Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Allan H Gelber 85018, AZPsychologist Clinical1932102449
Leonard Joseph Dumonceaux 86314, AZPsychologist Clinical1801899190
James Andrew Hogg 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1154324473
Andrea Shunette Waddell-pratt 85003, AZPsychologist Clinical1598767790
Donna S. Steckal 85541, AZPsychologist Clinical1770587032
Mary Jane Mclellan 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1407853625
Nancy M. Eldredge 85701, AZPsychologist Clinical1538167291
Paul E Rosete 85122, AZPsychologist Clinical1992702153
Ester L Ruiz 85224, AZPsychologist Clinical1114924362
Irene D Hassett 85374, AZPsychologist Clinical1801894803
Nancy Lynne Namka 85704, AZPsychologist Clinical1285635037
Laura S Birholtz 85755, AZPsychologist Clinical1184625493
Alan P. Baehr 85723, AZPsychologist Clinical1538160841
Rene J Mcgovern 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1093717084
Margaret S Pennington 85716, AZPsychologist Clinical1063414068
Gloria M Cochran 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1376545921
Buffy T. Wooten 85003, AZPsychologist Clinical1295727964
Geriatric And Family Mental Health Services, Llc 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1679566624
Gary Neal Goodman 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1316930381
Steven Joseph Drydyk 85296, AZPsychologist Clinical1831182492
James Andrew Mackenzie 85006, AZPsychologist Clinical1366435844
Patricia A Falcon 85741, AZPsychologist Clinical1710970959
Elizabeth E Ventura-cook 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1316931629
Mark Richard Treegoob 85306, AZPsychologist Clinical1144214289
Janet R. Messer 85282, AZPsychologist Clinical1851385801
Mary T. Bush 85301, AZPsychologist Clinical1912991852
Daniel E Kruger 85745, AZPsychologist Clinical1205820164
Patricia Anne Abbott 85283, AZPsychologist Clinical1881688539
Hugh Robert Baird 85032, AZPsychologist Clinical1962497172
Mark Stewart Simpson 86504, AZPsychologist Clinical1518952662
Kim Allyson Kalas 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1437144623
Gloria S. Bernat 85719, AZPsychologist Clinical1639164510
Vijay K. Jain 85254, AZPsychologist Clinical1285629840
Eddie Duane Lauritsen 85901, AZPsychologist Clinical1023004686
Mark J Harvancik 86401, AZPsychologist Clinical1619963683
Karl L Sachs 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1912993908
Cela M Archambault 85719, AZPsychologist Clinical1982690970
Pat Collinsworth Huish 85022, AZPsychologist Clinical1285620930
Angela Glaser Bowers 85260, AZPsychologist Clinical1922095447
Glenn R Marks 85718, AZPsychologist Clinical1447247960
Douglas Scott Bowers 85260, AZPsychologist Clinical1407843881
Robert Rhode 85718, AZPsychologist Clinical1669469904
Aileen Anne Thatcher 85710, AZPsychologist Clinical1558359158
David Glenn Davidson-methot 85234, AZPsychologist Clinical1982692497
Jerry Edward Wesch 86336, AZPsychologist Clinical1285629261
Neuropsychology Consulting Services Pllc 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1730680497
Miki Paul 85741, AZPsychologist Clinical1962498584
Barbara A Forester 85050, AZPsychologist Clinical1689661688
Jacquelyn St. Germaine 85705, AZPsychologist Clinical1003804451
Gary A Martin 85021, AZPsychologist Clinical1982692257
Pamela Willson 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1972591246
Linda B Turley 85032, AZPsychologist Clinical1205824471
Don Scott Herrmann Phd Pllc 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1457349656
Catherine A Jorgensen 85742, AZPsychologist Clinical1063400182
Charlie Raymond Mitchell 85220, AZPsychologist Clinical1902895840
John Michael Simonis 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1205825072
Integrated Geriatric Behavioral Health Associates, P.a. 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1225027147
Barbara Pietsch Lanyon 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1992794507
Margaret I Ronstadt 85711, AZPsychologist Clinical1528057015
Joan B Rosenblatt 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1437148921
Michael Edward Tansy 85234, AZPsychologist Clinical1831188176
Daniel Cady 86004, AZPsychologist Clinical1770573743
Trudi Sprunck Till 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1376534263
Kris E. Kratz 85351, AZPsychologist Clinical1952392755
Casey Patrick Murphy 85051, AZPsychologist Clinical1871584326
Duane F Hurst 85259, AZPsychologist Clinical1730161605
David Osborne 85259, AZPsychologist Clinical1033191788
Robin Addell Rudic 85719, AZPsychologist Clinical1235111675
Patrick J Schonbachler 46580, AZPsychologist Clinical1255314613
David G. Jarmon 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1497738264
William P. Bedell 85029, AZPsychologist Clinical1205811965
Larry Eugene Sayre 85743, AZPsychologist Clinical1407833445
Marianne L Hutchison 85255, AZPsychologist Clinical1982682829
Jennifer M Mcclure 85707, AZPsychologist Clinical1447238290
Mark Christopher Fleming 85284, AZPsychologist Clinical1316925100
Thomas Michael Brunner 85710, AZPsychologist Clinical1487633244
Christina Lee Katen 85383, AZPsychologist Clinical1508845652
Kimberly C. Obitz 85014, AZPsychologist Clinical1255311486
Daniel Fallon 86301, AZPsychologist Clinical1952386708
Jonathan Neil Weller 85209, AZPsychologist Clinical1750364824
Curt D Hill 85004, AZPsychologist Clinical1881673598
Neil Seabern Stafford 85395, AZPsychologist Clinical1649255357
Kathleen A Crimmins 36112, AZPsychologist Clinical1134104367
Mary Jane Novi 85375, AZPsychologist Clinical1013996040
Ann Leigh Lucart 23708, AZPsychologist Clinical1457322117
Richard Bootzin 85724, AZPsychologist Clinical1386616035
John L Barton 85016, AZPsychologist Clinical1124091681
Stephen Gill 86336, AZPsychologist Clinical1922071307
Robert A Block 85306, AZPsychologist Clinical1982677050
Pamela S Klonoff 85013, AZPsychologist Clinical1770556433
Patricia Harrison-monroe 85713, AZPsychologist Clinical1437123148
Virginia L Roberts 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1447225073
Deborah M. Garcia 85711, AZPsychologist Clinical1871569376
Fred Veltri 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1427024959
James A Leroy 85378, AZPsychologist Clinical1013985639
Alexander Piatka 85006, AZPsychologist Clinical1447228721
Christine Erin Tetzloff 85541, AZPsychologist Clinical1265400618
Erica E Vanderheyden 85234, AZPsychologist Clinical1689642829
Steven R Patrick 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1396714192
Gary L Giangregorio 85635, AZPsychologist Clinical1538128087
Jay L Lewis 85014, AZPsychologist Clinical1124088471
Roxane Renee Thorstad 85209, AZPsychologist Clinical1679532998
Samuel Robert Caron 85613, AZPsychologist Clinical1831159045
Robert W. Lewis 85613, AZPsychologist Clinical1962462754
Sharon Jane Calvert 85613, AZPsychologist Clinical1528028685
Christine N Moyer 85201, AZPsychologist Clinical1033179007
Kristina M Cooper 85006, AZPsychologist Clinical1346200219
Daniel J Rosenbaum 85006, AZPsychologist Clinical1154381127
Robert N Califano 85234, AZPsychologist Clinical1972563948
Christopher M Braley 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1053370601
Carol L. O'saben 86005, AZPsychologist Clinical1174592380
Kevin Christian O'leary 86505, AZPsychologist Clinical1427131788
Paul A Meyer 85201, AZPsychologist Clinical1841250628
Christina K. Lebovitz 85260, AZPsychologist Clinical1073573549
Harry Eugene Evans 85710, AZPsychologist Clinical1356302418
David C Helgeson 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1346201852
University Physicians Healthcare 85713, AZPsychologist Clinical1730141243
Martin Ray Levy 85710, AZPsychologist Clinical1184686610
Patricia Elizabeth Burke 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1992767446
Janet R. Blackham 85016, AZPsychologist Clinical1972565927
Richard Wallace Harig 85616, AZPsychologist Clinical1952363590
Terry William Moore 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1174586598
Karen Lynn Sullivan 86301, AZPsychologist Clinical1619930526
Michael Eugene Johnson 85284, AZPsychologist Clinical1386609113
Edward J Cumella 85390, AZPsychologist Clinical1477518249
Barbara Jane Nichols 85745, AZPsychologist Clinical1720043425
Timothy Mack Tays 85254, AZPsychologist Clinical1164487666
Deborah J Partington 85016, AZPsychologist Clinical1821053547
Bonnie Shcolnik 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1003871625
Richard John Gellerman 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1528023041
Kenneth J Goldberg 85283, AZPsychologist Clinical1336104512
Lisa Colangelo Fischer 85032, AZPsychologist Clinical1184689036
Irwin Grossman 85306, AZPsychologist Clinical1205892056
Sharon Ruth Ozer 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1790741403
Janet E Harrell 85718, AZPsychologist Clinical1821054354
George Joseph Bluth 85018, AZPsychologist Clinical1205892668
John Joseph Unmacht 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1669438024
Larisa E Newell 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1801852991
Harriet J Smith 85044, AZPsychologist Clinical1356307300
Robert Brian Roden 85224, AZPsychologist Clinical1780641647
Neil Weiner 85210, AZPsychologist Clinical1912964958
John Arthur Storie 85012, AZPsychologist Clinical1336106384
Fredrick Bruce Packard 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1669439626
Azita Abtin 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1508823766
David Allan Biegen 85308, AZPsychologist Clinical1750349767
Clayton Leon Boyer 85283, AZPsychologist Clinical1962460865
Judith Kathryn Geer 85283, AZPsychologist Clinical1053379636
Marta F. Ketchel 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1083672349
Stephen John Anthony 85210, AZPsychologist Clinical1477511103
Kristen Joann Schmidt 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1437117645
Marayeh Cunningham 85646, AZPsychologist Clinical1558319442
Phillip D Lett 85018, AZPsychologist Clinical1710935515
Soulistic Medical Institute 85646, AZPsychologist Clinical1215986104
Susan Marie Vaughan 85020, AZPsychologist Clinical1831148709
Necoe Lynnn Otto-parkinson 85704, AZPsychologist Clinical1164471538
George William Allison 85351, AZPsychologist Clinical1669423109
Beat E Bisenz 85351, AZPsychologist Clinical1871544056
Bhupin Butaney 85018, AZPsychologist Clinical1760433825
Patsy Louise Moseley 85254, AZPsychologist Clinical1679524482
Ellen Weiss Williams 85284, AZPsychologist Clinical1205888427
Kimberly Faith Carroll 85258, AZPsychologist Clinical1992757652
Patricia I. Johnson 85260, AZPsychologist Clinical1841242575
Janet C Macgregor 85749, AZPsychologist Clinical1720031206
Therapy Time 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1821041344
Valley Counseling And Psychological Services, Llc 85122, AZPsychologist Clinical1740248715
Teresita (terri) M Stutzke 85340, AZPsychologist Clinical1902856297
Patti Rae Watson 85704, AZPsychologist Clinical1396795613
Shelley S Kaufman 85308, AZPsychologist Clinical1740248376
Sarah Elizabeth Stookey 85281, AZPsychologist Clinical1659337558
Walanda Walker Smith 85374, AZPsychologist Clinical1922069566
Jennifer P. Rhodes 85739, AZPsychologist Clinical1417907767
Jeanette M Smith 85016, AZPsychologist Clinical1508828385
Vibrant Health Care, Inc. 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1013441542
Valerie Ann Kemper 85340, AZPsychologist Clinical1124083688
Martin E Keller 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1700831427
Larry Foster Waldman 85028, AZPsychologist Clinical1396790036
Joseph B Stewart 86305, AZPsychologist Clinical1609821768
William L Retts 85029, AZPsychologist Clinical1790730117
Claire J Tarte 85016, AZPsychologist Clinical1851348890
Philip Barry 85282, AZPsychologist Clinical1851348833
Ellen Brandfon Riech 85301, AZPsychologist Clinical1427005321
Inner Journey Psychological Services, Llc 85718, AZPsychologist Clinical1073560793
James Anthony Lagattuta 86510, AZPsychologist Clinical1134176696
Gregory Meredith Crow 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1023056520
Linnea Suzanne Lei 86001, AZPsychologist Clinical1821036344
Michael Cofield 85381, AZPsychologist Clinical1942240114
Joyce Louise Smith 92283, AZPsychologist Clinical1154361822
Michael Junge 85027, AZPsychologist Clinical1659314177
Aaron D Krasnow 85287, AZPsychologist Clinical1790728681
Martha D Christiansen 85287, AZPsychologist Clinical1891738894
Sean Flynn 85712, AZPsychologist Clinical1619910940
Michael A. Belus 85202, AZPsychologist Clinical1639112899
Susan Linda Reese 85716, AZPsychologist Clinical1063455459
Carolyn A Jones 85224, AZPsychologist Clinical1689618266
Heath Kilgore 85007, AZPsychologist Clinical1447294947
Jessie L Garcia 85251, AZPsychologist Clinical1205870920
Roy Grando 85132, AZPsychologist Clinical1932143617
Daniel L Schulte 85202, AZPsychologist Clinical1043254782
Deborah Dyer 85287, AZPsychologist Clinical1003850892
Julie G Savage 85287, AZPsychologist Clinical1821032616


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