Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kristy L. Scullion mcpherson, Phd 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1104375344
David Carter Holcomb 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1790783868
Frank Bono 87327, NMPsychologist Clinical1063411197
Brenda L. Wolfe 87124, NMPsychologist Clinical1063411973
Steven M Cobb 88201, NMPsychologist Clinical1487647384
Marie Greenspan 87120, NMPsychologist Clinical1184616765
Elizabeth Cole Stirling 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1114911567
Susan Zorn 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1992790208
Philip Richard Reed 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1952396558
Joan B Scott 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1902893688
Scott Bernard Massaro 88103, NMPsychologist Clinical1366439614
Donna Marie Giaquinto 87544, NMPsychologist Clinical1154319788
James Ernest Dowling 88220, NMPsychologist Clinical1295724169
Pamela Ann Martin 87104, NMPsychologist Clinical1518956291
Patricia I M Brown 87506, NMPsychologist Clinical1962483479
Robert Edward Sherrill 87401, NMPsychologist Clinical1376524793
William Frank Merkle 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1215910591
Gabriela Ureta Munoz 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1003899394
Lynn Marie Thompson 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1942291216
Rosalie Davis 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1265422703
Julie Brovko 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1548775414
Janet Kay Robinson 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1720060049
Roger Thomas Pray 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1124001904
Lisa C Arge 87124, NMPsychologist Clinical1457335606
Ricardo R Gonzales 87535, NMPsychologist Clinical1932185840
Neal A Bowen 88045, NMPsychologist Clinical1942287602
John G Kutinac 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1508844135
Jorge Gabriel Varela 87117, NMPsychologist Clinical1679551659
Rene Suzanne Silleroy 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1104896943
Paul G. Wilson 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1396715058
Scott Richard Marrs 87117, NMPsychologist Clinical1194797928
Robert Weisz 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1306810205
Artemio D Brambila 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1568436723
Noah K Kaufman 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1780658401
Wynne E. Broms 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1063488245
Thomas Henry Bien 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1245208867
Psychology & Counseling Services Inc 87031, NMPsychologist Clinical1912976648
Thomas Luigi Dimperio 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1376502310
Roxanne R Duran 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1083673065
Scott L Blackwell 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1275592875
Barbara Fowles Brown 87120, NMPsychologist Clinical1952360281
Mark C. Mcgaughey 88101, NMPsychologist Clinical1093775033
Caroline B Williams Phd Pc 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1356316814
Marcia Harris 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1225000771
Theresa Ann Miller 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1932168564
Mitchell A Levick 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1427019462
Thomas Ruby 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1780645671
Kenneth Allen Hutchinson 88061, NMPsychologist Clinical1578525135
Elizabeth Dinsmore 87571, NMPsychologist Clinical1841254380
Lydia Zepeda Jennings 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1538125141
Melody Lou Lafriniere 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1932157351
James Micheal Mash 87571, NMPsychologist Clinical1972553238
Robert Glanz 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1679524003
Paul Bernard Donovan 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1366493769
Barbara Leviton 87114, NMPsychologist Clinical1376596288
Las Cruces Physician Practices, Llc 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1356390769
William P Campbell Phd Inc 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1619450137
Nicole Phoenix Anderson 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1730126343
Jeffrey Mark Schwehn 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1023059607
Sarah Steele 87104, NMPsychologist Clinical1811939341
Martha R Hand 87105, NMPsychologist Clinical1427093020
John R Rodwick 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1528003142
Southwest Counseling Center, Inc. 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1790721611
Gabriel R Longhi 87301, NMPsychologist Clinical1568498798
Sharna J Sutherin 87301, NMPsychologist Clinical1215964440
Joseph B Stone 87301, NMPsychologist Clinical1215964176
David A Sachs 88012, NMPsychologist Clinical1285661041
Rebecca Ann Mueller 87571, NMPsychologist Clinical1063440956
Gary Harmon 88345, NMPsychologist Clinical1730117649
Barry Kent Hughes 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1699703199
Age To Age Counseling Pc 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1336178060
Timothy Strongin 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1548291974
Josie Gibb 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1194976050
Paul Rentz 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1932142569
John Gray 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1134155096
John David Harlow 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1952331118
Dawn Miller Brett 87301, NMPsychologist Clinical1437193752
Amber Deon Mceachern 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1497784292
Bradley William Samuel 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1255363586
Sarah Kathleen Brennan 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1407881261
Elizabeth Louise Kodituwakku 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1194750604
Beth M Sanchez 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1104851724
Carol J Fitzpatrick 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1790710150
Lawrence Harris 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1497773907
Paul William Rousseau 79930, NMPsychologist Clinical1649299801
Cathy Simutis 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1285653311
Stephen Perls 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1407877640
Piyadasa Kodituwakku 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1821019068
Jeffrey J King 87571, NMPsychologist Clinical1821011891
Kathleen O'malley Reyntjens 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1003830415
Robert Charles Ericson 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1275547440
June Ellen Shepherd 88103, NMPsychologist Clinical1477577641
Nancy Aeren Grau 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1033124722
Sonja Brock 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1215942776
Mary C Kaven 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1932114493
Buick Moomchi 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1184639882
Kathleen Ann Clapp 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1891700647
Lewis Nemes 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1932114782
Beth L Roth 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1811903859
Celeste Frank 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1417963646
Juan Nicolas Sosa 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1619983616
Marc Allan Caplan 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1952317950
Laura Landis 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1619983269
Sheri Bauman 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1548276298
Elisabeth Scherf Perry 87544, NMPsychologist Clinical1831105477
Luis Vargas 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1538175021
Jerald Belitz 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1851308894
Mark Henry Pedrotty 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1205843265
Donald M. Van Sickle 87401, NMPsychologist Clinical1437166162
Christopher James Alexander 87114, NMPsychologist Clinical1932117140
Samaritan Counseling Center Of Albuquerque 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1851309009
Howard B. Daniels 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1477561173
Benjamin Porter 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1821006909
Linda Daniels 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1356359038
Ella Charlotte Nye 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1184633505
Ardyth A. Norem 87508, NMPsychologist Clinical1043229115
Radka Tonigan Toscova 87122, NMPsychologist Clinical1013926120
Michael Alan Cummings 87571, NMPsychologist Clinical1194735100
Nesha Morse 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1912918392
Mary Ann Cotten 88310, NMPsychologist Clinical1730190752
Brian Christopher Kersh 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1740292689
Charlene Mciver 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1659384683
Lisa Therese Arciniega 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1720091580
Michael Robert Rodriguez 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1932112513
Kathleen Arroyo Padilla 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1730192048
Karen Gold Sagal 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1487767695
Brian Michael Pilgrim 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1023121134
Diane Theresa Castillo 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1306959283
Evelyn Elaine Sandeen 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1699888057
J. Annette Brooks 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1225142482
Bradford C. Richards 87122, NMPsychologist Clinical1114031820
Elaine Soto 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1689788754
Virginia Ann Waldorf 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1316052756
June Shortley Malone 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1053425793
Marcia Lynn Moriarta 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1225142979
Stephen D.k. Feher 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1609981901
Jennifer Klosterman Rielage 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1245345461
Stanley Brent Eastin 87107, NMPsychologist Clinical1922113927
Francisco P. Sanchez 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1275648248
David Jonathan Ley 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1699880484
Barbara Jean Brandt 79912, NMPsychologist Clinical1225144454
Isabelle A Rodriguez 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1508972084
Mark L Whitehead 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1255447314
Carmen Margarita Diaz 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1962421834
Lorraine M. Torres-sena 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1609886274
Milton Lasoski 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1306859202
Donna J. Winslow 88011, NMPsychologist Clinical1285654707
Brian Lopez 87113, NMPsychologist Clinical1467469429
Susan Rahima Joan Schmall 94574, NMPsychologist Clinical1619991130
Deborah Leslie Kos 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1477585990
Anjanette Cureton 87102, NMPsychologist Clinical1619983277
Karen D Schaefer 88005, NMPsychologist Clinical1710996970
Frederick J Schoepflin 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1295258325
Helen Marie Pearce 87109, NMPsychologist Clinical1154331593
William Morris Bernstein 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1164439600
Joyce Lee 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1053841056
David P Dennedy-frank 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1073520367
Linda M Coble 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1740206432
Marty M Goehring 87111, NMPsychologist Clinical1265442859
Tara Jill Morris 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1578030912
Ben J Klein 87131, NMPsychologist Clinical1649203134
Amber Hayes 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1093721664
Scot Liepack 85033, NMPsychologist Clinical1912924853
Richard T Fink 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1760590160
Martha L Fiedler 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1699883702
Elliot J Rapoport 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1902914831
Edward M Siegel 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1811005747
Robert K. Becher 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1619086931
Jeanne Pierrot 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1891804126
Mary Miesem 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1083723308
Cynthia L Corbett 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1346359668
Thomas R Carey 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1164531489
Elizabeth J Roll 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1578673422
Jerilyn H Silver 87532, NMPsychologist Clinical1497865133
William Gary Mcfarland 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1003926163
F Merritt Ayad 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1851401939
Zia Behavioral Health, Llp 87507, NMPsychologist Clinical1316059314
Daniel Mccombs 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1003927906
Samuel Roll 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1144332925
Carmen C Fernandez 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1730290719
Barbara May-valencia 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1588775993
Thomas J Tyrrell 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1396856753
Linda T Kennedy 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1396856258
Rudy Fidencio Grano 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1356452981
Diane Sarris 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1881705150
James Michael Kavanaugh 87701, NMPsychologist Clinical1497857338
John Draper 88201, NMPsychologist Clinical1306949516
Frances S Koenig 87106, NMPsychologist Clinical1588768675
John Lester Collins 88101, NMPsychologist Clinical1215032784
James Mitchell Gillies 87108, NMPsychologist Clinical1659476042
Warren M. Steinman 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1356447932
Melinda Ann Garcia 87104, NMPsychologist Clinical1538265566
James H Adams 87501, NMPsychologist Clinical1801993472
Barbara Moore Mccandlish 87505, NMPsychologist Clinical1720185317
Martin Glenn Greer 88001, NMPsychologist Clinical1093813826
Helen Lamar Jackson 87110, NMPsychologist Clinical1013014117
Reid Kevin Hester 87112, NMPsychologist Clinical1073611372
Charles Harold Elliott 87122, NMPsychologist Clinical1083712186
Laura Louise Smith 87122, NMPsychologist Clinical1700984804
John G Lang 87532, NMPsychologist Clinical1760582464


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