Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Alaska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Alaska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Hannah Elizabeth Ekstrom 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1700296183
Carlan Gordon 80010, AKPsychologist Clinical1528419785
Rebecca Volino Robinson 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1225498967
Jennifer Jepson 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1881145134
Alisa Niehuser 99505, AKPsychologist Clinical1023253705
Monarch Psychiatry Of Alaska Llc 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1891200911
Gwendoline C Dewitt 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1316289739
Baba Sy 99502, AKPsychologist Clinical1417389511
Joyce Ulofoshio 89120, AKPsychologist Clinical1003020371
Michael Arnatt 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1679029169
Cordova School District 99574, AKPsychologist Clinical1841772795
John Deruyter 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1396828125
Jane A Hull 58201, AKPsychologist Clinical1629102256
Teresa D. Ross 96859, AKPsychologist Clinical1326025131
Shara Nicole Francin 96819, AKPsychologist Clinical1033414891
Diane V Digiulio 99801, AKPsychologist Clinical1861430803
Kristie Kay Sellers 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1245203918
Lauren Faye Albinson-robertson 37129, AKPsychologist Clinical1821404211
Lindsay Allyn Yates Plumer 56701, AKPsychologist Clinical1023564887
Philippa Lindsay Thomas 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1831685528
Annie Nichole Laweryson 98801, AKPsychologist Clinical1548798200
Meghann Mcevoy 99504, AKPsychologist Clinical1780893354
Lillie Michelle Grimes 99645, AKPsychologist Clinical1972910610
Dean Latham Zuelsdorf 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1699763342
Richard Thomas Barker 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1326039314
Ronald Winfred Ohlson 99502, AKPsychologist Clinical1831180330
David D Cordry 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1396726956
Vicki Ann Lumley 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1558345876
Delores E Morris 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1194709972
Kristi H Fuller 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1700865029
Matthew Meador Dammeyer 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1972583219
James Michael Fitterling 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1881668556
Theresa Ann Lawson 99702, AKPsychologist Clinical1598732364
Marie Kathleen Bateman 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1629037684
Pamela Langley Novy 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1871553057
Peter Strisik 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1699738617
Gerald L Alatelo 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1770528234
Good Samaritan Counseling Center 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1629013065
Rick Allen Graber 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1700814134
Jacqueline Dawn Bock 99611, AKPsychologist Clinical1427095900
Donalita Grace Maloney 99517, AKPsychologist Clinical1275551855
Lois I Michaud 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1174544225
Judith C Dean 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1548283096
Gregory Don Bilberry 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1902810542
Metlakatla Indian Community 99926, AKPsychologist Clinical1740294081
Richard Daniel Fuller 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1578572947
Fuller Diagnostics, Llc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1326152711
Alfred C Collins 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1134234560
Pamela Ann Hays 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1134235153
Thomas M Robinson Phd Pc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1194831222
Mark Thomas Erickson 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1790799716
Raymond Pastorino 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1003828062
William G. Campbell 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1548376197
Patrick J Brady 99703, AKPsychologist Clinical1568573459
Jerline Jackson 99504, AKPsychologist Clinical1366547465
Keith Wiger 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1194826669
Kathleen L Dinius 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1669564068
John Taylor Kent 85232, AKPsychologist Clinical1457445140
Sheila Munro Clarson 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1427138379
Herbert G W Bischoff 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1174603021
Charles Federick Lester 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1619057403
Bethanne K Clary 99507, AKPsychologist Clinical1629151451
Elaine Ponchione 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1720162332
Franklyn Lloyd Nelson 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1477630606
Julia Cradock O'leary 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1194802363
Steven A Stephens 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1235218264
Peninsula Community Health Services Of Alaska, Inc. 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1700984614
Cathleen Compton Von Hippel 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1346320280
Peter A Courtnage 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1306917562
Charles P Morgan 99835, AKPsychologist Clinical1174696660
Toyoichiro Suzuki 99762, AKPsychologist Clinical1689747404
Joel B Wieman 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1275607731
Pamela Sue Wescott 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1588732887
Elizabeth Ann Hunt 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1376601005
Carol L Lambert 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1811055130
Bonnie R. Wickes 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1619036555
Carey S Edney 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1346309135
Christopher Aaron Myers 99703, AKPsychologist Clinical1750445599
Evelyn Wiszinckas 99615, AKPsychologist Clinical1124176227
John Walter Kesselring 99801, AKPsychologist Clinical1679622583
Kevin Michael O'leary 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1487703989
Arthur K Trenholme 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1588715197
Sean F. Gilboy 99703, AKPsychologist Clinical1548310337
Siegfried A Fink 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1164577037
Debra K Arthur-wilkinson 99901, AKPsychologist Clinical1013063965
Phillip Wilson Baker 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1386780013
Destiny Sargeant 99801, AKPsychologist Clinical1477699247
Paul E Turner 99611, AKPsychologist Clinical1841338142
Kathy L Morrison 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1083752497
Claudia J French 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1417096702
Anna Marie Baughman 99517, AKPsychologist Clinical1407990369
Grace M Long 99645, AKPsychologist Clinical1275668469
Counseling Solutions Of Alaska Llc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1477682623
Brendan Joseph Kiernan 99801, AKPsychologist Clinical1699805044
Susan Lagrande 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1801925599
Nina Elaine Wendt 99705, AKPsychologist Clinical1407970932
Linda M. Hearn 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1659496560
Laura A Jones 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1982720280
Sitka Medical Center 99835, AKPsychologist Clinical1154452878
Michael Aanavi 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1154487346
Peter Paul Cannava 99669, AKPsychologist Clinical1508997867
Mark Francis Smedley 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1841318433
Royce Kenston Mueller 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1992825467
Sylvia Robbins Condy 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1619099439
Douglas R Pomeroy 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1578786570
Lorin Leslie Bradbury 99559, AKPsychologist Clinical1649493552
Iva Greywolf 99835, AKPsychologist Clinical1306060462
Deborah Susan Kroll 99577, AKPsychologist Clinical1598980153
Psychology Resources, Pc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1841415320
Janet Claire Lindeman 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1275759045
Raymond Michael Droby 99762, AKPsychologist Clinical1306064670
Tina Voelker-ross 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1649498965
Haskell B Acker 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1972722544
Michael Chet Rose 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1912118597
Steven Hrin 99654, AKPsychologist Clinical1285845511
Mary .a. Duhoux 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1235332388
Michael0 Roy Hopper 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1679777312
Ellen Cole 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1962608323
Dorothy Jean Foster 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1083811889
Catherine Karas Rutherford 99577, AKPsychologist Clinical1497955926
Kathryn Louise Barloon 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1467643759
Pamela Ann Robinson 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1538352364
Yashodara Rao 99507, AKPsychologist Clinical1407042294
Patricia Sandberg 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1982893897
Richard Francis Lazur 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1538345228
Kelly L Strass 99762, AKPsychologist Clinical1699946269
Michael Robert Sobocinski 99507, AKPsychologist Clinical1912172404
Lawrence Wesley Norton 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1861668139
John Craig Williamson 99664, AKPsychologist Clinical1124295589
Anne Maile Lamoureux 99505, AKPsychologist Clinical1134387939
Nadine Baker 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1588822134
Francis Lynn Hicks 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1902066012
Bruce Nairn Smith 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1821258815
Seward Psychological Services Llc 99664, AKPsychologist Clinical1134380041
Wendy Hanford Arundale 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1629231568
Seth Green 99762, AKPsychologist Clinical1053595371
Viann Marie Nations 99559, AKPsychologist Clinical1750507471
Phillip Masataka Howell 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1396868790
Anna Leone Stevens 99615, AKPsychologist Clinical1477739282
Dustin M Logan 99645, AKPsychologist Clinical1851578512
Sarah Angstman 99559, AKPsychologist Clinical1841489408
Larry Kroll 99702, AKPsychologist Clinical1063612299
Slumber Solutions 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1770772345
Victoria Fishburn 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1609347525
Mark G Moren 99676, AKPsychologist Clinical1295985281
Christopher H. Fraczek 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1497906986
Heather Ann Russell 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1932352275
Richard Harris 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1568602027
Sally Schliesmann 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1013150168
Theresa Stacy Kearns 99576, AKPsychologist Clinical1669601514
Trent Leighton 99752, AKPsychologist Clinical1043449804
Changes West, Llc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1396078184
Mely Oria Han 99515, AKPsychologist Clinical1861729840
Avalon Therapeutic Riding Stable 99801, AKPsychologist Clinical1841521291
Kevin Lee Lankford 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1821329020
Judy Margarete Cordell 99645, AKPsychologist Clinical1437481926
Lazur & Lazur, Ltd. 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1063735132
Chadwick J Shade 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1255658860
Lawrence Jess Maile 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1346554458
Trina Do 99559, AKPsychologist Clinical1801199054
Irmgard Jo Romine 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1215231345
Life Coach Psychology Plc 99517, AKPsychologist Clinical1932497617
Danelle R Winn 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1992078836
Amy Louise Smith 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1730452244
Daniel Weinstein 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1275819757
Erika Lea Stannard 99654, AKPsychologist Clinical1033492681
John Michael Worrall 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1881966414
Marianne Holman 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1538306949
Christopher Scott Brown 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1144549924
Cale Palmer 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1013281781
Amy Renee Mozolik 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1366757049
Ian Christopher Carpenter 99504, AKPsychologist Clinical1023393048
Sarah L Dewane 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1093963183
Marissa Marie Wachlarowicz 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1346547940
Kathleen Osborne 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1366777328
Darnell Autry Durrah 99703, AKPsychologist Clinical1063746931
Chloe Janelle Escalante 99504, AKPsychologist Clinical1659858587
Laurie D Juraszek 99506, AKPsychologist Clinical1740597590
Jana Hoan Zeedyk 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1457597767
Rebekah L. Burket 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1013399708
Seung Park 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1215277124
Martha P Cranor 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1699017210
Tina Marie Woods 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1164851960
Cody Chipp 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1457780678
Cleary M Donovan 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1699105502
Daniel Lord 99505, AKPsychologist Clinical1679990279
Steve Guevara 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1669882957
Kendra Campbell, Phd 99709, AKPsychologist Clinical1649679564
Alaska Psychological Services, Llc 99503, AKPsychologist Clinical1942699624
Anne Nevaldine, Phd, Inc. 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1083004600
Orion Behavioral Health Network 99577, AKPsychologist Clinical1043610892
Danielle Giroux 99762, AKPsychologist Clinical1154704153
Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services, Llc 99701, AKPsychologist Clinical1972987998
Dianna Rehn 99508, AKPsychologist Clinical1609251669
Alfred Collins, Ph.d. 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1053788182
Elizabeth Jadahi Cintron 99577, AKPsychologist Clinical1528439536
Kun Yueh Hsieh 99723, AKPsychologist Clinical1821385691
Alaska Neuro/therapy Center, Llc 99518, AKPsychologist Clinical1356714026
Camilla Ann Madden 99516, AKPsychologist Clinical1194731315
Glen Williams 99501, AKPsychologist Clinical1316034119


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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