Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of North Dakota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of North Dakota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nicole L Cross-hillman 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1003149790
Christen G Herrick 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1689829202
Richard E Arndorfer 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1174586697
Theresa Magelky 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1508224254
Shelly Marie Hall 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1336115435
Winds Of Change Counseling Services Llc 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1295367449
Katie Nylander 58104, NDPsychologist Clinical1386186211
Kim T Lahaise 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1376560045
Kirsten Louise Williams 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1255587572
Justin James Boseck 58104, NDPsychologist Clinical1083937270
Dena Marie Wanner-perry 55435, NDPsychologist Clinical1841442209
Jh Org 07302014 20187, NDPsychologist Clinical1457769762
Lisa Keller Schafer 56701, NDPsychologist Clinical1346676897
Sherman Normandin 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1578838090
Kylee J Roller 58218, NDPsychologist Clinical1750415873
Sandra Marie Mills 33908, NDPsychologist Clinical1437439296
Devils Lake Psychological Services, Pllc 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1023598083
Lisa M Valentine 48105, NDPsychologist Clinical1013276138
Aaron Esche 45433, NDPsychologist Clinical1730636275
Stephanie Parisien 58316, NDPsychologist Clinical1861831752
Stephan Podrygula 58703, NDPsychologist Clinical1205821527
Randall Clifford Nedegaard 58205, NDPsychologist Clinical1013908946
H. Katherine Kit O'neill 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1639149750
Holly J Hegstad 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1720058852
Wayne D Samuelson 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1821068966
Meryl G Willert 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1346210499
George W O'neill 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1194795369
Glenn E. Knowlton 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1063482297
Alan J Fehr 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1740256163
Westwind Consulting Center, Inc. 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1619943776
Dickinson Family Counseling Center 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1720054810
Robert W. Baer 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1801862990
Roxanne Mae Rose 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1124084942
Cheryl A Hysjulien 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1750330338
Harold D Rosenheim 58102, NDPsychologist Clinical1134171861
Center For Psychiatric Care 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1043271885
Jocelyn Soderstrom 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1740789684
Charles Welke 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1790741999
David A Jackson 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1801853775
Catherine Yeager 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1770549032
Karen Rae Pietras 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1467400689
Robert A. Laidlaw 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1629031166
Jackson William Lind 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1215982319
Thomas Randall Clark 58703, NDPsychologist Clinical1700833266
Paulette Virginia Aasen 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1679512586
Joel T.g. Kirchner 56470, NDPsychologist Clinical1346281987
Roger A Larson 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1841231065
Davidf P Kuna 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1730120882
Carita R Shawchuck 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1093757791
Lisa Hay 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1356383574
Edward Kehrwald 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1780627489
Christine Jean Kuchler 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1124061833
Jacqueline Janette Crawford 56560, NDPsychologist Clinical1831135185
Leland H Lipp 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1619904984
Angela M Cavett 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1659300713
Knowlton, O'neill And Associates, P.c. 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1538198759
Jonathan E Whalen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1043240914
Kenneth M Carlson 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1205866472
April Rain Bradley 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1336179456
Gregory A Hauge 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1063443729
Nancy A Gabbert 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1063443976
Chris A Hertler 58601, NDPsychologist Clinical1295765733
Mehring Psychological Services, Plc 58703, NDPsychologist Clinical1861866287
Richard J Moser 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1689606873
Malva F Waters 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1548294002
Brenda J King 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1598799892
Ken J Stone 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1992739262
Stacey L Benson 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1164457040
Charyle Langelle 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1528093523
Family Institute, Pc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1003832783
Kara Brita Wettersten 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1023035102
Val G Farmer 58122, NDPsychologist Clinical1780601641
Ryan D Jagim 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1023035797
Kelly E Kadlec 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1750308425
Tricia C Myers 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1528085065
Angela Cheney 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1932127420
Richard L Geiselhart 58075, NDPsychologist Clinical1851319404
Alan Russell King 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1356369987
Kenneth E Christianson 58122, NDPsychologist Clinical1154349884
Lora Lee Sloan 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1306865274
John D Collins 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1417977463
John D. Tyler 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1699795872
Pamela Marie Samson 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1760403984
Scott V Sternhagen 58102, NDPsychologist Clinical1821019043
Lorraine A Swan-kremeier 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1093736217
Stephen A Wonderlich 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1962423202
Margo R Norton 58122, NDPsychologist Clinical1689695926
Rebecca Suzanne Preussler 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1497776736
Jon C Ulven 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1114948452
Ann K Sandgren 58122, NDPsychologist Clinical1972525525
Joel R Wilson 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1083636658
David John Tupa 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1952323529
Melodee S Nowatzki 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1568474922
Johna C Hartnell 58538, NDPsychologist Clinical1558377796
Jeanine E. Kotschwar 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1083630974
Eileen Stone 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1114949773
David P Lommen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1356375646
Peter C Peterson 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1659483089
Matthew J Doppler 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1952404659
Mark Doerner 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1437252293
Kevin Makay Schumacher 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1699878256
Jenny Kathryn Frissell 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1467555078
Gregory S Volk 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1093811473
Timothy Trell Eaton 58703, NDPsychologist Clinical1083710800
Terence W Barrett 58102, NDPsychologist Clinical1285731802
Margo Adams Larsen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1124128756
Leslie A Rowan 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1033210570
Mark J Hanlon 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1972694768
Patrick D Mills 58801, NDPsychologist Clinical1639262710
Michael Shawn Olaughlin 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1790878957
Amelia Rose Long 58801, NDPsychologist Clinical1922191014
Robert Gulkin 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1902991557
Judith Ann Haynes 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1902992324
Rosanne Mcbride 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1942397708
Brett J Buican 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1013005446
Della Martinsen 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1760570998
Michelle Elizabeth Penland 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1790875490
Vicki J Michels 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1912088311
Laidlaw Psychological Services, Plc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1699859173
Tami Decoteau 58538, NDPsychologist Clinical1356426993
Thomas Victor Petros 58203, NDPsychologist Clinical1871679910
Eve Marie Holton 58205, NDPsychologist Clinical1548349616
Brenda Leigh Bratton 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1073682902
Lipp, Carlson, Witucki & Associates, Ltd 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1043316961
Tami S Jollie-trottier 58316, NDPsychologist Clinical1679654305
Karli A. Ghering 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1669572574
Agassiz Associates, Pllc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1700972122
Rebecca Green 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1508951856
Heidi Kay Jensen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1851487276
David Jerome Hartson 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1982707543
Peter A Schmutzer 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1477623866
Sue A Russell Phd Pc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1942371067
Sue Ann Russell 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1043382773
Cindy Lee Juntunen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1215000617
Richard Townsend 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1326112707
Shannon Paul Weisz 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1730254418
Thora R Anderson 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1598831562
Nathan Wayne Galbreath 58705, NDPsychologist Clinical1467512780
Marie Lepeltier 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1740340520
Vincen Gene Barnes 58538, NDPsychologist Clinical1093870875
Dakota Therapy Center, Llc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1932265048
Stacey L Hunt 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1497812341
Carita R Shawchuck Phd Pc 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1871650267
Danial Scott Sturgill 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1992859664
Theressa J Hanson 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1831243088
Shirley K. Tyler 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1992851703
Lynne E. Sullivan 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1558407916
Joseph Belanger 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1326184706
Lincoln D. Coombs 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1043356405
Rosalie Etherington 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1770629164
Adam D. Miller 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1326184888
Lori A. Shaleen 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1356487821
Nadine Ann Hillesheim 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1265577746
Jan E Ketterling 56520, NDPsychologist Clinical1063542371
Mercy Medical Center 58801, NDPsychologist Clinical1801928593
Stacy L Slaughter 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1356473409
Kathy Blohm 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1225153968
Zanne Chambers 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1790803021
Kelly L Bishop-diaz 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1891856860
Shelly Marie Peltier 58316, NDPsychologist Clinical1467504449
Sandra K. Owens 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1083750541
Craig Degree 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1033274816
Paul Douglas Kolstoe 58237, NDPsychologist Clinical1265576680
Chambers & Blohm Psychological 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1114045465
Laurie Ann Brustad Kennedy 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1326169921
Shana Guilbert 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1861619439
Richard Allen Wise 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1609096346
Matthew Scott Bennett 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1316149792
David H. Whitcomb 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1316140346
Rhanda B Clow 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1831395573
Blooming Prairie Assessment & Therapy Center P.c. 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1649461344
Jessica C White Plume 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1891986261
Volk Human Services, Pc 58301, NDPsychologist Clinical1003009457
Jackson W Lind Llc 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1427245372
Paul B Revland 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1629265814
Mark Hanson 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1255504379
Joel D Deloy 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1770745267
Stephen A Kisslinger 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1245494764
Jeffrey C Gregory 56501, NDPsychologist Clinical1427274729
Angela R Larocque 58316, NDPsychologist Clinical1386822864
Sara Horner 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1265623177
Marny Lang 58501, NDPsychologist Clinical1386859973
Jeffrey C. Gregory Phd Pc 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1194989590
Erin Nicole Haugen 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1528276458
Jennifer M Garaas 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1407009400
Daniel Patrick Cramer 58401, NDPsychologist Clinical1821237116
Link Psychological Services, Pc 58503, NDPsychologist Clinical1790919090
Prairier St John's 58103, NDPsychologist Clinical1588998090
Angela B Collins 58102, NDPsychologist Clinical1871827329
Shannon C Alexander 58078, NDPsychologist Clinical1528397288
Jessica R Mugge 58701, NDPsychologist Clinical1891011342
Pejcharat Jane Harvey 58202, NDPsychologist Clinical1285940304
Ruth Marie Monteith 58102, NDPsychologist Clinical1881903706
Nichole Parkhouse 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1992093660
Joseph Christian Miller 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1447548904
Greg Decker 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1285912840
Rachel L Navarro 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1659651933
Kyle Patrick De Young 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1043590805
Alison Looby 58201, NDPsychologist Clinical1891076279
Ariane M Getz 58075, NDPsychologist Clinical1588945919


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