Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth Liebenau 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1841293057
Stephen H Blum 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1124022736
Judith Corkum 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1013911627
David W Simmonds 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1194729681
Cynthia Turnbull 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1427053883
Marc A Quillen 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1427053784
David M Seifert 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1497751101
Andrew Herbert Schauer 66614, KSPsychologist Clinical1114923711
Emberhope, Inc 67210, KSPsychologist Clinical1265439871
Jimmie Gene Lemons 66219, KSPsychologist Clinical1073511747
Thomas T Graff 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1952301434
John M Robertson 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1013918796
Ascension Via Christi Hospital Manhattan, Inc. 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1144220153
Richard M Shapiro 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1003818899
Darwin D Anderson 66762, KSPsychologist Clinical1891797544
Daniel Richards Somberg 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1831181601
Michelle C. Coker 66216, KSPsychologist Clinical1295728277
Chrisanthia Brown 64112, KSPsychologist Clinical1861995680
Larry William Tyndall 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1710971114
South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Inc. 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1538155882
Kerin L Schell 67214, KSPsychologist Clinical1982690921
Todd A. Schemmel 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1881682649
Claudia Elise Cleveland-soter 66027, KSPsychologist Clinical1831180538
Anne B Owen 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1689655128
Darwin Dorr 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1790767291
Heidi Marie Jensen 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1518949015
Amy Marie Jacobs 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1154303659
Matthew S Schrader 67460, KSPsychologist Clinical1942282462
Kathy Anne Pearce 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1104808682
Kathryn Susan Minick 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1518949098
Joseph R Hertzler 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1013999507
Amy E Kerr 67205, KSPsychologist Clinical1942282454
Dumont K Schmidt 67205, KSPsychologist Clinical1457333965
Mary B Carman 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1366424871
Nathan Grant Regier 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1962484493
Frederick H Volweider 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1437132503
Dee Ann Cramer 67212, KSPsychologist Clinical1841272341
Rebecca Lynn Moberly 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1932190709
James D Wright 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1407839574
Stephen L Benson 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1316920473
Paul Lovejoy Kurtzweil 67205, KSPsychologist Clinical1225011380
William Spencer Payne 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1700869351
Mary Ellen Culver 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1497738959
Katherine Ann Mick 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1588648695
Louise M Glotzbach 64131, KSPsychologist Clinical1023092798
Walter S Finch 64083, KSPsychologist Clinical1568448033
Robert A Johnson 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1356328157
Troy P Todd 67221, KSPsychologist Clinical1083691604
Dianna Lyne Mills 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1689651994
Rae Sedgwick 66012, KSPsychologist Clinical1306824818
Larry Wendell Hays 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1154300481
Salina Regional Health Center, Inc 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1619952785
Sandra D Lawrence 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1740251636
Christy A Blanchard 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1568433555
Kastoor Bhana 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1225009210
Jean Adrianne Dirks 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1497726483
Marciana D Vequist 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1487625372
Julianne M Boydston 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1134190044
Mary Ann Abbott 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1013989458
Carol Beth Zwiebach 92135, KSPsychologist Clinical1932170313
Barton J Turner 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1275505166
Jim Sharpnack 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1124090121
Francis J. Gerner 66604, KSPsychologist Clinical1346213543
Arthur D. Mckenna 66604, KSPsychologist Clinical1497728604
Margaret Mccarthy 66611, KSPsychologist Clinical1619940673
Jonathan M Farrell-higgins 66611, KSPsychologist Clinical1033182001
Carol Hammon Paulson 67219, KSPsychologist Clinical1376518928
Diane Lee Bythell 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1437124955
Stephen Kelley Sowards 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1336114859
Gloria Jean Jones 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1487629861
Ravindran Sabapathy 66204, KSPsychologist Clinical1457327801
Cari Chapman 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1194792879
Michael James 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1902873698
Michelle Macrorie 66202, KSPsychologist Clinical1902873680
Carolyn Lee Huddleston 67901, KSPsychologist Clinical1932176278
Jane E. Kohrs 67530, KSPsychologist Clinical1265409395
Philip A Flanders 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1316906514
Dorothy M Farrand Inc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1447219266
Bobbye S. Maley 67301, KSPsychologist Clinical1457310070
Kathie Sue Nichols 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1013982651
Rhonda L Johnson 66160, KSPsychologist Clinical1518935196
David D'owen Barnum 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1891762191
David C. Rodeheffer 66604, KSPsychologist Clinical1760455976
Clarence D Morgan 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1073575775
Glenn J Veenstra 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1285696922
Paul Stewart Francis 66071, KSPsychologist Clinical1851354591
Cynthia Turk 66611, KSPsychologist Clinical1235193657
Susanne Kohn Eyman 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1740244573
Bambi Burgard 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1255396412
Lynn Kay Parsons 66503, KSPsychologist Clinical1447216072
Siebolt Henry Frieswyk 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1184680670
Shawn Anderson 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1992761944
Melissa T Hopper 67226, KSPsychologist Clinical1821056870
Barbara A Book 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1861450991
Debra Ann Hurley 67010, KSPsychologist Clinical1891753208
Stefan G Offenbach 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1235197591
Danny Ray Rice 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1871551317
Monica S. Brooker 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1689632002
David Kirk Miller 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1013975473
Brad Lee Anderson 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1861450090
Monica Mcnamara 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1982652541
Mary E Oehlert 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1699723346
Monica Mcnamara Phd Pa 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1508814815
Scott W Sumerall 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1538117080
Steven L Briggs 66207, KSPsychologist Clinical1831148568
Sally Duffin Hass 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1649229071
C K Primeau 67846, KSPsychologist Clinical1699725499
Robert Alan Feuer 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1982654885
Max E Meschberger 67846, KSPsychologist Clinical1346290137
Edward R Christophersen 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1144271685
Teri Lee Smith 66160, KSPsychologist Clinical1346291820
Marshall H Lewis 67846, KSPsychologist Clinical1740231794
Susan Mary Krieshok Ohlde-isbell 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1669424883
Anthony L Snow 67846, KSPsychologist Clinical1477505097
Lisa M Southern 67846, KSPsychologist Clinical1184676702
Jane T Davis 67530, KSPsychologist Clinical1508818550
Rena Cole 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1952353666
Reba Glidewell 67550, KSPsychologist Clinical1366495731
Paula L. Timmons 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1023061835
Robert Connell 67550, KSPsychologist Clinical1619921483
William E Papineau 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1922065051
Timothy Rot 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1598721557
Mark David Goodman 67501, KSPsychologist Clinical1629039854
Leenay Psychology Consultants Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1679099485
Sandra J. Mccoy, Ph.d., P.a. 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1578529095
Veronica J Bauer 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1083664668
Tricia Denise Thornburgh Blatchford 67005, KSPsychologist Clinical1093765661
Debra L Hastings 67301, KSPsychologist Clinical1699729525
Paul Chadwick Neal 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1427003276
Diane Todd 67221, KSPsychologist Clinical1225083090
Thomas John Kinlen 67550, KSPsychologist Clinical1881649580
John Raeburn Reid 67550, KSPsychologist Clinical1457306060
Jill Weippert 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1952356974
Thomas Pletcher 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1376598441
Shane Jones & Associates P.a. 66617, KSPsychologist Clinical1164477386
Jeanette Belew 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1427004506
Carrie Crownover 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1780631747
Shantel R Westbrook 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1801843966
Dwayne Clark Piercy 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1346297405
Janis Lynn Huntoon 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1184671935
Janis Huntoon, Phd, Inc 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1154378743
Iva Ruth Crowley-raw 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1124075601
Laura Almquist-parks 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1558318055
Connie Gaston 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1750338265
Daniel Carter Claiborn 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1629015540
Martin Leichtman 66209, KSPsychologist Clinical1700823390
Beth Hartman Mcgilley 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1376580100
Charles A Gaynor 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1952349193
Tracy E Ochester 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1639117575
Laura Gwen Talley 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1215976568
Maria Luisa Leichtman 66209, KSPsychologist Clinical1245279215
Arlene Oneal Gaut 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1811936776
Everett Deane Dehaven 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1083653851
Dennis Herl 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1508806837
Barrett George Halderman 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1366482747
Michael L Welsh 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1740220615
Andy Meyer 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1811937766
Judy Addison 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1205876158
Jody C Patterson 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1750321600
Debra A Mcqueeney 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1699716761
Barrie Arachtingi 66047, KSPsychologist Clinical1003857004
Michael K Mckee 67460, KSPsychologist Clinical1780625848
Lawrence R Withrow 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1679515308
Tessie Grace Horning 67301, KSPsychologist Clinical1356383970
Jason Deselms 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1518909357
Alisyn Edwards 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1831131689
John Fajen 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1386686442
Teri Rae Sullivan 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1023050168
Mark Edward Rychlec 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1306888524
Dennis Hemmendinger 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1750324208
Terry Seirer-becker 66441, KSPsychologist Clinical1780627372
Jack Ruppert Mcneley-phelps 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1588607931
Susan Roviaro 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1447293410
Luella Sanders 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1912940362
Wendy A Alton 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1578506713
Christy J. Reid 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1336182252
Jeremy Paul Crosby 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1003859042
Rebecca Rasmussen Miles 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1669416509
Fred Prindaville 66901, KSPsychologist Clinical1760425920
Jane Ann Sharp 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1447293832
James Ryabik 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1366485435
Glenn A. Gustitus 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1639113582
Deborah Lynn Carle 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1043254543
Patricia Prindaville 66901, KSPsychologist Clinical1235173956
Stacey Anne Carter-sand 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1619911096
Laura R Shuler-mckinney 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1487699302
Priscilla None Wallingford 66209, KSPsychologist Clinical1700821279
Bruce Michael Cappo 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1831134238
Trever L Patton 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1013952134
Joi Mcneley-phelps 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1487690988
Marijo Rooney 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1982630331
Thomas E Bates 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1659307080
Thomas L Rochat 67052, KSPsychologist Clinical1952337370
Sandi L. Isaacson 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1720015548
Dennis Hanks Karpowitz 66047, KSPsychologist Clinical1417985169
Marc A Schlosberg 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1043248594
Lynn I Lieberman 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1407884968
Douglas Hippe 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1184653917
Marty Lee Johnston 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1669402293
Kristen R Brown 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1821028069


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