Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph Scott Allen 48348, MIPsychologist Clinical1376524835
Timothy Franke 48507, MIPsychologist Clinical1114325032
Carrie Ann Hood Strong 33071, MIPsychologist Clinical1114977592
Renewal Christian Counseling Inc 48043, MIPsychologist Clinical1548211535
Geriatric Psychiatric Services Pllc 43537, MIPsychologist Clinical1467492173
Mary S Gilbert 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1760426779
Bethany Lynn Helfman 48302, MIPsychologist Clinical1649218256
Joseph C. Shoots 48346, MIPsychologist Clinical1922035286
Maria Leni Sella 48180, MIPsychologist Clinical1184669855
Nicole Ehart 48304, MIPsychologist Clinical1801823257
Dessa Stone 48362, MIPsychologist Clinical1053331314
Bernadette S. Kovach Ph.d. Pllc 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1417189523
Brent Roderick Smith 49201, MIPsychologist Clinical1558475012
Anita Lynn Barrett 49349, MIPsychologist Clinical1578679700
Matthew David Ayers Clark 49316, MIPsychologist Clinical1811001126
Elizabeth Anne Rummel 48067, MIPsychologist Clinical1255444733
David Dean Stanifer 48162, MIPsychologist Clinical1790854297
Lj Gallagher Psy D And Associates Pllc 49230, MIPsychologist Clinical1518056365
Jennifer Anne Lombardo 48640, MIPsychologist Clinical1871693481
Jeanette Godfrey 48331, MIPsychologist Clinical1598866485
Kathryn Anne Staron 48150, MIPsychologist Clinical1972689792
Trisha Lyn Stock 48152, MIPsychologist Clinical1225111057
Megan Currell Retherford 49770, MIPsychologist Clinical1851460190
Richard Anthony Caprio 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1942339528
Stephanie May Younglove 49247, MIPsychologist Clinical1225162621
Tanya Marie Petcoff 48331, MIPsychologist Clinical1265567507
Nicole Therese Buchanan 48823, MIPsychologist Clinical1093833501
Kristina M Princinsky 48377, MIPsychologist Clinical1629514831
Amy Hanes 48042, MIPsychologist Clinical1477697027
Laura Loeffler Ziebarth 49085, MIPsychologist Clinical1356494900
Lynnette Matar 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1952478067
Colleen M Lareau 62401, MIPsychologist Clinical1851431092
Jennifer Lynn Buswinka 48168, MIPsychologist Clinical1316403744
Gretchen Moran Marsh 48025, MIPsychologist Clinical1033398979
Catherine Fan Dionisio 94596, MIPsychologist Clinical1730365248
Paul Edward Kaschel 49686, MIPsychologist Clinical1437324191
Sandra Landau 48377, MIPsychologist Clinical1831210863
Kyle G West 48603, MIPsychologist Clinical1336337575
Angela Elaine Graham-williams 49001, MIPsychologist Clinical1750561403
Michelle Louise Morse 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1558585448
Leonard Joseph Gallagher 49230, MIPsychologist Clinical1619155058
Mark Allan Deskovitz 48640, MIPsychologist Clinical1568687051
Neala Ann O'hara 48084, MIPsychologist Clinical1033631122
Martha Ann Hill 48601, MIPsychologist Clinical1740460344
Samuel George Field 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1497970065
Weber And Devers Psychological Services, P.c. 49783, MIPsychologist Clinical1861609505
Jackson E Turner 48084, MIPsychologist Clinical1316060114
Samantha Simpson 48186, MIPsychologist Clinical1871072777
Ascension Genesys Hospital 48509, MIPsychologist Clinical1932368537
Carnigee Ala-benee' Truesdale 48371, MIPsychologist Clinical1912149824
Alison A. Donigan 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1386978633
Evan Daniel Parks 49503, MIPsychologist Clinical1437452406
Olga Mikhaylovna Slavin-spenny 48237, MIPsychologist Clinical1578839585
Christine Dievendorf Weiss 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1114155330
Nedra Smith 49001, MIPsychologist Clinical1750680211
Dana Maryse Shapero 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1164742474
Molly Gabriel-champine 48708, MIPsychologist Clinical1235507914
Heidi Joshi 49008, MIPsychologist Clinical1003047283
Jordan M. Braciszewski 48202, MIPsychologist Clinical1891093399
Shannon Nichole Mathison 48108, MIPsychologist Clinical1659515948
Karen Ann Olson 49801, MIPsychologist Clinical1487987269
Cynthia Jane Macleod 48220, MIPsychologist Clinical1699056127
Justin Wayne Peer 48126, MIPsychologist Clinical1689984213
Mark Gregory Iszak 48025, MIPsychologist Clinical1548542186
Paul Hoskins 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1366724940
Lyneah R Blake-duncan 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1003197245
Kathleen Ann Marquette 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1124334222
Ian Gackowski 48104, MIPsychologist Clinical1356814115
Rebecca A Klott 49503, MIPsychologist Clinical1689969651
Lauren Renard 98801, MIPsychologist Clinical1598077737
Katherine Ann Lewitzke 48327, MIPsychologist Clinical1891031381
Nicole Czech 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1922344670
Ashley E Lupico 48314, MIPsychologist Clinical1669719779
Aspire Rehabilitation Services, Llc 48083, MIPsychologist Clinical1891037735
Joseph Richard Rizzo 48124, MIPsychologist Clinical1699117317
Whitney J. Begeman 48197, MIPsychologist Clinical1407280043
Jennifer Chivon Milliken 49079, MIPsychologist Clinical1588902480
Anthony Mcmahon 44060, MIPsychologist Clinical1578965109
Nadia Habhab 48033, MIPsychologist Clinical1386049724
Dennis Lawrence 49740, MIPsychologist Clinical1568867463
Catharine Cook 49037, MIPsychologist Clinical1811395445
Complete Neuropsychology Services, Inc 48105, MIPsychologist Clinical1629444328
Seraphim Mork 73160, MIPsychologist Clinical1538575113
Adam Joy 48197, MIPsychologist Clinical1598136624
Nicole Kohaif 48726, MIPsychologist Clinical1144659236
Tonia Maria Truesdell 49946, MIPsychologist Clinical1902270135
Juan Rafael Zavala 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1528477908
Derrick Sebree 48103, MIPsychologist Clinical1912377458
Sharon Kay Foster 48150, MIPsychologist Clinical1649609934
Alfred Mansour 48197, MIPsychologist Clinical1275876963
Julie Meredith Davis 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1265776629
Aja C. Temple 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1760805766
Kimberly Enders Scott 48307, MIPsychologist Clinical1215276969
Meredith Psychological And Testing Services, Llc 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1558735266
Laura Stephens 48346, MIPsychologist Clinical1205172384
Steven Brooks 48423, MIPsychologist Clinical1801986708
Nicole Wozniak 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1700252012
Sarah Elizabeth Westcot 48917, MIPsychologist Clinical1932500030
Anthony Patrick King 48109, MIPsychologist Clinical1568890895
Elisabeth Dahl 49428, MIPsychologist Clinical1508199589
Genesee Health System 48503, MIPsychologist Clinical1295070456
Genesee Health System 48503, MIPsychologist Clinical1669717823
Kathryn Michael 33744, MIPsychologist Clinical1801297718
Kristin Elizabeth Roberts 49503, MIPsychologist Clinical1801211107
River City Psychological Services Pc 49503, MIPsychologist Clinical1235557844
Jamie Wilson 49525, MIPsychologist Clinical1770913832
Maryjo Gavin 43614, MIPsychologist Clinical1871612770
Lauren Phelps 34952, MIPsychologist Clinical1780929067
Janette D Curtis 49428, MIPsychologist Clinical1669740767
Sarah Murray 48076, MIPsychologist Clinical1922437474
Atara Abramsky 48075, MIPsychologist Clinical1497182828
Kristin Lichtle 87102, MIPsychologist Clinical1043640493
Ayana Simmons 48220, MIPsychologist Clinical1326460734
Rashida Wideman 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1962894527
Carrie Ann-fling Nantais 48220, MIPsychologist Clinical1609388040
Shelley Galasso Bonanno & Associates, Pllc 48009, MIPsychologist Clinical1154821783
Jessica Belo 48203, MIPsychologist Clinical1144638818
Taha Chaudhary 48126, MIPsychologist Clinical1225445588
Angela Palaian 48185, MIPsychologist Clinical1417337841
Meghann Murphy 48167, MIPsychologist Clinical1518316074
Stefanie Michelle Paquin 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1538601448
Murray Center For Behavioral Wellness 48076, MIPsychologist Clinical1902334550
Jessica Swanson 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1053723098
Heather O'boyle 48195, MIPsychologist Clinical1437527066
Megan Christine Schmittel 68131, MIPsychologist Clinical1366807398
Madison Chapman 49639, MIPsychologist Clinical1659828226
Kimberly Ann Schumacher 48858, MIPsychologist Clinical1851899223
Brooke Ingersoll 48824, MIPsychologist Clinical1114436623
Latrice Robinson 48220, MIPsychologist Clinical1235658535
Amanda Gurny 48167, MIPsychologist Clinical1437665841
Megan C Pejsa-reitz 48118, MIPsychologist Clinical1326554510
Kirk David Duncan 48067, MIPsychologist Clinical1922124783
Bonnie Marie Brown 49444, MIPsychologist Clinical1801923339
Dave Chatel 48178, MIPsychologist Clinical1407185408
Todd Russell Silverstein 49801, MIPsychologist Clinical1366493462
Catholic Charities Of Southeast Michigan 48038, MIPsychologist Clinical1316283757
Tracy Renea Juliao 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1447350202
Megan Morris 48167, MIPsychologist Clinical1750809497
Latoya Taylor 48207, MIPsychologist Clinical1154830503
Oakland Psychological Clinic, P.c. 48302, MIPsychologist Clinical1437689312
Perspectives Psychological Associates Of Midmichigan Llc 48640, MIPsychologist Clinical1467953349
Claudia Anagurthi 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1508362922
Roberta Hitt Phd Plc 48116, MIPsychologist Clinical1316443930
Maggie Valade 48879, MIPsychologist Clinical1598253874
Nicole Eve Blovet 48307, MIPsychologist Clinical1538670807
Raymond Herzog Ma Llp 49525, MIPsychologist Clinical1194215558
Taylor Nezich 48116, MIPsychologist Clinical1386134765
Robert Moesta Evaluation And Treatment Services 48176, MIPsychologist Clinical1023508918
Laura Victoria Shipley 48130, MIPsychologist Clinical1275024671
Erika Parker 48084, MIPsychologist Clinical1881060390
Laurel Huff 49017, MIPsychologist Clinical1780175802
Elizabeth Jane Caven 55109, MIPsychologist Clinical1467591578
Samantha Chilcote Ritenburgh 49348, MIPsychologist Clinical1821450404
Carollynn Getkin 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1386056232
Heather A Zak 48823, MIPsychologist Clinical1649361510
Dr. John C Brennan Psyd, Lp, Plc 48192, MIPsychologist Clinical1245738418
Lakina Moseley 48205, MIPsychologist Clinical1255856522
Mary Luchies 49601, MIPsychologist Clinical1124458740
Robin Elaine Mccoy 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1699130195
Gr Therapy Group 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1295211076
Darcy Donnelly Phd Pc 48304, MIPsychologist Clinical1568940930
Nicholas Paul Zulinski 48124, MIPsychologist Clinical1891113627
Alternative Perspectives Counseling, Llc 48864, MIPsychologist Clinical1295213783
Rachel Ulrich 80111, MIPsychologist Clinical1932498565
Arbor Hills Psychological Services Pllc 49201, MIPsychologist Clinical1750579629
Emily A Spears 48085, MIPsychologist Clinical1851632277
Amanda Kerbawy 48346, MIPsychologist Clinical1326408238
Joel Stephen Peterman 48105, MIPsychologist Clinical1831689710
Jennifer Marie Karew 48067, MIPsychologist Clinical1811331481
Alesha Ruth Hall 48801, MIPsychologist Clinical1043793276
Andrea Brent 48334, MIPsychologist Clinical1679974851
Jennifer Le-ann Sofranski 48243, MIPsychologist Clinical1225543010
Little Charmers Llc 48075, MIPsychologist Clinical1093299711
Ashlee Ray White 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1548745441
Steven Thomas Peters 48723, MIPsychologist Clinical1114471687
Taylor Raeann Jones 48105, MIPsychologist Clinical1346715422
Laurie M Martin 48085, MIPsychologist Clinical1679699920
Hilary Stratton 49428, MIPsychologist Clinical1275821654
Kimberly Sue Crowel 49855, MIPsychologist Clinical1568939569
Linda T Alyashae 48036, MIPsychologist Clinical1356818033
Emily Audrey Kavanagh 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1386113231
Devon Elizabeth Battershell 48302, MIPsychologist Clinical1720001845
Connie Sargunam 49525, MIPsychologist Clinical1760939557
Adam Gabriel Horwitz 48109, MIPsychologist Clinical1548511868
Reem Satti 48375, MIPsychologist Clinical1316398563
Christopher F Manlick 49801, MIPsychologist Clinical1215452560
Rosie Mishelle Rodriguez 48197, MIPsychologist Clinical1275053571
Catalyst Counseling And Consulting 48197, MIPsychologist Clinical1043735319
David Gregg 49008, MIPsychologist Clinical1790150456
Chelsea Ann Williams 48025, MIPsychologist Clinical1316498967
Jessica June Teslow 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1255856142
Imani Renee Byrd 48170, MIPsychologist Clinical1427527878
Starr Commonwealth 49224, MIPsychologist Clinical1588706915
Sara Richards 48603, MIPsychologist Clinical1386045136
Starr Commonwealth 48225, MIPsychologist Clinical1982086468
West Michigan Counseling & Psychological Services 49009, MIPsychologist Clinical1407316938
Renewal Wellness, Pllc 48304, MIPsychologist Clinical1063974848
Brianna Taylor 49546, MIPsychologist Clinical1003397266
Heather Jane Dannison 49006, MIPsychologist Clinical1679985873
Shelby Wilson-drummond 48201, MIPsychologist Clinical1649697343


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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