Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Elizabeth Knapp Kubik 04110, MEPsychologist Clinical1518962596
John Matthew O'brien 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1720083504
Robyn L. Ostrander 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1952398851
Washington County Psychotherapy Associates, Pa 04654, MEPsychologist Clinical1538158159
Jeffrey T Leonards 04938, MEPsychologist Clinical1306835921
Gay Galleher 04530, MEPsychologist Clinical1336139005
Kathleen Mulrenin 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1124000351
Jennifer Marie Batterman 04843, MEPsychologist Clinical1619968682
Richard K White 04038, MEPsychologist Clinical1659350098
Lynne B Drinkard 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1780654723
Anita Laurette Goller 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1053391367
Stephen A Koscherak 04679, MEPsychologist Clinical1144290941
Judson D. Smith 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1518937242
Teresa M Mayo 04333, MEPsychologist Clinical1013987403
Tatiana W Gregor 04333, MEPsychologist Clinical1295705671
Behavioral Health Resources Inc. 04107, MEPsychologist Clinical1861464380
Deborah Jean Devine 04038, MEPsychologist Clinical1780657197
Southwestern Maine Clinical Assoc Pa 04038, MEPsychologist Clinical1265405385
Lee Ann Fitzgibbons 04071, MEPsychologist Clinical1831165661
Gordon P Street 04071, MEPsychologist Clinical1184699910
Frederic C Craigie 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1528035490
Daniel F Brangwynne 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1083674980
Margaret Ann Morrison 04086, MEPsychologist Clinical1336119767
David Margolis 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1013984335
Miranda Ring Phelps 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1457311243
Michael S Dixon 04210, MEPsychologist Clinical1932161023
Susan Esther Parr 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1861454787
Catherine Spedden 04074, MEPsychologist Clinical1487616231
John A, Millhouse 04074, MEPsychologist Clinical1306809652
Susan Lichtman Maataoui 04107, MEPsychologist Clinical1831152180
Susan Jones 04106, MEPsychologist Clinical1457314700
William Hart Leschey 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1235192477
Nancy J Coleman 04086, MEPsychologist Clinical1720041940
Molly Delaney 04543, MEPsychologist Clinical1811950819
Richard Boyd Rau 04210, MEPsychologist Clinical1043274988
Willow Lilith Whitehouse Briggs 04041, MEPsychologist Clinical1841256724
Thomas A Knox 04910, MEPsychologist Clinical1639135338
Joel Guarna 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1376501833
Barbara Sigrid Sinclair 04605, MEPsychologist Clinical1114976081
George R Sheckart 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1124078753
Deborah W Loftus 04605, MEPsychologist Clinical1881647949
Sbsc, Inc. 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1255384723
Joan Gianna Settin 04429, MEPsychologist Clinical1720031297
Linda L Morrison 04043, MEPsychologist Clinical1417909276
Kim Knowles 04074, MEPsychologist Clinical1083677975
Quan Zhen Shi 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1487601670
Christine Rose Deering 04666, MEPsychologist Clinical1548207525
Charles O Tingley 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1972540821
Paul J Sturmer 04002, MEPsychologist Clinical1124065073
Anne T Uecker 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1750329769
Nancy E Ponzetti-dyer 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1902844913
Gregory M Chilenski 04843, MEPsychologist Clinical1467499749
Dana B Sattin 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1679511760
Catholic Charities Maine 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1013955947
Ronald Young 04086, MEPsychologist Clinical1871531236
Linda C Monahon 03909, MEPsychologist Clinical1265472005
Jeanne M Dorland 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1376584805
Amelia Ann Hassler 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1851332613
Sheri L Wheelock 04953, MEPsychologist Clinical1003857780
Kerry E. Hoag 03909, MEPsychologist Clinical1326080953
Anne Elizabeth Pulsifer 04090, MEPsychologist Clinical1942242862
Michael A Nurick 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1477595437
Philip M Apolito 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1700828753
Brian W Selby 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1194768887
Robert Ferguson 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1811930456
James L Weaver 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1447293741
Ronald L Breazeale 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1780627026
Dorothy J. Breen 04947, MEPsychologist Clinical1407890122
Ben J Nappi 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1750327755
Kristine Renee Mamchur 01002, MEPsychologist Clinical1437186426
Barbara G Landon 04002, MEPsychologist Clinical1891723177
Stephen R Aronson 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1568490233
Geoffrey F Evans 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1114957529
James Cogan 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1386682466
Arlene Blank Brewster 03905, MEPsychologist Clinical1043255136
Pamela Langelier 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1003854191
Regis Langelier 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1417997248
Richard A Voit 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1679510515
Chantal Nathalie Mihm 94304, MEPsychologist Clinical1750337630
Jonathan Keith Heeren 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1598795734
Vicky L Willey 04843, MEPsychologist Clinical1285666321
Douglas C Kimmel 04640, MEPsychologist Clinical1750316543
James W Werrbach 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1346275013
Hidden Springs, Inc. 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1497780647
Christine A Gray 04210, MEPsychologist Clinical1316972565
Sandra Coleman 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1285659375
William H. Sandberg 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1174548572
Lewis Frederick Lester 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1952320426
Francoise E. Paradis 04072, MEPsychologist Clinical1134148554
Karen Kohlhepp Mosher 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1265451082
Susan K Sanders 04966, MEPsychologist Clinical1528088697
Ruth H. Ahrens 04652, MEPsychologist Clinical1528088366
Tatyana Karchov 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1508887746
Susan Michelle Penza-clyve 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1962424812
Lee Katherine Nicoloff 04106, MEPsychologist Clinical1205858180
David Bruce Whitestone 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1881617744
Sharon Lynn Smith 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1790708295
Kenneth A. Beattie 04605, MEPsychologist Clinical1023032869
Pamela Mary Leone 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1457375263
Stacy Whitcomb-smith 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1396769642
Susanne Stiefel 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1417962770
Kathleen M Hart 04105, MEPsychologist Clinical1114933199
Richard Jackson Parker 04530, MEPsychologist Clinical1629084645
Jerold E Hambright 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1326054123
Bruce Thomas Saunders 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1083621346
Maryann J Carroll 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1992712103
Susannah F. Ristine 04043, MEPsychologist Clinical1124036439
Richard G Doiron 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1386652634
Charles Sprague Simonds 04092, MEPsychologist Clinical1508875915
Diana Sholtz 04654, MEPsychologist Clinical1568471936
Chrysalis Psychological Services 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1154330835
Andrew F Wisch 04841, MEPsychologist Clinical1588673156
Carol Lee Leblanc 04105, MEPsychologist Clinical1568471167
Paul Franklin Pusey 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1437168994
Lucy Gardner Quimby 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1922017029
Charles Sandford Cole 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1568472397
Laura Beatrice Kavesh 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1144230699
Keith A. Houde 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1326058462
Heather Mcclelland 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1518977818
Gina M Kenny 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1649282054
Linda D Horn 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1609889732
Earl Kenneth Ireland 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1447263819
Shari Lee Lewchanin 04043, MEPsychologist Clinical1245343391
Constance Hanley 03909, MEPsychologist Clinical1629181078
Beth A Bohnet 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1013021187
Carole Orem-hough 04106, MEPsychologist Clinical1255445359
Bruce Glick 04730, MEPsychologist Clinical1174638480
Catherine Lynn Journey 04276, MEPsychologist Clinical1457467557
Robert F Zakrzewski 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1326069576
David C Bellows 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1316972797
David C. Nichols 04106, MEPsychologist Clinical1689781247
Jeff Matranga 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1871500090
Maine Medical Partners 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1992719272
Northern Maine Medical Center 04743, MEPsychologist Clinical1053345546
Lydia S Ward-gray 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1992812770
Margo Bonner Thurston 04915, MEPsychologist Clinical1609984749
Jean M Principe 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1013025808
Gail Goza-macmullan 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1043320823
Full Circle Wellness Center, Inc. 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1659481786
John Boyle Ruffing 04345, MEPsychologist Clinical1457462640
Jeffrey Whitehead Aston 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1003928540
Louis Owen Douglass 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1598877979
Stephen E Mckay 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1326150558
Debora Elliott Ward 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1154433381
David Prescott 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1205948437
Diana L. Prescott 04444, MEPsychologist Clinical1770695900
Ann Flewelling 04676, MEPsychologist Clinical1518069475
Laura Holcomb 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1891898037
Bruce Allan Letsch 04350, MEPsychologist Clinical1861596082
Michael S. Mclaughlin 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1437253135
Philip Sargent Pierce 04330, MEPsychologist Clinical1538264809
Maryanne Nmn Shaver 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1588769319
Daniel W Hamilton 04046, MEPsychologist Clinical1790881928
John Arthur Mazzola 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1619073053
Joseph Missbach 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1396841136
Frank Luongo 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1295831949
Bruce Chemelski 04092, MEPsychologist Clinical1871690941
Jeraldine S Keane-dreyer 04062, MEPsychologist Clinical1114024296
Thomas Joseph Gaffney 04416, MEPsychologist Clinical1184721003
Jim Robert Sparks 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1134227440
David Thomas Burggraff 04667, MEPsychologist Clinical1760581748
Julie A Maxson 04769, MEPsychologist Clinical1801996798
Ira J Rosen 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1407957640
Kathryn W Thomas 04011, MEPsychologist Clinical1013008994
Stephen Edward Benson 04614, MEPsychologist Clinical1629160924
Farhana Shah 04032, MEPsychologist Clinical1083706139
Mary Elizabeth Cuddy 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1851483556
Jeri Krogh Sides 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1952494270
Catherine C Leschey 04240, MEPsychologist Clinical1619060241
Bruce S Freedberg 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1679667851
Susan Jane Cook 04096, MEPsychologist Clinical1023102613
Ramona Marie Panici 04097, MEPsychologist Clinical1194819482
Mary E Fogg 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1639264930
Monique Richard Kahn 04444, MEPsychologist Clinical1689769994
Kendra L Bryant 04841, MEPsychologist Clinical1962596213
Richard J. Staples 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1932294782
Ellen J Popenoe 04102, MEPsychologist Clinical1114013661
William Martin Barter 04092, MEPsychologist Clinical1518053172
Agnes E Little 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1194811398
Richard M Thomas 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1346338571
Hope Libby 04357, MEPsychologist Clinical1700966108
Debra Bunce 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1629151329
Diane S Moongrove 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1073697926
Roger D Phelps 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1538243381
Sonnet Psychological, Llc 04032, MEPsychologist Clinical1750466959
Linda Marsh 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1801972427
Neil Brian Colan 04347, MEPsychologist Clinical1568548881
Mary Jane Call 04101, MEPsychologist Clinical1578649893
Barda L. Leavitt 04347, MEPsychologist Clinical1487732889
Keith E Cook 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1396824710
James F Whelan 04106, MEPsychologist Clinical1922187202
Thomas B. Johnson 04210, MEPsychologist Clinical1265511539
Thomas P Cushman 04210, MEPsychologist Clinical1013086602
James Michael Foley 04002, MEPsychologist Clinical1316017361
Gregory Carver Finch 04038, MEPsychologist Clinical1609946961
Mental Health Associates Of Maine Llc 04103, MEPsychologist Clinical1508936196
Ann Mary Palozzi 04005, MEPsychologist Clinical1336219120
Kathy Laighton Harvey 04347, MEPsychologist Clinical1548339294
Maine General Community Care 04901, MEPsychologist Clinical1780785337
Lenore Marie Tipping 04401, MEPsychologist Clinical1639240591


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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