Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tami Babino 96789, HIPsychologist Clinical1811546435
Tracy Miyoko Taniguchi Yamasaki 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1013275205
Erin Ogawa 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1508305244
Desiree Connie Cabinte 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1114385408
Jillian Freitas 96793, HIPsychologist Clinical1811398357
Sharon Picard Phd, Llc 98660, HIPsychologist Clinical1447616339
Devon Akemi Masuda 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1699821264
Elnur Gajiev 96728, HIPsychologist Clinical1891130852
Gina Reyes 85201, HIPsychologist Clinical1144643040
Henry A Beck 96817, HIPsychologist Clinical1093756033
Jamie Ronnee Horton Gigante 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1447296603
Amy Kg Wassman 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1194801951
Dawn Elizabeth Montgomery 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1669542759
Stephanie K Kong 95823, HIPsychologist Clinical1386728574
Victoria Liou-johnson 96825, HIPsychologist Clinical1376019927
Lesley Cook 23219, HIPsychologist Clinical1720379332
Jaime Puahiehieikamaka Chang 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1497067110
Michael Falcon Reilly 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1750788980
Lauren Alana Seibert-hatalsky 37212, HIPsychologist Clinical1750702940
Milestones 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1881108652
Kiran Syed 96826, HIPsychologist Clinical1285074286
Michael Edward Christopher 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1558596874
Melinda Ann Kohr 19967, HIPsychologist Clinical1750364766
Dr. Shannon Curry, Psy.d., Inc. 92660, HIPsychologist Clinical1548693930
Jana Diane Ortiz 96707, HIPsychologist Clinical1669681813
Cecily Sakai 96821, HIPsychologist Clinical1568742773
Lisa Christine Cavanagh 96706, HIPsychologist Clinical1710303318
Nanako Negome-kapur 85308, HIPsychologist Clinical1013205822
Jessica Harper 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1649506650
Candice Joy Sutton 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1801159231
Steven William Pappas 96746, HIPsychologist Clinical1174918361
Rachel Song 02494, HIPsychologist Clinical1255878575
Sara L Digrazia 96826, HIPsychologist Clinical1659836435
Jonathan Jee Woon Mueller 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1467821702
Carolyn Maria Lopez 92270, HIPsychologist Clinical1508807629
Hilary Gould 92103, HIPsychologist Clinical1104297696
University Health Partners Akahai Llc 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1346856978
Jon Joseph Cisneros 96763, HIPsychologist Clinical1699244509
Julie H Nishihira 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1033726534
Michael David Macias 96271, HIPsychologist Clinical1417509589
Isidro Paul Hermosura 96795, HIPsychologist Clinical1831345149
Wendi Hirsch Major 98684, HIPsychologist Clinical1265471833
Anneke Johnson Lpc 28546, HIPsychologist Clinical1376121103
Blossom Iwalani Fonoimoana 96748, HIPsychologist Clinical1619112877
Elizabeth Keolani Taitano 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1972934099
Cathy M Hammond 96740, HIPsychologist Clinical1245374578
Julie Yurie Takishima-lacasa 96821, HIPsychologist Clinical1376085050
Mary Ann Kuualoha Terminello 96738, HIPsychologist Clinical1891026845
Rebecca Marie Beardsley 96815, HIPsychologist Clinical1023153889
Lauren K Yoshida 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1194196196
Shelly Ludolph 96766, HIPsychologist Clinical1346784147
Lisa Ann Duke 96707, HIPsychologist Clinical1417284514
Shantel Fernandez Lopez 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1740599653
Stephanie Blazak Napoli 32950, HIPsychologist Clinical1346459435
Shanti Kay Manzano 96756, HIPsychologist Clinical1043549637
Joseph W Lenz 96708, HIPsychologist Clinical1750358537
Alexandria Leedy 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1053594770
Micah T Keaney 94535, HIPsychologist Clinical1457981060
Sharon Lee Picard 98660, HIPsychologist Clinical1164624375
Jose Mauricio Ramirez 96271, HIPsychologist Clinical1871820944
Justin Pool 98431, HIPsychologist Clinical1306262852
Lisa Caitlin Cook 89106, HIPsychologist Clinical1063899268
Laura Kaae 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1225418890
Mark Douglas Breithaupt 95125, HIPsychologist Clinical1053436337
Mark D Breithaupt Phd Inc 95125, HIPsychologist Clinical1902115082
Behavioral Health Services Of Maui, Llc 96793, HIPsychologist Clinical1316569296
Charlotte Savage 96795, HIPsychologist Clinical1285870287
Kapualeinani Beyer Cavaco 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1598930372
Desiree C. Cabinte, Ph.d. Llc 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1659820157
Ainoa Psychological Services Llc 96706, HIPsychologist Clinical1225528631
Neil O Annandale 96717, HIPsychologist Clinical1770046674
Naomi Takemoto-chock 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1013918291
Shelly A. Tomishima 96797, HIPsychologist Clinical1114911450
Kathleen Marianne Mcnamara 96793, HIPsychologist Clinical1790772093
Jane S.r. Fisher 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1902894140
Robin B Welch 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1154310639
Wayne S Giancaterino 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1366431744
Thomas A Glass 96815, HIPsychologist Clinical1154310530
Brenda H Edmonds 96857, HIPsychologist Clinical1154311850
Thomas Jay Evans 96860, HIPsychologist Clinical1669462396
Terri L Needels 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1245220987
Stan F. Whitsett 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1972594034
Diane L Raleigh 96825, HIPsychologist Clinical1952391013
Jeffrey Peter Stolrow 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1851382576
Raymond Alexander Folen 96822, HIPsychologist Clinical1730170481
Kathleen S Brown 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1861473670
Mark Scott Verschell 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1790776664
James Slobodzien 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1750371670
Michael Allen Kellar 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1043293954
Michael Bridge 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1063495638
Thomas F Ditzler 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1730163312
Larry Charles James 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1265418511
Dyan M Kiyuna-uchida 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1659357853
Craig H Robinson 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1295714152
David Shanon Weiss 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1063491793
Adeline Ong 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1780663831
Linda Rivera 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1285614180
Kara Elizabeth Yano 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1861462863
Teresa D. Ross 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1326025131
Robert E Jackson 96707, HIPsychologist Clinical1245219849
Geoffrey Chung 96860, HIPsychologist Clinical1366412108
Mary K Myers 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1881667939
Sara Marianna Lightner 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1598730194
David Leon Bevett 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1710951439
Jeanne Swickard Hoffman 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1952379844
Robin Emi Sugihara Miyamoto 96817, HIPsychologist Clinical1275502130
Steven Edward Geller 96761, HIPsychologist Clinical1497724090
Lisa Hancock Gomes 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1184684409
Barbara L George 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1104886415
Kenneth A Delano 96706, HIPsychologist Clinical1215900576
Rita J Shuford 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1457312860
Janice Westlund Bryan 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1861453839
Melanie Gottlieb 96789, HIPsychologist Clinical1366403214
Julie Miller 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1639130214
Lawrence R. Allman 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1043272909
Steven Mamoru Miyake 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1366406282
Sarah Miyahira 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1114982519
James Farthing Efstation 96755, HIPsychologist Clinical1104881283
J. Gregory Turnbull 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1629034582
John Louis Myhre 96792, HIPsychologist Clinical1942266739
Anne Dorre 96746, HIPsychologist Clinical1861459844
Carolyn Wihera Gilessummerville 96859, HIPsychologist Clinical1811955891
Lisa Kaneshiro 96778, HIPsychologist Clinical1134177785
John A Keenan 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1497703748
Nadine Shigezawa 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1457300337
Cole Lew 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1003866906
Robert J Porter 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1184674079
Antonio Gino 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1679523153
Walter R. Jaeckle 96743, HIPsychologist Clinical1861445413
Heide P. Kiyota 96786, HIPsychologist Clinical1821041484
Leslie Martin Johnson 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1891748992
Hale Akamine 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1508819053
Brenda Joyce Andrieu 96706, HIPsychologist Clinical1114970605
Mary Lai Ung Dang 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1396798286
Kristina Ann Pikunas 96815, HIPsychologist Clinical1376597047
Jill M Oliveira Gray 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1609832401
Don Mitsuo Hashimoto 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1649224841
Barbara Alzora Rutter 96744, HIPsychologist Clinical1669426136
Jeffrey J Gedney 96727, HIPsychologist Clinical1598710451
Aaron Scot Kaplan 96815, HIPsychologist Clinical1386699817
Jeffrey Winston Cumes 96750, HIPsychologist Clinical1215982616
Barbara B Sloggett 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1508811613
Hsin-tine Tina Liu-tom 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1497701007
Cynthia Ann Hirsch 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1548216146
Melissa R Lindsay 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1316994387
Marielis Jepson 96753, HIPsychologist Clinical1396792966
Ewa S Stamper 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1891742474
Sandra Akiko Takamine 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1992743108
Lyle Herman 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1689612707
Lucille Carstens 96740, HIPsychologist Clinical1811935422
Jean Adair-leland 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1952341224
Christina Kent 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1336189307
Darlene Ashley 96740, HIPsychologist Clinical1134169840
Tammie A Kim 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1821038506
Consultinc 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1942241229
Kari Vasey 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1275576969
Lynette Labasan 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1588608277
Lisa Nobuko Orimoto 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1124062377
Eva Rene Hillman 96740, HIPsychologist Clinical1235173477
Mitzi Gold 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1093750895
Carol Pm Tyler 96826, HIPsychologist Clinical1902842370
Charlene A. Hosenfeld 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1154357903
Joshua Jonathan Ford 96782, HIPsychologist Clinical1679509723
Robert Allen Horne 96766, HIPsychologist Clinical1518994292
Brian B Combs 96817, HIPsychologist Clinical1760412175
Evelyn Harumi Yanagida 96815, HIPsychologist Clinical1396775573
Dirk Taylor Elting 96744, HIPsychologist Clinical1891725974
Phuong Thuy Thi Tran 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1215968078
Lynn Kikue Goya 96789, HIPsychologist Clinical1033165576
Sara J. Farnham 96817, HIPsychologist Clinical1184679250
William Rezentes 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1699702183
Brenda Lovette 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1487685251
Thomas P. Loomis 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1861424962
Oi Hing Chan 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1992738322
John Cornelius Donkervoet 96782, HIPsychologist Clinical1134152580
Kristin Michelle Keast 96744, HIPsychologist Clinical1790719763
Karla Sue Izuka 96816, HIPsychologist Clinical1336164508
Terry Ann T Fujioka 96750, HIPsychologist Clinical1245265412
Terry Sue Beuret 96782, HIPsychologist Clinical1962427740
Barbara Alethea 96795, HIPsychologist Clinical1326064072
Gayle Hostetter 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1508883224
Ronald Barozzi 96817, HIPsychologist Clinical1780602821
Muriel Stitt 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1619996600
Tracie L. Takeshita 96822, HIPsychologist Clinical1508885500
Donna E Burnett 96744, HIPsychologist Clinical1659391001
Scott S. Hashimoto 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1497775225
Melissa Lee Belanger 96744, HIPsychologist Clinical1083635155
Michael Richard Bressem 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1982618377
Frances H I Brown 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1578571550
Doug Fitch Schwartzsmith 96734, HIPsychologist Clinical1326057340
Lynn F Tokumine 96792, HIPsychologist Clinical1376553198
Sherrie M. Takushi-isara 96701, HIPsychologist Clinical1497765879
R Susan Rubenstein 96793, HIPsychologist Clinical1922019611
Gary G Ralston 96813, HIPsychologist Clinical1457363897
John A Hibscher 96750, HIPsychologist Clinical1265445795
Joanne Virginia Magee 96819, HIPsychologist Clinical1720191711
Sharon A. Rose 96797, HIPsychologist Clinical1033223292
Annette A. Shimizu 96814, HIPsychologist Clinical1770697419
David P Davis 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1619082039
David P Davis, Ph.d., Llc 96720, HIPsychologist Clinical1487760484


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