Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alison Stothard O'connor 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1366736233
Nicholas James Demarco 08009, NJPsychologist Clinical1417286972
Gary Berkowitz 08628, NJPsychologist Clinical1073518718
Elisabeth Grace Endrikat 07701, NJPsychologist Clinical1962095364
Lyubov Popivker 21014, NJPsychologist Clinical1215256664
Glenn Sloman 32901, NJPsychologist Clinical1346679966
Ellen Jane Whalen 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1891173316
Anastasia Jean Bullock 08103, NJPsychologist Clinical1619480795
Annmarie Panarello 08102, NJPsychologist Clinical1639408867
Michael Deangelo 08103, NJPsychologist Clinical1497224414
Jane Elizabeth Austin 10011, NJPsychologist Clinical1346749256
Marianne Leslie Mcclain 62301, NJPsychologist Clinical1396906392
Gerald G Siegel 07932, NJPsychologist Clinical1154450518
Kate Anne Grammy 94533, NJPsychologist Clinical1689953804
Letitia Pickel 08753, NJPsychologist Clinical1811232945
Hannah Jones 19803, NJPsychologist Clinical1932558335
Katelyn Coffey 18966, NJPsychologist Clinical1619375490
Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Aba Inc. 19010, NJPsychologist Clinical1609348820
Trinitas Physicians Practice, Llc 07202, NJPsychologist Clinical1205189941
Mariam Rothfritz, Ph.d. And Associates 07013, NJPsychologist Clinical1639606825
Clint Chester Stankiewicz 17033, NJPsychologist Clinical1518254705
Institute For Learning & Behavioral Sciences Llc 17033, NJPsychologist Clinical1962756031
Hrysso Kellas Fernbach 92123, NJPsychologist Clinical1225232697
Ashley Kipness 08857, NJPsychologist Clinical1538642293
Radhika V Pasupuleti 19104, NJPsychologist Clinical1730502329
Dina Tova Beer 10977, NJPsychologist Clinical1245889047
Anne Rothenberg 07452, NJPsychologist Clinical1184102071
Elisheva Rena Katz 10950, NJPsychologist Clinical1568837409
Anna L Maleson 08619, NJPsychologist Clinical1952954570
Lashonda Green 08550, NJPsychologist Clinical1477906956
Jessica Haftek 07432, NJPsychologist Clinical1811281025
Susan Jane Edwards 08043, NJPsychologist Clinical1457483349
Jennifer West-gavin 08043, NJPsychologist Clinical1063913176
Next Generation Neuropsychology, Llc 08043, NJPsychologist Clinical1669087359
Mark Sykes 07446, NJPsychologist Clinical1174075345
Samantha Suarino 10019, NJPsychologist Clinical1548770217
Kalman Khodik 10019, NJPsychologist Clinical1598190050
Avita Integrative Care, Llc 07024, NJPsychologist Clinical1821530148
Monika Kushwaha 08824, NJPsychologist Clinical1073920518
Sarah Woldoff 08043, NJPsychologist Clinical1538331970
Inspire Wellness 07452, NJPsychologist Clinical1770064289
Yonatan Y Mandelbaum 10463, NJPsychologist Clinical1316421043
Philip Bomzer 07410, NJPsychologist Clinical1932337581
Yeraz Markarian 10001, NJPsychologist Clinical1750666145
Laura M. Richardson 07432, NJPsychologist Clinical1245331347
Carol Schober 08002, NJPsychologist Clinical1083704308
Pain Control Associates P C 08043, NJPsychologist Clinical1538189386
Kimberly Ann Renna 07730, NJPsychologist Clinical1811454127
Susan Furrer 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1538247838
Mallory Sapoff 11563, NJPsychologist Clinical1346850625
Kimberly Carrion Alicea 10469, NJPsychologist Clinical1720578719
Maria Poston 07030, NJPsychologist Clinical1982991212
Michael Atkin 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1689016008
Mona R. Spiegel 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1447748785
Eliyahu Melen 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1578120960
Thrive Psychology Center, Llc 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1659996692
Matthew Aaron Brigle 07753, NJPsychologist Clinical1952950800
Deborah Flam 07430, NJPsychologist Clinical1386229334
Tonita Balcom 08534, NJPsychologist Clinical1851790208
David Leigh 07932, NJPsychologist Clinical1881076305
Kara Zlotnick 07701, NJPsychologist Clinical1780707323
Icdl 07512, NJPsychologist Clinical1518434620
Cristina Shaheen 07753, NJPsychologist Clinical1225396161
Nancy Friedman 07018, NJPsychologist Clinical1881636322
Jody A Uriell 19104, NJPsychologist Clinical1679077010
David Helfgott Psyd Llc 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1598184780
Integrative Therapy Institute 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1033509401
Peter Cutler Friedman 07701, NJPsychologist Clinical1295954154
Sarah Hassan 07041, NJPsychologist Clinical1164872206
Jennifer Greene Abbey 10580, NJPsychologist Clinical1750645917
Renewed Focus Psychology Services, Pllc 10018, NJPsychologist Clinical1659930741
Mary Elizabeth Mcgaughan 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1538666342
Audrey Lubin 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1952961062
Jana Fern Luber 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1477169985
Jessica Arenella 10036, NJPsychologist Clinical1063472132
Benjamin S. Alterman 98502, NJPsychologist Clinical1124175617
Doreen F. Sperber-weiss 08876, NJPsychologist Clinical1174724389
Deborah Van Horn 08053, NJPsychologist Clinical1962419879
Elio Arrechea 08844, NJPsychologist Clinical1548375173
Harrison Township School District 08062, NJPsychologist Clinical1710598958
Michelle T. Deering 27312, NJPsychologist Clinical1770811606
Erin M Sappio 08053, NJPsychologist Clinical1538313218
Candrick C. Darkashade 07107, NJPsychologist Clinical1225553084
Rinku Shanker 07081, NJPsychologist Clinical1669643755
Nicole Djakow fransko, Psyd Llc 08332, NJPsychologist Clinical1780279208
Alonnie Felene Hall 08873, NJPsychologist Clinical1194297796
Jennifer Smith 11694, NJPsychologist Clinical1982026100
Nadine Oreilly 07631, NJPsychologist Clinical1699236265
Patricia Mcilvride 14891, NJPsychologist Clinical1487899340
Leila Sonia Abuelhiga 33612, NJPsychologist Clinical1659726032
David Singer 10305, NJPsychologist Clinical1386182459
Gemma L Boyd 11743, NJPsychologist Clinical1659857399
The Community Charter School Of Paterson 07501, NJPsychologist Clinical1881257558
Janeide Alane Chillis 07111, NJPsychologist Clinical1922695170
Praestan Health, Llc 55416, NJPsychologist Clinical1033633953
Paul Park 10010, NJPsychologist Clinical1821417668
Jennifer L. D'ostilio 08012, NJPsychologist Clinical1578776746
Bancroft Neurohealth 08054, NJPsychologist Clinical1720121106
Caryn J Kennelly 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1871779355
Anton Shcherbakov 08003, NJPsychologist Clinical1831582170
Kathryn Joan Murray 08054, NJPsychologist Clinical1710139951
Barbara Gronsky 19030, NJPsychologist Clinical1326481839
Christina Zebrowski 08054, NJPsychologist Clinical1306477732
Rebecca Giagnacova 08619, NJPsychologist Clinical1114350881
Bryan F Granelli 07410, NJPsychologist Clinical1801950639
Brett Bersano 07670, NJPsychologist Clinical1558982835
Alyssa Austern 07928, NJPsychologist Clinical1437603818
Irven E Simpkins 19720, NJPsychologist Clinical1255982468
Jacqueline M. Gallios 07009, NJPsychologist Clinical1073966461
Samantha Brown 07730, NJPsychologist Clinical1841797156
Angela Gonnella 07078, NJPsychologist Clinical1104339639
Debleena Das 10001, NJPsychologist Clinical1467088302
Sarah Ricelli 19104, NJPsychologist Clinical1326542101
Leah A Maselli 08901, NJPsychologist Clinical1245718204
Luis A Guerreiro 08628, NJPsychologist Clinical1467597666
Alexandra Miller 07871, NJPsychologist Clinical1770773566
Christopher J Belz 07871, NJPsychologist Clinical1730421942
Brian Amorello 07450, NJPsychologist Clinical1447773544
Counseling And Wellness Institute 07030, NJPsychologist Clinical1023522588
Peter J Economou 07030, NJPsychologist Clinical1578883146
Elizabeth Anne Gravallese 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1952736431
Alissa R Glickman 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1275684193
Randy Simon 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1619307238
Sharlene Demartini-guth 08026, NJPsychologist Clinical1164846267
Alexander Alperin 07666, NJPsychologist Clinical1821554767
Christian Davis 07601, NJPsychologist Clinical1912363896
Life Insight 07626, NJPsychologist Clinical1285288829
P4 Physicians Pc 20705, NJPsychologist Clinical1992215081
Bb Counseling Llc 07701, NJPsychologist Clinical1821245739
Rw Health Nj, Llc 33143, NJPsychologist Clinical1821678541
Katherine Michos 19147, NJPsychologist Clinical1477795177
Alicia Fiore Mirra 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1578053187
Lydia Zborowski Golub 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1003095134
Cassandra Hutchins 07078, NJPsychologist Clinical1649717042
Vanessa Brodie 06001, NJPsychologist Clinical1801254297
Ryan A. Reddin 07054, NJPsychologist Clinical1487113874
Richard Selznick 08057, NJPsychologist Clinical1013097138
Cori E Mcmahon 08103, NJPsychologist Clinical1104054675
Alison Metzler 19102, NJPsychologist Clinical1720634363
Alan A Cavaiola 07704, NJPsychologist Clinical1992971873
Allies, Inc. 08690, NJPsychologist Clinical1730423625
Elizabeth A Pearce 07882, NJPsychologist Clinical1609137041
Grace Behavioral Health 07882, NJPsychologist Clinical1134628258
Michael Dominick Zito 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1730203670
Enmanuel Mercedes 07006, NJPsychologist Clinical1942606553
E. Mercedes Consulting And Services 07006, NJPsychologist Clinical1396398335
Ruby Yedloutschnig 07009, NJPsychologist Clinical1245574201
Eloise J Berry 19010, NJPsychologist Clinical1427028489
Angela Wilkos 07016, NJPsychologist Clinical1215329735
Kerry R Pitter 07030, NJPsychologist Clinical1578040952
Mark S Weiner 08840, NJPsychologist Clinical1427513092
Paul Robinson 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1669468955
Thomas Galski 07067, NJPsychologist Clinical1962406868
Irene Shonberg Fisher 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1497759252
Dennis F La Scala 07006, NJPsychologist Clinical1124022678
Albert Roger Griffith 07102, NJPsychologist Clinical1265437693
Keith Richard Benoff 07632, NJPsychologist Clinical1629073572
Joellyn L Ross 08003, NJPsychologist Clinical1457356115
Rose Oosting 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1285630616
Bryna Phyllis Gollin 07733, NJPsychologist Clinical1922004274
Marlon Todd Gieser 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1922005172
Kristine Cangelosi Keane 08724, NJPsychologist Clinical1316945942
Martin Kluger 07666, NJPsychologist Clinical1023016433
Gerald Robert Nathan 07871, NJPsychologist Clinical1417955238
Charles Johannes Most 08865, NJPsychologist Clinical1619977808
Joseph J Zielinski 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1619977634
Mark Rader 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1881695013
Susan Wolf 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1033102892
Christine Karounos 07503, NJPsychologist Clinical1407312002
Raymond Francis Hanbury 08736, NJPsychologist Clinical1427042928
Karen Heffernan 07076, NJPsychologist Clinical1285629436
Lois R Steinberg 07834, NJPsychologist Clinical1356336408
Kenneth Foti 08840, NJPsychologist Clinical1619962677
Carol S Marcus 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1356337281
Tamerra P. Moeller 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1912994203
Carol M Freund 07730, NJPsychologist Clinical1407844293
Argentino Pellegrino 07677, NJPsychologist Clinical1932197688
Karen Sciaraffa 07083, NJPsychologist Clinical1659369254
Michael Paul Gordon 07652, NJPsychologist Clinical1841288354
Loren Vocaturo 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1184612350
J Bradley Williams 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1497743561
Gwenyth Jones 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1154319317
Jeffrey Kronstadt 07930, NJPsychologist Clinical1265420236
Henry Augustus Taylor 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1609864636
Janet Konat-oberman 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1407845167
David Michael Goldstein 08057, NJPsychologist Clinical1619966306
Leslie Ruth Gilbert 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1043209539
Barbara A Taylor 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1821087297
Larry Bernard Chasin 07626, NJPsychologist Clinical1588654156
William Charles Sanderson 08873, NJPsychologist Clinical1871574723
Armine L Papazian 08730, NJPsychologist Clinical1619958915
A Center For Counseling And Psychotherapy Services, Llc 07840, NJPsychologist Clinical1558344739
Community Mental Health Associates Llc 07054, NJPsychologist Clinical1740271543
Jacqueline Ann Rondeau 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1285622217
Gerard Donohue 07663, NJPsychologist Clinical1205824349
Anne C Pusar 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1376526970
Michael Stern 10024, NJPsychologist Clinical1588648471
Andrew D. Bernstein 07079, NJPsychologist Clinical1083698989
Affiliates In Clinical Services 08865, NJPsychologist Clinical1295711778
Marizita T Seher 08053, NJPsychologist Clinical1295711406


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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