Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shirley J Rader 56501, MNPsychologist Clinical1417953951
Ernest Boswell 55119, MNPsychologist Clinical1437155801
Paul Thomas Hirdman 55108, MNPsychologist Clinical1225034408
Carol F. Siegel 55408, MNPsychologist Clinical1154327211
Peter Andrew Zelles 55105, MNPsychologist Clinical1265438022
David Allan Dubois 55407, MNPsychologist Clinical1720084502
Arlyne Jeane Gutmann 55435, MNPsychologist Clinical1871599662
Jeffrey Gottlieb 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1568468312
Constance Anderson Aagard 56623, MNPsychologist Clinical1811993421
Roger Eichman 55901, MNPsychologist Clinical1093711616
Jay F Wilimek 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1750387320
Charles J Chmielewski 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1245236819
Beverly Richardson 55901, MNPsychologist Clinical1023015666
Mary Ann Eichman 55901, MNPsychologist Clinical1417954041
Luci Schueller 55901, MNPsychologist Clinical1033116660
Lisa Sharon Squire 55425, MNPsychologist Clinical1609872589
Craig Polsfuss 55124, MNPsychologist Clinical1811993553
Peggy M. Mc Carty 55905, MNPsychologist Clinical1942207584
Heather Johnson 55901, MNPsychologist Clinical1063419406
Jimmmy Earl Hobbs 56318, MNPsychologist Clinical1427055573
Joseph Ellsworth Switras 56031, MNPsychologist Clinical1033117650
Bryn C. Collins 55124, MNPsychologist Clinical1992703326
John M Gessner 55337, MNPsychologist Clinical1114925468
Jo Anne Harkins-craven 55110, MNPsychologist Clinical1104824234
Kathleen Christensen 56001, MNPsychologist Clinical1932106606
Danae J. Lund 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1366449639
Duncan E Anderson 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1760480560
Kate Boyle 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1659370278
Virginia Annette Vogel 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1790784403
Troy Sherman Johnson 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1669471108
Paul Gronneberg 56001, MNPsychologist Clinical1639178049
Robert Lynn Peterson 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1942209481
Dick D Jones 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1912906215
Regina M Burkhart 56001, MNPsychologist Clinical1467451765
Nancy J. Arikian 55403, MNPsychologist Clinical1366441685
Kristine K Christenson 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1932108289
Loretta Marie Diez 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1770582942
James Jenkins Theisen 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1689673857
John David Mcclay 55419, MNPsychologist Clinical1235138447
Thrace A. Soryn 55405, MNPsychologist Clinical1366442055
Ronald James Frederick 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1417957101
Yvonne Fernandez Nobles 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1659371318
Pamala Wood Jacobel 55057, MNPsychologist Clinical1598765265
Josephine Ann Fultz 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1285634691
Pamela Joy Henderson 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1538169628
Linda S. Raasch 55122, MNPsychologist Clinical1326048422
Robert Alan Mantell 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1750381760
Terryl Raddatz 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1881693158
Anna Skytta-gurkanlar 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1700887379
Raye Mcphillips Eyrich 55402, MNPsychologist Clinical1215938659
Jeanette Leone Mitchell 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1679574990
Gary Edward Donaldson 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1346241551
Diane C Whitley Feldman 55424, MNPsychologist Clinical1144221243
Jill Marie Strunk 55305, MNPsychologist Clinical1093717753
David Steven Homorody 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1225030778
James Robert Rudolph 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1376545806
Michael James Tanguay 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1962404426
Michael Allen Scott 55387, MNPsychologist Clinical1194727552
Dixie Lee Grace 55414, MNPsychologist Clinical1932191889
Glenn Courtier Holman 55021, MNPsychologist Clinical1417949207
Holly Ellen Johnson 55435, MNPsychologist Clinical1659363323
Sloan Renee King 55425, MNPsychologist Clinical1184616534
John Mark Prichard 55337, MNPsychologist Clinical1669464905
Gail Hegeman 55113, MNPsychologist Clinical1114910049
Terry E Zuehlke 55427, MNPsychologist Clinical1114910064
Christian L Babo 55427, MNPsychologist Clinical1003809856
Kathleen Kay Tobey 55802, MNPsychologist Clinical1679566368
Lynn D Hardy 55330, MNPsychologist Clinical1639162407
Gary D Vikesland 55427, MNPsychologist Clinical1073506846
Julianne S Zuehlke 55427, MNPsychologist Clinical1508859372
Joan Estrem Weidling 55427, MNPsychologist Clinical1114910973
Donna Marie Bahr 56241, MNPsychologist Clinical1952303851
Deborah A Battles 55379, MNPsychologist Clinical1093716714
Ruth L Kooiman 56156, MNPsychologist Clinical1720080765
Richard John Scanlon 55344, MNPsychologist Clinical1689668931
Mark Randall Smith 55350, MNPsychologist Clinical1790779775
Mary K Zielinski 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1659366011
Sharon L Berry 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1568457927
Julia K Reid 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1598750960
Sherrie L Kamm 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1912992298
James T Molberg 55063, MNPsychologist Clinical1649265281
Elliott V. Troup 55415, MNPsychologist Clinical1104813716
Merrill Edward Zieman 55075, MNPsychologist Clinical1144217159
William Kleis 55904, MNPsychologist Clinical1174511752
Renee T Vonweiss 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1265427629
Madaline G. Barnes 56701, MNPsychologist Clinical1912992447
Kathleen Marie Wise 55428, MNPsychologist Clinical1871581017
Jane Hovland 55812, MNPsychologist Clinical1912995838
Mustafa Al'absi 55812, MNPsychologist Clinical1316935224
Cynthia Lynne Johnson 55303, MNPsychologist Clinical1639168446
Nadine Joanne Peterson 55109, MNPsychologist Clinical1457340614
Jon Colombo 55042, MNPsychologist Clinical1609865674
Velma Wagner-adams 55409, MNPsychologist Clinical1235128331
Steven Lutz 55042, MNPsychologist Clinical1881684777
Joseph Hansen 55042, MNPsychologist Clinical1134119613
Marcus Bachmann 55042, MNPsychologist Clinical1932199122
Michael Erling Berger 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1831180579
Brian Baschnagel 55042, MNPsychologist Clinical1003807454
Jordan Lynn Hart 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1376524538
Laurie E Stenseth 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1568443505
David M Stoos 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1154302198
Joann L Planavsky 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1699756643
Jo A Hittner 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1548241581
Mary E Casey 55057, MNPsychologist Clinical1629059688
Stacy Hughes Anderson 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1851372809
Vernon M Lewis 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1760463590
Jeanne M Allen 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1417938242
Ellen Hodges Saul 55021, MNPsychologist Clinical1427039106
Mark E Hansen 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1629059134
Stanley R Miller 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1265413777
Nancy L Fischer 55057, MNPsychologist Clinical1619958014
Suzanne Krueger 55420, MNPsychologist Clinical1528040342
Winifred Lilly-taylor 55410, MNPsychologist Clinical1356323182
Linda Kamstra Gordon 55122, MNPsychologist Clinical1679555122
Steven Peter Daffinrud 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1801878426
Norma J Taylor 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1194707794
Julie Claire Spare 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1891777496
Suzanne Day James 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1508848110
Lynn Kiely 55403, MNPsychologist Clinical1518949932
Kathleen Susens 55303, MNPsychologist Clinical1427031665
Paul R Remark 55805, MNPsychologist Clinical1437132578
Chris Wallin 55112, MNPsychologist Clinical1538250261
Kim Contardi Pareigat 55112, MNPsychologist Clinical1255313839
Lori Kuenn 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1730160771
Bryan Delvin 55987, MNPsychologist Clinical1871574228
James Stanley Prijatel 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1194709436
Daniel William Zenga 56001, MNPsychologist Clinical1396729703
Theodore Perkins 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1467436774
Luann Lengas Heim 55433, MNPsychologist Clinical1477537678
Brian Koranda 56031, MNPsychologist Clinical1932183092
Lynn Jacobs 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1669456703
Kenneth Gerard Fogal 56441, MNPsychologist Clinical1104800960
Jeffrey Brown 55422, MNPsychologist Clinical1730163478
Julie Borg 56031, MNPsychologist Clinical1992789515
Margaret B Kellogg 55105, MNPsychologist Clinical1629052394
Jane M Kilgriff 55424, MNPsychologist Clinical1780668459
Teresa Plummer 55404, MNPsychologist Clinical1770567455
Randall R Pottebaum 55337, MNPsychologist Clinical1528042223
Richard S Lafans 55306, MNPsychologist Clinical1952386526
Mark P Hansen 55108, MNPsychologist Clinical1972588473
Joanne Agnes Kane 56301, MNPsychologist Clinical1861477234
Marie Joann Kistler 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1376528653
Mark Anderson 56031, MNPsychologist Clinical1942285192
Jeanne Jones 55116, MNPsychologist Clinical1265417257
Joseph Yiu Cho Lee 55104, MNPsychologist Clinical1811972524
Charles R Freeman 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1356326102
Cara Beames 55405, MNPsychologist Clinical1467437228
Heather Gallivan 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1477538247
Bonnie J. Betts 56093, MNPsychologist Clinical1306821129
Mary Vanderloop 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1083690606
Beret Anne Skroch 55417, MNPsychologist Clinical1437134152
Noel Larson 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1881670495
John Mcgreevy 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1699751206
Mary Catherine Mckenna 55118, MNPsychologist Clinical1053397646
David Randal 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1275519795
Judy Guerrero 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1366428732
Maida G Gunther 55407, MNPsychologist Clinical1780660951
Judith Steller 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1902882145
Kirk Hahn Mueller 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1285610337
Sarah L Sander 55344, MNPsychologist Clinical1871570663
Jennifer M Weiss 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1437136231
Margaret Waller 55344, MNPsychologist Clinical1891772638
Mary Ann Anders Gobar 55391, MNPsychologist Clinical1720065345
Cyndee Lynne Pakyurek 55912, MNPsychologist Clinical1063499721
Kenneth L. Stapleton 55744, MNPsychologist Clinical1598742140
Susan J Scott 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1730166331
Brownell Mack 55411, MNPsychologist Clinical1023095627
Abigail Hadassah Gewirtz 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1750368353
Laura Mcdaniels 55125, MNPsychologist Clinical1578540175
Reena Pathak 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1275510778
Davida Z. Goldman 55435, MNPsychologist Clinical1679550172
Rebecca Kristine Getz 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1972580579
Javon A Cleveland 55411, MNPsychologist Clinical1912984410
Gerald Patrick Crimmins 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1063499499
Lawrence James Hanus 56601, MNPsychologist Clinical1346227782
Dorit Miles 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1922085000
Jeffrey Nye 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1366429326
John Nelson 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1760469803
Robyn Swenson 55306, MNPsychologist Clinical1326025313
Janet Theresa Thomas 55102, MNPsychologist Clinical1275510273
Carla Olson 55337, MNPsychologist Clinical1902883945
Joseph Nelson 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1881671899
Denise M Tromblay 55408, MNPsychologist Clinical1376520304
Sally Nash 55437, MNPsychologist Clinical1922085927
Brent Thomson 55344, MNPsychologist Clinical1568449577
Paul Olson 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1598742439
Linda Wondrasch 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1396722211
Gloria Wood 55008, MNPsychologist Clinical1467439356
Andrea Renee Zuellig 55306, MNPsychologist Clinical1679551527
Sheila Louise Thomas 55108, MNPsychologist Clinical1053399972
Richard John Seime 55905, MNPsychologist Clinical1497733802
Nina Aileen Sayer 55114, MNPsychologist Clinical1447238779
Guy F. Strauss 55414, MNPsychologist Clinical1669450631
Theresa L Gunderson 56001, MNPsychologist Clinical1043298060
James F Malec 55905, MNPsychologist Clinical1689653693
Barbara D Hughes 55426, MNPsychologist Clinical1225017163
Jane H Cerhan 55905, MNPsychologist Clinical1023097656
Mary Ruth Boehlke 55416, MNPsychologist Clinical1609855956
Sharon Faye Swanson-haapala 56007, MNPsychologist Clinical1407835606
Anne Eileen Buchanan 55417, MNPsychologist Clinical1881673937


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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