Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeremy Luce 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1356744171
Alexandria Rose Perle 60521, ILPsychologist Clinical1316453640
Rosecrans & Associates Pllc 60102, ILPsychologist Clinical1003467499
Megan Dolores Rosecrans 60102, ILPsychologist Clinical1104370121
Kathryn M Clausius 62411, ILPsychologist Clinical1588271027
Michael Lee 62034, ILPsychologist Clinical1366065054
Katherine C. Wood 60008, ILPsychologist Clinical1942241500
Paul John Skiba 60004, ILPsychologist Clinical1326161324
Whitney Freeman Tschan 60005, ILPsychologist Clinical1336422542
Wakeful Psychological And Consulting Services, Pllc 60026, ILPsychologist Clinical1407329063
Susan Klostermann 19803, ILPsychologist Clinical1104279405
Melissa Mahon 60134, ILPsychologist Clinical1932304102
Samina Ahmed Jauregui 44106, ILPsychologist Clinical1104256916
Symone Lewis 60504, ILPsychologist Clinical1770503542
Kayla Neisen 62316, ILPsychologist Clinical1730606443
Julie Young 60560, ILPsychologist Clinical1083068100
Pathways Psychology Services P.c. 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1942485198
Jamie Lynn Parise 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1164077509
Mandi L Thompson 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1942550777
Jeanne Kestel 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1255866398
Joseph Michael Roszkowski 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1144352626
Elizabeth Marie Zimmerman 97045, ILPsychologist Clinical1740665132
Christine Kay Stinnett 62221, ILPsychologist Clinical1760907240
Beth Welsh 62223, ILPsychologist Clinical1821514514
Creating Peace Of Mind Cognitive Behavioral Health llc 62269, ILPsychologist Clinical1427520352
Lisa Dejong 61011, ILPsychologist Clinical1508372871
Katherine Lou Rhodes 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1053752360
Mindy Forman 60048, ILPsychologist Clinical1851768725
Leslie Crea-kammerer 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1831494186
Brent D Venters 89801, ILPsychologist Clinical1306392899
Riddhi Joshi 60102, ILPsychologist Clinical1730635939
Brittany Wade 33710, ILPsychologist Clinical1396220117
Kenleigh Roden Mcminn 75246, ILPsychologist Clinical1588133110
Whitney Labriola 60446, ILPsychologist Clinical1437674892
Cynthia-lewis Lee 60936, ILPsychologist Clinical1033120514
Rodasi Llc 60169, ILPsychologist Clinical1467691790
Joseph R Zander 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1285643700
Natalia Kaczmarek 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1215466032
Neurobehavioral Associates, P.c. 60015, ILPsychologist Clinical1881815660
Kelly M Lyell 60521, ILPsychologist Clinical1639680275
Shantelle Whitehead 60543, ILPsychologist Clinical1093008203
Dr. Shantelle And Associates, Ltd 60543, ILPsychologist Clinical1639510167
Eliza Kathleen Hutchings 63139, ILPsychologist Clinical1558875732
Christina Hubbert 62701, ILPsychologist Clinical1669004370
Sarah Altinbasak 45244, ILPsychologist Clinical1265806699
Outreach Community Ministries Inc 60187, ILPsychologist Clinical1255443669
Jillian Fitzpatrick 60174, ILPsychologist Clinical1073145173
Gayle Heather Macbride 55379, ILPsychologist Clinical1710170428
Ryanne E Nason 62321, ILPsychologist Clinical1063922417
Adrian Ervington 61832, ILPsychologist Clinical1033510185
Christopher Lawrence Menard 61801, ILPsychologist Clinical1033359278
Theresa Benson 61821, ILPsychologist Clinical1811305527
Mary E. Worden 60637, ILPsychologist Clinical1578546156
Hannah Sido 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1922406925
Latreece Evette Dickerson 60643, ILPsychologist Clinical1053409722
Paula Carolina Castillo 60639, ILPsychologist Clinical1992804876
Timothy P Pearman 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1588795819
Debra M. Block 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1871624890
Rose Fitzgerald Sneed 94103, ILPsychologist Clinical1750452223
Aimee Daramus 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1932307170
Alvin David Farmer 75212, ILPsychologist Clinical1992929830
Andrew Glenn Beatty 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1124328752
Michael J Zakalik 60304, ILPsychologist Clinical1164738548
Kristen Anne Wright 60148, ILPsychologist Clinical1336454891
Dawn B Van Alphen 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1558504829
Urban Wellness, Ltd. 60631, ILPsychologist Clinical1942565353
Carly Lynne Mount 22911, ILPsychologist Clinical1093054082
Richard L Renfro 60626, ILPsychologist Clinical1598005316
Rebecca Ellen Wilson 60612, ILPsychologist Clinical1275976896
Jessica Ellen Dubnow 60077, ILPsychologist Clinical1790152635
Krystal Dawn Robinson 78229, ILPsychologist Clinical1194123547
Tracy Ann Bischoff 60618, ILPsychologist Clinical1861741001
Erin Raith Soruco 60523, ILPsychologist Clinical1144664319
Christina Boisseau 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1760806012
Leanna Fortunato 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1821438151
Elizabeth Perri, Psy.d., Llc 60654, ILPsychologist Clinical1487108726
Rachel Elizabeth Smith 60622, ILPsychologist Clinical1801300439
Amanda Rankin 60603, ILPsychologist Clinical1831607027
Centro Castillo For Personal And Family Wellbeing, Llc 60639, ILPsychologist Clinical1598942484
Noel Michael Schecter 60631, ILPsychologist Clinical1144735150
Erica Sieg 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1053846147
Kristen Sudnik 60625, ILPsychologist Clinical1114437357
Danielle M Principato 60643, ILPsychologist Clinical1871800482
Jennifer Palmer 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1053706150
Awareness Psychology Center, Inc 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1417453218
Sociability Therapy, Llc 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1568952232
Family Focus Inc. 60636, ILPsychologist Clinical1245743657
Kathryn Heather Schreck 60639, ILPsychologist Clinical1205314226
Jason Hacker Ph.d. Therapy And Psychological Services Llc 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1396108874
Paige Leigh Baker Braxton 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1952846255
Tara Frem 40204, ILPsychologist Clinical1710385695
Jin Wu Psyd Llc 60505, ILPsychologist Clinical1811462013
Center For Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Inc. 60091, ILPsychologist Clinical1417425182
Dr. Jenna Peterson, Inc. 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1285113001
Kailyn Bobb 60005, ILPsychologist Clinical1396195491
Amanda Zale 60647, ILPsychologist Clinical1588131098
Samantha Naomi Orbach 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1790092229
Micah Ioffe 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1659721967
Jessica Brennan 60645, ILPsychologist Clinical1962958967
Deborah Lynn Fenn 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1316438278
Gregory J Harms 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1538579354
Charles Starkman 48334, ILPsychologist Clinical1891158978
Tyler Donald Demers 60421, ILPsychologist Clinical1386901247
Neli Cohen 60712, ILPsychologist Clinical1588199038
Maria Del Carmen Mora 30306, ILPsychologist Clinical1396137824
Kari Terrill 60304, ILPsychologist Clinical1548636541
Matthew Kelsey 46410, ILPsychologist Clinical1184122269
Adam Hellebrand 60076, ILPsychologist Clinical1891149431
Cassandra Christine Kandah 60606, ILPsychologist Clinical1386114122
The Lodestone Center For Behavioral Health, Pc 60098, ILPsychologist Clinical1619448222
Caroline Bliss Adelman 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1144594474
Sarah Elisabeth Baumgartner 54301, ILPsychologist Clinical1992086748
Tiffany Amber Brakefield 84056, ILPsychologist Clinical1811253222
Amit Kakkar 60630, ILPsychologist Clinical1356686919
New Insights Behavioral Health Services 60630, ILPsychologist Clinical1659774222
Elizabeth Colleen Stiles-shields 60612, ILPsychologist Clinical1245520246
Bright Light Counseling Center, Llc 78705, ILPsychologist Clinical1831567452
Elizabeth Marnix 78705, ILPsychologist Clinical1003231135
Nicole Alana Bishop 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1841851318
Bianca M Schaefer 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1649764622
Tiffany Edwards 60610, ILPsychologist Clinical1023519493
Michelle Kalnasy Powell 60604, ILPsychologist Clinical1376929315
Kristen M Haut 60612, ILPsychologist Clinical1922651645
Robert Scott Waller 60610, ILPsychologist Clinical1174014625
Kevin Kukoleck 95670, ILPsychologist Clinical1295821171
Mark Merten 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1710270053
Amber Barger 60618, ILPsychologist Clinical1194060897
Algean Garner 60610, ILPsychologist Clinical1588732416
Amber J Barger Psyd Pllc 60618, ILPsychologist Clinical1417500976
Brian Kong 60647, ILPsychologist Clinical1518366004
Kristen Suing 60619, ILPsychologist Clinical1205362977
Christopher Burgess 60660, ILPsychologist Clinical1679902324
Nicole E Patterson 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1871130070
Chicago Psychotherapy, Llc 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1215330048
April Timmons Tyler 60616, ILPsychologist Clinical1639718653
Olivia Carollo, Psyd, Pllc 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1649780578
Jasmin Searcy 60610, ILPsychologist Clinical1477920981
Leesa Contorino 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1013547942
Lauren Vanhusen 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1073143640
Alexander Jacob Lalley 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1538799812
Olivia Elaine Grant 23230, ILPsychologist Clinical1508137282
Irma Porcic Khelghati 60523, ILPsychologist Clinical1891044038
Jonathan Saavedra 60608, ILPsychologist Clinical1982006219
Carolyn Anne Barsano 60076, ILPsychologist Clinical1780714212
Balanced Awakening, Pc 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1285024463
Wanda Denise Smith 60429, ILPsychologist Clinical1114550688
Nick J Sotor 60015, ILPsychologist Clinical1134465644
Cleminson Psychological Services, Llc 60077, ILPsychologist Clinical1184258808
Sharon Pinto Khurana 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1851815393
Julie Brandenburg 60608, ILPsychologist Clinical1962840405
Angela Razon 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1033306691
Amanda Stagg 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1366094328
David Xuan-khoa Le 60603, ILPsychologist Clinical1013309426
Anne Romyr Denor 07003, ILPsychologist Clinical1295128882
August J Cwik Psy D Ltd 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1245853308
Romeo Santana 46307, ILPsychologist Clinical1548791650
Sara Turner 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1205385671
Djje Holdings Llc 60631, ILPsychologist Clinical1477001766
Suzana E. Flores 70458, ILPsychologist Clinical1497780126
Michele Caroline Henhapl 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1083222491
Catalina Rosario Lawsin 90210, ILPsychologist Clinical1366625618
Jamie Garvey 46556, ILPsychologist Clinical1265995500
Whitney Nicole Zweifel 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1255647038
Mirna E Ballestas 60625, ILPsychologist Clinical1942427521
Freelife Behavioral Health Llc 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1184236002
Kristina M Pecora 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1922323260
Ashley Kuhl Piwowarski 60302, ILPsychologist Clinical1417296492
Hannah Clark 61820, ILPsychologist Clinical1851709026
Emily Parke 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1770190001
Jonathan Smith 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1124403100
Verity Rodrigues 37232, ILPsychologist Clinical1578911327
Marni B Rosen 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1710320080
Sung J Cho 89106, ILPsychologist Clinical1770789307
Stephanie Hamilton 89502, ILPsychologist Clinical1942633870
Yojana Veeramasuneni 49085, ILPsychologist Clinical1952562175
K. Lara Beanblossom 60093, ILPsychologist Clinical1427184795
Steve Garcia Cisneros 73104, ILPsychologist Clinical1922498112
James Wellman 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1255616140
Loop Psychotherapy, P.c. 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1740877026
Arin Stone 60632, ILPsychologist Clinical1194851121
Jennifer Castellow 60618, ILPsychologist Clinical1629562996
Maria Laura Pappa 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1700407293
Frederick Antonio Smith 60561, ILPsychologist Clinical1568971091
Mahsa Mirazimy 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1003369646
Kenneth Terrell Washington 60430, ILPsychologist Clinical1295326668
Wh Il Medical Pllc 60639, ILPsychologist Clinical1336748367
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois 60612, ILPsychologist Clinical1316537889
Evolutis, Llc 26105, ILPsychologist Clinical1821657941
Caroline E Fulton 60190, ILPsychologist Clinical1184223364
Jennifer Palmer Psyd And Associates Llc 60646, ILPsychologist Clinical1770109720
Caitlin Mcilwee 60076, ILPsychologist Clinical1730457078
Bergen Psychological Services, Inc. 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1174819874
Ednalice Pagan-romney 60435, ILPsychologist Clinical1285842682
Dustin Siegel 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1093342156
Rachel Vaughn Psyd Llc 60605, ILPsychologist Clinical1013598747
Cara Vaccarello 80222, ILPsychologist Clinical1679981955
Michael Chamberlain 60637, ILPsychologist Clinical1356922561
Tenacity Psychological Services, Llc 60618, ILPsychologist Clinical1619530185
Laura Anne Ternand-hughes 60175, ILPsychologist Clinical1598072241
Samar Harfi 60148, ILPsychologist Clinical1538497441


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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