Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Arlene Beth Staubsinger 13090, NYPsychologist Clinical1780687731
Phyllis Macklin Olshansky 10804, NYPsychologist Clinical1053314898
Henry Michael Koegel 10011, NYPsychologist Clinical1659374494
Gerald Perlman 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1649273483
Gilbert B Tunnell 10011, NYPsychologist Clinical1346243029
Sarton Brodie Weinraub 10009, NYPsychologist Clinical1083617518
Daniel M Cohen 10463, NYPsychologist Clinical1609870492
Alan David Kaplan 11725, NYPsychologist Clinical1407851686
Isaac Benzaquen 11516, NYPsychologist Clinical1922003110
William R. Nye 11230, NYPsychologist Clinical1497750582
Stephen W Hurt 10605, NYPsychologist Clinical1144225806
George H Northrup 11040, NYPsychologist Clinical1497750202
The Dale Association, Inc. 14120, NYPsychologist Clinical1962407783
Sudhir Gadh, Llc 10455, NYPsychologist Clinical1013374016
Linda B Nash 14228, NYPsychologist Clinical1548265085
Sally Ann Norman 14228, NYPsychologist Clinical1346246816
Frank P Alabiso 14228, NYPsychologist Clinical1124024617
Frances Bahi 11542, NYPsychologist Clinical1265438774
Brenda L Bierdeman 14411, NYPsychologist Clinical1376549808
Jewell K Waldbaum 10977, NYPsychologist Clinical1124024005
Carla R. Triplett 11238, NYPsychologist Clinical1518963461
Christina Fiorvanti 10029, NYPsychologist Clinical1902349392
Xavier Amador 11958, NYPsychologist Clinical1437690765
Deborah M. Benson 11803, NYPsychologist Clinical1376540815
Carol Suzanne Evans 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1164420873
James P. Butters 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1659378370
Matthew Alan Krivoshey 11743, NYPsychologist Clinical1295733699
Thomas E. Unger 14214, NYPsychologist Clinical1194723510
Sofia Gekker 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1326046632
Lindsey Machicote 10001, NYPsychologist Clinical1851769889
Natalie Karen Fisher 10023, NYPsychologist Clinical1679571665
Lynda Harris-boscaino 10977, NYPsychologist Clinical1366441198
Karine Lea Suskin 11021, NYPsychologist Clinical1609875095
Michael J. Gallagher 11375, NYPsychologist Clinical1154320679
William Fishbein 10128, NYPsychologist Clinical1366442287
Bridget Amatore 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1487654372
Lucinda Mermin 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1639179187
Thomas Patrick Demaria 11570, NYPsychologist Clinical1578563961
Robert P Sprafkin 13204, NYPsychologist Clinical1336149541
Leonard Goldberg 11234, NYPsychologist Clinical1043210040
David Wayne Gately 11768, NYPsychologist Clinical1417958471
Theresa Ann Mckenna 11777, NYPsychologist Clinical1568463560
Edwin C Fancher 10014, NYPsychologist Clinical1598766578
Gina Patalano 11777, NYPsychologist Clinical1558362426
William Marrin 11777, NYPsychologist Clinical1861493629
Accesscny, Inc 13208, NYPsychologist Clinical1750381968
Lisa Korman 11552, NYPsychologist Clinical1225402498
Elizabeth M. Studwell 10562, NYPsychologist Clinical1225493018
Norman L Kelley 13413, NYPsychologist Clinical1366443095
Thomas Elmer Preston 11790, NYPsychologist Clinical1649271396
Debra K Smith 11777, NYPsychologist Clinical1720089972
Linda G. Peltz 11753, NYPsychologist Clinical1629079785
Nancy L. Zoeller 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1073515052
Paul M. Kopfer 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1689676660
Cary S. Chugh 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1457353427
Joan A Roessler 12561, NYPsychologist Clinical1831191857
Joel N Caldwell 13088, NYPsychologist Clinical1265434914
Goldie Alfasi 10003, NYPsychologist Clinical1972505543
William Casey 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1508868977
Catherine Cook-cottone 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1942202312
Michael E Rutter 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1942202445
June Gayle Beck 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1720080260
Wolfgang Zieher 11550, NYPsychologist Clinical1992797971
Brian Louis Fast 12054, NYPsychologist Clinical1144212283
Arlene H Rupp-goolnick 11581, NYPsychologist Clinical1750373742
Bernadette C. Mccourt 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1649262569
Mary Jo Penizotto 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1679565386
James Lawrence Thomas 10001, NYPsychologist Clinical1235121765
Innerhealth Psychological Services 13502, NYPsychologist Clinical1356333850
Mary D'arrigo 14051, NYPsychologist Clinical1356333710
Richard P. Cressen 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1477545879
Peter Nelson 10708, NYPsychologist Clinical1982697249
Perry James Sherman 12054, NYPsychologist Clinical1619960929
Gabrielle Stutman 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1144213463
Stephen P Greggo 12054, NYPsychologist Clinical1306839634
Donald Bartlett 14150, NYPsychologist Clinical1144213430
Karen Ann Peruzzi 13403, NYPsychologist Clinical1992798821
H. Michael Peter 13905, NYPsychologist Clinical1811980808
Kay M Streim 11725, NYPsychologist Clinical1992798722
Allen Lebovits 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1124011994
Mary Anne Hanley Geskie 11795, NYPsychologist Clinical1861485583
Raymond K Schneider 10471, NYPsychologist Clinical1588657225
Elizabeth Botzer 14172, NYPsychologist Clinical1063414423
Melissa S Kaufman 11530, NYPsychologist Clinical1144368291
Shahal Rozenblatt 11787, NYPsychologist Clinical1205837366
Warren D Keller 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1821090648
Marjorie Jean Hill 11692, NYPsychologist Clinical1801389697
David Schiffman 12572, NYPsychologist Clinical1962495473
Susan I Alessi 14222, NYPsychologist Clinical1669466017
Theresa Jaworski 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1679567952
Mary Ellen Rubin 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1962496240
Elvira G Aletta 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1497749600
Andrea Gould 11791, NYPsychologist Clinical1376537324
Alice Toner Ambrose Zieher 11550, NYPsychologist Clinical1063406957
Stanley Bodner 11229, NYPsychologist Clinical1851385546
Maxine Ann Spector 10025, NYPsychologist Clinical1730173220
Stanley M. Goldstein 10941, NYPsychologist Clinical1962496463
Arlene Kagle Lerner 10025, NYPsychologist Clinical1598750002
Lisa Altshuler 11219, NYPsychologist Clinical1205821709
Deborah De Santis-moniaci 11219, NYPsychologist Clinical1770578197
Gayle R Berg 11577, NYPsychologist Clinical1598750796
Sarah Ann Dolan 10507, NYPsychologist Clinical1235124678
Joanne Zager 14850, NYPsychologist Clinical1275528473
Jeffrey A Carmen 13104, NYPsychologist Clinical1265427512
Susan E Beren 11219, NYPsychologist Clinical1538154638
Stanley Curt Goldklang 11577, NYPsychologist Clinical1033104146
Michael Jacob Salamon 11557, NYPsychologist Clinical1548255581
Ann D Gracer 11365, NYPsychologist Clinical1063407054
Jeffrey H. Shein 10546, NYPsychologist Clinical1881689842
Philip Christopher Morse 10301, NYPsychologist Clinical1013902063
Henry Bob Hartman 10605, NYPsychologist Clinical1487649380
Sally Graham 10003, NYPsychologist Clinical1174518831
Richard Salvatore Perrotto 11362, NYPsychologist Clinical1699760256
Bruce A. Hubbard 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1700872371
Rochelle Levine 10021, NYPsychologist Clinical1639165558
Robert Howard Goldstein 14618, NYPsychologist Clinical1881681575
Arlene G Adler 10532, NYPsychologist Clinical1386631745
Linda Sherry Berman 11360, NYPsychologist Clinical1124015425
Brook Hersey 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1588651624
Sean Barry Haggerty 11720, NYPsychologist Clinical1720075526
Carl Berg 10014, NYPsychologist Clinical1639167331
Carol Geisler 10011, NYPsychologist Clinical1841288487
Michael Laury Schubert 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1558359208
Patricia Bagby 11102, NYPsychologist Clinical1578551180
Rion Barrett Kweller 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1447248026
Steven M Ratnow 10970, NYPsychologist Clinical1316935992
Jeffrey Schwartz 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1669460259
Lynn Marie O'connor 14127, NYPsychologist Clinical1447248950
Richard Lasky 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1881682391
Diane S Tyrrell 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1639163280
Courtney Anne De Thomas 10451, NYPsychologist Clinical1891166724
Therapy West 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1558726422
Lara Brodzinsky 10023, NYPsychologist Clinical1386009272
Jeffrey M Feinman 12590, NYPsychologist Clinical1447245428
Jeri E Gilbert 11360, NYPsychologist Clinical1053305912
Martin Friedmutter 11361, NYPsychologist Clinical1275521866
Alex Gindes 12524, NYPsychologist Clinical1356339907
David Wayne Sprague 14020, NYPsychologist Clinical1811984107
Samantha Renee Pelcak 13602, NYPsychologist Clinical1497292619
Anna Berezovskaya 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1518248897
Dina Vivian 11790, NYPsychologist Clinical1548258817
Samuel Saul Kupietz 10538, NYPsychologist Clinical1508854480
Judith Luhr 11701, NYPsychologist Clinical1437147329
Drew Arthur Anderson 12208, NYPsychologist Clinical1033108956
Anne L Barba 12208, NYPsychologist Clinical1780673517
Charles Keith 11361, NYPsychologist Clinical1225027964
Carolyn M. Seaman 12106, NYPsychologist Clinical1669461240
Robert Richard Demerath 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1801885595
Rubenzahl, Knudsen & Associates Psych., Srvcs, P.c. 13601, NYPsychologist Clinical1578552170
David Schaich 10024, NYPsychologist Clinical1265421838
James Zaikowski 11701, NYPsychologist Clinical1235128893
Jessica Fran Arluck 10128, NYPsychologist Clinical1316936800
Howard S Susser 12603, NYPsychologist Clinical1205825783
Kathleen Toner 14228, NYPsychologist Clinical1043209422
Robert A Belde 14020, NYPsychologist Clinical1194714436
Alexander F Minardi 11730, NYPsychologist Clinical1447249602
Martin Joseph Lyden 12180, NYPsychologist Clinical1215926456
Joseph A Abraham 11788, NYPsychologist Clinical1780673756
Todd L. Benham 13602, NYPsychologist Clinical1558350777
Laurence Roger Lewis 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1053300186
Judith Frances Kaufer 10016, NYPsychologist Clinical1699764738
David Joshua Shumsky 12524, NYPsychologist Clinical1619967668
Robert Willson Gillen 12205, NYPsychologist Clinical1245220227
Herbert Robbins 10025, NYPsychologist Clinical1104815109
Beverly A Lawson 12866, NYPsychologist Clinical1588653505
Jonathan Leigh Sulkin 12866, NYPsychologist Clinical1922098953
Miriam John 10538, NYPsychologist Clinical1245220169
Lorraine Engl 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1245220946
Michele Lucero 11510, NYPsychologist Clinical1962492868
Kenneth M Glatt 12603, NYPsychologist Clinical1487644233
Kelly Jean Rhatigan 11510, NYPsychologist Clinical1487644266
Denise Granda-gilbert 11375, NYPsychologist Clinical1457341075
Meredith Singer 10021, NYPsychologist Clinical1144210782
Psychological Alternatives, Pc 11959, NYPsychologist Clinical1306836085
Kimberly Joy Brayton 12801, NYPsychologist Clinical1295725893
Alison Pratt 11001, NYPsychologist Clinical1750371282
Richard R Brand 10950, NYPsychologist Clinical1679563183
Allyan Watson Rivera Orsini 11704, NYPsychologist Clinical1427048669
Lisa M. Alongi 11510, NYPsychologist Clinical1861482994
Mel Waldman 10473, NYPsychologist Clinical1245221316
Eliezer Robert Mayer 10011, NYPsychologist Clinical1538150602
Mark V. Mellinger 10025, NYPsychologist Clinical1629069711
Liliana Monica Rusansky Drob 11242, NYPsychologist Clinical1851382949
Mary Beth Mclaughlin Cresci 11201, NYPsychologist Clinical1992796098
Sergio Rothstein 10023, NYPsychologist Clinical1770574873
Robert B Goldblatt 11568, NYPsychologist Clinical1891786703
Frederick Verdonik 14701, NYPsychologist Clinical1942291968
Joanne Kass 11550, NYPsychologist Clinical1023009958
Solomon Tiegerman 11801, NYPsychologist Clinical1992796866
Jessica Coyer 11510, NYPsychologist Clinical1649261140
Lewis Michael Brown 11217, NYPsychologist Clinical1114918885
Michael Paul Blankschen 12401, NYPsychologist Clinical1639160252
Salli Felzen 10021, NYPsychologist Clinical1205817152
Tedd R. Habberfield 14221, NYPsychologist Clinical1316928245
Marc S Goloff 10003, NYPsychologist Clinical1023099900
Bryce William Kaye 27511, NYPsychologist Clinical1578544813
Jane Saltoun 10028, NYPsychologist Clinical1649252941
Jacki B Gutman 11732, NYPsychologist Clinical1770565996
Joanne Milito 11757, NYPsychologist Clinical1639151822
Barbara S. Cohen 11542, NYPsychologist Clinical1669454450


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