Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William R Dove 80903, COPsychologist Clinical1023011046
David Bonnell Hatfield 80907, COPsychologist Clinical1265435424
Janet M Dodd 80237, COPsychologist Clinical1215930920
Joanna Ioannides 80230, COPsychologist Clinical1285639567
Bonnie L. Shetler 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1841296621
John Jerome Kregarman 80231, COPsychologist Clinical1346246956
Lisa Backus 80260, COPsychologist Clinical1558679555
Jonathan Mark Lipson 80401, COPsychologist Clinical1023010691
Peggy E. Kolschefsky 80211, COPsychologist Clinical1982606596
Karen Mallah 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1497757017
Kristin Vernon Helvig 80237, COPsychologist Clinical1285636936
Ani S. Liggett 80020, COPsychologist Clinical1750373569
Charles D. Glass 80424, COPsychologist Clinical1265425565
Philip R Bennett 80903, COPsychologist Clinical1770578908
Douglas E Funt 80112, COPsychologist Clinical1649265521
Joyce Shoet Ackerman 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1548255565
Rachel Suzanne Lentz 80918, COPsychologist Clinical1659368033
Richard R Whittlesey 80528, COPsychologist Clinical1063400851
Bryce Craig Willson 80113, COPsychologist Clinical1518954643
Robert B Rottschafer 80840, COPsychologist Clinical1922092261
Charles A Howard 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1821086398
Paula L. King 81501, COPsychologist Clinical1265421135
Ralph Colton Wechsler 80138, COPsychologist Clinical1346238367
Melanie S. Weitzenfeld 80111, COPsychologist Clinical1598754681
Bradley F. Mcmillan 80231, COPsychologist Clinical1700875762
Mark A Rush 80203, COPsychologist Clinical1134119126
Karen Ann Mccarthy 80303, COPsychologist Clinical1033109962
Darlene Kasenberg 80538, COPsychologist Clinical1306836630
Michael Harvey 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1407847338
Salvador Cruz 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1043292907
Jessica Robb Mazzant 80021, COPsychologist Clinical1639633621
Robert E Pelc 80110, COPsychologist Clinical1528041522
Mark Neil Faraco-hadlock 80228, COPsychologist Clinical1023091782
Sandra Eisemann 81301, COPsychologist Clinical1992789218
William Staudenmaier 80206, COPsychologist Clinical1376527267
Daviana Rowe 80231, COPsychologist Clinical1790761880
John Halvorson 81506, COPsychologist Clinical1780660670
Susan Dees 81321, COPsychologist Clinical1730166315
Joan E Huebl 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1902884638
Carrie Mccrudden 80211, COPsychologist Clinical1881672913
Catherine Lee Johnston 80303, COPsychologist Clinical1851370886
Kay Beaulieu 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1851370225
Arthur Thomas Linnell 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1326028903
David Dorman Robinson 80301, COPsychologist Clinical1275513962
Thomas Curtin 81501, COPsychologist Clinical1881674190
Patrick Ross Vann 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1396715306
Michael John Pantaleo 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1487634606
Joseph Edward Peters 81005, COPsychologist Clinical1891778585
Katherine Elaine Combs 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1689957979
Brian W Desantis 80910, COPsychologist Clinical1861479024
Susan Bromley 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1538139191
Laurence Kerrigan 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1396715942
Carolyn Ruth Stoloff 80228, COPsychologist Clinical1154391894
Julie S Akiyama 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1598736506
Kevin N Park 80120, COPsychologist Clinical1952372914
Mark G Pendleton 80301, COPsychologist Clinical1992776678
Raina M Denmark 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1497726111
Nancy Wonacott 47274, COPsychologist Clinical1598737884
Beth A. Firestein 80537, COPsychologist Clinical1992777122
Todd William Neu 80914, COPsychologist Clinical1467424507
Frank Joseph Godshall 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1891767950
Caryl L Hearst 80501, COPsychologist Clinical1235101007
Michael John Ott 80905, COPsychologist Clinical1477525335
Jacqueline Elizabeth Delano 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1720051758
Herman Staudenmayer 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1285607234
Lance La Certe 80014, COPsychologist Clinical1215900147
Anita S Grana 81230, COPsychologist Clinical1114990884
William Lewis 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1063485605
David Phillips Cantrell 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1962476408
Oliver Gysin 80206, COPsychologist Clinical1790759843
Arlene Weimer 81001, COPsychologist Clinical1659345544
Richard E Truchses 81419, COPsychologist Clinical1528032364
Robert Paul Bogenberger 80202, COPsychologist Clinical1750356473
Lisa R Jacobs 80631, COPsychologist Clinical1538134127
Walter Juan Torres 80206, COPsychologist Clinical1992770523
Jennifer Oikle 80104, COPsychologist Clinical1508831249
Michael Hassel Craine 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1780659110
Justin Schulz 80226, COPsychologist Clinical1114992138
Norm Dewhurst 80224, COPsychologist Clinical1548236136
August Vanderbeek 81147, COPsychologist Clinical1134195431
Karla Jane Gingerich 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1699743179
Laurie Claire Ivey 80121, COPsychologist Clinical1063471811
Francis Xavier Gaebler 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1467411710
Lisa M Drotts 80204, COPsychologist Clinical1912971748
Eric H Siiteri 82601, COPsychologist Clinical1235108994
Brenda K Holland 81416, COPsychologist Clinical1942276191
Lisa Anne Brenner 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1083680821
Russell A. Thye 80538, COPsychologist Clinical1629042593
Danielle Overton 80014, COPsychologist Clinical1891164836
Bradley B Evans 76542, COPsychologist Clinical1932176872
Debra F Bjork 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1609836329
Terri Orcutt 80521, COPsychologist Clinical1235190794
Diane Reiser 80521, COPsychologist Clinical1477515476
Jeffrey Glasser 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1225090012
Jacqueline B Bennett 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1316900889
Jennifer Gray 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1194788414
Richard Glenn Ratliff 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1225091515
Luann Kay Hentz 80443, COPsychologist Clinical1598728677
Jane A. Sutliff 80027, COPsychologist Clinical1760445738
Teresa Marshall 81001, COPsychologist Clinical1588627202
Esther Marie Lowenstein 80209, COPsychologist Clinical1841254471
Elizabeth L Hickman 80759, COPsychologist Clinical1437114428
Rebecca S Hawkins 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1467418301
Deana Davalos 80524, COPsychologist Clinical1205892791
Peter A Maves 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1215995154
Joan Crook Soper 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1962460667
Barbara Marie Dausch 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1023076635
Ernest T. Soper 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1881642825
Mark Simpson 81501, COPsychologist Clinical1831147446
Patricia Elizabeth Pirrello 80918, COPsychologist Clinical1306894761
Steven Ogden Kidd 80905, COPsychologist Clinical1730138090
Lester Butt 80113, COPsychologist Clinical1437108958
Gayle Marie Frommelt 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1447201686
Raye Lynne Dippel 80906, COPsychologist Clinical1912958646
Dennis L. Wack 80033, COPsychologist Clinical1487606497
Patricia M Tahan 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1235181983
Marvin A Boeding 80538, COPsychologist Clinical1003869694
Carson Yates Henderson 80246, COPsychologist Clinical1508819525
Peggy E Chittick 80023, COPsychologist Clinical1891753810
Beckie M Grgich 80921, COPsychologist Clinical1073579637
Daniel J Rumberger 80120, COPsychologist Clinical1538126826
Cheryl Burnetta Warner 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1942251442
Susan C Belyea 80236, COPsychologist Clinical1104871789
Stephanie Lynn Mehleck 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1205881364
Kimberly V Dwyer 80111, COPsychologist Clinical1992751721
Margaret P Norris 80503, COPsychologist Clinical1669428207
Pamela Wise Romero 81303, COPsychologist Clinical1548216955
Bennett Leslie 80010, COPsychologist Clinical1053367581
Priscilla Sisson 80538, COPsychologist Clinical1417904582
Joan Manheimer 80045, COPsychologist Clinical1093762866
Jane B. Karyl 80027, COPsychologist Clinical1508813015
Joseph William Dutmer 80601, COPsychologist Clinical1326085259
Laura Jean Peters 94304, COPsychologist Clinical1831136464
Glenn L Gravelle 80231, COPsychologist Clinical1063450146
Laurie Berger-jackson 80122, COPsychologist Clinical1174561641
Myrna Jacobson 81137, COPsychologist Clinical1295774230
William Michael Smith 80503, COPsychologist Clinical1518906361
Greta Hunter 80205, COPsychologist Clinical1770524845
Ellis Brian Potter 80015, COPsychologist Clinical1649211608
Suzanne Marie Rudolph 80634, COPsychologist Clinical1275575680
John (jack) D Mcinroy 80231, COPsychologist Clinical1487696308
Gregory Martin Steinwand 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1356383434
Maria A Rodriguez 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1437191384
Arnold (none) Binion 80012, COPsychologist Clinical1457393282
Charles Hazlehurst 80130, COPsychologist Clinical1437192671
Reinaldo Matias 46307, COPsychologist Clinical1801830641
Martha Drake Young 80487, COPsychologist Clinical1548204076
Bernard H Heath 81303, COPsychologist Clinical1811931355
Heather L Campbell 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1437193141
Dana Allen Max 80120, COPsychologist Clinical1851335517
Henrietta Mary Pazos 80218, COPsychologist Clinical1962447797
William J Sturtevant 46112, COPsychologist Clinical1902841455
Nancy Mary Horstmann 80303, COPsychologist Clinical1184669343
Antje F.w. Goeken 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1396781266
Birgit M. Fisher 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1487690293
Donna K. Hegvik 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1811933385
Rebecca L. Ochkie 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1912933441
Beanne O'neill Rothenberg 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1760418180
Martha Pearse 80207, COPsychologist Clinical1851327175
Gary A Fenster 80027, COPsychologist Clinical1477580850
Stuart H Swenson 80205, COPsychologist Clinical1174551477
Robert Larry Pfeil 46514, COPsychologist Clinical1083642383
Rick S. Stewart 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1528096872
Aaron Emil Skalicky 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1043248313
Meredith M Campbell 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1881622827
Thomas Carey Chamberlin 80127, COPsychologist Clinical1700814480
Walter B. King 81004, COPsychologist Clinical1275561961
Patricia A. Levy 81004, COPsychologist Clinical1992733687
Charleanea M. Arellano 80602, COPsychologist Clinical1174551089
Terri A. Evans 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1780612200
Jose G. Vega 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1952330441
Ronald M Westrate 46227, COPsychologist Clinical1083644546
Douglas Charles Varvil-weld 80123, COPsychologist Clinical1801832878
Elizabeth R Chamberlain 80045, COPsychologist Clinical1184654006
Elaine Marie Poulin 80525, COPsychologist Clinical1942255997
Jill Mestel Squyres 81631, COPsychologist Clinical1538106331
James E Jones 80302, COPsychologist Clinical1932149184
Teresa Michelle Haynes 80461, COPsychologist Clinical1467481309
James Franklin Pontius 80104, COPsychologist Clinical1528094513
Helen L Coons 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1427084474
Alex J Reed 80238, COPsychologist Clinical1255385159
Deanna M. Coschignano 80913, COPsychologist Clinical1831121318
Rose M. Manguso 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1285666776
Susan Ollar 80305, COPsychologist Clinical1780618165
Peggy A. Hicks 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1164456885
Katherine Nmi Gibbs 80487, COPsychologist Clinical1053345611
Nora M. Martin 80631, COPsychologist Clinical1205860921
Michael Karson 80208, COPsychologist Clinical1922032465
Kathy Martone 80218, COPsychologist Clinical1316972680
Teresa M. Williams 81003, COPsychologist Clinical1427073501
Craig M Rose 80111, COPsychologist Clinical1417982943
Leann Shepard 80246, COPsychologist Clinical1063447472
Sara Elizabeth Gilloth 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1427073287
Edward John Dill 80045, COPsychologist Clinical1841216553
Eugene Van Dusseldorp 80017, COPsychologist Clinical1487670121
E Loraine Martin 80222, COPsychologist Clinical1235155185
Stephanie Kleiner-morrissey 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1821014242
Noelle P Fellman 80017, COPsychologist Clinical1780601625
Lawrence Haburchak 80220, COPsychologist Clinical1801813811
Eric Braden 80237, COPsychologist Clinical1215955612


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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