Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kristin M Kronsnoble 33606, FLPsychologist Clinical1871596023
Mary Ann Clark 34208, FLPsychologist Clinical1174526578
Shawn Rae Sorensen 34994, FLPsychologist Clinical1093719064
Douglas J Mason 34748, FLPsychologist Clinical1750383006
Linda F Mascetti 33573, FLPsychologist Clinical1801890348
Marycely Alessi 32789, FLPsychologist Clinical1851395206
Lori Beth Gleicher 33432, FLPsychologist Clinical1326043480
William E. Beaty 32608, FLPsychologist Clinical1801891742
Alan D Keck 32714, FLPsychologist Clinical1518962810
Dale A. Hicks 33549, FLPsychologist Clinical1649275421
David Edward Burkhead 33308, FLPsychologist Clinical1669477212
Mark Benjamin Meyers 34108, FLPsychologist Clinical1992701916
Bonnie B Syfrett 32301, FLPsychologist Clinical1467450734
Jacki Lynn Nesbitt 32174, FLPsychologist Clinical1326046335
Keila Anidxa Roman 33762, FLPsychologist Clinical1811410798
Albert Zbik 33143, FLPsychologist Clinical1508865072
Harry D Krop 32601, FLPsychologist Clinical1609875889
Bonnie Slade 32905, FLPsychologist Clinical1477552743
Clifford A Levin 32601, FLPsychologist Clinical1447259460
Linda Abeles 32601, FLPsychologist Clinical1386644946
William E. Riebsame 32905, FLPsychologist Clinical1215937826
Ellen Frances Price 33433, FLPsychologist Clinical1235139650
Vincent Schroder 32606, FLPsychologist Clinical1487654760
Jo Ann L Cook 32789, FLPsychologist Clinical1720088990
Kenneth Michael Rothman 33477, FLPsychologist Clinical1134129307
James Lewis Davidson 32503, FLPsychologist Clinical1205836277
Randi Most 32224, FLPsychologist Clinical1255331237
Scott Anderson 33612, FLPsychologist Clinical1588664973
James M Gagnon 32301, FLPsychologist Clinical1780684274
Victoria Azrin Besalel 33308, FLPsychologist Clinical1376544007
Susan C Reeder 34452, FLPsychologist Clinical1992706642
Geoffrey Kanter 34239, FLPsychologist Clinical1780685057
Ronald C Yarbrough 32504, FLPsychologist Clinical1376544684
Tamara Lynn Martin 32608, FLPsychologist Clinical1699776070
Frederick Lecompte Stevens 34952, FLPsychologist Clinical1629070438
Louis Francis Damis 32765, FLPsychologist Clinical1831181817
Jennie Lynne Robb 34202, FLPsychologist Clinical1336131945
Patrice Gerard 33070, FLPsychologist Clinical1538151998
Alan J. Harris 32216, FLPsychologist Clinical1639161938
Steven B Cassel 33309, FLPsychologist Clinical1174516470
Bruce Ivan Kristol 32217, FLPsychologist Clinical1922091198
Mary Anna Hovey 32607, FLPsychologist Clinical1982697082
Christine Freeman Ryan 34239, FLPsychologist Clinical1386637056
Karin Galliano 33950, FLPsychologist Clinical1063405785
Steven R Pollard 33950, FLPsychologist Clinical1346233095
Gail Deborah Simon-boyd 92123, FLPsychologist Clinical1871040568
Danielle Joi Sanchack 32256, FLPsychologist Clinical1821080573
Tabitha Ann Burnard-travis 32114, FLPsychologist Clinical1467969360
William J Kuzbyt 34134, FLPsychologist Clinical1982697199
Jennifer S. Land 32609, FLPsychologist Clinical1790778934
Nancy Parsons 34239, FLPsychologist Clinical1770577843
Peter Joseph Trambley 32542, FLPsychologist Clinical1932193570
Ron Dalrymple 33903, FLPsychologist Clinical1629062112
Thomas E Myer 32514, FLPsychologist Clinical1841285079
Myles L Cooley 33410, FLPsychologist Clinical1326033473
Robert Cronemeyer 32501, FLPsychologist Clinical1619962594
Barbara Jeanne Mcdougall 32216, FLPsychologist Clinical1679568737
Robert John Kennerley 32169, FLPsychologist Clinical1528053410
Tammy Mae Chapman 32317, FLPsychologist Clinical1235124801
Laura C. Hohnecker 33351, FLPsychologist Clinical1902892300
Marlene Gray 33351, FLPsychologist Clinical1780670539
Julian A Salinas 32459, FLPsychologist Clinical1093701005
Charles C. Gibbs 33015, FLPsychologist Clinical1447246210
Laurence Miller 33432, FLPsychologist Clinical1912993676
Alec Roth 33351, FLPsychologist Clinical1306832027
Karen Lynn Moorhead 34654, FLPsychologist Clinical1164418836
David Shaw 33458, FLPsychologist Clinical1497741284
James Marvin Moore 32162, FLPsychologist Clinical1134116544
Molly C Grossman 33950, FLPsychologist Clinical1265429682
Daryl Lynn Millman 32960, FLPsychologist Clinical1316934607
Faith Saal Sperry 33304, FLPsychologist Clinical1497742605
Monica Ha Pedemonte 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1679560940
Eleanor Nelson-wernick 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1396732665
Anne E Davies 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1205823572
Claudia Andrea Rojas 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1578550844
Frederick Mark Kravitz 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1487641759
Joanne Susan Kaufman 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1700873882
Robert L Wernick 33071, FLPsychologist Clinical1003803198
Laura A Cohen 33312, FLPsychologist Clinical1730176892
Robert Henry Brick 33484, FLPsychologist Clinical1174510176
Sameet Kumar 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1932197548
Lonny C Weiss 33410, FLPsychologist Clinical1154319655
Warren Kyprie 33437, FLPsychologist Clinical1144218645
Gerarda Desanto 33321, FLPsychologist Clinical1124016621
Adam Feder 33067, FLPsychologist Clinical1033107537
Gaye Gompers 33176, FLPsychologist Clinical1134117658
Alex Azan 33176, FLPsychologist Clinical1821086349
Marta Manrique-reichard 33143, FLPsychologist Clinical1821085713
Rebecca Prather Brooks 32563, FLPsychologist Clinical1851387963
Katherine Leventhal 34654, FLPsychologist Clinical1780057414
Warren J Sandler 33433, FLPsychologist Clinical1316934474
Jennifer June Masino 32580, FLPsychologist Clinical1306830120
Patricia A Garvie 33316, FLPsychologist Clinical1497740914
Cristina Pozo Kaderman 33136, FLPsychologist Clinical1346238052
Melissa Harrison 33076, FLPsychologist Clinical1932196201
Karol Solomon Brigham 32303, FLPsychologist Clinical1336134949
Jennifer H Mendoza 34221, FLPsychologist Clinical1083602544
Kim Fuller 33146, FLPsychologist Clinical1750379996
Peyton White Lumpkin 33146, FLPsychologist Clinical1235127234
Marcia Bonnie Leder 33428, FLPsychologist Clinical1619966538
Jeffery J Peterson 33612, FLPsychologist Clinical1962491621
Vivi Dearmas 33065, FLPsychologist Clinical1790774974
Arlene Miller 33186, FLPsychologist Clinical1457340580
Christopher Woodman 33065, FLPsychologist Clinical1215926217
Jennifer L Bruce-mcgoldrick 33647, FLPsychologist Clinical1861482820
Peter Hampton 32405, FLPsychologist Clinical1326038332
Elizabeth M. Schilling 32207, FLPsychologist Clinical1831189760
Ronald Thomas Droz 33713, FLPsychologist Clinical1568452407
Richard E Nay 32257, FLPsychologist Clinical1295725034
Robert A Green 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1467442236
Deena S Richman 32257, FLPsychologist Clinical1548250988
Pamela Arlen Olcott 32605, FLPsychologist Clinical1548250061
Donna A Mcdonald 33133, FLPsychologist Clinical1043201130
Michael Hershorn 33321, FLPsychologist Clinical1588655864
Robert Kent Boxley 34231, FLPsychologist Clinical1871584045
Patricia Polk Burkett 33770, FLPsychologist Clinical1720079932
Cheryl Jane Kasprzak 34104, FLPsychologist Clinical1134100381
Linda Geraldine Hirsch 33134, FLPsychologist Clinical1518948520
Mitchell E Spero 33317, FLPsychologist Clinical1699756635
Kimberly R Giuliani 33410, FLPsychologist Clinical1215918099
Evelyn Hochberg 33487, FLPsychologist Clinical1164404273
Elaine Ruth Rotenberg 33407, FLPsychologist Clinical1912989104
Matthew D Simon 33317, FLPsychologist Clinical1013990266
Andrew John Dobo 32958, FLPsychologist Clinical1649253709
Regina Mendoza 33146, FLPsychologist Clinical1255313854
Ruth Claire Prevor 33180, FLPsychologist Clinical1932181344
Stephen Barber 33067, FLPsychologist Clinical1366431108
Peter Dean Schulman 33437, FLPsychologist Clinical1699763789
Robi E Tamargo 32082, FLPsychologist Clinical1710969423
Glenn Marshall Goldberg 32086, FLPsychologist Clinical1093798936
Jody E. Talbott 34119, FLPsychologist Clinical1861475659
Steven Peter Dingfelder 32086, FLPsychologist Clinical1871576405
Lynda Gurvitz 33778, FLPsychologist Clinical1316921737
Michael G Simonds 33305, FLPsychologist Clinical1659355808
Patricia M Fantoni-salvador 33322, FLPsychologist Clinical1063496115
John W Hutcheson 32514, FLPsychologist Clinical1730163700
Taro Augustus Kurusu 33026, FLPsychologist Clinical1952385940
Frank A. Brown 32502, FLPsychologist Clinical1023092012
Mark Elliott Stolzberg 33437, FLPsychologist Clinical1538144936
Carol Walton 32901, FLPsychologist Clinical1750366852
David Lewis Shapiro 33021, FLPsychologist Clinical1598740664
Sheila Katt-beck 33606, FLPsychologist Clinical1083699847
Paul Tritsos 32405, FLPsychologist Clinical1831174622
Richard M Greene 32958, FLPsychologist Clinical1982680534
Bernard Bryan Bulcourf 32605, FLPsychologist Clinical1336125848
Jennifer Kay 33138, FLPsychologist Clinical1356327324
Michelle M Volland 32225, FLPsychologist Clinical1174500987
Michael David Lukens 34990, FLPsychologist Clinical1871570440
Fred J Petrilla 32960, FLPsychologist Clinical1881671386
Allan Smith 32162, FLPsychologist Clinical1467439034
Donald Lee Sanz 32720, FLPsychologist Clinical1699753574
Anita Katalin Sanz 32720, FLPsychologist Clinical1679551428
Joseph Perry 33319, FLPsychologist Clinical1609854868
Ronald Cohen 32610, FLPsychologist Clinical1881672939
Dennis A Day 33308, FLPsychologist Clinical1073591178
C. Vincent Dix 32308, FLPsychologist Clinical1134108194
Leo Salter 32124, FLPsychologist Clinical1497734735
Sandra Steiner Watson 34994, FLPsychologist Clinical1174502215
Ronald Gene Rickner 32309, FLPsychologist Clinical1386624229
Janet R Frank 32605, FLPsychologist Clinical1780664433
William Steven Saunders 34748, FLPsychologist Clinical1194705798
Quinn Steven Bastian 32214, FLPsychologist Clinical1730169202
J. R. Hap Cox 32501, FLPsychologist Clinical1003896705
Ernest J Bordini 32605, FLPsychologist Clinical1972583623
Anne Shepardson Hughes 32817, FLPsychologist Clinical1336129832
Dorothy A Holmes 33135, FLPsychologist Clinical1194705517
Kenneth Harwood 32214, FLPsychologist Clinical1891775102
Majid A Shams 33414, FLPsychologist Clinical1922078179
George Frederick Odonnell 34275, FLPsychologist Clinical1447220504
Eileen Krimsky 32250, FLPsychologist Clinical1730159831
John Moreland 32250, FLPsychologist Clinical1346210440
Frankie J. Godwin 32708, FLPsychologist Clinical1255301115
Glenn E Smith 32610, FLPsychologist Clinical1831177716
Michael Westerveld 32803, FLPsychologist Clinical1841275674
Marilyn J Varcoe 34103, FLPsychologist Clinical1124006176
Pamela Lynn June 34653, FLPsychologist Clinical1306820394
Paula Cooper 34239, FLPsychologist Clinical1043294325
Debra Lynn Stibick 33781, FLPsychologist Clinical1588641666
Kelly C David 32408, FLPsychologist Clinical1851376644
Rayna Vaught Godfrey 32224, FLPsychologist Clinical1588122188
Alina S Feas 33016, FLPsychologist Clinical1275503013
Jack Henry Schneller 32720, FLPsychologist Clinical1881664449
Susan Anne Danahy 32503, FLPsychologist Clinical1316917743
Edward William Chandler 32569, FLPsychologist Clinical1336119726
D'lane Sally Miller 32569, FLPsychologist Clinical1124098504
Stephen I Hirschorn 32503, FLPsychologist Clinical1851361273
Jacki D Nash 33803, FLPsychologist Clinical1659342780
Rosimeri Cristina Clements 32746, FLPsychologist Clinical1043281967
John Harold Daignault 02184, FLPsychologist Clinical1427029008
Dwight David Hart 32214, FLPsychologist Clinical1013988617
Diane A. Mckay 34236, FLPsychologist Clinical1013989433
Rhonda Cameron 33525, FLPsychologist Clinical1134191216
Janice G. Young 34237, FLPsychologist Clinical1386616217
Michael E Clark 33612, FLPsychologist Clinical1487626172
Ronald J Gironda 33612, FLPsychologist Clinical1992778328
Ronald Lee Bergman 33180, FLPsychologist Clinical1013980788
Margarita E Gurri 33004, FLPsychologist Clinical1710951132
Elizabeth A. Jenkins 33612, FLPsychologist Clinical1912971938
Barbara Ann Cloues 32707, FLPsychologist Clinical1154395283
Lindsay Turner Purvis 32403, FLPsychologist Clinical1427022664


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