Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melinda Judith Garabedian 91301, CAPsychologist Clinical1457384604
Family Psychological Services Inc 91301, CAPsychologist Clinical1881746733
Laura Lapiana, Psy.d., A Prof. Corp. 91301, CAPsychologist Clinical1487098844
Laura Lapiana 91301, CAPsychologist Clinical1033431655
Jose Alberto Lopez 94611, CAPsychologist Clinical1659417483
Barbara Mariko Alperin Hooks 94596, CAPsychologist Clinical1376825604
Jessica Apfel 94523, CAPsychologist Clinical1851586705
Sarah Bharier 94612, CAPsychologist Clinical1902091473
Zeinab Mossadeghi 94596, CAPsychologist Clinical1023499068
Shannon Mariko Huddleston 94501, CAPsychologist Clinical1518307164
Chandra Mundon 97205, CAPsychologist Clinical1649424003
Noah Asch 94596, CAPsychologist Clinical1992393326
Carmelinda Mann Brewer 94118, CAPsychologist Clinical1326216235
Carolyn S. Stroebe 94903, CAPsychologist Clinical1457564494
Kenneth Eatmon 90014, CAPsychologist Clinical1548686124
H. Keith Massel 91321, CAPsychologist Clinical1558616201
Jason Dorin 92660, CAPsychologist Clinical1427365337
Colleen Daniel 92604, CAPsychologist Clinical1982803557
Siri Hadland 92118, CAPsychologist Clinical1205246980
Guita Nouranian 92653, CAPsychologist Clinical1184072423
Jenna Torres 92821, CAPsychologist Clinical1639439342
Andria Sue Hernandez 92887, CAPsychologist Clinical1265620710
Child And Adolescent Behavioral Health Center 92780, CAPsychologist Clinical1053835496
Daniella Alejandra Davis 92701, CAPsychologist Clinical1407148083
Cory Rizzuto 92626, CAPsychologist Clinical1083995930
Jesse Ryan Bashem 92660, CAPsychologist Clinical1326506221
Child And Adolescent Behavioral Health Center, A Psychology Corp. 92780, CAPsychologist Clinical1205314077
Peter R. Welgan, Ph.d, Inc. 92612, CAPsychologist Clinical1497301287
Holly Cunningham 80910, CAPsychologist Clinical1336333020
Brett Jones 92123, CAPsychologist Clinical1528436730
New Vision Counseling Center 91942, CAPsychologist Clinical1184264533
Joanne Elizabeth Scott 92612, CAPsychologist Clinical1326505777
Hailey Michelle Hollers 92701, CAPsychologist Clinical1134556160
Lital Koropitzer 94301, CAPsychologist Clinical1003362815
Brooke Rose Fiori 95843, CAPsychologist Clinical1194205815
Erin Mcknew 94596, CAPsychologist Clinical1659795110
Felisa D Gaffney 94509, CAPsychologist Clinical1801924576
Jessie Rose Lowell 91773, CAPsychologist Clinical1114041423
Nicholas Fittante Act Family Counseling Services Lmft Pc 91762, CAPsychologist Clinical1831494350
Deborah Bates 60187, CAPsychologist Clinical1538593074
Greg S. Stanford 91006, CAPsychologist Clinical1558484204
Wendy Gray 92868, CAPsychologist Clinical1982063020
Assessment, Consultation & Treatment Inc 91107, CAPsychologist Clinical1699029306
Paula Marie Santos 91107, CAPsychologist Clinical1346474038
Yuan-heng Eddy Chen 91768, CAPsychologist Clinical1649588070
Amy Michelle Plewinski 93422, CAPsychologist Clinical1316447469
Ross Bryan Kremsdorf 93401, CAPsychologist Clinical1326175878
Corey Stephen Gonzales 93309, CAPsychologist Clinical1700079316
Nicanor Steven Garcia 93309, CAPsychologist Clinical1154558922
Samantha Leigh Kennedy 93291, CAPsychologist Clinical1588049415
Legal Minds, Inc A Psychological Corporation 93309, CAPsychologist Clinical1467871772
Nicole Brown 91364, CAPsychologist Clinical1518341387
Hailey Nicole Hicks 93301, CAPsychologist Clinical1750739975
Ryan Christopher Pritchard 93280, CAPsychologist Clinical1487281549
C Donel Crow 93301, CAPsychologist Clinical1083637276
Marie Joy Arafiles Quiton-buaya 93301, CAPsychologist Clinical1427187269
Jason Bryan Miller 93003, CAPsychologist Clinical1700921582
Karen Joy Warrick 93312, CAPsychologist Clinical1093052748
Mark Noakes 09604, CAPsychologist Clinical1497084784
Conscious Behavioral Health, A Medical Corporation 91786, CAPsychologist Clinical1275187346
Alexandra Hanah Cowden Hindash 94121, CAPsychologist Clinical1184273955
Jessica George-caballero 94601, CAPsychologist Clinical1477785152
Amar Anand 94591, CAPsychologist Clinical1407297005
Randi Schalet 02131, CAPsychologist Clinical1437235991
Rebecca Shepard Goettsche 94705, CAPsychologist Clinical1427225747
Charlene Blanchard Kallusch 94403, CAPsychologist Clinical1538359179
Christine Platshon 94061, CAPsychologist Clinical1174722250
Danielle Kassouf 94104, CAPsychologist Clinical1548531346
Carmenita Jiles 94601, CAPsychologist Clinical1083869440
Khashayar Farhadi Langroudi 94118, CAPsychologist Clinical1518399138
Adam Moss 94703, CAPsychologist Clinical1033541628
Heather Lynn Martin 94533, CAPsychologist Clinical1588005631
Eric Abraham Samuels 94805, CAPsychologist Clinical1891079661
India Gomez 94609, CAPsychologist Clinical1225461403
Alexander Joseph Lapinski 94704, CAPsychologist Clinical1730401514
Julia Baron 94610, CAPsychologist Clinical1972985216
Stephanie Montague 94709, CAPsychologist Clinical1174779540
Sarah Schubmehl 80020, CAPsychologist Clinical1538594171
Grace Kiriakos 94533, CAPsychologist Clinical1255766861
Pooja Sharma 94705, CAPsychologist Clinical1982951406
Scott Alan Goode 94063, CAPsychologist Clinical1932759115
Green Psychotherapy, Pc 94704, CAPsychologist Clinical1366001034
Douglas Vakoch 94704, CAPsychologist Clinical1689233355
Sohyila Davani 94704, CAPsychologist Clinical1003936154
Lisa Christine Obermeit 02114, CAPsychologist Clinical1922533124
Kathlyn A Khoukaz 97013, CAPsychologist Clinical1336520550
Sean Nicholas Boileau 90005, CAPsychologist Clinical1508012113
Emily Semow 94609, CAPsychologist Clinical1275935405
Allison Kathleen Jamtaas 90505, CAPsychologist Clinical1366879926
Marussia Rothenberg Role 02140, CAPsychologist Clinical1447628045
Jordana Hazam 96816, CAPsychologist Clinical1851793665
Aram Keshishyan 90012, CAPsychologist Clinical1285913392
Raphael D. Rose 90025, CAPsychologist Clinical1689813941
Marc Craig Sanders 90025, CAPsychologist Clinical1689830952
Thrive Psychology Group 90405, CAPsychologist Clinical1497217947
Oceanside Psychology Clinic 90277, CAPsychologist Clinical1760922991
Urvi Mahendra Natha 90277, CAPsychologist Clinical1831358118
Jayson L. Mystkowski 90036, CAPsychologist Clinical1821024845
Joshua Lawrence Mirmelli 90064, CAPsychologist Clinical1700404647
Lauren D. Costine, Ph, D., A Psychology Corporation 91364, CAPsychologist Clinical1417562463
Shirin Moheet 90260, CAPsychologist Clinical1841586112
Mina Yadegar 90056, CAPsychologist Clinical1942796305
Atomic Shrink Psychology, Inc 92315, CAPsychologist Clinical1770922817
Janet Marie Guglielmino 96003, CAPsychologist Clinical1669537361
Linda Innemee Breslin 91914, CAPsychologist Clinical1215410972
Kimthu Trinh 92111, CAPsychologist Clinical1801009352
Debora Sara Jason 92868, CAPsychologist Clinical1912388505
Karli Johonnot 92801, CAPsychologist Clinical1114570447
Christine Oates 94598, CAPsychologist Clinical1093342198
Charline De Carli Tocchi 95946, CAPsychologist Clinical1730100108
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAPsychologist Clinical1154892875
Clinical And Forensic Neuropsychological Associates Inc. 91403, CAPsychologist Clinical1194343400
Thomas Kiely 94941, CAPsychologist Clinical1194882886
Joshua Samuel Rothenberg 94129, CAPsychologist Clinical1346748126
Michelle Lynn Souza 91302, CAPsychologist Clinical1164557310
Jeremy Salzman 30305, CAPsychologist Clinical1851777635
Brigitte Wilburg 93033, CAPsychologist Clinical1215465018
Marjan Ebadi 94601, CAPsychologist Clinical1053763870
Kimberly Ann Dorsett 93010, CAPsychologist Clinical1952550808
Elizabeth Chulack 91202, CAPsychologist Clinical1306329537
Growing Minds Psychological Corporation 91344, CAPsychologist Clinical1588068787
Christina Antonia Aguirre-kolb 44718, CAPsychologist Clinical1760756621
Erin Laura Haven 93003, CAPsychologist Clinical1053551713
John Mark Czaplewski 85209, CAPsychologist Clinical1770130320
Kelly Haugen 97013, CAPsychologist Clinical1346618147
Hila Lutz 19132, CAPsychologist Clinical1326591744
Service To Achieve Growth And Empower, Inc. 93010, CAPsychologist Clinical1548867542
Abs Psychology Services California 91730, CAPsychologist Clinical1336659002
Katherine Moeller 46805, CAPsychologist Clinical1689050460
Hannah Salanoa-ogbechie 20902, CAPsychologist Clinical1235514613
Samantha Erin Schlossmann 90265, CAPsychologist Clinical1356830657
Elizabeth Ashton Geringer 91361, CAPsychologist Clinical1558626374
Erin Holley 91320, CAPsychologist Clinical1346667193
Elizabeth Collison 90017, CAPsychologist Clinical1740739481
Clarence Ross Hilliard 95747, CAPsychologist Clinical1508804808
Stephanie Haibloom 91364, CAPsychologist Clinical1659747251
Compass Treatment Center, A Marriage And Family Therapy Corporation 91345, CAPsychologist Clinical1265887822
Child Development Institute 91367, CAPsychologist Clinical1770616310
Eileen M Kramer 92629, CAPsychologist Clinical1184793119
Pacific Psychological Services, Inc. 92075, CAPsychologist Clinical1568849214
Vickie Lynn Dowling 92025, CAPsychologist Clinical1265690143
Tiffany Kristen Kalick 92008, CAPsychologist Clinical1558908277
Madison Hybl 92024, CAPsychologist Clinical1982290326
Alisa Duclos 92008, CAPsychologist Clinical1164649992
Marsha Evans 95671, CAPsychologist Clinical1043795875
Audrey Jean Miller 95691, CAPsychologist Clinical1740615384
Jessica Marie Stevens 92011, CAPsychologist Clinical1659498459
David Walter Schroeder 89117, CAPsychologist Clinical1134341886
Juliet Diane Rohde-brown 93013, CAPsychologist Clinical1952805640
Sarah Dopps 92868, CAPsychologist Clinical1588289409
Joy Lee Johnson 94545, CAPsychologist Clinical1962603928
Veronica Garcia-campos 92503, CAPsychologist Clinical1023326840
Rachel Eriguel 93536, CAPsychologist Clinical1992083976
Dede Ukueberuwa 10029, CAPsychologist Clinical1679008619
Genuine Dbt Licensed Clinical Social Worker Inc 95926, CAPsychologist Clinical1902285208
Nysa Therapy Inc 95926, CAPsychologist Clinical1316307747
Enloe Medical Center 95926, CAPsychologist Clinical1861814089
Ian Christopher Carpenter 99504, CAPsychologist Clinical1023393048
Heidi Marie Vetter 91773, CAPsychologist Clinical1508198920
Brandon Yip 91746, CAPsychologist Clinical1437604667
Emily Wear Shum 91730, CAPsychologist Clinical1154986370
Miao Li 91711, CAPsychologist Clinical1457969230
Darra Hirsh 93612, CAPsychologist Clinical1386071447
Jelyn Bernardo Young 33558, CAPsychologist Clinical1780970780
Regina M Pinto 92882, CAPsychologist Clinical1720090640
Rhombus 91942, CAPsychologist Clinical1013482140
Rhombus 91942, CAPsychologist Clinical1851859631
Yamilka Urquiza Mendoza 92131, CAPsychologist Clinical1033657234
Nicole Lucia 91910, CAPsychologist Clinical1972124394
Amanda Elizabeth Estrada 91911, CAPsychologist Clinical1528682689
Safe Place Counseling 27705, CAPsychologist Clinical1790303915
Jennifer Cedillo-fierro 91754, CAPsychologist Clinical1770051492
Jonathan Patam Won 92553, CAPsychologist Clinical1184154767
Qutayba Abdullatif 91740, CAPsychologist Clinical1134667751
John W Johnson 91107, CAPsychologist Clinical1548387517
Jeffrey B Mar 93710, CAPsychologist Clinical1265535660
Margarita P Garcia 93710, CAPsychologist Clinical1851917132
Norberto Marave Tuason 90660, CAPsychologist Clinical1841338555
Stephen Glen Davis 96097, CAPsychologist Clinical1063892164
Karen J Quinn 50208, CAPsychologist Clinical1831426378
Matthew Benjamin Williams 91786, CAPsychologist Clinical1205150794
Martha Ruiz-shank 92591, CAPsychologist Clinical1760668347
Lisa Real 90650, CAPsychologist Clinical1639585755
Balwindar Kaur 78240, CAPsychologist Clinical1104104579
Anita Louise Mihecoby 90017, CAPsychologist Clinical1588099766
Loren Jolley-ruud 91790, CAPsychologist Clinical1245883545
Fereshte Mirzad 93536, CAPsychologist Clinical1689041188
Leslie Celis 91502, CAPsychologist Clinical1417385485
Vanessa Lynn Ron 90056, CAPsychologist Clinical1750576054
Matthew C Glidden 91730, CAPsychologist Clinical1023418597
Kelly Mark 98004, CAPsychologist Clinical1043561285
Easter Dawn Vo-jutabha 90813, CAPsychologist Clinical1093845810
Abigal Clinton Ferguson 96161, CAPsychologist Clinical1275728826
Margaret Ann Schiltz 94806, CAPsychologist Clinical1285879353
Vanessa Alejandra Quintero 94598, CAPsychologist Clinical1093940660
Daniella Marie Halperin 94589, CAPsychologist Clinical1275733875
Jonathan Page 93012, CAPsychologist Clinical1306222187
Robyn L Safford 94523, CAPsychologist Clinical1467507541
Kimberly Noelle Dickson 95361, CAPsychologist Clinical1285119768
John David Misa 92691, CAPsychologist Clinical1114233392


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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