Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sarah L Madson 32320, FLPsychologist Clinical1508919937
Florida Psychology Services, Llc 32320, FLPsychologist Clinical1790926335
Brooke Ashley Leever 32159, FLPsychologist Clinical1891048922
Central Florida Recovery Centers, Inc 32819, FLPsychologist Clinical1669625182
Whole Health Psychological Center 33409, FLPsychologist Clinical1760752331
Carlos F Pozzi 34711, FLPsychologist Clinical1174599757
Stephany Lynne Mahaffey 32792, FLPsychologist Clinical1477006286
Dean John Rotondo 33445, FLPsychologist Clinical1588226575
Tatiana Grant 32507, FLPsychologist Clinical1134771629
Marinette Asuncion-uy 32301, FLPsychologist Clinical1477880326
Peace River Center For Personal Development Inc 33830, FLPsychologist Clinical1821097767
George Zaky 34983, FLPsychologist Clinical1194949495
Expert Psychological Associates, Llc 34983, FLPsychologist Clinical1306133244
Jeffrey Paul Huttman 33431, FLPsychologist Clinical1598092504
Steven Reisler Psy D Pa 33484, FLPsychologist Clinical1881776870
Dana Monitto 33442, FLPsychologist Clinical1023444114
Dovid Kirzner 33160, FLPsychologist Clinical1023632130
Blair Hershman Mor 33486, FLPsychologist Clinical1154584050
Jennifer Lynn Perry 33431, FLPsychologist Clinical1205002664
Avi Gordon 33324, FLPsychologist Clinical1083216824
Lory Reyes 33431, FLPsychologist Clinical1578180154
Therapies 4 Kids, Inc. 33026, FLPsychologist Clinical1992107999
Si Chen 33432, FLPsychologist Clinical1568976561
Caryl H. Rosen, Ph.d. And Associates, Inc 46321, FLPsychologist Clinical1558685909
Caryl H. Rosen 46321, FLPsychologist Clinical1851460968
Ryan David Egan 33401, FLPsychologist Clinical1578111407
Ruhama Hazout 33410, FLPsychologist Clinical1558705376
Compass Health Systems, Pa 33161, FLPsychologist Clinical1619965795
Kristen Elizabeth Bolomey 33470, FLPsychologist Clinical1497788194
Refresh Canopy Cove Inc. 34236, FLPsychologist Clinical1730661752
Jena Liane Lieb 34266, FLPsychologist Clinical1710455936
Karianne Szpak Rose 34211, FLPsychologist Clinical1184961682
Krista L Robertson 34251, FLPsychologist Clinical1386815306
Dna Comprehensive Therapy Services, Llc 33916, FLPsychologist Clinical1316363757
Mind And Brain Care Llc 33966, FLPsychologist Clinical1942516844
Mabel Lopez 33966, FLPsychologist Clinical1508971037
Hni Medical Services Of Florida, Llc 32204, FLPsychologist Clinical1679048284
Sergio Naranjo 33901, FLPsychologist Clinical1780773218
Beth Boone 33613, FLPsychologist Clinical1982768693
Clermont Psychological Services 34711, FLPsychologist Clinical1265084404
Valeria Rivera-smith 27609, FLPsychologist Clinical1730747452
Jerrod K. Johnson 33073, FLPsychologist Clinical1780928556
Diane M Kedzierski 34266, FLPsychologist Clinical1497131544
Alina Contino 28374, FLPsychologist Clinical1295911543
Dr. Amy Rein And Associates Pllc 52245, FLPsychologist Clinical1215440110
Cristina Anderson 33134, FLPsychologist Clinical1447765631
Tatiana Valencia 33145, FLPsychologist Clinical1639732738
Luis Hines & Associates, Pa 33135, FLPsychologist Clinical1558357475
Danielle Paige Bissett 11725, FLPsychologist Clinical1770842254
Kristina Samour Patel 30329, FLPsychologist Clinical1487901021
Kasi Gabriel Patterson 33328, FLPsychologist Clinical1275719858
Sheytophia Renee Cunha 33812, FLPsychologist Clinical1760763841
Brown's All About You Therapy 33432, FLPsychologist Clinical1124600606
Baron Crespo 76502, FLPsychologist Clinical1598124331
Jeanette Stewart Jacobs 32720, FLPsychologist Clinical1114047891
Yarisel Marrero Torres 34741, FLPsychologist Clinical1407347040
Michael Fish 33324, FLPsychologist Clinical1548358294
Seasons Psychotherapy Associates Llc 33330, FLPsychologist Clinical1639796675
Chelsea Brieman 65807, FLPsychologist Clinical1851878714
Heather Smith Burch 28202, FLPsychologist Clinical1073816963
Christina Remek 33432, FLPsychologist Clinical1023441755
Irina Kerzhnerman 33431, FLPsychologist Clinical1225089246
Michael P Vallario 94025, FLPsychologist Clinical1295180396
Saafe Health Services Llc 32114, FLPsychologist Clinical1497048284
Joyce Schreiber 33467, FLPsychologist Clinical1922610542
Belkys Elkin & Associates Llc 33172, FLPsychologist Clinical1730536509
Tracy Alloway 32034, FLPsychologist Clinical1023531829
Julie Dara Bruno 33020, FLPsychologist Clinical1659549954
Ariel Frankel 33321, FLPsychologist Clinical1154577617
Toni Richardi 33305, FLPsychologist Clinical1295111623
Coastal Behavioral Health Llc 33305, FLPsychologist Clinical1184095762
Julie D Bruno Pa 33020, FLPsychologist Clinical1902074511
Robyn Valerie Cassel 33409, FLPsychologist Clinical1043467251
Reynaldo Madera 33309, FLPsychologist Clinical1184179541
Nicholas M Moore 33316, FLPsychologist Clinical1336795509
David Lionel Forstadt 33301, FLPsychologist Clinical1093982092
Jada Santos 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1639629694
Jordan Allen Calloway 32707, FLPsychologist Clinical1619244571
Jennifer Ellen Ackrish 33076, FLPsychologist Clinical1679974877
Samantha Denboer 33912, FLPsychologist Clinical1841673100
Brittany Nelsen 33990, FLPsychologist Clinical1407204712
Jason Sabo 33908, FLPsychologist Clinical1720366503
Emily B. Mcnally 33907, FLPsychologist Clinical1801034145
Lauren Elizabeth Guy 28211, FLPsychologist Clinical1386028959
Corissa Lynn Bayer 32548, FLPsychologist Clinical1790029783
Vicky Wolfe 32548, FLPsychologist Clinical1912525866
Roy E Nelson 32606, FLPsychologist Clinical1740221753
Jennifer E. Mariner 46202, FLPsychologist Clinical1467634808
Neha Kirit Dixit 19010, FLPsychologist Clinical1053621623
Jennifer Martin 32609, FLPsychologist Clinical1104223890
Raven Shenette Mayes James 90245, FLPsychologist Clinical1558829721
Susan Elizabeth Davis 32605, FLPsychologist Clinical1538321468
Sonia Maria Medina 34474, FLPsychologist Clinical1538501952
John S. Auerbach 32025, FLPsychologist Clinical1912938622
Angela Koivula 32512, FLPsychologist Clinical1538603964
Maya Bat-ami 33065, FLPsychologist Clinical1184647075
Catalina Falla 33020, FLPsychologist Clinical1578724936
Eva Benmeleh 33009, FLPsychologist Clinical1083958896
Daniel Martinez 33445, FLPsychologist Clinical1447866405
South Florida Psychological Center, Inc. 33018, FLPsychologist Clinical1114129434
Roberto Cristobal Paladines 33033, FLPsychologist Clinical1083808398
Victor Astacio 33014, FLPsychologist Clinical1710329636
Mei-ling Villafana 33126, FLPsychologist Clinical1912429960
Sunshine Mental Solutions Llc 33012, FLPsychologist Clinical1316506181
Evelyn Marie Argenal 33144, FLPsychologist Clinical1194049353
Victoria Maria Valdesuso 59715, FLPsychologist Clinical1194725499
Kerry Cotler 33414, FLPsychologist Clinical1225075229
Marjorie May Gillespie 33313, FLPsychologist Clinical1396762019
Natalie Giraldo Barrios 33024, FLPsychologist Clinical1801371075
Cotler Healthcare & Development Inc. 33414, FLPsychologist Clinical1225075047
Ime Marcella Ekong 33317, FLPsychologist Clinical1760906382
Dara Robyn Bushman-deleon 28803, FLPsychologist Clinical1063787638
Manifest Psychology, Inc. 33020, FLPsychologist Clinical1487200168
Laura Goldman 33020, FLPsychologist Clinical1033617220
Ximena Celedon Flanders 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1669723276
Ventre Medical Associates Llc 33334, FLPsychologist Clinical1073818183
Mercedes Llenin 33175, FLPsychologist Clinical1932125390
Crystal Atkinson 33907, FLPsychologist Clinical1467933101
Peggy V Steinbrunner 15537, FLPsychologist Clinical1497914469
Sheldon Jay Kaplan 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1942353685
Karen Cooper Sandbach 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1083846414
Rose Zayco 32204, FLPsychologist Clinical1649585720
Rose Zayco, Psy.d. Inc. 32204, FLPsychologist Clinical1982911780
Stephanie Backof Holmes Kinnare 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1841637428
Ace Medical Llc 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1265772370
Roosevelt Bell 32208, FLPsychologist Clinical1205358397
Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health 32216, FLPsychologist Clinical1770838872
Adrienne Leigh Desantis King 32216, FLPsychologist Clinical1467605493
Roxanne Louh Pa Inc 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1801103866
New Path Psychology Educational And Psychological Services 32217, FLPsychologist Clinical1730574286
Amy Melinda Hartley 32222, FLPsychologist Clinical1326483017
John P Byron 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1023038072
Sarah Patton 32217, FLPsychologist Clinical1922394071
Miguel A Franco 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1669015111
Saudia Major 48105, FLPsychologist Clinical1871523233
Alicia Teresa Rozycki 80914, FLPsychologist Clinical1083848147
Emily K White 44195, FLPsychologist Clinical1972039477
Anna Michelle Kourakis 32250, FLPsychologist Clinical1538409156
Kairos Psychiatry Pllc 32216, FLPsychologist Clinical1902435589
Paige Marie Ryan 45229, FLPsychologist Clinical1144726696
Mc Medical Llc 32068, FLPsychologist Clinical1982293718
Lauren Frye 32082, FLPsychologist Clinical1376939629
Michelle Mcdonald 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1417494469
Laurie S. Fairall-rueter 32082, FLPsychologist Clinical1487768248
Beverly D Latimer 33401, FLPsychologist Clinical1699311761
Delight C. A. Thompson 33458, FLPsychologist Clinical1700860137
Dr. Delight, P.a. 33458, FLPsychologist Clinical1609219013
John Joseph Beltran 34741, FLPsychologist Clinical1811054109
Susana Michelle Vazquez Nieves 32905, FLPsychologist Clinical1083953434
Lynda A Gonsalves 34743, FLPsychologist Clinical1093075954
Sandra I Arocho 32807, FLPsychologist Clinical1346296498
Carmen C Capella 32807, FLPsychologist Clinical1013088681
Michelle Marie Cordero-soto 34769, FLPsychologist Clinical1689007734
Carmen Milagros England 34746, FLPsychologist Clinical1174037386
Tania I Marrero 34771, FLPsychologist Clinical1154668861
Breakthrough Behavior, Llc 32805, FLPsychologist Clinical1306202940
Victoria Bustamante Avellaneda 33440, FLPsychologist Clinical1740297266
Michael Alan Charash 34266, FLPsychologist Clinical1003981986
Lara Michelle Weissblatt 33467, FLPsychologist Clinical1588900278
Map To Health Llc 33304, FLPsychologist Clinical1801346010
Maura Kaye Malloy 33426, FLPsychologist Clinical1437105475
Rebecca Schwartzberg 33803, FLPsychologist Clinical1417061565
Solace Behavioral Health, Llc 34601, FLPsychologist Clinical1760732887
Angel Christina Montfort 33637, FLPsychologist Clinical1780056994
Gina Zuccolo, Psy.d., P.a. 33602, FLPsychologist Clinical1295276103
Irma Campos 33629, FLPsychologist Clinical1437659273
Interface Consulting And Psychological Services, Llc 33629, FLPsychologist Clinical1225536287
Lisa Cicetti 33426, FLPsychologist Clinical1316102114
Tarbox Psychological Services, Inc. 33710, FLPsychologist Clinical1356725279
Allison Tarbox 33710, FLPsychologist Clinical1629437017
Tiffany J Arcaro 32763, FLPsychologist Clinical1336310747
Jennifer Bianca Toles 33547, FLPsychologist Clinical1720583230
Tonya Weaver 32810, FLPsychologist Clinical1659863165
Kathryn Lynn Coker 33563, FLPsychologist Clinical1912957382
Antoneal Natois Swaby 32901, FLPsychologist Clinical1982939013
Diane Carolyn Buchanan 32937, FLPsychologist Clinical1174037659
Authentic Life Transitions, Llc 32792, FLPsychologist Clinical1548771496
Joseph Walden 32940, FLPsychologist Clinical1598131286
Kelly Leonhard 32708, FLPsychologist Clinical1770048332
Amego, Inc. 02703, FLPsychologist Clinical1083946172
Livewell Behavioral Health Corp 32901, FLPsychologist Clinical1770185308
Tegan Lesperance 32901, FLPsychologist Clinical1881281079
Counseling And Assessment Center Of Brevard Inc 32940, FLPsychologist Clinical1427535335
Livewell Integrative Health Corp 32940, FLPsychologist Clinical1356926695
Holly Beth Bell 32796, FLPsychologist Clinical1174770267
Catalina Rosa Jacobs-fernandez 33134, FLPsychologist Clinical1073533527
Marcelo A. Esteban 33176, FLPsychologist Clinical1053437772
Lissette Lazara Pena 33012, FLPsychologist Clinical1669786844
Jonathan S Comer 02215, FLPsychologist Clinical1619209236
Elizabeth Yolanda Skjoldal 33186, FLPsychologist Clinical1932331915
Yulissa Fundora 33025, FLPsychologist Clinical1831419340
Valeria Fontanals 33131, FLPsychologist Clinical1548608342
Johand Rodriguez-fernandez 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1427470863
Stephanie Peters 55424, FLPsychologist Clinical1013306323
Angelique Alonso 33131, FLPsychologist Clinical1407164809
Dr Ariel Frankel, Llc 33321, FLPsychologist Clinical1790138030
Samantha Kluger 80045, FLPsychologist Clinical1205267085
Alecia Rodriguez 33328, FLPsychologist Clinical1609377449
Anele Diaz 33157, FLPsychologist Clinical1801830930
Katrina L Hallmark 78232, FLPsychologist Clinical1285708420


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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