Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Michael Lepkowsky 93463, CAPsychologist Clinical1083617252
Mary Mcginn Clark 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1659374775
Seth Isaiah Rubin 94115, CAPsychologist Clinical1326041005
A. Joseph Salais 94598, CAPsychologist Clinical1700889466
Kenneth L. Rider 94040, CAPsychologist Clinical1518960061
Janet Jaffe 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1609879113
Lisa Alison Miller 93291, CAPsychologist Clinical1508869959
Linda G. Waters 91403, CAPsychologist Clinical1720081045
John S Miller 95616, CAPsychologist Clinical1003819566
Diane K Robbins 92647, CAPsychologist Clinical1184628422
Lynne Reed 95446, CAPsychologist Clinical1811991870
Howard P Rome 94598, CAPsychologist Clinical1003810607
Vance B Becker 92660, CAPsychologist Clinical1013912443
Roderick Seites Hall 92118, CAPsychologist Clinical1104821479
Walter Cruce Saunders 95135, CAPsychologist Clinical1104821230
Janet B Pierucci 93117, CAPsychologist Clinical1366447229
Jo Anne Golden 92708, CAPsychologist Clinical1255336111
Barbara Rosen 92780, CAPsychologist Clinical1740285600
George Harold Daskalos 95616, CAPsychologist Clinical1780689703
Lynda Rae Ariella 91942, CAPsychologist Clinical1073518965
Douglas Stephen Hyman 92014, CAPsychologist Clinical1124023908
Betty Ellen Peterson 94608, CAPsychologist Clinical1972004471
Roberto D Decandia 91802, CAPsychologist Clinical1881699452
James Anthony Scaramozzino 93933, CAPsychologist Clinical1225033707
Rory G Osborne 95616, CAPsychologist Clinical1568467066
Donald L. Alpert 92780, CAPsychologist Clinical1437155975
Judith Alexandre 93003, CAPsychologist Clinical1831195387
Rick Wilson 90710, CAPsychologist Clinical1881690972
Susan Skolek 95446, CAPsychologist Clinical1114923745
Francine Kirkpatrick 90272, CAPsychologist Clinical1710983390
Mary Jayne Sims 94612, CAPsychologist Clinical1063610012
Michael J Gilewski 92354, CAPsychologist Clinical1811993389
Leigh B Tobias 90212, CAPsychologist Clinical1407853633
Karol Ann Bailey 90740, CAPsychologist Clinical1043217201
Joseph Reese Nicolini 78332, CAPsychologist Clinical1013915628
Linda S Barnes 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1356349765
Richard Duane Recor 92618, CAPsychologist Clinical1457359812
Jung Yun Kim 90010, CAPsychologist Clinical1063410397
O. M. Custer 95640, CAPsychologist Clinical1134598295
Ann-marie Stephenson 90036, CAPsychologist Clinical1073511069
William C Falzett 95060, CAPsychologist Clinical1114925526
Juan F Madrazo Torres 92121, CAPsychologist Clinical1831353366
David Alan Boucher 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1518966340
Patricia G Ditton 94704, CAPsychologist Clinical1376542985
Barbara Joanne Francis 92691, CAPsychologist Clinical1487653812
Dorian L Polson 92111, CAPsychologist Clinical1437159001
Gary J Penn 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1902806607
Suzanne Brumer 90027, CAPsychologist Clinical1346240884
Israel Benjamin Rosales 94115, CAPsychologist Clinical1548260888
Elizabeth Earle Green 92103, CAPsychologist Clinical1013917368
David V Daleo 90212, CAPsychologist Clinical1508866781
Miriam H Abrams 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1831199892
Dafna Brook 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1518967553
Michele Yvette Oster 92130, CAPsychologist Clinical1295735280
Bruce L Karp 92369, CAPsychologist Clinical1295735298
Scott P Sherman 92262, CAPsychologist Clinical1144220146
Suzanne Stubblefield 92780, CAPsychologist Clinical1881750693
David Duane Wood 93277, CAPsychologist Clinical1386645919
Gregory Ernest Koch 92103, CAPsychologist Clinical1730180852
Gregory Alan Nelson 90277, CAPsychologist Clinical1497757538
Mark Kevin Harney 93043, CAPsychologist Clinical1598767386
Jennifer L Fee 92870, CAPsychologist Clinical1932101326
Scot W. Russell 94080, CAPsychologist Clinical1407858988
Peter Mitchell Bradley 94114, CAPsychologist Clinical1902808405
Jeffrey Bruce Elliott 93401, CAPsychologist Clinical1114919263
Jeni-ann Kren 93612, CAPsychologist Clinical1952393902
David H Silverman 94010, CAPsychologist Clinical1568454742
Robert John Hohenstein 92821, CAPsychologist Clinical1336131416
Jan A Vitek 94610, CAPsychologist Clinical1699767582
Holly Ilfeld 95661, CAPsychologist Clinical1700878550
David Arthur Tansey 91942, CAPsychologist Clinical1063404614
Robert Winston Bennett 95661, CAPsychologist Clinical1790777399
Robert G Kemmerling 91360, CAPsychologist Clinical1619969060
Maria O'tuel 91350, CAPsychologist Clinical1962494328
Steven Dale Solomon 92037, CAPsychologist Clinical1386636777
Carol G Weiss 90254, CAPsychologist Clinical1326031683
Jerry George Soucy 92647, CAPsychologist Clinical1023001054
Dan Whitehead 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1952394033
Alan Lincoln 92131, CAPsychologist Clinical1104819119
David K Middleton 90706, CAPsychologist Clinical1255324257
Steven Lee Brigham 91403, CAPsychologist Clinical1639162472
Linda O. Folsom 92055, CAPsychologist Clinical1225021926
David John Reinhardt 90808, CAPsychologist Clinical1407849128
Nancy Beth Lovell 92055, CAPsychologist Clinical1679566236
Nancy N. Brothers 92549, CAPsychologist Clinical1700879301
Jacqueline Lee Zimmer 92084, CAPsychologist Clinical1417958927
Gail Deborah Simon-boyd 92123, CAPsychologist Clinical1871040568
Alex Robert Kelman 90027, CAPsychologist Clinical1518416312
David F Wasserman 93003, CAPsychologist Clinical1912999806
Donald Joseph Connor 92161, CAPsychologist Clinical1285626580
Melchor Mercado 95355, CAPsychologist Clinical1750374104
Carol F Heck 92028, CAPsychologist Clinical1184617508
Errol D Schubot 95129, CAPsychologist Clinical1437142866
Patricia Frisch 94941, CAPsychologist Clinical1285628503
Cassandra Stewaart 92075, CAPsychologist Clinical1942294061
Charles Alvin Hogan 91910, CAPsychologist Clinical1881688000
Carol Russ 92109, CAPsychologist Clinical1770577991
Denise Lee Buchanan 92118, CAPsychologist Clinical1093709263
Janet Lynn Wilson 92131, CAPsychologist Clinical1447244611
Karyl Bechtold Sears 92014, CAPsychologist Clinical1649264821
Judith Sachs 94115, CAPsychologist Clinical1134113269
Joan Marie Calandra 90064, CAPsychologist Clinical1730173865
Joel Foxman 90274, CAPsychologist Clinical1780678722
Jeannine Ann Feldman 91941, CAPsychologist Clinical1457345357
Brandy Liebscher 96001, CAPsychologist Clinical1073507976
Carol J Hendrix 93301, CAPsychologist Clinical1912991555
Paul Douglas Hauck 94535, CAPsychologist Clinical1033103619
Robert N Johansen 90703, CAPsychologist Clinical1609860295
Jennifer F. Taylor 95521, CAPsychologist Clinical1790779338
Carole A Findlay 92507, CAPsychologist Clinical1134113772
Louis Monaco 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1578557062
Jonathan Rich 92618, CAPsychologist Clinical1356336887
Sandra Ceren 92014, CAPsychologist Clinical1679568109
Robert L Vande Steeg 90720, CAPsychologist Clinical1073508594
David A Dicicco 92122, CAPsychologist Clinical1669467015
F Victoria Dicicco 92122, CAPsychologist Clinical1003801457
Carlos Fernando Saucedo 91326, CAPsychologist Clinical1811982267
Nanette Marie Frautschi 91345, CAPsychologist Clinical1407841893
James Alan Carter 92037, CAPsychologist Clinical1831184183
Martina Ann Clarke 91941, CAPsychologist Clinical1336134527
Kathleen J Waddell 93401, CAPsychologist Clinical1285629329
Jana N Martin 90815, CAPsychologist Clinical1770578510
Ursula Susanne Moore 94304, CAPsychologist Clinical1720074370
Sharon Lynn Phelps 92612, CAPsychologist Clinical1629064100
Eric P Trevizu 96130, CAPsychologist Clinical1093701419
Elayne Rosoff 90049, CAPsychologist Clinical1124014477
Gail M White 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1497741128
David H Walter 91744, CAPsychologist Clinical1730175449
Rolando Carlos Espinoza 91723, CAPsychologist Clinical1548256217
Sheila Krasnoff 91364, CAPsychologist Clinical1821085598
Julia Kuck 92116, CAPsychologist Clinical1184611576
Devora Lockton 92008, CAPsychologist Clinical1992792410
Bruce Paul Marcus 92604, CAPsychologist Clinical1285621342
Christopher Gerald Carstens 92121, CAPsychologist Clinical1215924014
John Kenneth Russell 90815, CAPsychologist Clinical1407843295
Naomi C Chao 91733, CAPsychologist Clinical1427046168
Timothy John Dunnigan 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1063400711
Paul Mccoles Whitaker 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1356339964
Doug R. Matthews 92805, CAPsychologist Clinical1891783478
Susan Gale Orovitz 93704, CAPsychologist Clinical1619965290
Michael David Greenwald 90403, CAPsychologist Clinical1104814706
Judy Wong 94025, CAPsychologist Clinical1881050912
Valerie Jay Pearson 92103, CAPsychologist Clinical1366437691
Steven Thomas Griggs 92025, CAPsychologist Clinical1700870839
Miki Paul 85741, CAPsychologist Clinical1962498584
Manuel David Tobias 92037, CAPsychologist Clinical1023002136
Alan M. Solomon 90505, CAPsychologist Clinical1386630044
Patricia Lindquist 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1255325742
Steven A Hobbs 94070, CAPsychologist Clinical1992793301
Barry William Slone 92656, CAPsychologist Clinical1831187285
Lothar Engelbert Mader 95661, CAPsychologist Clinical1063400422
Charlene Harvey Hoar 92014, CAPsychologist Clinical1013905330
Fred Edgar Winfield Peipman 94306, CAPsychologist Clinical1528056686
Randall Robinson 93612, CAPsychologist Clinical1275521411
Robert B Dibble 93514, CAPsychologist Clinical1003805938
Judith Lyn Jensen 92835, CAPsychologist Clinical1679562508
Gerald M. Silver 95476, CAPsychologist Clinical1053300897
Michael Robert Reider 92126, CAPsychologist Clinical1942299532
James Edward Bews 90025, CAPsychologist Clinical1114916707
Susan Carol Rose 91436, CAPsychologist Clinical1669461257
Elizabeth A Whelchel 94104, CAPsychologist Clinical1629067111
Marie A King 90503, CAPsychologist Clinical1508855008
Robert F. Tyminski 94118, CAPsychologist Clinical1902895410
Marie Blanchard 94538, CAPsychologist Clinical1538158019
Ann Gildersleeve 94611, CAPsychologist Clinical1588653067
Susan Haradon 91941, CAPsychologist Clinical1841289246
Stephen Charles Halpert 94705, CAPsychologist Clinical1386633725
Lilian Bhattacharya 92054, CAPsychologist Clinical1518956721
Dorje M. Jennette 95064, CAPsychologist Clinical1477542785
Linda Rae Mcgowan 92075, CAPsychologist Clinical1346239662
Michael Bruce Stubbs 92054, CAPsychologist Clinical1508855701
Sandra Jorgensen 92653, CAPsychologist Clinical1972592020
Halimah Reis Mcgee 92626, CAPsychologist Clinical1588653562
Susan Margaret Brace 90025, CAPsychologist Clinical1851381883
Joel Robert Sunkin 90240, CAPsychologist Clinical1891785721
Carol Weser 95404, CAPsychologist Clinical1639169576
Stephen Kenny Openshaw 92832, CAPsychologist Clinical1376533232
Kathleen Durning 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1205826047
Lutfiah Milhem 94102, CAPsychologist Clinical1518957216
Elsa Alanis 91910, CAPsychologist Clinical1740270594
Beverly Scherf 95682, CAPsychologist Clinical1891785648
Lamont R Lee 92591, CAPsychologist Clinical1922098797
Linda Altes 92121, CAPsychologist Clinical1417947235
Jean Campbell 92037, CAPsychologist Clinical1548250301
Susan Sharpe 92106, CAPsychologist Clinical1659361368
Beth Ann Mcguire 92373, CAPsychologist Clinical1235129032
Diane Ghiron 92103, CAPsychologist Clinical1962492520
Peggy Kay Lacascia 90822, CAPsychologist Clinical1346230943
Margaret Vernon 92108, CAPsychologist Clinical1003806589
Vicki Nevins 92014, CAPsychologist Clinical1467442947
Mark Schindler 92037, CAPsychologist Clinical1689664278
Eileen Anne Callahan 92118, CAPsychologist Clinical1356331623
Michelle Marie Yount-smetana 92270, CAPsychologist Clinical1720078868
John Fannin Leckie 94535, CAPsychologist Clinical1255321444
Charles Brent Wasserman 91324, CAPsychologist Clinical1659361731
Sharon Dotemoto 90024, CAPsychologist Clinical1841281946
Peter Rath 90210, CAPsychologist Clinical1659362663
Joan Elwood 93551, CAPsychologist Clinical1285625178
Rob Woodman 95616, CAPsychologist Clinical1336130350
Joseph Kestenbaum 90712, CAPsychologist Clinical1659362135


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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