Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kelly Paulk Ray 70809, LAPsychologist Clinical1437159639
Alycia A. Bellah 75069, LAPsychologist Clinical1568421493
Michael Joseph Major 70115, LAPsychologist Clinical1013047034
Gaela Youngblood 39564, LAPsychologist Clinical1881877322
Denise Laurel Newman 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1104080134
Monique Maria Matherne 70115, LAPsychologist Clinical1922236843
Sandra Isabel Viggiani 70629, LAPsychologist Clinical1467768788
James Lyle Mcabee 70002, LAPsychologist Clinical1346629987
Youth And Family Services Llc 71104, LAPsychologist Clinical1538697693
Sondia Felisha Annette Fontenot 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1811435621
Leigh Ann Hess 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1376041079
Jasmine Toney 70503, LAPsychologist Clinical1982121802
Katherine Partridge 02459, LAPsychologist Clinical1679969539
Ann Crapanzano Mora 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1154668655
Kirsten Williams Schwehm 70808, LAPsychologist Clinical1720049083
Erika Rajo 70112, LAPsychologist Clinical1407219520
Beth M Janis 91024, LAPsychologist Clinical1144756396
Frances Ernst 70112, LAPsychologist Clinical1881058352
Mary Ann Goss 71104, LAPsychologist Clinical1821375445
Laurie Z Darling 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1598902405
Abigail Melanie Wischkaemper 70121, LAPsychologist Clinical1124454111
Samantha L. Whatson 30909, LAPsychologist Clinical1932635885
Bryman Eric Williams 71202, LAPsychologist Clinical1811218183
Leo Joseph Burke 70118, LAPsychologist Clinical1437344173
Jacqueline Ball 70121, LAPsychologist Clinical1306211859
Felicia Ann Whiteman 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1922234566
Edmond X Bergeron 70560, LAPsychologist Clinical1235211798
Alexandra Lee Casalino 70125, LAPsychologist Clinical1427360270
Jonathan Nicholas Chandler 70112, LAPsychologist Clinical1558647891
Chavez Phelps 47804, LAPsychologist Clinical1972920783
Family Solutions Counseling Center 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1063666212
Melissa Luke Gonzalez 37402, LAPsychologist Clinical1447563044
Suzana E. Flores 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1497780126
Adrianne M Brennan 70005, LAPsychologist Clinical1972758639
Longbranch Outpatient Recovery, Llc 70005, LAPsychologist Clinical1578091104
Katherine Leigh-guyon Harris 15213, LAPsychologist Clinical1518321850
Noelle Vann 32258, LAPsychologist Clinical1952834574
Julie Hoye 55104, LAPsychologist Clinical1043745912
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 71103, LAPsychologist Clinical1144265976
Laura Brown 70808, LAPsychologist Clinical1144697657
Samuel Lee Johnson 70058, LAPsychologist Clinical1184095556
Matthiaus Suire 70506, LAPsychologist Clinical1871098285
Bridget L. Sonnier-hillis 70817, LAPsychologist Clinical1124044300
Lauren Drerup Stokes 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1255640041
Nicole Trosclair Lasserre 70121, LAPsychologist Clinical1891001491
Courtney Hives Gunn 70816, LAPsychologist Clinical1962817593
Matthew A Taylor 70037, LAPsychologist Clinical1760850051
Carmen Pulido 70737, LAPsychologist Clinical1104118058
Kristin L Duhe 70592, LAPsychologist Clinical1588988471
Marc Aaron Patience 20762, LAPsychologist Clinical1861780371
Educational Advocacy Supports & Enterprises, Llc 71295, LAPsychologist Clinical1154993095
Lauren D Stokes Phd Mp Llc 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1467034587
Jesse D. Lambert 70737, LAPsychologist Clinical1245560036
Danielle Jean Key 62702, LAPsychologist Clinical1083103220
Elevate Healthcare, Llc 75252, LAPsychologist Clinical1508338690
Jasper Estabillo 90095, LAPsychologist Clinical1366943060
Jack Allen Johnson 70808, LAPsychologist Clinical1295992030
James G Underhill 78703, LAPsychologist Clinical1710201611
Riverside Psychotherapy Associates, Inc. 70461, LAPsychologist Clinical1578569422
Bianchini robinson Llc 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1295276780
Our Lady Of The Lake Hospital Inc 70806, LAPsychologist Clinical1053365759
Access Health Louisiana 70065, LAPsychologist Clinical1417999327
Williams Consulting Inc. 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1104925932
Council For Advancement Of Social Service And Education 71118, LAPsychologist Clinical1447337787
Institute For Neuropsychiatry,apmc 70601, LAPsychologist Clinical1245309046
Buboltz & Associates, Llc 71270, LAPsychologist Clinical1720469570
Access Health Louisiana 70065, LAPsychologist Clinical1992800718
Psychological Insight Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1851463889
Lsu Medical Center 70112, LAPsychologist Clinical1588737803
Daniel J. Lonowski, Ph. D., A Professional Corporation 71301, LAPsychologist Clinical1225194368
Willow Point Baptist Healing Heart Counseling Center 71101, LAPsychologist Clinical1760549372
Larry J. Benoit, Ph.d., P.c. 70501, LAPsychologist Clinical1265573877
Mercy Family Center 70005, LAPsychologist Clinical1497895262
Morehouse Parish School Board 71220, LAPsychologist Clinical1679606578
Dr. Maria B. Cruse Apmg 70301, LAPsychologist Clinical1013131267
Nursing Home Psychological Services, Llc 39470, LAPsychologist Clinical1295952992
Robert W Davis Md Pc 70056, LAPsychologist Clinical1376741843
Bianchini skaff, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1467651075
Bianchini frey, Llc 70809, LAPsychologist Clinical1073712618
Donna Aucoin, Ph.d. & Associates, Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1568653087
Comprehensive Assessments, Inc 71105, LAPsychologist Clinical1588858104
The Psychology Group 70503, LAPsychologist Clinical1821282112
Center For Family & Individual Counseling, Inc. 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1144419151
Recovery Associates, Llc 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1649469479
C. Scott Eckholdt, Ph.d., Ltd., A Professional Psychology Corporation 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1295914059
Biobehavioral Medicine Company, Llc 70001, LAPsychologist Clinical1306020698
Bianchini schwehm 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1730350265
Ross A Gallo, M. D., Llc 70130, LAPsychologist Clinical1922273267
Set Free Indeed Ministry 70816, LAPsychologist Clinical1346415643
Seidl & Associates, Inc. 70592, LAPsychologist Clinical1285892505
Gail Gillespie & Associates 70526, LAPsychologist Clinical1508025461
Arthur L Rosenkrantz Phd Apc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1932362464
Janis Kirsch rosenkrantz Phd Apc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1033372560
William S Brasted Phd Apc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1306009832
Joy R Kohlmaier Phd Llc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1780847210
Frank C Parker Phd Apc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1043473572
Cornelius J Schutte Phd 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1326201849
Michael D Chafetz Phd Llc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1902060585
Frances Anne Browning, Psyd, Llc 70816, LAPsychologist Clinical1821252917
William E Fowler 70124, LAPsychologist Clinical1760647663
Seidl & Associates Inc 70592, LAPsychologist Clinical1689834194
Assessment & Psychological Services, Inc 70810, LAPsychologist Clinical1891941456
Louisiana Health & Rehabilitation Coptions 70802, LAPsychologist Clinical1972750057
Louisiana Health & Rehabilitation Coptions 70501, LAPsychologist Clinical1003063199
Bamburg Consulting, Inc. 71360, LAPsychologist Clinical1083862353
Jennings Behavioral Health, Llc 70663, LAPsychologist Clinical1891947479
Behavioral Health & Human Development Center 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1609015841
Greater New Orleans Supports & Services Center 70131, LAPsychologist Clinical1063652659
Bianchini darling, Llc 70114, LAPsychologist Clinical1346481991
Nursing Home Psychological Services Of Louisiana Llc 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1073747374
Bianchini brennan, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1053546200
Benjamin D Arnold Psychologist Llc 71360, LAPsychologist Clinical1790910453
Bianchini strother/boudreaux, Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1972734242
Pathways Behavioral Health 70062, LAPsychologist Clinical1124351721
Balm In Gilead Big Christian Counseling Services Llc 71301, LAPsychologist Clinical1316276231
Journey Behavioral Health, Llc 70663, LAPsychologist Clinical1295065241
Persephanie Silverthorn Phd Licensed Clinical Psychologist Llc 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1720319775
Wk Psychology Specialty Center 71118, LAPsychologist Clinical1144543489
Bianchini deters, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1891018560
Bianchini topolosky, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1992028765
Bianchini boake, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1639492325
Bianchini bokelberg, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1205154580
Amy E Cavanaugh Phd Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1992025720
Bianchini niemeier, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1164742508
Louisiana School For The Visually Impaired 70820, LAPsychologist Clinical1336460211
Brandon P. Romano Psyd & Associates 70810, LAPsychologist Clinical1871804708
Family Psychological Services 71270, LAPsychologist Clinical1295046522
Bianchini frey/forman, Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1386959617
Family Psychology Center, Inc. 70808, LAPsychologist Clinical1295043131
Jeanne Street, Phd, Appc 71101, LAPsychologist Clinical1518267889
Donna Aucoin Ph.d & Associates Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1578866778
Nature Care, Inc. 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1295030716
Stacy Templeton Davis Psy D Llc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1982900593
M Patrick Davenport Appc 71101, LAPsychologist Clinical1730487844
Psychological Health Care Of South Louisiana 70360, LAPsychologist Clinical1134418502
Amikids Jefferson, Inc. 70058, LAPsychologist Clinical1376834929
Amikids Baton Rouge, Inc. 70805, LAPsychologist Clinical1538450184
Amikids Acadiana, Inc, 70516, LAPsychologist Clinical1881985430
Nursing Home Psychological Services Of Fl Llc 32541, LAPsychologist Clinical1750673950
Louisiana Geriatric Psychological Services, A Professional Corporation 70503, LAPsychologist Clinical1750674024
New Consulting Services, Llc 70118, LAPsychologist Clinical1437442225
Sisters Of Mercy Ministries D/b/a Mercy Family Center 70005, LAPsychologist Clinical1609163351
James W Quillin, Phd, Appc 71303, LAPsychologist Clinical1740568872
Carissa Bokelberg Llc Psyd 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1639459399
Geriatric Psychological Services Of Louisiana Apc 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1326325127
Jmj Psychological Services, Llc 70806, LAPsychologist Clinical1245507821
Michelle L. Niemeier, Phd, Llc 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1144591256
Louisiana Autism Center 71405, LAPsychologist Clinical1447521455
Rd Associates, Llc 70806, LAPsychologist Clinical1073886396
Bianchini Alsop, Llc 70002, LAPsychologist Clinical1588939987
Bianchini ogden&epker/aiken Llc 36607, LAPsychologist Clinical1447526561
Psychological Care Services Of La, Llc 70461, LAPsychologist Clinical1902172893
Psychological Care Services Of Fl, Llc 32550, LAPsychologist Clinical1881960474
Crossroads Behavioral Health Llc 70403, LAPsychologist Clinical1932475266
Psychological Care Services Of Ms, Llc 39232, LAPsychologist Clinical1780950907
Angels Hearts Llc 70560, LAPsychologist Clinical1760864276
Care Tec Pediatric Center, Llc 71322, LAPsychologist Clinical1699088567
Access Health Louisiana 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1487898946
Access Health Louisiana 70065, LAPsychologist Clinical1821472879
Global Physicians Network Texas Inc 71101, LAPsychologist Clinical1821393505
Michael Berard, Ph.d., M.p., A Professional Psychology Corporation 70506, LAPsychologist Clinical1699083261
Jefferson Psychiatric Associates Llc 70002, LAPsychologist Clinical1053558890
Family Psychology And Counseling 71101, LAPsychologist Clinical1730446410
Psychological Care Services Of Al, Llc 35243, LAPsychologist Clinical1861759219
T.johnson & Associates, Llc 70072, LAPsychologist Clinical1730447384
Nola Psychological Services 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1518226836
Psychological Consulting 71457, LAPsychologist Clinical1598010845
Daliah Bauer Phd Llc 70115, LAPsychologist Clinical1154677342
Geriatric Healthcare Services Llc 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1932455961
Neuropsychology Services Of Louisiana, Llc 71457, LAPsychologist Clinical1073869954
Oasis Behavioral Health, Llc 70806, LAPsychologist Clinical1992056741
Healthpoint Center, Llc 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1952655961
Kristin Callahan Llc 70125, LAPsychologist Clinical1093050189
Counseling & Evaluation Services, Inc. 71105, LAPsychologist Clinical1790020659
Bianchini strother mccoy 70508, LAPsychologist Clinical1891032041
Escandell & Associates, Llc 71301, LAPsychologist Clinical1306187083
Bianchini ogden & Epker Llc 36607, LAPsychologist Clinical1861838757
Excelth, Incorporated 70127, LAPsychologist Clinical1699114991
Bianchini Frey Rasmussen Llc 70808, LAPsychologist Clinical1033558341
Faw Services , Llc 70447, LAPsychologist Clinical1730520925
Healthpoint Professional Services, Llc 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1336576917
Pontchartrain Psychological Resources, Llc 70433, LAPsychologist Clinical1780011098
Alternative Practice Solutions Llc 70458, LAPsychologist Clinical1902235781
Jmj Psychological Services, Llc 70802, LAPsychologist Clinical1710309216
Moturu Lalitha Kumari 70809, LAPsychologist Clinical1417376047
Alan L. Taylor & Associates, Inc. 70809, LAPsychologist Clinical1184043218
Patricia Cornelious Phd 70810, LAPsychologist Clinical1457771289
Bianchini ogden&epker/penry 36526, LAPsychologist Clinical1710307301
Acm Behavioral Psychology Llc 70006, LAPsychologist Clinical1245640176
Family Psychological Services, Llc 71201, LAPsychologist Clinical1023428463
John Courtney Llc 70433, LAPsychologist Clinical1669887907
Cary Nelson Mack 70810, LAPsychologist Clinical1396151866
Bianchini reuther, Llc 70002, LAPsychologist Clinical1356758205
Bianchini brennan/stabler, Llc 70448, LAPsychologist Clinical1689077034
Grant Butterbaugh Phd Llc 70115, LAPsychologist Clinical1194129445
Crescent City Psychological Services Llc 70119, LAPsychologist Clinical1518365790
The Equestrian Therapy Center Of Slidell 70460, LAPsychologist Clinical1639567290
The Equestrian Therapy Center Of Slidell 70460, LAPsychologist Clinical1134517436
The Well Clinic, Llc 70769, LAPsychologist Clinical1023409224
Psychological Care Services Of Ar Llc 72712, LAPsychologist Clinical1164813291


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