Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rodney E Mcneal 66208, KSPsychologist Clinical1295836427
Jennifer R Schreiner 67460, KSPsychologist Clinical1124288808
Paula J Harkins 66214, KSPsychologist Clinical1962665141
Natasha Brooke O'donnell 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1114208576
Bridget M. Williams 37043, KSPsychologist Clinical1326343633
Monica S. Brooker, Ph.d., Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1417398389
Mark Carey 64086, KSPsychologist Clinical1710362959
Ryan Smalley 66436, KSPsychologist Clinical1962923938
Elizabeth U. Delgado-torres 88011, KSPsychologist Clinical1609079227
Rebecca Lynn Jabara 67208, KSPsychologist Clinical1629455928
Kristin L. Goodheart 67212, KSPsychologist Clinical1144581489
Kirsten Louise Williams 58103, KSPsychologist Clinical1255587572
Heidi A Oliver 67067, KSPsychologist Clinical1790027563
Bryce B. Summers 75204, KSPsychologist Clinical1225345564
Derek M Parker 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1568690923
Jan'l Lowry 75243, KSPsychologist Clinical1942598024
Jacqueline Arlene Winslow 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1770012338
Jonnie Arnold 85017, KSPsychologist Clinical1801089685
Jolyn A Pinamonti 19713, KSPsychologist Clinical1467835298
Katelyn Aguiar 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1750804597
James Woodward Carpenter 74601, KSPsychologist Clinical1952610206
Optimal Moments, Llc 33625, KSPsychologist Clinical1356740864
Sheriece Sadberry 33625, KSPsychologist Clinical1639424930
Saint Francis Community And Residential Services, Inc 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1144341694
Saint Francis Community And Residential Services, Inc 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1063574499
Saint Francis Community And Residential Services, Inc 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1245351527
Chassidy Lee Bryan 66046, KSPsychologist Clinical1881258507
Shawn Patrick Padgett 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1275684433
Heather M Hruskoci 68510, KSPsychologist Clinical1730555277
Adam Buhman-wiggs 64506, KSPsychologist Clinical1396712071
Jillian Woodford Wasson 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1013499656
Natalie R Mccluggage 40223, KSPsychologist Clinical1972892933
Rebecca Ann Woolsey 58501, KSPsychologist Clinical1205974714
Steven James Henry 67010, KSPsychologist Clinical1619421146
Joshua T Gilbertson 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1649775750
Jussethy D Cortina 33012, KSPsychologist Clinical1598190159
Air Capital Counseling & Assessment, Llc 67133, KSPsychologist Clinical1619510294
John D Jacobson 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1932698834
Jd Jacobson Dvm Phd, Llc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1336621853
Amber Perkins 65806, KSPsychologist Clinical1801361282
Mirna Loya 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1164969689
Lindsay Nicole Dees 52807, KSPsychologist Clinical1245647809
Modern Wellness 66935, KSPsychologist Clinical1003459041
Heather Lauren Cornett 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1477033546
Marla Sue Russell 64114, KSPsychologist Clinical1740214865
Family Counseling And Psychological Services, Llc 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1619331519
Natasha J Sylvester 28403, KSPsychologist Clinical1699290767
Michael Paul Ohlde 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1255530788
Emmali Buller 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1285102350
Susan Montague 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1548460439
Katelynn Reed 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1497277107
Katie Schwartz 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1699138180
Kara Farney 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1740709864
Amanda Pfannenstiel 67601, KSPsychologist Clinical1013017862
Jennifer Voth 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1063455525
Exft, Llc 66204, KSPsychologist Clinical1376097246
Elissa Failes 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1831796481
Christopher David Keiper 47905, KSPsychologist Clinical1013341072
Sandra Suzanne Schatz 68502, KSPsychologist Clinical1598993958
Noah Jacob Mosier 66622, KSPsychologist Clinical1851547921
Carlie Nikel 64139, KSPsychologist Clinical1457741282
Tyler James Sharpe 66205, KSPsychologist Clinical1417440371
Anna Caroline Chinnes 29501, KSPsychologist Clinical1245752948
Helen Christina Grzeskiewicz 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1265740088
Sonya L Knudson 55426, KSPsychologist Clinical1811370729
Kolbie H Elliott 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1952706640
Jacquelin Nickole Psota 66801, KSPsychologist Clinical1659420339
Jonathan James Mietchen 53792, KSPsychologist Clinical1073030961
Emberhope, Inc 67210, KSPsychologist Clinical1265439871
Ascension Via Christi Hospital Manhattan, Inc. 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1144220153
South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Inc. 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1538155882
Salina Regional Health Center, Inc 67401, KSPsychologist Clinical1619952785
Monica Mcnamara Phd Pa 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1508814815
Leenay Psychology Consultants Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1679099485
Sandra J. Mccoy, Ph.d., P.a. 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1578529095
Sunflower Medical Group Pa 66202, KSPsychologist Clinical1811955024
Shane Jones & Associates P.a. 66617, KSPsychologist Clinical1164477386
Janis Huntoon, Phd, Inc 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1154378743
Family Therapy Institute Midwest 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1306872064
Kanza Mental Health And Guidance Center, Inc. 66434, KSPsychologist Clinical1619909181
Ralph Bharati, Md, Pa 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1932292547
Catholic Charities Of Northeast Kansas Inc 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1932299815
Psychiatric & Counseling Assoc., Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1114096385
Nurturing Families, Inc. 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1508935313
County Of Sedgwick 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1942395082
Charity Faith & Hope Counseling Services Llc 66441, KSPsychologist Clinical1508340282
Horizons Mental Health Center, Inc. 67501, KSPsychologist Clinical1447354089
Attention And Learning Clinic, Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1548338262
Catholic Charities Of Northeast Kansas Inc 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1215099684
Integrated Behavioral Technologies Inc 66007, KSPsychologist Clinical1770621674
Minds Matter, Llc 66204, KSPsychologist Clinical1679617955
Dorothy M. Farrand Inc. 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1407970833
Bernard J Sullivan Phd Llc 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1528183159
Sue Dowd Phd Llc 67901, KSPsychologist Clinical1093933350
Neal Barton Deutch 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1285839316
Positive Solutions, Inc. 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1922299627
Psychology & Counseling Center 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1922291525
Tish Holub Taylor, Ph.d. 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1639363716
Trever Patton, Pa 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1124208533
Christian Counseling Center / Osaf 67211, KSPsychologist Clinical1629259320
Aha Psychological Services, P.a. 66207, KSPsychologist Clinical1477736783
Claire L Barron Phd. Inc. 66208, KSPsychologist Clinical1568630226
Dr. Ann Cramer, P.a. 67212, KSPsychologist Clinical1215108873
Family Counseling Center Pa 67214, KSPsychologist Clinical1245404151
Clinical Consulting Associates, Inc 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1366606113
Prairie Village Behavioral Health 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1821252255
Cornerstone Family Counseling Inc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1821253469
Lemons Center Llc 66219, KSPsychologist Clinical1467572172
Dominick Scalise Phd Llc 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1760972517
Goodheart Psychology, Llc 67212, KSPsychologist Clinical1023508652
Megan Oetinger Psy.d., Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1033375761
Advocates For Behavioral Health, P.a. 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1972754836
Professional Renewal Center Pa 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1629220389
Dr Dodge & Associates 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1053556761
Brent L Halderman Phd Llc 66209, KSPsychologist Clinical1902042294
Carla J Lehr Phd Inc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1669614053
Mcneley phelps Psychological Services, P.a. 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1265675979
Haysville Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Inc 67060, KSPsychologist Clinical1497980585
Ochester Psychological Services, Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1801024658
Teresa Varanka Md Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1457589319
Renew Inc 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1427386952
Kathleen J. Keenan, Ph.d., L.l.c. 66208, KSPsychologist Clinical1346579745
Positive Solutions, Inc 66220, KSPsychologist Clinical1639491699
The Parker Group, Inc. 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1689998080
Paul L. Kurtzweil, Ph.d. Llc 67207, KSPsychologist Clinical1770802241
Mark D. Goodman 67501, KSPsychologist Clinical1447565866
Coleman Child And Adolescent Assessment Inc. 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1326353640
Janet Dight, Ph.d., Llc 66088, KSPsychologist Clinical1962710335
Patrick Nicholas, Psy.d., Llc 66044, KSPsychologist Clinical1881995744
Hope Therapy, Inc. 66614, KSPsychologist Clinical1700183530
William E. Papineau, Ph.d., P.a. 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1518265685
Dodge Psychology Practice, Llc 66061, KSPsychologist Clinical1962701755
Kvc Behavioral Healthcare Kentucy Inc. 40509, KSPsychologist Clinical1083902191
Kaira M. Hayes 67601, KSPsychologist Clinical1689956955
Sandcreek Behavioral Health Group, Llc 67114, KSPsychologist Clinical1326322033
Flint Hills Neuropsychology, Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1881979052
Lizhao Wang Neuropsychological Service 66606, KSPsychologist Clinical1063798569
Family Psychological Services, Llc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1245517671
Optimum Performance Solutions, Llc 66614, KSPsychologist Clinical1265709026
Mental Health Associates, Pa 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1407123987
Courtney E. Johnson, Ph.d. L.l.c. 67226, KSPsychologist Clinical1013288596
Trauma Recovery Services, Inc. 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1316210982
Andover Psychological Services Pa 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1073887345
Mary J. Yanics, Ph.d., Llc 66206, KSPsychologist Clinical1780959957
Key Rehabilitation, Inc 66030, KSPsychologist Clinical1205106457
Dr Michelle Macrorie Llc 66215, KSPsychologist Clinical1417224072
Emporia Psychological Services Inc 66801, KSPsychologist Clinical1780961425
Blanchard Psychological Services, Inc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1629389408
Kvc Hospitals Inc 66104, KSPsychologist Clinical1174849251
New Perspectives 67206, KSPsychologist Clinical1053678904
Thomas R Coleman Phd. Pa 66503, KSPsychologist Clinical1861750739
Dr Kristin A Kahler Psy.d. Pa 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1114276995
Wright Psychological Services 66720, KSPsychologist Clinical1598018541
Wubbenhorst & Wubbenhotst, Inc. 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1497009419
Wubbenhorst & Wubbenhorst, Inc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1053665075
South Central Mental Health Counseling Center 67042, KSPsychologist Clinical1396089694
Brighter Day Health Llc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1962740449
Dr. George Athey, Ph.d., Llc 66611, KSPsychologist Clinical1588004014
Manhattan Mental Health Services, Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1043645781
Ryan C Staley, Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1972932168
Vogelpsych Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1750710794
Kc Psychological Solutions, Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1174953442
Insight Behavioral Health, Pa 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1255756144
Center For Child And Family Development 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1083034953
Jordan Psychological Assessment Center Llc 66209, KSPsychologist Clinical1093123390
Deborah L. Carle, Ph.d., Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1508262999
Susan J. Anderson, Psy.d., Pa 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1790181063
Autism, Behavior, And Psychological Services 66048, KSPsychologist Clinical1609274430
Sarah A. Christensen, Phd, Llc 66211, KSPsychologist Clinical1063803971
Kidstlc Medical Servics, Llc 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1912391665
Acme Counseling And Consulting Services 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1568859346
New Leaf Therapy Center, Llc 67110, KSPsychologist Clinical1417332230
Lyndal J Penner Ed.s. Llc 67501, KSPsychologist Clinical1043686298
Emily J. Runyan Lcp, Llc 67218, KSPsychologist Clinical1407252851
Hutchinson Psychological Services 67501, KSPsychologist Clinical1972043040
Aba And Mental Health Services Llc 67226, KSPsychologist Clinical1306256532
Healthy Balance Center, Llc 67226, KSPsychologist Clinical1396102315
Abella Psychotherapy & Consulting Llc 66219, KSPsychologist Clinical1043667066
Serenity Psychological Services And Consulting Llc 67601, KSPsychologist Clinical1942655337
The Prairie Center For Maternal Mental Health 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1316494263
Charlotte M Rosenak Phd Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1710422381
David Pulcher, Ph.d., Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1255877817
Columbus B. Bryant, Psyd, Llc 67226, KSPsychologist Clinical1205371473
Keith Kobes, Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1447796420
Leanne Lewis Ware, Ph.d., Llc 66062, KSPsychologist Clinical1982141024
David A. Miller, Ph.d., Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1376080135
Rebecca L Jabara Llc 67208, KSPsychologist Clinical1518468164
Paula J. Harkins, Phd, Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1023541554
Sunflower Psychological Services, Llc 67202, KSPsychologist Clinical1992230510
Forensic Psychology Associates, Inc. 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1952821142
Mkc Counseling, Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1518476589
Midwest Neuroeducational Services 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1639681554
Enso Therapy Group, Llc 66210, KSPsychologist Clinical1306357645
Katies Way Charities 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1063911303
Richard L Benson Phd Pa 66212, KSPsychologist Clinical1144729591
Insight Psychological Services, Llc 66502, KSPsychologist Clinical1881190320
Connection Therapy, Llc 66544, KSPsychologist Clinical1295232015
Dr. Nancy Fry, Llc 66049, KSPsychologist Clinical1255821526
Lifeskills, Llc 66205, KSPsychologist Clinical1386120194
Tag Treatment Center Llc 67203, KSPsychologist Clinical1275011462


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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