Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victoria Marie Schreiber 48322, MIPsychologist Clinical1003810912
Moira A Hubbard 48103, MIPsychologist Clinical1093719544
Kathleen Sue Francies 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1174528327
Arnold Weingarden 48025, MIPsychologist Clinical1437155520
Richard W Ehnis 49242, MIPsychologist Clinical1952308306
Emily Ruth Jernberg 48309, MIPsychologist Clinical1871590117
Mary Lou Hollis 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1013914274
Theresa Joan Anderson-varney 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1760489793
Ted Allan Schneider 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1538167218
Dawn Gventer 48371, MIPsychologist Clinical1669470266
Thomas Ward Bishop 48118, MIPsychologist Clinical1760480966
Joy Lisbeth Nachman 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1649277526
Raquel Fernandez-earns 49783, MIPsychologist Clinical1912905704
Terry Lee Rudolph 48066, MIPsychologist Clinical1154320489
Scott Richard Millis 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1225038904
Macomb Family Services, Inc. 48036, MIPsychologist Clinical1831190701
Michael D. Colman 48301, MIPsychologist Clinical1932100369
Karen Kay Allmacher 48036, MIPsychologist Clinical1033110473
Geniene Michelle Gersh 49548, MIPsychologist Clinical1225020415
Lawrence T. Wentworth 48317, MIPsychologist Clinical1346232998
Stuart S Segal 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1629060173
Kim D Kemske 48152, MIPsychologist Clinical1083606446
Patricia J Lafave 49203, MIPsychologist Clinical1902899974
Megan Hudson 49203, MIPsychologist Clinical1013900901
Fernando Colon 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1114910932
Susan H Golden 48103, MIPsychologist Clinical1255324737
Milton James Grosenbach 48455, MIPsychologist Clinical1851392310
Michael Butkus 48314, MIPsychologist Clinical1649262296
Judith Roes Hammerle 49221, MIPsychologist Clinical1184618217
Craig John Hause 48867, MIPsychologist Clinical1477547255
Diana Lynn Spring 48867, MIPsychologist Clinical1003800889
Marianne Sylvain 48867, MIPsychologist Clinical1316931199
Michael Edward Boudrie 48161, MIPsychologist Clinical1609860436
Lisa Kimberly Largo-marsh 49083, MIPsychologist Clinical1023003340
Ralph L Hutchison 48161, MIPsychologist Clinical1558356659
Avraham Sharfman 46321, MIPsychologist Clinical1154316966
Marianne M Joynt 49007, MIPsychologist Clinical1891781928
Douglas Lockwood 49032, MIPsychologist Clinical1548256662
Heather Marie Kerr 49032, MIPsychologist Clinical1336135466
Tom G Kelly 49032, MIPsychologist Clinical1922094697
Fredric Burton Roberts 48060, MIPsychologist Clinical1619963394
Gregory Ross 49032, MIPsychologist Clinical1730175498
Margaret A Cook 49093, MIPsychologist Clinical1376539031
Sharon Kelly 49093, MIPsychologist Clinical1629064381
Robert David Plummer 48638, MIPsychologist Clinical1417943838
Jody Robin Lewis 48858, MIPsychologist Clinical1528542115
Gary M Chavoya 49093, MIPsychologist Clinical1114915667
Bart Anthony Pc 48302, MIPsychologist Clinical1174511372
Christian Jansen yee Psyd & Associates Pc 49444, MIPsychologist Clinical1699763763
Elizabeth Garber Bruning 49684, MIPsychologist Clinical1073501110
Ruth Anan 48072, MIPsychologist Clinical1255329124
Roderick Lynn Johnson 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1821087784
Dennis L Mulder 49444, MIPsychologist Clinical1295724904
Debra Ann Brodie 48202, MIPsychologist Clinical1518956259
Linda T Green 48302, MIPsychologist Clinical1881683050
Stephen Dillon Fabick 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1366431587
Kathleen Frances Sullivan 48103, MIPsychologist Clinical1932199874
John Michael Sczomak 48238, MIPsychologist Clinical1821088717
Paul Lucki Smith 48005, MIPsychologist Clinical1376533265
James Phillip Etzkorn 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1275523904
M. Lloyd Erickson 49015, MIPsychologist Clinical1174513550
Jennifer R. Forche 48098, MIPsychologist Clinical1528058013
Corbin S. Irelan 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1386634509
Gail Marie Vanlangen 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1417948506
Kathleen Naomi Griffin 49007, MIPsychologist Clinical1831180751
Jan L Gulliver-kline 49617, MIPsychologist Clinical1932190428
Helen S Ochs 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1093706574
Shauna Tindall 48103, MIPsychologist Clinical1457342248
Louis Israel Katz 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1962493155
James Darrell Cowart 49002, MIPsychologist Clinical1598746778
Wentworth And Associates Pc 48317, MIPsychologist Clinical1306827191
Harold Stephen Bilotta 49286, MIPsychologist Clinical1689655615
Melanie Ann St Bernard 49286, MIPsychologist Clinical1124009154
James Peter Steyaert 49286, MIPsychologist Clinical1750362786
Bradley D Rockafellow 48307, MIPsychologist Clinical1558342378
Patricia Moulton Guilford 49002, MIPsychologist Clinical1558342030
Marilyn K Gilbert 48304, MIPsychologist Clinical1073594578
Fredericka Arlene Jackson 48083, MIPsychologist Clinical1922089531
Margaret Collier Buttenheim 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1598747842
Geebee Thimotheose 48075, MIPsychologist Clinical1164404430
Robert J. Sheppard 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1457333692
Patricia Joanne Townsend 49444, MIPsychologist Clinical1699757807
Erin Elizabeth Foster 48532, MIPsychologist Clinical1679555650
Barbara Ann Wolf 48532, MIPsychologist Clinical1700868668
Susan Kay Gano-phillips 48446, MIPsychologist Clinical1437131224
Lawrence Howard Goodenow 48532, MIPsychologist Clinical1346222130
Christopher John Danko 48504, MIPsychologist Clinical1700868288
Deborah Joan Danko 48507, MIPsychologist Clinical1063494540
Child And Family Service Of Saginaw County 48602, MIPsychologist Clinical1720069602
Janis Glotkowski 48084, MIPsychologist Clinical1013301332
Joanne Karen Schouten 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1093705923
Matthew A Stack 48801, MIPsychologist Clinical1033108667
Robin Lee Billings 48084, MIPsychologist Clinical1508854522
Anne Marie Dohrenwend 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1619959400
Myriam Jensen 48430, MIPsychologist Clinical1811311871
Joseph Scott Allen 48348, MIPsychologist Clinical1376524835
John W Kitzmiller 48360, MIPsychologist Clinical1811988504
Harold Stanley Sommerschield 48439, MIPsychologist Clinical1740263516
Julie Macarthur 49461, MIPsychologist Clinical1073596854
Nancy A Rietdorf 48074, MIPsychologist Clinical1033192794
Kent A Koehn 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1417930066
Dorothy S Kahler 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1871576421
Angela Charity Goodson 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1629051248
Albert Stanley Aniskiewicz 48824, MIPsychologist Clinical1013991470
Michael M Makedonsky 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1760466056
George T Starrett 49085, MIPsychologist Clinical1548244635
Gary Alan Wautier 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1801870092
Frederick Tobin Sulier 49085, MIPsychologist Clinical1932183126
Joseph A Damiani 48152, MIPsychologist Clinical1194709097
Gale Swan 48323, MIPsychologist Clinical1760466437
James A Vanharen 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1114901840
Arthur Schimelfenig 49908, MIPsychologist Clinical1972588317
Sara Goburdhun 48154, MIPsychologist Clinical1447235759
James Bombard 48322, MIPsychologist Clinical1780669028
Hope Network West Michigan 49548, MIPsychologist Clinical1679558670
Kathleen Ann Klinkner 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1346225414
Denise Kay Wiswell 48858, MIPsychologist Clinical1407832546
Rhonda Beth Levy-larson 48331, MIPsychologist Clinical1295711455
Rehabcare Group East, Inc. 48602, MIPsychologist Clinical1992781991
Timothy James Howard 49002, MIPsychologist Clinical1396721247
Rudolph Clinton Hatfield 48602, MIPsychologist Clinical1235115171
Staci Fields Bernstein 48038, MIPsychologist Clinical1164408092
Barbara J Homrich 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1760469027
Peter Ianni 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1144207424
Theodore J Jansma 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1316924525
Steven Glen Townsend 49002, MIPsychologist Clinical1215914304
Patricia Armstrong 48328, MIPsychologist Clinical1962480822
Jacqueline Adeline Meyers 48067, MIPsychologist Clinical1124006895
Lawrence Brad Beer 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1730167172
Kathleen Marie-sohn Kudzia 48051, MIPsychologist Clinical1821077827
Northbrook Psychological Clinic Plc 48375, MIPsychologist Clinical1841279288
Leigh W O'connor 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1780663138
Jean M Poppe 49008, MIPsychologist Clinical1538148796
Susan Greenshields 48124, MIPsychologist Clinical1821077082
Tami Lynn Parke 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1881673028
Daniel Thomas Altier 48035, MIPsychologist Clinical1689653859
Evan West 48152, MIPsychologist Clinical1952381816
John C Scharfenkamp 48348, MIPsychologist Clinical1679553028
Lori Reineke 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1790765170
John Michael Taylor 48840, MIPsychologist Clinical1649240847
Marcie Weitzman-zoref 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1467422477
Renee Mary Ouradnik 49829, MIPsychologist Clinical1528048741
Robert Raymond Gerl 49008, MIPsychologist Clinical1831169861
Dorothy J Garnett 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1427028463
M Kay Hannah 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1336119379
Judith A Vanderwal 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1427028471
David Neil Walker 48331, MIPsychologist Clinical1356311278
Kerby Psychological Services Pllc 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1285017244
Susan Marie Carter 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1427032861
Christopher Paul Giuliano 48824, MIPsychologist Clinical1962486928
Dianne Seaver Singleton 48824, MIPsychologist Clinical1518941574
Karl Anthony Hill 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1952385247
Thomas Alan Hulbert 48034, MIPsychologist Clinical1841273570
Christopher Sterling 48230, MIPsychologist Clinical1821076795
Ascension Providence Hospital 48075, MIPsychologist Clinical1255316584
Teri Mitchel Hibbard 48316, MIPsychologist Clinical1457331696
Lynn Elaine Simons 48640, MIPsychologist Clinical1457321291
Sukhvender K Nijjer 48864, MIPsychologist Clinical1821068693
James D Reed 48864, MIPsychologist Clinical1487624243
Donald James Mceachran 48183, MIPsychologist Clinical1669442372
Chad E Muffley 49002, MIPsychologist Clinical1154391449
Bette Diane Glickfield 48322, MIPsychologist Clinical1922079284
Elizabeth Shreve Bishop 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1578533881
Mary Elizabeth Vandergoot 49503, MIPsychologist Clinical1447220819
Kathryn Marie Hill 48065, MIPsychologist Clinical1750352928
Derrich B. Woehle 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1922079136
Allan Warren Crummett 49442, MIPsychologist Clinical1356312276
Elizabeth Ann Waiess 48823, MIPsychologist Clinical1114998838
Steven J. Craig 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1497727861
Lawrence John Pollack 49931, MIPsychologist Clinical1013988518
Larry R Teitsma 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1295707412
Christie Sue Ballard-frazine 49032, MIPsychologist Clinical1629040928
Adolph Otto Di Loreto 49090, MIPsychologist Clinical1437121381
Sarita R Overton 48823, MIPsychologist Clinical1023081296
Wendy Fielder 49544, MIPsychologist Clinical1861465049
Russell E Hogan 49544, MIPsychologist Clinical1760455422
Gec Consultants, Ltd 48607, MIPsychologist Clinical1659345585
Harold B Smith 49103, MIPsychologist Clinical1003881533
James R. Findley 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1710952007
Wilmar G. Vanderpol 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1316912702
Robert D. Fritzen 48439, MIPsychologist Clinical1396710232
Steven L. Osborn 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1588639546
Mary Weatherston 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1366417412
James A. Benthem 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1952376915
Mary Agnes Ryan 48180, MIPsychologist Clinical1811962632
David Jon Berghuis 49509, MIPsychologist Clinical1417923616
Jodie Gail Eckleberry-hunt 48430, MIPsychologist Clinical1942276928
Michelle R. Klee 49008, MIPsychologist Clinical1881660868
Robert W Lamson 49441, MIPsychologist Clinical1518934975
Karen M Vandeusen 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1649247875
Eric M. Pihlgren 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1619945227
Delores D Walcott 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1578531315
Reginald E Marsack 48184, MIPsychologist Clinical1952370579
Kristin M Mecklenburg 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1184683351
Ronald Duane Coffen 49107, MIPsychologist Clinical1346219508
Barry Jay 48322, MIPsychologist Clinical1447229638
Sharon Cipriano Galbreath 49004, MIPsychologist Clinical1588633937
Roberto Flachier 49048, MIPsychologist Clinical1508835810
Eric D Ozkan 48640, MIPsychologist Clinical1518926633
Gary Joseph Fusciardi 48317, MIPsychologist Clinical1245299361


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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