Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Galski 07067, NJPsychologist Clinical1962406868
Irene Shonberg Fisher 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1497759252
Dennis F La Scala 07006, NJPsychologist Clinical1124022678
Albert Roger Griffith 07102, NJPsychologist Clinical1265437693
Keith Richard Benoff 07632, NJPsychologist Clinical1629073572
Joellyn L Ross 08003, NJPsychologist Clinical1457356115
Rose Oosting 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1285630616
Bryna Phyllis Gollin 07733, NJPsychologist Clinical1922004274
Marlon Todd Gieser 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1922005172
Kristine Cangelosi Keane 08724, NJPsychologist Clinical1316945942
Martin Kluger 07666, NJPsychologist Clinical1023016433
Gerald Robert Nathan 07871, NJPsychologist Clinical1417955238
Charles Johannes Most 08865, NJPsychologist Clinical1619977808
Joseph J Zielinski 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1619977634
Mark Rader 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1881695013
Susan Wolf 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1033102892
Christine Karounos 07503, NJPsychologist Clinical1407312002
Raymond Francis Hanbury 08736, NJPsychologist Clinical1427042928
Karen Heffernan 07076, NJPsychologist Clinical1285629436
Lois R Steinberg 07834, NJPsychologist Clinical1356336408
Kenneth Foti 08840, NJPsychologist Clinical1619962677
Carol S Marcus 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1356337281
Tamerra P. Moeller 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1912994203
Carol M Freund 07730, NJPsychologist Clinical1407844293
Argentino Pellegrino 07677, NJPsychologist Clinical1932197688
Karen Sciaraffa 07083, NJPsychologist Clinical1659369254
Michael Paul Gordon 07652, NJPsychologist Clinical1841288354
Loren Vocaturo 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1184612350
J Bradley Williams 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1497743561
Gwenyth Jones 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1154319317
Jeffrey Kronstadt 07930, NJPsychologist Clinical1265420236
Henry Augustus Taylor 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1609864636
Janet Konat-oberman 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1407845167
David Michael Goldstein 08057, NJPsychologist Clinical1619966306
Leslie Ruth Gilbert 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1043209539
Barbara A Taylor 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1821087297
Larry Bernard Chasin 07626, NJPsychologist Clinical1588654156
William Charles Sanderson 08873, NJPsychologist Clinical1871574723
Armine L Papazian 08730, NJPsychologist Clinical1619958915
Jacqueline Ann Rondeau 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1285622217
Gerard Donohue 07663, NJPsychologist Clinical1205824349
Anne C Pusar 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1376526970
Michael Stern 10024, NJPsychologist Clinical1588648471
Andrew D. Bernstein 07079, NJPsychologist Clinical1083698989
Marizita T Seher 08053, NJPsychologist Clinical1295711406
Victoria P Width 08801, NJPsychologist Clinical1265418339
Jonathan Paul Slyker 11215, NJPsychologist Clinical1811973761
Edward H. Berger 07666, NJPsychologist Clinical1538145446
Jessica Jean Auth 07081, NJPsychologist Clinical1760469845
Susan Martha Huslage 08816, NJPsychologist Clinical1538147574
Robert Goodkin 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1427038447
John M. Uveges 08034, NJPsychologist Clinical1205816907
Sheryl Thailer 07450, NJPsychologist Clinical1750361218
Amy L Hoch-espada 08084, NJPsychologist Clinical1194795161
Melissa K Runyon 08084, NJPsychologist Clinical1396715298
Julie A Lippmann 08084, NJPsychologist Clinical1861462848
Eloise J Berry-mcbride 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1427028489
Carol J Turner 08904, NJPsychologist Clinical1346229739
David J Libon 08084, NJPsychologist Clinical1124008511
Wendy Elizabeth Bedenko 07860, NJPsychologist Clinical1508836347
Stanley Malkin 07076, NJPsychologist Clinical1093785727
Fredrika Alper 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1295706489
Shelley Lynne Rosenfeld 08221, NJPsychologist Clinical1902877343
Henry Janc 07206, NJPsychologist Clinical1356313308
Kathryn Forlenza 07206, NJPsychologist Clinical1750353801
Daniel Marc Edelman 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1629041165
Michele B Rubin 07066, NJPsychologist Clinical1780657312
Margot Harris 10309, NJPsychologist Clinical1881668184
Milton P Ehrlich 07605, NJPsychologist Clinical1215901251
Julie Rockwood Zakreski 07701, NJPsychologist Clinical1679548192
Mary C Nebus 07702, NJPsychologist Clinical1083689509
Richard Scott Zakreski 07702, NJPsychologist Clinical1093780249
Nancie M. Senet 07711, NJPsychologist Clinical1699742973
Mark Christopher Cox 08071, NJPsychologist Clinical1932177987
Alan D. Filippi 07621, NJPsychologist Clinical1215905625
Eugene B Papowitz 07436, NJPsychologist Clinical1689642787
Linda O Hochman 07702, NJPsychologist Clinical1629047337
Christopher T. Trigani 07712, NJPsychologist Clinical1093784779
Kim Altman Weiss 07450, NJPsychologist Clinical1265491328
Kimberly Mcguire 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1518926682
Robert A Pierro 11215, NJPsychologist Clinical1346200490
Erika K Brown Campbell 11215, NJPsychologist Clinical1639139702
Malini Singh 11215, NJPsychologist Clinical1922068097
Bruce Wayne Holmes 08640, NJPsychologist Clinical1750354684
Monica M Lintott 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1437127982
Jessica Arenella 10036, NJPsychologist Clinical1063472132
Trudi B Leech 08753, NJPsychologist Clinical1487614046
Jeanell Perry-montgomery 11242, NJPsychologist Clinical1811958705
Ronald C Striano 08755, NJPsychologist Clinical1780648204
Hilary Knatz 07044, NJPsychologist Clinical1134183627
Lori Pine 07901, NJPsychologist Clinical1144284092
Jonathan Huston-wong 08904, NJPsychologist Clinical1184688905
James Andrew Sopchak 08850, NJPsychologist Clinical1770548760
Randy Jay Mendelson 07702, NJPsychologist Clinical1801851878
Esther Deblinger 08084, NJPsychologist Clinical1831155548
Daniel Adam Noll 08904, NJPsychologist Clinical1558327239
Genevieve Pere 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1134185200
Ruth A Denatale 08755, NJPsychologist Clinical1972560647
Sonia Elaine Blissett 10010, NJPsychologist Clinical1215994686
Anthony Papciak 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1487603056
Thomas Patrick Frio 08742, NJPsychologist Clinical1164471835
Susan K. Kasper 07840, NJPsychologist Clinical1790735645
Laura Gwen Kogan 08558, NJPsychologist Clinical1619927555
Tammy Adina Dorff 08873, NJPsychologist Clinical1134179187
Norman B Lavinson 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1326099821
Stephen Charles Garbarini 07450, NJPsychologist Clinical1306898150
Harold Altman 07505, NJPsychologist Clinical1023061744
Don Eugene Gibbons 08050, NJPsychologist Clinical1336192681
Phyllis E Diambrosio 07675, NJPsychologist Clinical1538112933
Barbara Alter 07044, NJPsychologist Clinical1801850383
Dan E. Mcneill 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1932157393
Leslie Wayne Green 10548, NJPsychologist Clinical1316995897
Christine Lauren Limongello 07731, NJPsychologist Clinical1619400256
Rebecca Jeanne Hye 08857, NJPsychologist Clinical1124538095
Michelle Papka Puri 07081, NJPsychologist Clinical1346294493
Howard Hammer 08360, NJPsychologist Clinical1881649457
Chowdhury Azam 07901, NJPsychologist Clinical1922053792
Tamar Hammer 08360, NJPsychologist Clinical1033164439
Samuel Abram Bobrow 08080, NJPsychologist Clinical1124074174
Tamara Sofair-fisch 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1184670119
Robin Beth Cooper-fleming 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1528014255
Clair L Goldberg 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1205882818
Eleanor Siegel 07728, NJPsychologist Clinical1396791927
Michele Beth Kinderman 08807, NJPsychologist Clinical1669429627
Lisa M Pupa-o'sullivan 08750, NJPsychologist Clinical1932156320
Mindi Turin 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1326085556
Richard Schwartz 07043, NJPsychologist Clinical1235178419
Mark S Sofair-fisch 08648, NJPsychologist Clinical1255370953
Arnold Cabasso 10954, NJPsychologist Clinical1164461711
John B. Whitney 08033, NJPsychologist Clinical1902846140
Laura Demarzo 08844, NJPsychologist Clinical1255372603
Lori Ann Sweetwood 07764, NJPsychologist Clinical1912948621
Linda K Tamm 08873, NJPsychologist Clinical1497796239
Donna R Vickery 07901, NJPsychologist Clinical1255373841
Marcia Laky 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1316989106
Lisa Marie Granato 08731, NJPsychologist Clinical1932142148
Jeffrey Craig Greenberg 07039, NJPsychologist Clinical1386687796
John Robert Corbisiero 07450, NJPsychologist Clinical1275576308
Meryl Weinman Dorf 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1730123233
William R Pollard 08012, NJPsychologist Clinical1700820511
Allan Cooper 08512, NJPsychologist Clinical1962447946
Thomas Edward Heinzen 10989, NJPsychologist Clinical1073559951
Brenda Shelley-mcintyre 07666, NJPsychologist Clinical1699711523
Erin Tighe-von Zuben 08619, NJPsychologist Clinical1669408225
Judith Ellen Patterson 08550, NJPsychologist Clinical1790712735
Francine M Roberts 08053, NJPsychologist Clinical1528095726
Michael Howard Schuman 19115, NJPsychologist Clinical1598792749
Candace Lynn Schultz 07677, NJPsychologist Clinical1972531655
Michael Femenella 10314, NJPsychologist Clinical1396774576
Susan Cohen Esquilin 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1184654998
Janine Marie Tremblay 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1356371280
Barbara E Barrett 07078, NJPsychologist Clinical1841220795
Michael M Gindi 07723, NJPsychologist Clinical1144250283
Awilda Perez-lane 07652, NJPsychologist Clinical1326079088
Dennis H Sandrock 07080, NJPsychologist Clinical1184655425
E. Charles Velnosky 08244, NJPsychologist Clinical1912938341
Arnold Young 19115, NJPsychologist Clinical1164454773
Rhonda E Greenberg 07960, NJPsychologist Clinical1093741241
Nicole Paolillo 08055, NJPsychologist Clinical1033576723
Marvin Barry Chartoff 07871, NJPsychologist Clinical1962440420
Val Elliot Karan 07010, NJPsychologist Clinical1659313922
Brad M Wolff 07726, NJPsychologist Clinical1841794138
Ely M Weinschneider 08701, NJPsychologist Clinical1881631927
Keith Golin 07052, NJPsychologist Clinical1689610875
Manuel Villafranca 07901, NJPsychologist Clinical1992759955
Michael Mosher 07874, NJPsychologist Clinical1558828590
Kelly Ann Hargadon 08225, NJPsychologist Clinical1013949007
Radha Bhatia 07009, NJPsychologist Clinical1215969324
Sandra Grundfest 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1457384166
Sharon Ruth Shrensel 07901, NJPsychologist Clinical1053344747
Guity Fazelpoor 07013, NJPsychologist Clinical1801829064
Kenneth A Leight 08221, NJPsychologist Clinical1871527663
Elliot M Gore 07726, NJPsychologist Clinical1306870407
Cheryl Ewing Laney 08033, NJPsychologist Clinical1316972177
Ora Limor 07013, NJPsychologist Clinical1447284625
Edward Thomas Mann 07932, NJPsychologist Clinical1134154669
Elizabeth Groisser 07042, NJPsychologist Clinical1699790188
Celena Martino Redler 07107, NJPsychologist Clinical1972529204
Lorraine J. Carr 07463, NJPsychologist Clinical1487679148
Jennifer J Smith 07753, NJPsychologist Clinical1255356093
Theodore Andrew Kastner 07003, NJPsychologist Clinical1942226154
Michael L Sakowitz 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1063438992
Katheleen Reidy 19107, NJPsychologist Clinical1649296559
Judith Miriam Glassgold 08844, NJPsychologist Clinical1861418527
Sam Ross Spinelli 07018, NJPsychologist Clinical1790702124
Ruth B Goldston 08540, NJPsychologist Clinical1528085321
Bernard Hershenberg 08003, NJPsychologist Clinical1497772206
Paul Gerrish 08046, NJPsychologist Clinical1790703148
Scott B Sigmon 07083, NJPsychologist Clinical1932126430
Paul F. Fulford 07505, NJPsychologist Clinical1013934736
Mark Kitzie 08558, NJPsychologist Clinical1649297367
Andrew (drew) Cangelosi 07090, NJPsychologist Clinical1073531471
Stephen Sylvester Craig 07068, NJPsychologist Clinical1346268505
George William Mcdermott 08724, NJPsychologist Clinical1073531075
William L Shinefield 08054, NJPsychologist Clinical1912925066
Janice Leeds 07059, NJPsychologist Clinical1023037595
Nancy Distel 07041, NJPsychologist Clinical1801814777
Ellen M. Hulme 08904, NJPsychologist Clinical1851319776
Nivine Tanios Shenouda 07470, NJPsychologist Clinical1013935949
Duncan E. Walton 07040, NJPsychologist Clinical1730108564


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