Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Mississippi

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Mississippi:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nona Faye Owens 39041, MSPsychologist Clinical1548265416
Michael E. Zakaras 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1295722965
Sarah Bennett Lau 38654, MSPsychologist Clinical1801887591
Robert Bloom 38119, MSPsychologist Clinical1730161910
Janice Sue Harmon 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1477535672
Stephanie L Cooper 39307, MSPsychologist Clinical1841273885
Patricia M Sandusky 39301, MSPsychologist Clinical1881673317
Samuel E. Fleming 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1285614370
Bonnie Roberts Chavez 39309, MSPsychologist Clinical1194705665
Jay Michael Stone 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1801876545
Kathleen S Patterson 39111, MSPsychologist Clinical1831176940
Horace C Lukens 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1811965684
Patricia Michele Wright 38672, MSPsychologist Clinical1023087350
Maurice Williams 39209, MSPsychologist Clinical1144272709
Kevin Del Ben 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1043267990
Joseph Morris Alexander 38801, MSPsychologist Clinical1942248208
Susan Patrice Hyatt 38801, MSPsychologist Clinical1487692554
Julie A Schumacher-coffey 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1790723294
Michael Tennis Oliver 38801, MSPsychologist Clinical1043259369
Roy White 39459, MSPsychologist Clinical1457393217
Jay Thames Moak 39648, MSPsychologist Clinical1619919701
Thomas David Elkin 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1588607188
Scott Garlon Willoughby 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1699718635
Michele F Larrow 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1992748008
Craig Hackett Paterson 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1629011556
Edward Michael Anderson 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1972546075
Theresa Ann Ratti 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1386687473
Anthony Arnold Calabrese 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1467496109
Ruth M Shoemaker 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1194761569
Anne Atkinson Henderson 39601, MSPsychologist Clinical1306877675
Mary Cecille Goysich 38801, MSPsychologist Clinical1508804626
Patsy H Zakaras 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1043254345
Donald Penzien 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1184661084
James Stephen Ellis 39648, MSPsychologist Clinical1437183308
Jean M Hawks 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1376577064
Randy Scott Burke 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1336173905
Patricia B Holliday 39201, MSPsychologist Clinical1396779724
Leilani Lani Greening 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1477579167
Gustave Frank Sison 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1073531919
Patricia Marie Dubbert 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1558381327
Matthew Warren Campbell 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1790706398
John Hull 39301, MSPsychologist Clinical1750303004
Kelly Demetrius Woods 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1730101197
Thomas H. Mosley 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1740203769
Jefferson Owen Rogers 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1982628079
Stephen Michael Mcnally 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1972527604
Clinton Wallace Martin 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1245254176
James David Herzog 39211, MSPsychologist Clinical1134135783
Barbara Schlesier Carter 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1922015890
Andrew L Dickson 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1669480869
Daniel Moore 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1861400244
Marcia J Hartwig 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1124030788
Stella W. Brown 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1144233750
Michelle Denise Boucher-snodgrass 39301, MSPsychologist Clinical1386657914
Alisha Dawn Marlow 39307, MSPsychologist Clinical1235142878
Julie Dawn Teater 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1467565549
Geralyn Datz 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1972616076
Judith Lyons 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1437262375
Thomas M Welsh 39465, MSPsychologist Clinical1922112671
John Stoudenmire 39581, MSPsychologist Clinical1730294968
A Elizabeth Koch 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1043325764
Robert Adams 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1003830563
Robert D Annett 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1053327759
Jefferson D Parker 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1164446969
Simone J Simone 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1508873928
Gerald Steve Barrilleaux 39501, MSPsychologist Clinical1548285828
Robert Frank Hester 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1295757870
Darvis Quinn Gallaher 38008, MSPsychologist Clinical1851400444
James W Irby 39211, MSPsychologist Clinical1891805180
John E Fontaine 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1093818064
Anthony Womack Pollard 39507, MSPsychologist Clinical1184729584
Kristen L Campbell 39701, MSPsychologist Clinical1306943030
F J Eicke 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1821195215
Beth A Curry 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1801995394
Ruth W. Mcphearson 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1124127618
Dorothy Dickson-rishel 39501, MSPsychologist Clinical1780783761
Linda Myers Cox 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1821199928
Katherine C. Nordal 39183, MSPsychologist Clinical1790886653
James B Austin 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1184724569
Rodney D Hesson 39466, MSPsychologist Clinical1861584195
William C Lott 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1891887808
Margaret Koranek 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1306939384
C Gerald O'brien 39232, MSPsychologist Clinical1972696896
Josephine H. Stouter 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1215020714
Ronald Wayne Alexander 39534, MSPsychologist Clinical1033203468
Stefan Massong 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1568556082
Daniel Joseph Vujnovich 39501, MSPsychologist Clinical1558456491
Michael Dean Roberts 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1962597708
Patrick O Smith 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1225126881
Glenn Thomas Ellis 39701, MSPsychologist Clinical1184712820
Billye Bob Currie 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1629167598
Paul Sheldon Leonard 38671, MSPsychologist Clinical1891884177
Vickie L Robbins 38863, MSPsychologist Clinical1417046962
Aleshia Moffett 39553, MSPsychologist Clinical1326138025
Rosemary M Bishop 39452, MSPsychologist Clinical1952491664
Lisa Yazdani 39272, MSPsychologist Clinical1285715755
Louis Masur 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1528163086
Angela J. Koestler 39183, MSPsychologist Clinical1942391180
Daniel Barnes 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1548771611
Andrea Lyn Todd 39560, MSPsychologist Clinical1518049238
Teresa Elias Hooper 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1366554313
James Robert Baugh 39232, MSPsychologist Clinical1962576926
John Maury Allin 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1942374863
Billy Reed Fox 39056, MSPsychologist Clinical1720146335
Karen Lundin 39503, MSPsychologist Clinical1598823809
Penny S. Haws 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1578622460
Scott Allen Gustafson 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1407916216
Elizabeth Najera 39534, MSPsychologist Clinical1154484095
William P Osborn 39475, MSPsychologist Clinical1164587853
Kimberly Palmer Ray 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1851448963
Sheree E. Starr 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1124176771
Clea C Evans 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1942359096
Pamela Sue Cutrer 39507, MSPsychologist Clinical1568512077
Bruce Eldon Dennings 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1972654325
Kathryn J. Bush 39507, MSPsychologist Clinical1023169166
Joanne Prindel Calhoun 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1013069285
James R. Lane 39702, MSPsychologist Clinical1154476885
Philip G Cooker 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1932245867
Shirley Ann Wilson 38671, MSPsychologist Clinical1871630178
Gayle Sharyn Norbury 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1356489926
James W Buechele 38632, MSPsychologist Clinical1184763229
J. Donald Matherne 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1013043041
John Richard Harsh 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1164559639
James Henry Brown 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1346374410
John L. Cox 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1871627968
Cooper Bufkin Moore 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1710011150
Susan Marie Neral 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1053435925
Joanna Mccraney 36560, MSPsychologist Clinical1780709311
Douglas Cole 38703, MSPsychologist Clinical1255458444
Linda Washington 38703, MSPsychologist Clinical1811014970
Marni L Hill Yarrington 39465, MSPsychologist Clinical1851430326
John B. Jolly 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1629192083
Buren Steve Smith 39345, MSPsychologist Clinical1134262553
Darrel Wayne Lancaster 38654, MSPsychologist Clinical1720100738
Ann Strickland Ulmer 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1528282738
Ellen M Sundberg 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1194949602
Natalie Wilkins 38126, MSPsychologist Clinical1912122086
Nelson R Cauthen 39232, MSPsychologist Clinical1851510903
Beverly Tedford 38834, MSPsychologist Clinical1558580662
Angela O'briant Herzog 39211, MSPsychologist Clinical1215157425
Michele N Carroll 38614, MSPsychologist Clinical1659592384
Charles Eugene Harris 39525, MSPsychologist Clinical1346461423
Jan Parr Boggs 39307, MSPsychologist Clinical1285856112
Roscoe Lormer Douglas 39305, MSPsychologist Clinical1740494434
David D Powers 39180, MSPsychologist Clinical1205040078
Mary Evelyn Brown 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1437364247
Barbara S Ellender 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1679789697
Kristine Marie Jacquin 39762, MSPsychologist Clinical1245447796
Jesse F Dees 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1629286596
Martha Aldridge Baty 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1811107816
Susan Eaves 39307, MSPsychologist Clinical1386855666
Ashley Johnson Mills 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1639370836
Bonnie Ruth Allen 39301, MSPsychologist Clinical1306047980
Janise A. Hinson 39211, MSPsychologist Clinical1205037512
Tiffany Paige Bradley 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1447452347
Molly Clark 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1992900591
William Lee Martin 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1043416431
Ena C Knott-scott 39212, MSPsychologist Clinical1902006737
William Michael Whelan 38930, MSPsychologist Clinical1053502922
Ethel Wiest Hetrick 39520, MSPsychologist Clinical1699968453
Katherine Travis Clark 39056, MSPsychologist Clinical1548458680
Aimee M Wilson 39540, MSPsychologist Clinical1669655163
Elizabeth Anneal Dillon 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1952585937
Andre Paul Buteau 39193, MSPsychologist Clinical1518142041
Martha Jordan Cain 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1932378734
Joe Edward Morris 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1477729382
Joyce A. Cole-marion 38804, MSPsychologist Clinical1518133347
Amy Hudson 39202, MSPsychologist Clinical1992962047
Dannell Speights Roberts 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1518127711
Jean A Boudreaux 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1518128578
Tommie Lee Maynor 60628, MSPsychologist Clinical1275725657
Victor D'ilio 39465, MSPsychologist Clinical1679024129
Gaela Youngblood 39564, MSPsychologist Clinical1881877322
Robert Nevels 70809, MSPsychologist Clinical1548476880
Nancy N Horton 39157, MSPsychologist Clinical1144439811
Sondra Jones Satcher 39120, MSPsychologist Clinical1396202693
Benjamin T. Parker 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1316142060
Leah Claire Bennett 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1831345412
Penni Smith Foster 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1780832717
Desmon Craig Mitchell 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1790934289
Jeffry Scott Bethay 38655, MSPsychologist Clinical1356591705
Barbara Warner Martin 39183, MSPsychologist Clinical1407001100
Joshua P Bias 39232, MSPsychologist Clinical1790924108
Kim L. Gratz 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1598905218
Matthew T. Tull 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1073753612
Kaye Sly 39170, MSPsychologist Clinical1700016151
Kathleen T Payne 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1417188236
Kevin Mark Connolly 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1821229360
Susan F Hermes 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1356572432
Rita Porter 39402, MSPsychologist Clinical1679705305
Jane Schenck Varner 39531, MSPsychologist Clinical1386970622
Jan Ganann 39735, MSPsychologist Clinical1518297191
Natalie White Gaughf 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1255662938
Michael Pavlov 39565, MSPsychologist Clinical1306161559
Courtney Bagge 39216, MSPsychologist Clinical1942525787
Sheila Mclean Williamson 38651, MSPsychologist Clinical1891012340
Nanetta S Payne 39206, MSPsychologist Clinical1598076903
Sue Trant Bargeron 39710, MSPsychologist Clinical1902110091
Scott Michael Rubin-asch 39401, MSPsychologist Clinical1275847329
Reed Evan Bradford 39047, MSPsychologist Clinical1194032862


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