Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Susie Ozetta Troxler 27407, NCPsychologist Clinical1184627614
Susan Dudley Griffith 27707, NCPsychologist Clinical1588667018
Madeleine Crockett 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1447254719
Samuel Fleishman 28304, NCPsychologist Clinical1316941065
Stephen Dale Blakeman 27587, NCPsychologist Clinical1972507309
Ronald R Johnson 28303, NCPsychologist Clinical1174528210
Daniel Charles Biber 28203, NCPsychologist Clinical1588669386
Carol Yvonne Smith 27376, NCPsychologist Clinical1326044546
Karen Schaefer 27531, NCPsychologist Clinical1700256427
S Michael Plaut 28443, NCPsychologist Clinical1588662944
Allison Coleman Ballew 27513, NCPsychologist Clinical1972502508
Stephen Michael Moyer 28115, NCPsychologist Clinical1457350977
Angela Elizabeth Steep 28906, NCPsychologist Clinical1639178965
Sherry Lynne Hamby 28352, NCPsychologist Clinical1134128226
C. Albert Bardi 28352, NCPsychologist Clinical1467451377
Benjamin Baldwin 28401, NCPsychologist Clinical1497756332
Gregory L. Duncan 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1750382388
Gloria Jean Templeton 27510, NCPsychologist Clinical1851392203
Christopher Saurin Norris 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1578555025
Gretchen J Belovicz 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1316939770
Michael Paul Quirk 27106, NCPsychologist Clinical1114919586
John P Rucker 28314, NCPsychologist Clinical1821080292
Ronny Eric Wright 28409, NCPsychologist Clinical1730171109
Robert L Rominger 27106, NCPsychologist Clinical1386637247
Joe Tooley 27511, NCPsychologist Clinical1164415881
Andrew Barry Goff 27403, NCPsychologist Clinical1306839998
Mary Lynn James-smith 28602, NCPsychologist Clinical1548294994
Christine Urban Bruin 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1033549910
Harold J May 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1205829868
L Emily Brown Cabezudo 24541, NCPsychologist Clinical1396737243
Bryan Edward Connell 28269, NCPsychologist Clinical1891787255
Kevin Metz 27516, NCPsychologist Clinical1306033311
Patricia S Dickinson 28532, NCPsychologist Clinical1962496190
Deborea Williams Winfrey 27101, NCPsychologist Clinical1275527459
Sara Weber Schneidmiller 27320, NCPsychologist Clinical1790779619
Jennifer Lee Sapia 28461, NCPsychologist Clinical1396739215
Jeffrey Lloyd Crawford 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1265426944
Paula Salgo Clarke 27615, NCPsychologist Clinical1124012885
Catherine Ann Mcgrogan 27909, NCPsychologist Clinical1265427470
Heather Anne Teague 28602, NCPsychologist Clinical1538154794
Glenn E. Cahn 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1023003837
Britan Bonjour Bies 28443, NCPsychologist Clinical1316933393
Benjamin D Johnson 28052, NCPsychologist Clinical1972599934
Craig Iversen 28761, NCPsychologist Clinical1396732236
Paul M. Brinich 27516, NCPsychologist Clinical1952395170
Genevi J Age 28409, NCPsychologist Clinical1053822130
Edwin H. Reisfeld 28277, NCPsychologist Clinical1457340952
James Henry Young 28269, NCPsychologist Clinical1144219650
Eileen Keipper 28025, NCPsychologist Clinical1447249958
John Wesley Hall 28205, NCPsychologist Clinical1205825544
Calvin Graham 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1346239399
Laurie Hamilton 28801, NCPsychologist Clinical1114917184
Robert Barret 28203, NCPsychologist Clinical1033109731
Mark S Holden 27531, NCPsychologist Clinical1588654339
Robert D Mcdonald 28801, NCPsychologist Clinical1558351981
Shavonda Latiea Bean 28262, NCPsychologist Clinical1770573990
Janice R Wilmoth 27017, NCPsychologist Clinical1568453645
Roger Dean Allen 27909, NCPsychologist Clinical1972594869
Steven Harold Deters 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1003807611
Kim M Hutchinson 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1730170408
Jonathan Alan Barnes 27534, NCPsychologist Clinical1316938731
Vincent Louis Pastore 28115, NCPsychologist Clinical1891786117
Joseph David Callister 28310, NCPsychologist Clinical1780665935
Donald L Clark 28607, NCPsychologist Clinical1487635132
Robert R Shelton 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1730160474
Arlene M. Cooke 27518, NCPsychologist Clinical1467433052
Ragan Associates Inc 27403, NCPsychologist Clinical1801877238
Bryce William Kaye 27511, NCPsychologist Clinical1578544813
Elizabeth Tippett Cox 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1841271103
Michael B. Jones 28518, NCPsychologist Clinical1801878129
Monty G. Grubb 28411, NCPsychologist Clinical1083695340
Thomas N Magee 28308, NCPsychologist Clinical1366424582
Delta Behavioral Health Pllc 28401, NCPsychologist Clinical1619959871
Shi Klem 28401, NCPsychologist Clinical1942282108
Penelope Ward 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1194707364
Shelley Elizabeth Chambers 28401, NCPsychologist Clinical1497737688
Elizabeth A. Shaw 27705, NCPsychologist Clinical1720060627
Jay Mark Kirsch 28105, NCPsychologist Clinical1942282843
Kathryn Fisher 28401, NCPsychologist Clinical1649252453
Gary Martin Dunn 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1083696504
Johnie George Hamilton 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1689656100
Elizabeth Sledge Whittle 28387, NCPsychologist Clinical1770565392
Sheryl Runay Cantey 28278, NCPsychologist Clinical1467435818
Linda A Dunaway 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1326020553
Camden Matherne 27599, NCPsychologist Clinical1427417211
William Scott Craig 28025, NCPsychologist Clinical1992794382
Todd Allen Tice 62225, NCPsychologist Clinical1740270685
Anna Han Hung 27599, NCPsychologist Clinical1659813681
Jay Ian Fine 28787, NCPsychologist Clinical1982685491
David Lee Steele 27615, NCPsychologist Clinical1407839467
Nan Shirley Heinbaugh 27215, NCPsychologist Clinical1093798761
Charles J Schmittdiel 28025, NCPsychologist Clinical1902889520
Julia Brannon Phd & Associates Incorporated 27320, NCPsychologist Clinical1003899634
Jennifer King Coleman 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1255314720
Maria Arcila Duncan 27858, NCPsychologist Clinical1083697627
Marvin Burt Poston 28209, NCPsychologist Clinical1366426819
Raymond Navarro 28054, NCPsychologist Clinical1346224722
Loretta Elaine Braxton 27707, NCPsychologist Clinical1689658072
Jane Williams 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1427032507
Stephen Robert Rapp 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1659355618
Stephanie Sergent Daniel 27401, NCPsychologist Clinical1346224300
Sarah Evelyn Treadway 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1164406187
Nancy D. Lloyd 27606, NCPsychologist Clinical1528042371
Sharon Kay Meginnis 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1932183670
Joseph Paul Appollo 28387, NCPsychologist Clinical1881678571
Margaret L Inman Conrad 27587, NCPsychologist Clinical1821073354
Richard P Mcquellon 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1275518623
Marsha Hammond 28786, NCPsychologist Clinical1194700591
Maria Costabile Landa 28409, NCPsychologist Clinical1740265016
Wilbur W Albertson 27531, NCPsychologist Clinical1114902368
Roxanne Gail Howard 28451, NCPsychologist Clinical1487639589
Suzanne Christine Danhauer 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1881679835
Gary Lee Patrick 28037, NCPsychologist Clinical1386629251
Stephen E Hessler 27215, NCPsychologist Clinical1639154529
Kristin B Webb 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1801871736
Michael David Loven 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1710962410
Linda Shamblin 28801, NCPsychologist Clinical1588640288
Jonathan S Abramowitz 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1841276482
Gerolf Engelstatter 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1932185477
Mary Mclain Godin 28443, NCPsychologist Clinical1962488403
Jerry Fatica 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1598741035
Jameszetta Hardison 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1043296585
Clarence Craig Farmer 28547, NCPsychologist Clinical1568448009
Cathy Wright Hall 27858, NCPsychologist Clinical1811973357
Erin Lesko 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1093791535
Mary Lynne Courtney 27607, NCPsychologist Clinical1386620714
Jessica Powell 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1427034800
Leslie R. Phillips 27704, NCPsychologist Clinical1205812542
Charles Grayson Guyer 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1982680328
Kathryn C Doby 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1912983099
Joseph Chorley 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1457337537
Pamela Pearman Smith 27713, NCPsychologist Clinical1144206269
Mark F Lefebvre 27607, NCPsychologist Clinical1619953585
Frank Balch Wood 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1124004064
Donald J Goldstein 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1457338287
Craig Milton Jenkins 28310, NCPsychologist Clinical1730166489
Glenn Scott Middleton 28310, NCPsychologist Clinical1518944271
Catherine N. Ibsen 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1154308328
Jennifer Cooke Staat 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1902883119
Jeffrey Bruce Feldman 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1427035575
Richard Louis Ogle 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1407833403
E. Elaine Talbert 27403, NCPsychologist Clinical1184601189
William Derek Shows 27705, NCPsychologist Clinical1386621308
Denise Joan Hanson 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1649258583
Judy Katherine Plemons 27712, NCPsychologist Clinical1518945492
Brad Robert Heinz 27312, NCPsychologist Clinical1467430348
Kenneth Pearson 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1376521252
James C Nourse 28712, NCPsychologist Clinical1881672772
Matthew A Meier 27612, NCPsychologist Clinical1760460687
Jill Ferrell Yapple 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1114905627
Marianne Meyer 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1851379531
John Paul Bramblett 28405, NCPsychologist Clinical1134107824
Heidi Noell Hawkins 27615, NCPsychologist Clinical1902884323
Pitt County Memorial Hospital Inc 27834, NCPsychologist Clinical1831177211
Donna Snider Arendshorst 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1215915475
Jo Ann Hundley 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1649259672
Jane L Marcus 28210, NCPsychologist Clinical1114906146
Barbara N Vosk 27609, NCPsychologist Clinical1750360780
Melvin Russell Thomas 28478, NCPsychologist Clinical1912985029
Brad Prinzhorn 27707, NCPsychologist Clinical1982682910
Rosilene Ziegler 27607, NCPsychologist Clinical1992784946
Rosalind Leah Heiko 27511, NCPsychologist Clinical1316926314
William Andrew Seman 28562, NCPsychologist Clinical1265411235
Marion Gamble Mccollum 27401, NCPsychologist Clinical1033198841
Franklin D Egolf 28337, NCPsychologist Clinical1104805068
Catherine A. Seiler 28607, NCPsychologist Clinical1699754564
Peter Krones 28110, NCPsychologist Clinical1629057369
Lecci Psychological Services, Pllc 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1811976426
Oak Island Pediatrics, P.a. 28461, NCPsychologist Clinical1205815685
Bethanne Thumm Jacobson 28562, NCPsychologist Clinical1396724936
Allevia Psychological Services P.c. 28036, NCPsychologist Clinical1750360319
Barbara West Lea 28803, NCPsychologist Clinical1710966007
Cynthia J Hardwick 28305, NCPsychologist Clinical1568441731
Louis Carl Gadol 28139, NCPsychologist Clinical1538148713
Margaret Lilja Barnes 27410, NCPsychologist Clinical1720067929
Deborah Berntson 28305, NCPsychologist Clinical1164401337
Eileen Klitsch 28461, NCPsychologist Clinical1912987058
Carol E. Armstrong 28031, NCPsychologist Clinical1972583912
Jeanine Driscoll 27707, NCPsychologist Clinical1588644439
Peter Alan Cook 28906, NCPsychologist Clinical1295715191
Judith Barnett 27514, NCPsychologist Clinical1265412712
John Wesley Long 28054, NCPsychologist Clinical1508846213
Thomas W. Davis 27103, NCPsychologist Clinical1457331878
David Archie Norris 27529, NCPsychologist Clinical1417937848
Kathleen Michie Harriss Dew 27410, NCPsychologist Clinical1932189107
Cynthia Marie Sortisio 27705, NCPsychologist Clinical1740260934
Grove Clinic Psychological Associates Pa 28803, NCPsychologist Clinical1568442754
Anthony Donald Sciara 28803, NCPsychologist Clinical1558341750
Mark Randolph Hill 28803, NCPsychologist Clinical1194703066
Sarah (sally) Buchanan Grimley 27605, NCPsychologist Clinical1154309979
Mary Engelstatter 28546, NCPsychologist Clinical1740266220
Jenifer L Powell 27610, NCPsychologist Clinical1225014723
David Charles Wiesner 27607, NCPsychologist Clinical1265410286
Donna R Rogers 27540, NCPsychologist Clinical1477538288
Gretchen Anne Brenes 27157, NCPsychologist Clinical1972587921
Dorcas R Miller 28801, NCPsychologist Clinical1730167461
Patricia Diane Whitt 28036, NCPsychologist Clinical1063491884
Arlene Georgia Gallan 28403, NCPsychologist Clinical1215917455
Christopher Thomas Blair 28533, NCPsychologist Clinical1871563684
Eleanor Rita Waldinger 28054, NCPsychologist Clinical1154391662


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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