Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stan Heck 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1326042318
Roslyn E. Feierstein 41101, KYPsychologist Clinical1750385266
James Francis Shields 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1710982111
Jane F Brake 40508, KYPsychologist Clinical1588669436
Lynn Harold Pierson 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1700881356
Paula A. Berry 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1760488555
Herbert G. Steger 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1164429312
Lisa Barlow-elliott 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1649277864
Charles Dwight Auvenshine 40356, KYPsychologist Clinical1487651501
Colby Rebecca Cohen-archer 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1477550291
Jeanne Marie Bennett 40217, KYPsychologist Clinical1164429320
Kathryn Eileen Ferner 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1588664494
Patrick T Harris 42001, KYPsychologist Clinical1568462455
Patricia G. Mcginty 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1023018694
Patrick Richardson 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1124028626
Holly Wortman-sheehan 42103, KYPsychologist Clinical1356340590
Donna C Smith 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1518959071
Byron A. White 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1790777357
Sheldon L Levinson 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1497748099
Robert Allen Underwood 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1467444125
Brenda M Hughes 41701, KYPsychologist Clinical1518950989
James P. Bloch 40205, KYPsychologist Clinical1962497388
Robert William Noelker 41097, KYPsychologist Clinical1902892136
A A And Associates Approved Alcohol/drug Program 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1306201280
William Pfohl 42103, KYPsychologist Clinical1275522146
Perry E. Brown 40515, KYPsychologist Clinical1801885546
George Bernard Haarman 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1851381800
Donna G Titus 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1366424467
C Douglas Hindman 40403, KYPsychologist Clinical1700868676
Susan Renee Vaught 42240, KYPsychologist Clinical1457335903
Phillip G Hester 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1265416713
Mariana Belvedere 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1942284963
John Joseph Hannifan 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1538143326
Linda A Soucek 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1487638110
Mary Jurate Macys 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1588648216
Jamie L Studts 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1629052303
Susan Annette Wilson 40218, KYPsychologist Clinical1770560401
Eva R Markham 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1891772273
Ronald L. Kelley Psc 42003, KYPsychologist Clinical1891772059
R. Gordon Williams 42003, KYPsychologist Clinical1235116203
University Of Louisville Research Foundation Inc 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1790763605
Larry M. Raskin, Ph.d., P.s.c. 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1952389389
Carol B Peterson 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1629056080
Hmr Associates, Inc. 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1003894189
Lisa Ruble 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1871571810
Wallace Kent Hicks 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1356320212
Anna Bergman 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1235118191
Larry M. Raskin 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1750360624
Vincent Bernard Dummer 40507, KYPsychologist Clinical1801876990
Mark William Cohen 45219, KYPsychologist Clinical1225018187
Baptist Health Madisonville Inc 42431, KYPsychologist Clinical1669452967
Janice. Ann Tanner 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1952387193
Kenneth J Victor 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1720066376
Grace Community Health Center, Inc. 40701, KYPsychologist Clinical1770066136
Roberts S. Watson 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1285605899
Allison Elizabeth From 40217, KYPsychologist Clinical1548231954
Myrna Lee Boland 40217, KYPsychologist Clinical1235101635
Deborah F Coleman 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1093787939
Shirley Harvey Spence 42431, KYPsychologist Clinical1659346096
Rachel A Pierce 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1306812144
Carletta Lemonia Mcdowell 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1982679759
Suzann O'koon 40223, KYPsychologist Clinical1710954086
Linda Bailey 40241, KYPsychologist Clinical1255309530
Stanley R. Frager 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1942269527
Tracy Dwight Eells 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1942272174
Baptist Healthcare System Inc. 40701, KYPsychologist Clinical1447213483
Marc Henry Plavin 40517, KYPsychologist Clinical1568425502
Rollin S. Rhodes 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1710941307
Margaret Dubicki 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1043274640
Augustine Seeger 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1518921121
Jennifer L Broach 40502, KYPsychologist Clinical1821052457
Tobias C Weiss 41071, KYPsychologist Clinical1942264338
James K Burke 40160, KYPsychologist Clinical1295799310
Donald Edward Wooldridge 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1912961046
Stephen Kent Bliss 40223, KYPsychologist Clinical1801851514
Ryan P Faulkner 41075, KYPsychologist Clinical1174588560
Russell Radenhausen 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1053376517
Michael G Downer 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1194781625
Marian Judith Broadus 40507, KYPsychologist Clinical1194781765
Melissa Anne Adamchik 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1235196924
Harwell F Smith 40504, KYPsychologist Clinical1275590648
George W Rogers 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1649237744
Wayne James Harper 40243, KYPsychologist Clinical1629026125
Jennifer J. Wilson Schaeffer 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1912955535
Andrea Evelyn Becker 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1659329118
Kelly L Mcgraw 40241, KYPsychologist Clinical1639128119
Thomas Anton Bergandi 40203, KYPsychologist Clinical1750331724
Jon Russell Urey 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1801846647
Janell Deanne Giannitelli 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1174573851
Larry G Springate 40356, KYPsychologist Clinical1649221805
Richard Flesch 41030, KYPsychologist Clinical1881645778
Peggy Maria Henderson 40206, KYPsychologist Clinical1154373629
Angie Broyles 42501, KYPsychologist Clinical1386696276
Lance R Heffer 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1215989082
William B. Braunstein 40206, KYPsychologist Clinical1568415883
Karen Lasseter Grantz 40206, KYPsychologist Clinical1598718702
Jennifer L Sudbrack 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1114970191
William Stuart Lynne 41075, KYPsychologist Clinical1417901083
Beth E Brinsko 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1780638338
Communicare, Inc. 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1013961812
Kimberly A Billings 40356, KYPsychologist Clinical1740231232
Kay Barnfield Psyd Psc 40223, KYPsychologist Clinical1396797775
Mary Hall Lieneck 41071, KYPsychologist Clinical1255399093
Marsha L Casky 41097, KYPsychologist Clinical1588616361
Laura Rose Bolte 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1366493298
Linda J Young 40033, KYPsychologist Clinical1841245651
Margie Hampton 42503, KYPsychologist Clinical1548215239
Steven D Vice 40351, KYPsychologist Clinical1659326239
Karel Disponett 40004, KYPsychologist Clinical1891740635
University Medical Associates 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1417902925
Barbara Kay Jefferson 41056, KYPsychologist Clinical1407801020
Bliss Psychological Services, Inc. 40223, KYPsychologist Clinical1477508745
Robert Olds 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1518913391
Marthanne Olivia Manion 40508, KYPsychologist Clinical1457307290
Alison Paige Mullins-couch 42240, KYPsychologist Clinical1467408617
Patricia Karpinski 41075, KYPsychologist Clinical1205882453
Mary L Kelley 41017, KYPsychologist Clinical1114973369
Donald Vincent Crowe 40508, KYPsychologist Clinical1255387460
Alfred Bradley Adkins 41501, KYPsychologist Clinical1255378402
Angela J Steele 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1275570152
Patricia Coan 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1104864305
Heather Auton 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1770520157
Jennifer Templeton Cox 40206, KYPsychologist Clinical1558308981
James Dahmann 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1902844616
Thomas Bush 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1285672055
Charles Kapp 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1780622100
Elliott Psychiatric Services, Pllc 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1336188788
Mary Kimble Keenan 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1801834452
Kathleen Powers 40033, KYPsychologist Clinical1902846116
Henry S Davis 42240, KYPsychologist Clinical1033159199
Robert Bruce Hobson 42240, KYPsychologist Clinical1376583351
Deborah A Hino 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1386684595
Margaret A Furgason 42754, KYPsychologist Clinical1811939531
Leslie Marks 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1114960556
James Emmet Fahey 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1336184449
Jennifer Marie Ossege 41075, KYPsychologist Clinical1790721702
Edward Muntel 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1043256522
Mary Lou Cantrell 41472, KYPsychologist Clinical1215973862
Jessica Moore 40311, KYPsychologist Clinical1831125855
Vaunette L. Baker 42503, KYPsychologist Clinical1831126903
William Gibbs Elder 40536, KYPsychologist Clinical1033140306
Geetanjali Gulati 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1104858976
Keli Fauber West 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1558393249
Margaret L. Leonhard 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1760420020
Susan Lear 42301, KYPsychologist Clinical1154368330
Nicholas Watters 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1063468817
James J Rosenthal 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1518911841
Susan Robinson 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1992733380
Gregory Todd Teismann 41011, KYPsychologist Clinical1073568499
Kristi Howard 42501, KYPsychologist Clinical1619903671
Deborah Bradford 42301, KYPsychologist Clinical1982646998
B. Paul Carney 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1982658829
Stacy Quint 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1457308074
Victoria Maruca Havron 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1083083414
Anthony Dean Fatzinger 42223, KYPsychologist Clinical1821543166
Scott Matthew Salathe 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1376576868
Merclan Pllc 40014, KYPsychologist Clinical1487687174
Jill Quaid 42503, KYPsychologist Clinical1487687778
Linda M Rice 40059, KYPsychologist Clinical1427082668
Deaconess Cross Pointe Center, Llc 42301, KYPsychologist Clinical1558396689
Ginger Bourne Crumbo 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1912922162
Jeffrey N Jackson 40204, KYPsychologist Clinical1386669380
Richard Kenneth Johnson 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1609891605
Ralph E Greene 41179, KYPsychologist Clinical1164457529
Henry R. Luka 41339, KYPsychologist Clinical1518982578
Aloha Cristina Romay 42003, KYPsychologist Clinical1346266442
John L Fisher 41102, KYPsychologist Clinical1851317630
Cathy Clanton Reeves 42104, KYPsychologist Clinical1780600965
Donald B. Beere 41042, KYPsychologist Clinical1790701100
Kimberly Kay Mcclanahan 41101, KYPsychologist Clinical1134145568
Children & Family Counseling Associates 40330, KYPsychologist Clinical1073530077
Mark Purcell 42501, KYPsychologist Clinical1487672705
Ronda L Mancini 40241, KYPsychologist Clinical1679591317
Nancy Luree Scott 40503, KYPsychologist Clinical1184642803
Martin W George 41056, KYPsychologist Clinical1679592158
Mary L Warren 40207, KYPsychologist Clinical1336168194
Margaret Rivette Wright 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1831118603
Steven A. Stwertka 40509, KYPsychologist Clinical1528087566
Pam Haines 42003, KYPsychologist Clinical1336169457
Suzanne Mulcahy James 41018, KYPsychologist Clinical1255353728
Mark A Etscheidt 40536, KYPsychologist Clinical1003839010
Tom L Wagner 42071, KYPsychologist Clinical1043233919
Robert William Huwieler 25704, KYPsychologist Clinical1396769279
Rollin Rhodes And Associates 42701, KYPsychologist Clinical1457375131
Susan Campbell Turner 40330, KYPsychologist Clinical1922014083
Julie Joseph-fox 42501, KYPsychologist Clinical1275549818
Susan E. Stafford 40351, KYPsychologist Clinical1588672836
Seema Singh 40222, KYPsychologist Clinical1487662730
Dorothy Holian 41501, KYPsychologist Clinical1588674287
David L Winsch 40217, KYPsychologist Clinical1508876392
John W Balchunas 42101, KYPsychologist Clinical1477565240
Bonnie Hall-polus 40508, KYPsychologist Clinical1629080379
Lisa Hayes 42104, KYPsychologist Clinical1134131428
David Finke 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1437162799
Julie K Hideg 42003, KYPsychologist Clinical1669485934
Gary V Prater 41102, KYPsychologist Clinical1922011253
Kathleen Smith 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1548273741
Lee J Amburgey 41102, KYPsychologist Clinical1467565507
Anna L Peterson 40202, KYPsychologist Clinical1285747907
Deaconess Hospital, Inc 42301, KYPsychologist Clinical1841303484


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