Frances NYPsychologist Clinical1093041329
Esther Rebecca Brass CAPsychologist Clinical1548380595
Felicia Glenn Gerrol NYPsychologist Clinical1235227612
Fortunee Kayra-stuart CAPsychologist Clinical1821149931
Frederick James Smith NYPsychologist Clinical1053398453
Gale R. Lipsyte CAPsychologist Clinical1235372921
Gary L Dillon NYPsychologist Clinical1679109714
Gary William Hobbs NYPsychologist Clinical1760544407
Gayle Morse NYPsychologist Clinical1487676300
George R Sheckart MEPsychologist Clinical1124078753
Gerald H Berger NYPsychologist Clinical1477503266
Geraldine L. Anthony CAPsychologist Clinical1871613711
Ginna M Roeding NYPsychologist Clinical1730284688
Gregory Paul Blimling NYPsychologist Clinical1366987075
Gregory John Masiello NYPsychologist Clinical1689774614
Gretchen Herbert Wilber NYPsychologist Clinical1538469952
Harry (sam) Wells Sappington ORPsychologist Clinical1801001151
Howard H Ferrin NYPsychologist Clinical1013091693
Ian Patrick Haag NYPsychologist Clinical1538390208
Jacqueline A Bashkoff NYPsychologist Clinical1841300928
James Franklin Boswell MAPsychologist Clinical1346739950
James A Nesser NYPsychologist Clinical1790829000
James P Thalmann NYPsychologist Clinical1417051012
Jamie A Lemke Psychologist Clinical1730324328
Jan F Schreiber CAPsychologist Clinical1760503296
Jane Irby Allen ORPsychologist Clinical1245354208
Jane Carla Gellert NYPsychologist Clinical1184633422
Jane Rachel Kaplan CAPsychologist Clinical1871710558
Janella Street CAPsychologist Clinical1497819825
Janet Appe Psychologist Clinical1609144864
Janet Fern Gorewitz CAPsychologist Clinical1952742306
Jeanette P Sharp NYPsychologist Clinical1215048236
Jeanne Kostas NYPsychologist Clinical1790868859
Jed Sekoff CAPsychologist Clinical1831322809
Jeffery H Fox NYPsychologist Clinical1275641748
Jeffrey R Root NYPsychologist Clinical1487741823
Jennifer Kirkland CAPsychologist Clinical1912149352
Jennifer Alicia Leary Psychologist Clinical1306087986
Jessica Burke NYPsychologist Clinical1699711036
Jill Deltosta NYPsychologist Clinical1548519317
Jill Ann Pettinger NYPsychologist Clinical1922106608
Jo Anne Shields ORPsychologist Clinical1427351436
Joan Stephanie Wenters CAPsychologist Clinical1063502151
Joanna Marie Elmquist ORPsychologist Clinical1881209161
John Basal NYPsychologist Clinical1043256480
John Madden Dyckman CAPsychologist Clinical1841358348
John Michael Hershey NYPsychologist Clinical1801951025
John Edward Peters CAPsychologist Clinical1306018940
Johnel D Bushell NYPsychologist Clinical1053473819
Jonathan Desmond Mcrae NYPsychologist Clinical1871000786
Jonathan Parker Psychologist Clinical1063756948
Joseph A Albert NYPsychologist Clinical1215092614
Joseph Ernest Bernier NYPsychologist Clinical1174689046
Josh Rinker KSPsychologist Clinical1265984744
Joshua Altschule NYPsychologist Clinical1487616843
Joyce Yvette Dewitt-parker NYPsychologist Clinical1447657457
Judith Ann Falk NYPsychologist Clinical1265671085
Judith Ann Stanley NYPsychologist Clinical1689813727
Julia Margaretha Hormes NYPsychologist Clinical1013404870
Julia Reeb NYPsychologist Clinical1871626119
Julie Anne Heslin Pokat NYPsychologist Clinical1891916409
Julie Nettina Morison NYPsychologist Clinical1134209729
Julie Marie O'neill NYPsychologist Clinical1790023646
Julie Simon Psychologist Clinical1225277486
Jyoti Swaminathan NYPsychologist Clinical1396917340
Kadi J Driscoll Psychologist Clinical1659656809
Kaitlin Carter NYPsychologist Clinical1275885857
Katalin Galasi CAPsychologist Clinical1285799924
Katey Nicolai CAPsychologist Clinical1558887182
Katherine E Kelly NYPsychologist Clinical1477822559
Kathleen A. Hess CAPsychologist Clinical1609962414
Kathryn G Low MEPsychologist Clinical1922244391
Katja E Mohr CAPsychologist Clinical1285953612
Kavitha Finnity NYPsychologist Clinical1104858505
Kayoko Yokoyama CAPsychologist Clinical1063048130
Keith Westerfield LAPsychologist Clinical1376866848
Kelly Longacker NYPsychologist Clinical1689935603
Kirsten Eidle-barkman NYPsychologist Clinical1841403748
Kristin Christodulu NYPsychologist Clinical1225372709
Kristine Gravino NYPsychologist Clinical1639197171
Laura Kagan NYPsychologist Clinical1629050117
Laura B. Mason CAPsychologist Clinical1639183668
Lauren Utter NYPsychologist Clinical1437534245
Lauren Margaret Weisberg Psychologist Clinical1851918080
Lawrence F Avery NYPsychologist Clinical1497851299
Lawrence Dana NYPsychologist Clinical1790700847
Lawrence S Stallman NYPsychologist Clinical1093859282
Leigh Ross NYPsychologist Clinical1629353263
Leslie Van Buren Waite COPsychologist Clinical1558910208
Liebe Deborah Goldberg CAPsychologist Clinical1659924165
Linda Renee Bockheim ORPsychologist Clinical1013417286
Linda Kapusta NYPsychologist Clinical1659654812
Linda S Shapiro NYPsychologist Clinical1245306620
Lindsey Erinn Felix ORPsychologist Clinical1790039063
Lois A Shapiro NYPsychologist Clinical1083958391
Loraine Y Van Tuyl CAPsychologist Clinical1124166905
Loretta Silvana Malta NYPsychologist Clinical1366429292
Lori Hotaling Psychologist Clinical1982220182
Lydia S Ward-gray MEPsychologist Clinical1992812770
Lynda C Reed CAPsychologist Clinical1417080136
Lynn Winsten CAPsychologist Clinical1043334196
Lynne Lee Ehlers CAPsychologist Clinical1679760631
M. Katherine Kennedy NYPsychologist Clinical1174647085
Malinda Ann Dale GAPsychologist Clinical1629050570
Margaret Dodson CAPsychologist Clinical1144317900
Margaret Ann Guertin CAPsychologist Clinical1306198676
Margaret C Guglielmi NYPsychologist Clinical1881918308
Margaret Elizabeth Nettles CAPsychologist Clinical1457406860
Margaret Laurie Wright GAPsychologist Clinical1508954553
Margeaux Rosette Lieberman CAPsychologist Clinical1356596555
Maria Kuethe NYPsychologist Clinical1124231832
Marilyn Ann Gewacke NYPsychologist Clinical1861514374
Marilyn M Mckee NYPsychologist Clinical1518281088
Marilyn G O'connor CAPsychologist Clinical1295895613
Mark Richard Lukowitsky NYPsychologist Clinical1659620953
Mark Sokoloff NYPsychologist Clinical1225143795
Mark H. Wagner NYPsychologist Clinical1184928962
Marta Lucia Flores Psychologist Clinical1215194014
Mary Rose Duncan NYPsychologist Clinical1528334810
Mary Elaine Martin NYPsychologist Clinical1639397201
Mary Kathleen O'neill NYPsychologist Clinical1215339171
Maryanne Yates NYPsychologist Clinical1164687455
Matthew David Blagys MAPsychologist Clinical1609095132


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