Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Constance Stapleton 30907, GAPsychologist Clinical1720080872
Marnette Ann Bender 30030, GAPsychologist Clinical1962408294
Angela Marquis Sims 31901, GAPsychologist Clinical1225034846
Charles A. Mcaleer 31405, GAPsychologist Clinical1790782787
Neal A Cohen 30076, GAPsychologist Clinical1043218993
Latoya N Rembert 30009, GAPsychologist Clinical1114498581
Thomas E Berger 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1083613723
Cynthia Kay Valley 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1548269418
Janis Dawn Buffaloe 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1396745667
Christopher Awosika 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1386016301
Georgia C Smith 30188, GAPsychologist Clinical1760483309
Nancy D'abadie Lenton 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1376544890
Michal Ann O'leary 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1952393308
Roger Earl Enfield 31907, GAPsychologist Clinical1578556668
John Calvin Parmer 31907, GAPsychologist Clinical1417940511
Richard Charles Toye 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1992798946
David Robert Moyerman 31909, GAPsychologist Clinical1629061338
Paul Andrew Walters 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1477546190
Aubrey Lee Moore 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1093708737
Jane F Weilenman, Phd, Llc 31410, GAPsychologist Clinical1235123910
Beth Rudegeair 30329, GAPsychologist Clinical1669466157
Kamieka O. S. Gabriel 30344, GAPsychologist Clinical1336134121
Sally A Goforth 72901, GAPsychologist Clinical1013904978
David J Beare 72901, GAPsychologist Clinical1609863562
Frederick J Breme 30605, GAPsychologist Clinical1235127598
Paul J. Cardozo 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1497743512
Barbara Tippins Embry 31098, GAPsychologist Clinical1063400083
Marilyn Anne Vickers 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1093704975
Pamela Ann Taylor 30622, GAPsychologist Clinical1942299615
Thomas L Weaver 30068, GAPsychologist Clinical1235128323
Richard Robert Born 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1902895089
Gary Michael Sussman 30330, GAPsychologist Clinical1669461646
Ellen Taylor Yankee 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1720078744
Elizabeth M. Schilling 32207, GAPsychologist Clinical1831189760
Robert J Daniell 30330, GAPsychologist Clinical1346230208
Theodore Michael Goetz 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1669463766
Anna J Williams 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1598756603
Nicholas Hume 30068, GAPsychologist Clinical1699766568
Carol R Cohen 30188, GAPsychologist Clinical1053392993
Tina Marie Caudill 30134, GAPsychologist Clinical1336120930
Paul W Schenk 30084, GAPsychologist Clinical1831171065
Diane Kathleen Cerjan 31701, GAPsychologist Clinical1437131380
Nick Carden 31701, GAPsychologist Clinical1710969654
Malinda Ann Dale 31701, GAPsychologist Clinical1629050570
Evalin Rhodes Hanshew 30327, GAPsychologist Clinical1740262328
John Calvin Whitley 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1184607483
Patricia Sparks Brawner 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1871582015
Linda A Dunaway 28405, GAPsychologist Clinical1326020553
Rhonda L. Somerhiser 31098, GAPsychologist Clinical1619968138
Randolph D Cooke 30905, GAPsychologist Clinical1861475899
Alfonso Martinez 30269, GAPsychologist Clinical1316920952
Donald Cooper Watkins 30022, GAPsychologist Clinical1407830722
Judy Lynne Fish 30269, GAPsychologist Clinical1114901295
Grover L. Bailey 31792, GAPsychologist Clinical1861477457
Keith Monroe 30904, GAPsychologist Clinical1285619502
Helen Barnes Vantine 30060, GAPsychologist Clinical1003892738
Richard Arthur Vanhaveren 30005, GAPsychologist Clinical1518943075
Charles A. Dillion 30319, GAPsychologist Clinical1336126507
Nancy C Weisman 30060, GAPsychologist Clinical1861479925
Clayton Community Mental Health Substance Ab 30236, GAPsychologist Clinical1649257791
Theresa Tucker Steele 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1144208745
John Scott Baranchok 30161, GAPsychologist Clinical1578542510
Daniel J. Kaeck 31792, GAPsychologist Clinical1194704031
Matt F Butryn 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1639158868
Ivy J Mallisham 31909, GAPsychologist Clinical1689653743
Gary A. Debacher 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1841270998
Adriana Lorena Flores 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1093795791
Jeffrey Lee Jennings 31406, GAPsychologist Clinical1740260256
Brenda Denyse Mobley 45402, GAPsychologist Clinical1144200494
Susan C Litton 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1801876149
Steven Kovner 30092, GAPsychologist Clinical1063482263
Don Hughey 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1912977810
Sylvia F. Knight 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1003892159
Anissa Howard Counseling & Psychotherapy Services, Llc 31093, GAPsychologist Clinical1053815480
Allison M Christopher 30144, GAPsychologist Clinical1861979460
Lifesource Of North Carolina 23226, GAPsychologist Clinical1114419124
Arlene Georgia Gallan 28403, GAPsychologist Clinical1215917455
Gerri Beth Goodman 30324, GAPsychologist Clinical1114997608
Fran G. Shahar 30030, GAPsychologist Clinical1144291402
Cheryl Susan Jeffers 30067, GAPsychologist Clinical1558332429
Elizabeth Alison Stewart 30601, GAPsychologist Clinical1568433399
Christine Lynne Chukabarah 31098, GAPsychologist Clinical1427023027
Clayton Community Mental Health Substance Abuse Deve Svcs Board 30236, GAPsychologist Clinical1518932078
Sylvia Shellenberger 31206, GAPsychologist Clinical1306812540
Richard D. Hark 30161, GAPsychologist Clinical1578539565
Lisa Clark 30274, GAPsychologist Clinical1952378226
Derek Christopher Oliver 30905, GAPsychologist Clinical1902874894
Bruce E Atkinson 30339, GAPsychologist Clinical1336116375
Joseph M Garmon 31792, GAPsychologist Clinical1740259480
Richard Bank 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1639138860
Eugia Littlejohn 30030, GAPsychologist Clinical1972562791
Frusanna Booth Hayes 30650, GAPsychologist Clinical1326008616
Laura Mcmaster Depaola 31709, GAPsychologist Clinical1477512754
Dana Foster 30904, GAPsychologist Clinical1083090732
Heather Dee Purcell 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1063489185
David Baruch Rush 30274, GAPsychologist Clinical1619937646
Norris Elliot Currence 30024, GAPsychologist Clinical1154868511
Erica M Kasler 30518, GAPsychologist Clinical1942279682
Christian Psychotherapy Resources, Inc. 30677, GAPsychologist Clinical1487621827
Elizabeth Marie Soety 31028, GAPsychologist Clinical1407815491
Amanda Griffin Wagner 30628, GAPsychologist Clinical1154399152
Norlydia F. Mcbee 30117, GAPsychologist Clinical1376503219
Samuel Delafield Haskell 30134, GAPsychologist Clinical1831150028
Winston E Dill 31558, GAPsychologist Clinical1134180243
Dennis L Herendeen 30134, GAPsychologist Clinical1629039813
Shirley Boone-sanford 30045, GAPsychologist Clinical1609837616
Dea Rabon Montgomery 30045, GAPsychologist Clinical1467413484
Thomas C. Burns 30236, GAPsychologist Clinical1538121918
Sheila Hawkins 30311, GAPsychologist Clinical1225090624
Gary Santavicca 30312, GAPsychologist Clinical1124080395
Todd David Burnett 31406, GAPsychologist Clinical1568424133
Edward Morris Drohan 31404, GAPsychologist Clinical1518929223
Eli Matthew Solomon 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1295799542
Sarah Franze Jabbour 30188, GAPsychologist Clinical1881659621
David Pressman 31409, GAPsychologist Clinical1174587042
Susan F Davenport 31088, GAPsychologist Clinical1760447585
Bruce Rottschafer 30062, GAPsychologist Clinical1205891561
Helen Gorini 31406, GAPsychologist Clinical1174589899
Steve Johnson 31406, GAPsychologist Clinical1053377481
Luanne Rae Kent 45219, GAPsychologist Clinical1578520516
Anita Alexander George 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1578520433
C Curtis Holmes 31088, GAPsychologist Clinical1811954456
Alcuin Q Johnson 30322, GAPsychologist Clinical1588622807
Susan Katrin 30329, GAPsychologist Clinical1982662128
Reynaldo Manzo 31305, GAPsychologist Clinical1972561124
Thomas Smith Freeman 30263, GAPsychologist Clinical1114985785
Hialeah M R I Inc 30338, GAPsychologist Clinical1437107638
David Scott Greenaway 30324, GAPsychologist Clinical1124076237
Lynette Marie Wiest 30263, GAPsychologist Clinical1972551968
Scott John Schoenherr 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1598713448
Donato Roman 31305, GAPsychologist Clinical1598713232
Brenda J Wagner 30342, GAPsychologist Clinical1083663272
Katina Lynniece Shine 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1104875038
Samuel Alan Behrman 30067, GAPsychologist Clinical1548219546
Sherry S Mchenry 30329, GAPsychologist Clinical1346299310
Stephanie Michelle Whitson 31088, GAPsychologist Clinical1609825488
Melissa Cannon Lang 30060, GAPsychologist Clinical1578512273
Theodore Alexander Daniel 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1730138207
Jill Levey Waxman 30188, GAPsychologist Clinical1578513404
Judith Kalita Denton 31305, GAPsychologist Clinical1780634709
Margaret Scheuerman Baggett 30328, GAPsychologist Clinical1528018272
John Marshall Jenkins 30161, GAPsychologist Clinical1861443921
Tom A Anderson 30078, GAPsychologist Clinical1730130634
Melanie Joy Bliss 30030, GAPsychologist Clinical1871544601
John Petzelt 30338, GAPsychologist Clinical1750333068
Kenneth Francis Mcpherson 30904, GAPsychologist Clinical1568414449
Hugh Allen Christie 30224, GAPsychologist Clinical1083666929
Margaret Mary Oconnor 32214, GAPsychologist Clinical1215989918
Gerald F. Falls 31792, GAPsychologist Clinical1104887512
David Webster 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1275585606
Shahina Mirza 30030, GAPsychologist Clinical1891744090
Counseling & Psychiatry Of Gwinnett, Llc 30078, GAPsychologist Clinical1710937099
Kathryn Lawson 30214, GAPsychologist Clinical1386162311
Delvida L. Long 31098, GAPsychologist Clinical1871543736
Ak Counseling & Consulting, Inc. 30601, GAPsychologist Clinical1538113642
Angela Londono-mcconnell 30601, GAPsychologist Clinical1730134628
Robert Alvin Foster 31210, GAPsychologist Clinical1083669899
Ann T Lucas 31799, GAPsychologist Clinical1225083926
Jacqueline M Kiefel 30342, GAPsychologist Clinical1295782621
Joanne Green 30345, GAPsychologist Clinical1447297510
Anna B Moore 30322, GAPsychologist Clinical1124065818
Moses Cone Medical Services, Inc. 27401, GAPsychologist Clinical1427095249
Susan B Lamb 31401, GAPsychologist Clinical1508804519
Janet Telford Tyler 30307, GAPsychologist Clinical1982642195
Alexander Meski 30117, GAPsychologist Clinical1205874468
James Kip Matthews 30601, GAPsychologist Clinical1245278191
Janet Gaffney 30263, GAPsychologist Clinical1457399966
Lolita Michelle Rhone 30087, GAPsychologist Clinical1194763516
Ronald D Howes 31314, GAPsychologist Clinical1679511133
Julie A. Crowe 30120, GAPsychologist Clinical1750320834
Senior Psych Solutions Corp 30338, GAPsychologist Clinical1225078629
Michael S Mcgarry 30080, GAPsychologist Clinical1831139864
Lakshmana D Surapu 30117, GAPsychologist Clinical1205876000
Kathleen M Otoole 30342, GAPsychologist Clinical1114967759
Daniel E. Hendricks 30909, GAPsychologist Clinical1851332621
Robert James Fay 31406, GAPsychologist Clinical1629019302
Teodoro J Ayllon 30326, GAPsychologist Clinical1982647798
Paige Pittman 30601, GAPsychologist Clinical1861435315
Harvey Louis Gayer 30606, GAPsychologist Clinical1932142593
Donald W Smith 30034, GAPsychologist Clinical1659314847
David T. Stevens 30720, GAPsychologist Clinical1831133438
Laura L Mee 30322, GAPsychologist Clinical1730125774
Kelly Lowell Hern 31061, GAPsychologist Clinical1720024607
Jean L Muench 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1235165044
Wilhelmenia Howell 31602, GAPsychologist Clinical1386670115
Jackson Patten Rainer 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1457388019
Janice R Hughes 30501, GAPsychologist Clinical1740217710
Merry Gallagher 30458, GAPsychologist Clinical1518994599
Katherine Sharpe Jones 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1356378061
Catherine Gray Deering 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1013944537
Alisa J Manulkin 30328, GAPsychologist Clinical1548298755
Linda Nail Summers 31098, GAPsychologist Clinical1639107584
David William Acker 31501, GAPsychologist Clinical1154359263
Natasha Nicole Johnson 30033, GAPsychologist Clinical1275562704
Sarah W. Jones 30345, GAPsychologist Clinical1225067671
Meredith Lucy Knight 30342, GAPsychologist Clinical1447289863
Goodman Frederick Brennan 30253, GAPsychologist Clinical1396774592
Marian Moseley 30904, GAPsychologist Clinical1821028234
Spencer H Gelernter 30062, GAPsychologist Clinical1487684544
Fred W Fussell 30501, GAPsychologist Clinical1184654170


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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