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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Mark Prichard MNPsychologist Clinical1669464905
Alan J. Harris FLPsychologist Clinical1639161938
Nancy Walker Forman OHPsychologist Clinical1861484172
Suz Gabrielle Coan WAPsychologist Clinical1730171042
Jennifer R Antick ORPsychologist Clinical1285626507
Cecilia Jacobs OHPsychologist Clinical1356333678
Terrence James Koller ILPsychologist Clinical1487647715
William Plaxco VAPsychologist Clinical1518950856
Terry Alan Hayes MAPsychologist Clinical1962495226
Peter Nelson NYPsychologist Clinical1982697249
Andrew A Jacobs MOPsychologist Clinical1073506226
Perry James Sherman NYPsychologist Clinical1619960929
Gabrielle Stutman NYPsychologist Clinical1144213463
Robert J. Lentz ILPsychologist Clinical1356334536
Alicia Cabrera PRPsychologist Clinical1790778975
Michael William Mangis ILPsychologist Clinical1063405249
Paul Bryant Dickerson PAPsychologist Clinical1588656813
Carol G Weiss CAPsychologist Clinical1326031683
Stephen P Greggo ILPsychologist Clinical1306839634
Charles D. Glass COPsychologist Clinical1265425565
Steven B Cassel FLPsychologist Clinical1174516470
Marnee Swope Colburn VAPsychologist Clinical1457344699
Donald Bartlett NYPsychologist Clinical1144213430
Mary Kay Pribyl ILPsychologist Clinical1083607303
Donna Lettieri-marks ILPsychologist Clinical1346233665
Lola Winn O'renick MOPsychologist Clinical1699768846
Scott Cabot Willis ORPsychologist Clinical1679566848
Bruce Ivan Kristol FLPsychologist Clinical1922091198
Joan F Hakimi ILPsychologist Clinical1750374708
Michael J Urban INPsychologist Clinical1588657514
Jerry George Soucy CAPsychologist Clinical1023001054
Suellyn M Mahan INPsychologist Clinical1316930357
John W Gastorf OKPsychologist Clinical1770576712
Dan Whitehead CAPsychologist Clinical1952394033
Roger Earl Enfield GAPsychologist Clinical1578556668
Mary Anna Hovey FLPsychologist Clinical1982697082
John Calvin Parmer GAPsychologist Clinical1417940511
Alan Lincoln CAPsychologist Clinical1104819119
Randy Lee Kettering ILPsychologist Clinical1407849680
Brian Ross Campbell WAPsychologist Clinical1245223270
Laura L Fredendall INPsychologist Clinical1881687820
Jack J. Lesyk OHPsychologist Clinical1326031444
Alexander Adam Eschbach ILPsychologist Clinical1417940610
Misty Lynn Boyd OKPsychologist Clinical1568455764
James W Morgan MOPsychologist Clinical1780677856
A Eugene Palchanis MAPsychologist Clinical1255324331
David K Middleton CAPsychologist Clinical1255324257
Mark A. Lemay TNPsychologist Clinical1447243480
Mary Angela Yerkes ILPsychologist Clinical1649263823
George William Frangia DEPsychologist Clinical1538152723
Karl W. Jackson OHPsychologist Clinical1124011218
Michael J Murphy INPsychologist Clinical1265425219
Patricia A Murphy INPsychologist Clinical1437142494
Patricia J Lafave MIPsychologist Clinical1902899974
Megan Hudson MIPsychologist Clinical1013900901
Pamela A Ryan WVPsychologist Clinical1467445353
Harry J Deppe ILPsychologist Clinical1689667503
Stanley Vernon Butts MOPsychologist Clinical1336132257
Gail Hegeman MNPsychologist Clinical1114910049
Stephen L Tench TNPsychologist Clinical1245223148
Evelyn C Kemp TNPsychologist Clinical1295728111
Terry E Zuehlke MNPsychologist Clinical1114910064
Robert L Rominger NCPsychologist Clinical1386637247
Mark A Edinberg CTPsychologist Clinical1750374625
Steven M Cobb NMPsychologist Clinical1487647384
Marilyn Luber PAPsychologist Clinical1558354480
Karen Ann Peruzzi NYPsychologist Clinical1992798821
Richard Charles Toye NHPsychologist Clinical1992798946
Gary Neal Goodman AZPsychologist Clinical1316930381
Michelle C. Coker KSPsychologist Clinical1295728277
Emily Vanburen Mulcahy SCPsychologist Clinical1093708083
H. Michael Peter NYPsychologist Clinical1811980808
Barry D. Berger TXPsychologist Clinical1780677575
Amy G Frankel MOPsychologist Clinical1447243266
Fernando Colon MIPsychologist Clinical1114910932
Richard Thomas Bristol MAPsychologist Clinical1922091750
Kay M Streim NYPsychologist Clinical1992798722
Thomas Paul Swales OHPsychologist Clinical1922091768
Christian L Babo MNPsychologist Clinical1003809856
Susan Wolf NJPsychologist Clinical1033102892
Steven Lee Brigham CAPsychologist Clinical1639162472
Samuel Moreno ILPsychologist Clinical1568455236
Christine Freeman Ryan Psychologist Clinical1386637056
Nancy June Stott TNPsychologist Clinical1033102728
Kathleen Kay Tobey MNPsychologist Clinical1679566368
Lynda Marie Behrendt ILPsychologist Clinical1831182534
Marlene Parker INPsychologist Clinical1376536052
Linda O. Folsom CAPsychologist Clinical1225021926
Georgia Gayle Wilcox ORPsychologist Clinical1710970413
Allen Lebovits NYPsychologist Clinical1124011994
Lynn D Hardy Psychologist Clinical1639162407
Gary D Vikesland MNPsychologist Clinical1073506846
Julianne S Zuehlke MNPsychologist Clinical1508859372
Rebecca Lynn Nicholas OKPsychologist Clinical1194718809
Timothy Joseph Re ILPsychologist Clinical1265425979
Joe Tooley NCPsychologist Clinical1164415881
Esme Jane Blackburn MAPsychologist Clinical1427041144
Diana J Brenner OHPsychologist Clinical1154314870
Karin Galliano FLPsychologist Clinical1063405785
David John Reinhardt CAPsychologist Clinical1407849128
Mary Anne Hanley Geskie NYPsychologist Clinical1861485583
James A Young ARPsychologist Clinical1053304790
Rosemary Tofalo Bowes DCPsychologist Clinical1992798656
Paul Andrew Walters GAPsychologist Clinical1477546190
Lawrence M Kistler MAPsychologist Clinical1467445114
Steven R Pollard FLPsychologist Clinical1346233095
Delia Medlin IDPsychologist Clinical1558354290
Kenneth I Pargament OHPsychologist Clinical1629061288
Miller Garrison ORPsychologist Clinical1962495556
Steven Joseph Drydyk AZPsychologist Clinical1831182492
Raymond K Schneider NYPsychologist Clinical1588657225
Lewise L. Busch DCPsychologist Clinical1568455202
Mary Locke Shear INPsychologist Clinical1144213711
Lynn A Bruner PAPsychologist Clinical1437142015
Andrew Barry Goff NCPsychologist Clinical1306839998
Katherine J Miller PAPsychologist Clinical1356334940
Nancy N. Brothers CAPsychologist Clinical1700879301
Maria Soda PAPsychologist Clinical1447243076
F Von Broembsen MAPsychologist Clinical1245223700
Mary Kathleen Prospero OHPsychologist Clinical1457344079
Paul R. Vajner OHPsychologist Clinical1427041995
Scot D Engel TXPsychologist Clinical1649263187
Sheldon L Levinson KYPsychologist Clinical1497748099
Richard Steven Reynolds ALPsychologist Clinical1124011721
James Andrew Mackenzie AZPsychologist Clinical1366435844
Susan H Golden MIPsychologist Clinical1255324737
Margaret L. Harlan MOPsychologist Clinical1720071210
B Janet Hibbs PAPsychologist Clinical1760475305
Todd Kevin Mckee NEPsychologist Clinical1841283363
Darlene Kay Nalesnik PAPsychologist Clinical1346233897
Jacqueline Lee Zimmer CAPsychologist Clinical1417958927
Elizabeth A Reynolds PAPsychologist Clinical1457344236
Joan Estrem Weidling MNPsychologist Clinical1114910973
Mary Lynn James-smith NCPsychologist Clinical1548294994
Charlotte Mccafferty Swenson DEPsychologist Clinical1811998347
Henry Jeffrey Davis INPsychologist Clinical1407858129
Carol Steele TNPsychologist Clinical1114910213
Milton James Grosenbach MIPsychologist Clinical1851392310
Donna Marie Bahr MNPsychologist Clinical1952303851
Andrea Senteney Fiscus MTPsychologist Clinical1356343842
Deborah A Battles MNPsychologist Clinical1093716714
Nancy L Rogers PAPsychologist Clinical1063405173
Elizabeth Botzer NYPsychologist Clinical1063414423
Raquel M Maymir OHPsychologist Clinical1982696316
Melissa S Kaufman NYPsychologist Clinical1144368291
Herbert Machowsky PAPsychologist Clinical1174516900
Elizabeth F. Feldman ILPsychologist Clinical1144213323
Patricia Anna Graham INPsychologist Clinical1093716466
Debra Williams Psychologist Clinical1841643913
Aubrey Lee Moore GAPsychologist Clinical1093708737
Gail Deborah Simon-boyd FLPsychologist Clinical1871040568
Alex Robert Kelman Psychologist Clinical1518416312
Billy Joe Boyd OKPsychologist Clinical1063405769
Joanne T Marengo ILPsychologist Clinical1467445684
Ruth L Kooiman MNPsychologist Clinical1720080765
Anne A Gephart Moore ILPsychologist Clinical1780686857
Robyn Dawn Gable PAPsychologist Clinical1487646428
John Raymond Erickson PAPsychologist Clinical1366434466
Christine Urban Bruin NCPsychologist Clinical1033549910
Wendy Goldberg Newton ORPsychologist Clinical1134112725
Harold J May NCPsychologist Clinical1205829868
Teri A Meyers PAPsychologist Clinical1780685222
Walter Scott Newsom TXPsychologist Clinical1275526212
Danielle Joi Sanchack ALPsychologist Clinical1821080573
L Emily Brown Cabezudo AZPsychologist Clinical1396737243
Warren D Keller NYPsychologist Clinical1821090648
Marie Greenspan NMPsychologist Clinical1184616765
Patricia A Falcon AZPsychologist Clinical1710970959
Michael Butkus MIPsychologist Clinical1649262296
Yma Lopez-rosado PRPsychologist Clinical1467445528
Therese C Mihlbauer INPsychologist Clinical1609868504
William Dean Billows ILPsychologist Clinical1619969854
Jody Ann Pahlavan WIPsychologist Clinical1093707044
David F Wasserman CAPsychologist Clinical1912999806
V Christian Hedegard PAPsychologist Clinical1811980063
Tabitha Ann Burnard-travis Psychologist Clinical1467969360
Chrisanthia Brown KSPsychologist Clinical1861995680
Julia Marie Nicholson Crumrine INPsychologist Clinical1932100484
Christopher Converse Babbitt WIPsychologist Clinical1245232982
Robert Allen Underwood KYPsychologist Clinical1467444125
William J Kuzbyt FLPsychologist Clinical1982697199
Nancy Millian CTPsychologist Clinical1578556882
Marjorie Jean Hill NYPsychologist Clinical1801389697
David Schiffman NYPsychologist Clinical1962495473
Susan B Carpenter TNPsychologist Clinical1528051448
Bryan Edward Connell NCPsychologist Clinical1891787255
Kristen E. Bettencourt MAPsychologist Clinical1578049037
Burton A Kittay TXPsychologist Clinical1811989338
James Long ARPsychologist Clinical1275526733
Jennifer S. Land FLPsychologist Clinical1790778934
Marc R Malone ORPsychologist Clinical1992273718
Lynn E Fisher-kittay TXPsychologist Clinical1669464186
Daniel Rachlin TNPsychologist Clinical1124029251
Christine Karounos NJPsychologist Clinical1407312002
Nancy Jean Goranson WIPsychologist Clinical1245223742
Ann D Mingione VAPsychologist Clinical1124011622
Robert M Gerstle VAPsychologist Clinical1265425771
Norbert Newfield VAPsychologist Clinical1245223759
James Ralph Smith ILPsychologist Clinical1659364180
Melchor Mercado CAPsychologist Clinical1750374104


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