Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Barry M Leavitt 60646, ILPsychologist Clinical1588667315
Laura T Schultz 60435, ILPsychologist Clinical1548263379
Ray Edward Quackenbush 60646, ILPsychologist Clinical1619970357
Michael England 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1538162870
Paul Dale Linden 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1578568622
Mary Elizabeth Avellone 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1699770693
Timothy Brown 60410, ILPsychologist Clinical1740285444
Robert Bruce Henry 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1891791554
Roy Richard Grinker 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1669470803
Linda J. Wright 60430, ILPsychologist Clinical1285631291
Peter A Dodzik 60005, ILPsychologist Clinical1437156999
Sharmistha Bose 60174, ILPsychologist Clinical1235137050
Mary Elizabeth Paul 60642, ILPsychologist Clinical1366441917
Roger C Gronau 60098, ILPsychologist Clinical1992704225
Catherine Dean 60014, ILPsychologist Clinical1356340616
Edward K Mcgarrigle 60014, ILPsychologist Clinical1841299013
Steven P Johnson 60004, ILPsychologist Clinical1194724393
Ray S Kim 60014, ILPsychologist Clinical1912906116
Robert L Meyer 60098, ILPsychologist Clinical1972502110
Thomas J Schevers 60014, ILPsychologist Clinical1831198837
Barry Alpert 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1013916998
Andrea Fink 60622, ILPsychologist Clinical1255330130
Clifford W. Rot 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1457351082
Anne R Wolfe 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1619977907
Leah Pendarvis 60030, ILPsychologist Clinical1093715088
Bradford Anthony Czochara 60451, ILPsychologist Clinical1447631551
Terrence J Neary 60014, ILPsychologist Clinical1477552685
Craig Whitney Jock 60634, ILPsychologist Clinical1407857873
Miles Linsky 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1215938337
Darryl L Pure 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1497747513
Terrence James Koller 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1487647715
Robert J. Lentz 61821, ILPsychologist Clinical1356334536
Michael William Mangis 60119, ILPsychologist Clinical1063405249
Mary Kay Pribyl 60026, ILPsychologist Clinical1083607303
Donna Lettieri-marks 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1346233665
Joan F Hakimi 60077, ILPsychologist Clinical1750374708
Randy Lee Kettering 60004, ILPsychologist Clinical1407849680
Alexander Adam Eschbach 60194, ILPsychologist Clinical1417940610
Thomas J Rostafinski 60301, ILPsychologist Clinical1508859521
Mary Angela Yerkes 60453, ILPsychologist Clinical1649263823
Harry J Deppe 62025, ILPsychologist Clinical1689667503
Samuel Moreno 61265, ILPsychologist Clinical1568455236
Lynda Marie Behrendt 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1831182534
Timothy Joseph Re 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1265425979
Elizabeth F. Feldman 60093, ILPsychologist Clinical1144213323
Patricia Anna Graham 60645, ILPsychologist Clinical1093716466
Joanne T Marengo 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1467445684
Anne A Gephart Moore 60007, ILPsychologist Clinical1780686857
William Dean Billows 60056, ILPsychologist Clinical1619969854
James Ralph Smith 61821, ILPsychologist Clinical1659364180
Cynthia Ann Levin 60604, ILPsychologist Clinical1083608343
Jon-paul Champine 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1982698833
Frank Richard Froman 62301, ILPsychologist Clinical1831184290
Stephen Kahn 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1598750804
James B Goebel 60462, ILPsychologist Clinical1326033507
John Bruce Martin 60202, ILPsychologist Clinical1619962727
Robert L Randall 60126, ILPsychologist Clinical1467447581
Mary C Hagele 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1942295738
Barbara R Kraus 60452, ILPsychologist Clinical1326033051
Pamela Rebeck 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1497740070
Leslie A Buck 62225, ILPsychologist Clinical1497741086
Nell Logan 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1265428452
Shirley Reynolds Baron 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1265429195
Steven James Byrnes 62225, ILPsychologist Clinical1144218785
William Wah Hing Lee 60044, ILPsychologist Clinical1164418802
Timothy R. Buhrt 60548, ILPsychologist Clinical1063408250
Valerie Lucas 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1396160669
Ellen S. Rosenberg 60091, ILPsychologist Clinical1245225713
Steven L Fritz 62703, ILPsychologist Clinical1295723617
Antoinette M Krakowski 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1073501490
Andrea F Benn 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1366430795
Laureen Yeoh Burda 60521, ILPsychologist Clinical1700875374
James T Davenport 60643, ILPsychologist Clinical1881683969
James Anthony Natter 60188, ILPsychologist Clinical1851380083
Jerry L. Boyd 61920, ILPsychologist Clinical1851381792
Patrick J Kennelly 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1720078157
Judy G. Dziugas 60126, ILPsychologist Clinical1922099019
Linda Leksas 60521, ILPsychologist Clinical1497746325
James William Hannum 61820, ILPsychologist Clinical1326039140
Milan Mitrovic 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1992796445
Helen P. Cleary 60007, ILPsychologist Clinical1699756593
Monica A Schmitt 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1194706879
Judith S. Tellerman 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1295717577
Dora Marie Johns Wolfe 60451, ILPsychologist Clinical1942282272
John Gavend Sonnenberg 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1023090990
Joan Berenbaum 60035, ILPsychologist Clinical1295717171
Janet Katherine Willer 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1982686531
August J Cwik 60602, ILPsychologist Clinical1457333809
Taylor Rockwell 61032, ILPsychologist Clinical1639151012
Vincent D. Colbert 60064, ILPsychologist Clinical1285617464
Lynne H Sheban 60062, ILPsychologist Clinical1245220920
Todd Allen Tice 62225, ILPsychologist Clinical1740270685
Wayne R Glad 60045, ILPsychologist Clinical1689656803
Nancy Ann Davis 60076, ILPsychologist Clinical1861481277
Julie Mcfail Weingarz 60102, ILPsychologist Clinical1295717858
Anna Maria Jadwigg Wegierek 60634, ILPsychologist Clinical1770573479
Glen P Aylward 62701, ILPsychologist Clinical1649252495
Richard W. Cohen 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1215926738
Karla A. Rennhofer 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1710960406
Robert J Galligan 60616, ILPsychologist Clinical1003890310
Kevin Potter Brown 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1750365219
Jane V Dyonzak 60026, ILPsychologist Clinical1689658825
Sherry A Falsetti 61104, ILPsychologist Clinical1346224375
Judy Koenigsberg 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1174507008
John E. Dalton 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1528042280
Abigail Benton Sivan 60091, ILPsychologist Clinical1023093515
Michael Joseph Schneider 62301, ILPsychologist Clinical1073598637
Yevgeniy Isyanov 60077, ILPsychologist Clinical1710962139
Steven Michael Tovian 60035, ILPsychologist Clinical1588649933
Mary Hollis Johnston 60615, ILPsychologist Clinical1790760023
Kersey H Antia 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1710962683
Amy Heim 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1386629137
Patricia A Morris 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1275518029
Michelle Clare Delehant 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1528043379
Carolyn Nowakowski 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1881679637
Mitchell Wayne Hicks 60004, ILPsychologist Clinical1093790776
Philip Welches 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1336125061
Martin E. Wolff 61107, ILPsychologist Clinical1437135852
Timothy Sterzik 60631, ILPsychologist Clinical1306822630
Karen J. Rupar 60624, ILPsychologist Clinical1811973175
Marlin Coppock Hoover 60477, ILPsychologist Clinical1831175298
Andrew William Hartman 60195, ILPsychologist Clinical1316923790
Janice B Footlik 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1619954401
Michael Edward Cremerius 60631, ILPsychologist Clinical1356328926
Bryan A Bernard 60612, ILPsychologist Clinical1992782247
Lori R Grifo 60625, ILPsychologist Clinical1609853969
Eliezer Tzvi Margolis 60202, ILPsychologist Clinical1770560849
James E Devine 60045, ILPsychologist Clinical1376520312
Melanie Louise Terbovic 60047, ILPsychologist Clinical1194703041
Lori Ellen Davis 61820, ILPsychologist Clinical1881672616
Elaine M Bochenek 61021, ILPsychologist Clinical1376521088
Suzanne M Frings-raftery 60046, ILPsychologist Clinical1598743171
Geunyeong Pyo 62702, ILPsychologist Clinical1457339962
Stanley Selinger 60422, ILPsychologist Clinical1063490795
Lauren Nicole Cartwright 60130, ILPsychologist Clinical1073591616
Ivan A. Wolfson 60035, ILPsychologist Clinical1205814456
Darrell Michael Snyder 60620, ILPsychologist Clinical1720066715
Kathryn Neely 62901, ILPsychologist Clinical1730168543
Cornelius D Mahoney 60044, ILPsychologist Clinical1003895657
Ronald Rosenthal 60061, ILPsychologist Clinical1386624104
Richard Neal Bolnick 60061, ILPsychologist Clinical1164402798
Gail Peterson 62966, ILPsychologist Clinical1629058904
Steven M. Yousha 60625, ILPsychologist Clinical1316927585
Edward J Fajardo 60613, ILPsychologist Clinical1306816400
Mark W Turner 60089, ILPsychologist Clinical1619947520
Josephine B Kennedy 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1902876816
Joanne Marie Lorenz 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1497725394
Dale Susan Gody 60091, ILPsychologist Clinical1003886938
Karyn B Cihak 60074, ILPsychologist Clinical1770569402
Michael J Ingersoll 60074, ILPsychologist Clinical1487630737
Sharon Song 60074, ILPsychologist Clinical1912983651
Jason Todd Holdeman 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1952385148
Dawn Catherine Kroencke 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1497731962
Richard Arthur Hutchison 61265, ILPsychologist Clinical1093795254
Lauren Kilcommons 60148, ILPsychologist Clinical1447778709
Emily Elizabeth Padgett 60523, ILPsychologist Clinical1003392184
Connie Bea Natvig 60467, ILPsychologist Clinical1114902962
Norwil C Frial-lopez 60077, ILPsychologist Clinical1780664029
Gerald Christopher Mccallum 60563, ILPsychologist Clinical1700856614
Mary E. Worden 60637, ILPsychologist Clinical1578546156
Deanna Weiss 60540, ILPsychologist Clinical1639149164
Paul Francis Driscoll 60130, ILPsychologist Clinical1396716569
Mark J Johns 60657, ILPsychologist Clinical1437120680
Neurine Elaine Wiggin 60022, ILPsychologist Clinical1346211570
Linda Lee Powers 60068, ILPsychologist Clinical1700857745
Kathy Lynn Stewart 60073, ILPsychologist Clinical1841261617
Quinn M Biggs 60461, ILPsychologist Clinical1477524155
Douglas Lee Hazen 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1205807823
Julie Lynn Ruddy 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1740251214
Jeanne Yakin 60601, ILPsychologist Clinical1104898543
Paul Erwin Susman 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1720059157
Vincent Copp 60604, ILPsychologist Clinical1073585709
Carrie Lynn Spitalli 60914, ILPsychologist Clinical1750354254
Jane A Paradowski 61032, ILPsychologist Clinical1467425728
Patricia M Favia 60515, ILPsychologist Clinical1154394104
Braden Robert Berkey 60301, ILPsychologist Clinical1215900907
Elaine Keefer May 60088, ILPsychologist Clinical1477527059
Barbara Friedman 60610, ILPsychologist Clinical1700850203
Jerry S Schecter 60076, ILPsychologist Clinical1386618668
Steven Kimmons 60153, ILPsychologist Clinical1326012238
Suzanne Biron Yellen 60026, ILPsychologist Clinical1346214442
Roy Gilliland 60462, ILPsychologist Clinical1295700680
Susan Elizabeth Bennett 60173, ILPsychologist Clinical1477529287
Yvonne Shade Zeldow 60640, ILPsychologist Clinical1881660611
Janet M Irvine 60462, ILPsychologist Clinical1659347235
Kelly Berkheimer 60614, ILPsychologist Clinical1497721807
Margaret Primeau 60153, ILPsychologist Clinical1245206713
Carla B Beatrici 60153, ILPsychologist Clinical1568438034
John Theodore Carlsen 60604, ILPsychologist Clinical1467428037
Sharon Lynn Mcneely 60634, ILPsychologist Clinical1366418857
Patricia Mary Campion 60645, ILPsychologist Clinical1316913700
Jack A Cole 62450, ILPsychologist Clinical1619943784
Lee L Madden 60302, ILPsychologist Clinical1861469728
John P Murray 60463, ILPsychologist Clinical1982671657
Carolyn R Montford 60201, ILPsychologist Clinical1437126083
Shauna L Gatten 61614, ILPsychologist Clinical1922075548
John E Forhetz 62234, ILPsychologist Clinical1326015603
Donald R Legan 61614, ILPsychologist Clinical1467429605
Leone Legan 61614, ILPsychologist Clinical1710954953
Janet S Peden 60611, ILPsychologist Clinical1114994217


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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