Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Suzanne Allen 02446, MAPsychologist Clinical1821170135
Joshua Relin 01342, MAPsychologist Clinical1396065454
Anna Hope 01075, MAPsychologist Clinical1245722875
Samantha Joy Chu 01060, MAPsychologist Clinical1508410937
John H Anderson 01301, MAPsychologist Clinical1871678136
Julianne I Yanko 01002, MAPsychologist Clinical1750424313
Min Cheng 01301, MAPsychologist Clinical1790262178
Barry H. Federman 01060, MAPsychologist Clinical1477621944
Valley Medical Group, P.c. 01301, MAPsychologist Clinical1912924705
Nuning T Murphy 01810, MAPsychologist Clinical1881990133
Child And Family Psychological Services, Pllc 01801, MAPsychologist Clinical1598257396
Clearview Horizons 01810, MAPsychologist Clinical1427611177
Shauna Lynn Dowden 02476, MAPsychologist Clinical1023190675
Anjana Trikha 02478, MAPsychologist Clinical1730273863
Norah K Hass 02453, MAPsychologist Clinical1154499424
Anneliese Elizabeth Radke 94306, MAPsychologist Clinical1386894335
Ellen Leigh 02474, MAPsychologist Clinical1376038372
Jacob Allen Nota 02478, MAPsychologist Clinical1447770839
Sarah Nyssa Gray 02474, MAPsychologist Clinical1164774469
Kenneth I Wilson 01801, MAPsychologist Clinical1194785287
John Mccullagh 11234, MAPsychologist Clinical1780817916
Alexander Macneil 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1649604729
Kimberly Lessard 03104, MAPsychologist Clinical1023441664
Anne B Bellefeuille 01983, MAPsychologist Clinical1851412209
Alyssa Leigh Faro 02346, MAPsychologist Clinical1881039303
Laura Jean Vanwort-meng 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1083233514
Michele Candrian 02428, MAPsychologist Clinical1942497565
Joan Jou 94143, MAPsychologist Clinical1649793720
Jeffrey Phillip Winer 02420, MAPsychologist Clinical1629590443
Meredith Taylor Wilmer 22101, MAPsychologist Clinical1124548698
Kim Michael Woynowskie 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1053836080
Paul Gregory Simeone 33901, MAPsychologist Clinical1922177260
Brandon Bergman, Phd, Llc 02446, MAPsychologist Clinical1245701580
Colleen Cadigan 19104, MAPsychologist Clinical1740680388
Natasha L Reynolds 60611, MAPsychologist Clinical1699153312
Caroline E Kerns 60611, MAPsychologist Clinical1508119967
Caitlin S. Moore 94941, MAPsychologist Clinical1700216082
Rebecca M Shingleton 02110, MAPsychologist Clinical1699028050
Maxine K. Kantor 01701, MAPsychologist Clinical1457751703
Nita J Makhija-graham 14221, MAPsychologist Clinical1326411513
Cara Nicole Soccorso 02115, MAPsychologist Clinical1952737298
Mackenzie Brown 03435, MAPsychologist Clinical1073027066
Allison Mary Jekogian 01867, MAPsychologist Clinical1891163879
Marcy Kerr Yuknat 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1548593411
Rachel Welsh Leary 02115, MAPsychologist Clinical1891197927
Douglas Terry 02129, MAPsychologist Clinical1881149946
Clinical Alliances Services, Llc 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1114409489
Dynamic Psychotherapy Associates 02481, MAPsychologist Clinical1265900328
Alexandra Virginia Brewer 02467, MAPsychologist Clinical1265903231
Kimbell Elizabeth Dicero 02446, MAPsychologist Clinical1598237539
Raven Shenette Mayes James 90245, MAPsychologist Clinical1558829721
Katherine Elizabeth Reiter 53226, MAPsychologist Clinical1801243175
Lauren Ashbaugh 98402, MAPsychologist Clinical1679735161
Tara Marie Augenstein 14642, MAPsychologist Clinical1275068470
Kelly O'malley 02301, MAPsychologist Clinical1912551276
Top Therapy, Inc. 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1770946055
Joann Gotingco Toporowski 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1932392800
Steven Michael Gioielli 80301, MAPsychologist Clinical1356782676
Carrie Michelle Potter 02114, MAPsychologist Clinical1740714807
Matthew E Fasano 02453, MAPsychologist Clinical1720634587
Uchenna Jones 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1558818765
Meredith E. Charney 04102, MAPsychologist Clinical1407058431
Sara B Danitz-steinhardt 02130, MAPsychologist Clinical1497137137
David William Schafer 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1053633784
Denise Marques 96814, MAPsychologist Clinical1275814188
Amanda K. Ward 87106, MAPsychologist Clinical1922413970
Cortney R Beasley 94105, MAPsychologist Clinical1548546203
Martin Florimon 10591, MAPsychologist Clinical1154877348
Yiling Zhang 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1619518560
Elana Rachel Kagan 21231, MAPsychologist Clinical1427615822
Carolyn Joy Snell 02115, MAPsychologist Clinical1851619324
Sarah Rosenbrand Mccarthy 55905, MAPsychologist Clinical1669718243
Solara C Calderon 92103, MAPsychologist Clinical1366934960
Rachel Anne Gardner 14810, MAPsychologist Clinical1386044923
Enact Health Llc 02494, MAPsychologist Clinical1306446034
Dorothy Kelleher 02139, MAPsychologist Clinical1700288842
Redlener Psychology & Wellness Llc 02667, MAPsychologist Clinical1407102064
Alexandria Miller 02130, MAPsychologist Clinical1164078754
Teen Out Reach Services 85208, MAPsychologist Clinical1982289062
Colleen E Jackson 02118, MAPsychologist Clinical1952765661
Ruben A Hopwood 02141, MAPsychologist Clinical1972859148
Ryan Vanpatten 02129, MAPsychologist Clinical1275155145
Chantal Sowemimo-coker 10451, MAPsychologist Clinical1114401189
Tranese D. Morgan 23464, MAPsychologist Clinical1558713925
Molly A Benson 01776, MAPsychologist Clinical1174694608
Casey Ann Cragin 02908, MAPsychologist Clinical1871998807
Carol A Mckenna 02184, MAPsychologist Clinical1619153673
Meredith M Armbrust 15212, MAPsychologist Clinical1386854941
Kaitlyn Wilbur 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1558792713
Christi Collins 02445, MAPsychologist Clinical1013283704
Hayley Roberts 80209, MAPsychologist Clinical1376937243
Samuel W Larson 37212, MAPsychologist Clinical1699143677
Shari A Langer 22042, MAPsychologist Clinical1760715809
Edward Matovu 02171, MAPsychologist Clinical1306356522
Mary E Sullivan 78501, MAPsychologist Clinical1811268980
Joseph Francis Meyer 02766, MAPsychologist Clinical1356792584
Shelby Elyse Munschauer 19104, MAPsychologist Clinical1851819445
Marlena E. Rupp 02476, MAPsychologist Clinical1881615110
Curt James Degenhart 02467, MAPsychologist Clinical1326471186
Amy Karen Friedman 02461, MAPsychologist Clinical1245358431
Ewa Hanna Hut 01923, MAPsychologist Clinical1831528843
Vanessa D'orio 01970, MAPsychologist Clinical1962927947
Well being And Behavioral Health Services, Llc 02493, MAPsychologist Clinical1295248698
Tera Meerkins 02445, MAPsychologist Clinical1114446150
Erin K Hill 60521, MAPsychologist Clinical1366532673
J. Scott Creighton 77546, MAPsychologist Clinical1962552455
Matthew Love 06824, MAPsychologist Clinical1063882025
Joshua Wilson 02215, MAPsychologist Clinical1013387273
Eun Yeop Lee 60607, MAPsychologist Clinical1982970836
Marla Saint Gilles 48842, MAPsychologist Clinical1285087981
Elizabeth Reese 22042, MAPsychologist Clinical1184063711
Eben Housen Lasker 02446, MAPsychologist Clinical1841505351
Alyson Marie Theeman 02324, MAPsychologist Clinical1659509776
Sarah Kerlin Young 02114, MAPsychologist Clinical1598101735
Jennifer Kelly 10708, MAPsychologist Clinical1750791257
Helen Bredt Stevens 10016, MAPsychologist Clinical1043620511
Shelby Ortega 01970, MAPsychologist Clinical1063614899
Stephanie Clarke 94304, MAPsychologist Clinical1619389855
Robin Li 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1639371479
Emma Nathanson 01602, MAPsychologist Clinical1477954527
Paro Ambardar 94118, MAPsychologist Clinical1699839837
John Bradford Meigs 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1891122180
Irina Livitz 02139, MAPsychologist Clinical1568950335
Jonathan Joshua Entis 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1053773150
Brandon Jamaal Ernest Williams 23294, MAPsychologist Clinical1902269004
Jason Oppenheim, Psyd 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1801132337
Katherine Russell 01970, MAPsychologist Clinical1568839298
Sara Detrick Scott 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1063871242
New England Center For Ocd And Anxiety Boston Pllc 02176, MAPsychologist Clinical1770114951
Francisco I Surace 02116, MAPsychologist Clinical1518347962
Fanny Ng 10016, MAPsychologist Clinical1861772618
Michelle De Sedas 02109, MAPsychologist Clinical1568828580
Jacqueline Hargrove 10029, MAPsychologist Clinical1447630926
Meghan Colleen Commins Blattner 21093, MAPsychologist Clinical1003117060
Elyssa Briann Weber Ku 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1528404332
Kiara Alvarez 02114, MAPsychologist Clinical1376936682
Marussia Rothenberg Role 02140, MAPsychologist Clinical1447628045
Jennifer Lee Bakalar 20036, MAPsychologist Clinical1003340035
Beth Nancy Rosen 41017, MAPsychologist Clinical1649378258
Jill Henley 02464, MAPsychologist Clinical1306327614
Jessica R Lopresti 01810, MAPsychologist Clinical1811201445
Maria D Theodorakakis 02114, MAPsychologist Clinical1306252150
Asher Lindenbaum 02135, MAPsychologist Clinical1073980488
Josephine A Bell 01730, MAPsychologist Clinical1114281276
Alexandra C. Wulf 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1063864288
Joel Simons 02445, MAPsychologist Clinical1437412467
Alexandra Jackson 02446, MAPsychologist Clinical1285983759
Amanda Loerinc Guinyard 02130, MAPsychologist Clinical1134522055
Erika Updegrove 23060, MAPsychologist Clinical1811278575
Lorraine Ruocco 02021, MAPsychologist Clinical1285063818
Child And Family Psychological Services, Pllc 02062, MAPsychologist Clinical1912987181
Sarit Lesser 02906, MAPsychologist Clinical1700119310
Leonardo E Candelario Perez 55130, MAPsychologist Clinical1750767158
Joselene Martinez 07054, MAPsychologist Clinical1245577261
Natalie A Rivera Morales 33971, MAPsychologist Clinical1669858064
Julia Rizzo 30345, MAPsychologist Clinical1861893513
Margaret Evans 06030, MAPsychologist Clinical1669990875
Bretton Patton Torkelson 01746, MAPsychologist Clinical1932395662
Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Aba Inc. 19010, MAPsychologist Clinical1609348820
Mary Gendler 01230, MAPsychologist Clinical1578057584
Integrated Health Solutions Llc 01035, MAPsychologist Clinical1275063109
Robert Davol Donovan 01075, MAPsychologist Clinical1750599957
Kathleen Joan Schuster 02081, MAPsychologist Clinical1184961575
Kathleen Schuster Psyd Pllc 02081, MAPsychologist Clinical1386132793
Jennifer Beth Warkentin 01742, MAPsychologist Clinical1952620015
Francis Leroy Stevens 01606, MAPsychologist Clinical1134484447
Amy Heberle 01610, MAPsychologist Clinical1558799874
Juliana Rezende 02110, MAPsychologist Clinical1427426766
Anya Woronzoff Verriden 01864, MAPsychologist Clinical1871072371
Amanda Tripp Hayes 01945, MAPsychologist Clinical1164704896
Johanna Elizabeth Helwig 01810, MAPsychologist Clinical1851695209
Laura Ashley Fuller-polhamus 08876, MAPsychologist Clinical1093044653
New England Neurological Associates lowell, Llc 01852, MAPsychologist Clinical1154899557
Sara Carabbio-thopsey 01757, MAPsychologist Clinical1144770371
Northeast Family Services Of New Hampshire 03101, MAPsychologist Clinical1609348465
Suhad Shahin 01843, MAPsychologist Clinical1033702816
Benjamin Tyler Wood 01267, MAPsychologist Clinical1669859120
Cori Cieurzo Liptak 02215, MAPsychologist Clinical1093031320
Katie Lee Loatman 02478, MAPsychologist Clinical1679095558
Amanda K. Platner 02135, MAPsychologist Clinical1295280378
Michelle Lynn Lawrence 02421, MAPsychologist Clinical1346771730
John Joseph Servinskas 02139, MAPsychologist Clinical1972098168
Gail M Grodzinsky 02115, MAPsychologist Clinical1396895769
Robert A Moverman 01843, MAPsychologist Clinical1649267030
Kendra Michelle Czarnecki 48170, MAPsychologist Clinical1639421522
Christina Ann Go 02474, MAPsychologist Clinical1619100849
Matthew Demichiei 22044, MAPsychologist Clinical1669016531
Laura D. Stone 01801, MAPsychologist Clinical1902110190
Alyssa Orinstein King 02118, MAPsychologist Clinical1194279059
Ashley Eva Besemer 04005, MAPsychologist Clinical1891037453
Philip Bauman 02052, MAPsychologist Clinical1124519608
Evelyn Gould 02138, MAPsychologist Clinical1497011365
Allison Lurie 01757, MAPsychologist Clinical1598374571
Natasha M Conley 02169, MAPsychologist Clinical1659636975
Noelle Donahue Vega 02120, MAPsychologist Clinical1023607744
Peter Szuch 01760, MAPsychologist Clinical1487702221
Jillian Bennett 01760, MAPsychologist Clinical1598046674
Mengchun Chiang 15210, MAPsychologist Clinical1821434994
Hannah Peters 02482, MAPsychologist Clinical1831470822
Alexander James Colbow 44242, MAPsychologist Clinical1811299456


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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