Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sherry Yelland 44129, OHPsychologist Clinical1215454103
Total Education Solutions 44333, OHPsychologist Clinical1376833061
Sarah Zuzik 44483, OHPsychologist Clinical1891213054
Russell W Dern 45036, OHPsychologist Clinical1568438497
Angelica M Escalona 22060, OHPsychologist Clinical1922017565
David H Weaver 43081, OHPsychologist Clinical1285641969
Karen A Evans 45459, OHPsychologist Clinical1508877358
Stephen Michael Muncy 43209, OHPsychologist Clinical1700802758
Erin Renee Davis 43026, OHPsychologist Clinical1922192699
Julie Ann Sell-smith 41075, OHPsychologist Clinical1568514230
Melanie Bierenbaum 85013, OHPsychologist Clinical1700917168
Myron Stephen Fridman 45242, OHPsychologist Clinical1992873335
Nicole S Wagner 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1295803476
Aimee Thomas 44707, OHPsychologist Clinical1245394998
Sandra Lee Webster 43081, OHPsychologist Clinical1982816088
Pamela Anita Gulley 45014, OHPsychologist Clinical1215150123
Angela Gregory 94606, OHPsychologist Clinical1811198757
Jessica Elaine Emick 44111, OHPsychologist Clinical1922254986
Sarah E Altman 43214, OHPsychologist Clinical1972887792
Eric L Sullivan 43201, OHPsychologist Clinical1730467945
Aubrey Dawn Morrison-gill 45420, OHPsychologist Clinical1255798468
Terry Ransom-flint 33606, OHPsychologist Clinical1851523609
Synthia Puffenberger 43205, OHPsychologist Clinical1043543812
Megumi Omonishi 10017, OHPsychologist Clinical1841580248
Gail Post-pinchek 42223, OHPsychologist Clinical1548567860
Talia Miriam Master 11242, OHPsychologist Clinical1558665190
Carissa Wott 43551, OHPsychologist Clinical1548530561
Glenn A Feltz, Psy.d., Llc 45066, OHPsychologist Clinical1033692926
Heather Nicole Bohn 17202, OHPsychologist Clinical1487953477
Michelle Renee Maegly 45237, OHPsychologist Clinical1104157957
Aaron T Ellington 44116, OHPsychologist Clinical1164751509
Jason C Levine 43606, OHPsychologist Clinical1073892972
Luis G. Cruz-ortega 43214, OHPsychologist Clinical1235117011
North Community Counseling Centers, Inc. 43229, OHPsychologist Clinical1962762104
Caprice-ann Stearns Lambert 45420, OHPsychologist Clinical1639186117
John Kenneth Lodge 45434, OHPsychologist Clinical1639421449
Allen Dale Mcconnell 49017, OHPsychologist Clinical1639564032
Whitney Nicole Brown 92123, OHPsychologist Clinical1073900502
William Benson 10022, OHPsychologist Clinical1891164026
Alexandra Hummel 45229, OHPsychologist Clinical1801241229
Jose Silgado 06810, OHPsychologist Clinical1740690312
Greer Anne Davis Cerveny 44124, OHPsychologist Clinical1174933824
Heather Griffith 43211, OHPsychologist Clinical1063811289
Krupali Soni Michaels 97601, OHPsychologist Clinical1497003172
Angela Mari White-rahmon 37129, OHPsychologist Clinical1962639252
Alana Delores Lopez 44121, OHPsychologist Clinical1588099311
Danielle Martines 43223, OHPsychologist Clinical1427558055
Meredith Meeks Veltri 43223, OHPsychologist Clinical1750881363
Marysa Rose Williams 44718, OHPsychologist Clinical1316328180
Patrick Joseph Michaels 37129, OHPsychologist Clinical1215480769
Thomas Albert Porter 44130, OHPsychologist Clinical1376070441
Tiffany Monroe 44111, OHPsychologist Clinical1235656596
Joseph Graber 44106, OHPsychologist Clinical1316451651
Eric Reinhart 45601, OHPsychologist Clinical1598142564
Sarah Elizabeth Benuska 44130, OHPsychologist Clinical1669991725
Ashley Bock 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1780197368
Front Street Associates Llc 43206, OHPsychologist Clinical1265923452
Jerema E Holliday 43232, OHPsychologist Clinical1114409513
Jacob Raak 43219, OHPsychologist Clinical1427541549
Lauren M Flowers 16602, OHPsychologist Clinical1891018214
Emily Kiourtsis 43055, OHPsychologist Clinical1851704860
Kenneth Dale Hasseler 43701, OHPsychologist Clinical1427125400
Michelle Grim 45459, OHPsychologist Clinical1750835922
Kent Alan Eichenauer 43311, OHPsychologist Clinical1396807434
Samantha Leeman 43054, OHPsychologist Clinical1063984151
Christina B Yeagley 59501, OHPsychologist Clinical1255664249
Amanda Marie Johnson 45403, OHPsychologist Clinical1891284717
Sadi Jane Fox 11201, OHPsychologist Clinical1245740901
Karen A Evans Phd Llc 45459, OHPsychologist Clinical1659858157
Lighthouse Family Center, Ltd. 44707, OHPsychologist Clinical1043786882
Life Solutions South 44118, OHPsychologist Clinical1558820498
Jason Riebe 44131, OHPsychologist Clinical1881094480
Marsha Elaine Ferrick 85085, OHPsychologist Clinical1124146519
Jessica Marie Smedley 20009, OHPsychologist Clinical1740354224
Courtney Gale Deloney 46815, OHPsychologist Clinical1609019983
Robert Denton 44121, OHPsychologist Clinical1871952051
Kadian Samantha Miracle 43023, OHPsychologist Clinical1376109892
Andrea Stephenson Burland 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1568776987
Sarah E Reimer 43065, OHPsychologist Clinical1316197163
Courtney Blackburn 43130, OHPsychologist Clinical1609437896
Samantha Mary Goodin 44224, OHPsychologist Clinical1487216776
Jackie R Aucoin 45244, OHPsychologist Clinical1134648470
Shannon Nicole Johanson 44121, OHPsychologist Clinical1538712377
Jennifer Alice Webb 43205, OHPsychologist Clinical1285877407
Raymond D Martorano 40222, OHPsychologist Clinical1700974540
Michael Vilensky 43203, OHPsychologist Clinical1518510155
Angela Geddes 29414, OHPsychologist Clinical1013374776
Lila Pereira 10595, OHPsychologist Clinical1679822332
Noah Gilbert 45140, OHPsychologist Clinical1538716055
Samantha Mathews 45244, OHPsychologist Clinical1982196697
Julie A. Sinkuc 44004, OHPsychologist Clinical1134776347
Catherine Troncone 45212, OHPsychologist Clinical1669029583
Michelle Katherine O'connor 44115, OHPsychologist Clinical1215427984
Kelly Hanlon 14642, OHPsychologist Clinical1366975062
Heather Kay Guthrie 43214, OHPsychologist Clinical1306934971
Amanda Conn 43215, OHPsychologist Clinical1093226581
Carly Moreno Schweier 45244, OHPsychologist Clinical1811405434
Psychological Sleep Services 43016, OHPsychologist Clinical1386984730
Kristine Ann Hutchison 45241, OHPsychologist Clinical1710088927
Kelly Anne Constant Bhatnagar 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1154453231
Sevenp Health Care Services, Inc. 44303, OHPsychologist Clinical1063885853
Stacey Marie Jackson 23665, OHPsychologist Clinical1588189310
Premier Health Specialists Inc 45439, OHPsychologist Clinical1194958223
Keilah Shumaker 43235, OHPsychologist Clinical1386044618
Kelsy Newton 83712, OHPsychologist Clinical1568826204
Erin Curro 01089, OHPsychologist Clinical1962882712
Christine R Brendle 22314, OHPsychologist Clinical1780134395
Alexandra Ament 80045, OHPsychologist Clinical1679083992
Jacob Tyler Shoenleben 59102, OHPsychologist Clinical1336707850
Theresa M Weeks 45242, OHPsychologist Clinical1871558866
Kent Emery Rozel 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1821179805
Kent E Rozel, Ph.d., Llc 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1225670706
Milagros Galvez-gargurevich 71110, OHPsychologist Clinical1497264949
Eve P Whitmore 44224, OHPsychologist Clinical1922065697
Heather Smith 45238, OHPsychologist Clinical1205355757
Wayne Eric Mason 43215, OHPsychologist Clinical1508379686
Anthony Michael Tarescavage 44141, OHPsychologist Clinical1083245468
Evelyn Teresa Rivera 44102, OHPsychologist Clinical1467664565
Health Progress, Llc 43215, OHPsychologist Clinical1326123589
Melinda Nicholes 26003, OHPsychologist Clinical1942673520
Karen M Bretz 43081, OHPsychologist Clinical1164745311
Anthony P Biduck 18510, OHPsychologist Clinical1538591631
Lynn Ann Williams 44133, OHPsychologist Clinical1922213693
Shuping Lin 43206, OHPsychologist Clinical1043830607
Matthew James Maley 45229, OHPsychologist Clinical1629521638
Dayton Children's Hospital 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1952480030
Karen Giorgetti 44425, OHPsychologist Clinical1649639972
Ashley Michelle Smith 76092, OHPsychologist Clinical1861976771
Rosanna O Zavarella 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1306835269
Robert Gary Kaplan 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1225044175, Inc. 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1114040508
Anthony C. Rivera 43623, OHPsychologist Clinical1245549104
David Andrew Woodall 45230, OHPsychologist Clinical1790307072
Richard Hoffman 15601, OHPsychologist Clinical1538222534
Charles F Gibson 44691, OHPsychologist Clinical1528028073
Amy Luitjohan Stoffregen 43220, OHPsychologist Clinical1336549773
Jennifer Lea Kos 15009, OHPsychologist Clinical1629314166
Brittany Nesbitt 45244, OHPsychologist Clinical1902314966
Amber Massa 45229, OHPsychologist Clinical1083261374
Daniel M Heiser 46307, OHPsychologist Clinical1396914875
Kristin Noel Anderson 44240, OHPsychologist Clinical1750674511
Jessica Lebold 44907, OHPsychologist Clinical1770195182
Ryan K May 45750, OHPsychologist Clinical1134126139
Asian Services In Action Inc 44114, OHPsychologist Clinical1336600253
John J Wagner 45237, OHPsychologist Clinical1588719066
John Wagner Psychological Services 45231, OHPsychologist Clinical1609421536
Meena Kumar 60657, OHPsychologist Clinical1336667872
Ritchie Von Hall 45219, OHPsychologist Clinical1679069017
Elizabeth Ann Chech 44129, OHPsychologist Clinical1114532090
Abraham Braunstein 45157, OHPsychologist Clinical1902376650
Jill R Klingler 45213, OHPsychologist Clinical1275593691
Ellen Sejkora 03756, OHPsychologist Clinical1255814380
Christopher Featherstone 43213, OHPsychologist Clinical1194208512
Ryan William Hansen 43206, OHPsychologist Clinical1699260125
Jill C. Baird 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1316102510
Laura Elizabeth Hlavaty 44308, OHPsychologist Clinical1861940066
Kaltra Dhima 37212, OHPsychologist Clinical1215550900
Lauren Czechowski 48076, OHPsychologist Clinical1356752158
Amanda Trovato 80045, OHPsychologist Clinical1629442314
Constructive Alternatives, Llc 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1578180782
Haleigh Scott 95825, OHPsychologist Clinical1477921450
Reset Button Counseling Llc 43214, OHPsychologist Clinical1275184723
Shelby House Mcguire 25701, OHPsychologist Clinical1871022640
Summa Physicians Inc 44304, OHPsychologist Clinical1427009638
Megan Mancini 28211, OHPsychologist Clinical1518433283
Ace Psychological Services Llc 43056, OHPsychologist Clinical1033515333
Lydia R. Barhight 60707, OHPsychologist Clinical1871843235
Erin Marie Farrer 44320, OHPsychologist Clinical1043525223
Chelsey Mahler 45414, OHPsychologist Clinical1992295687
Catherine Lee 44145, OHPsychologist Clinical1992276661
Tree Of Knowledge Learning Academy, Inc. 08701, OHPsychologist Clinical1174148118
Christine Marie Abbuhl 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1801137658
Amanda Joan Beeman 45066, OHPsychologist Clinical1477921724
Elisha Eveleigh 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1669032348
Latisha Marie Gathers-hutchins 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1790117836
Brenda Joyce Miceli 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1295829430
Julie Michelle Miller 45066, OHPsychologist Clinical1235154774
Ryan Sinclair 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1821460486
Sandra Lynn Todd 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1376531020
Jacqueline Newman Warner 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1104199256
Erin Webster 45404, OHPsychologist Clinical1942782107
Amir M Poreh 44122, OHPsychologist Clinical1306055322
Justine Michelle Mason 45212, OHPsychologist Clinical1811438955
Tiffany Marie Shader 65401, OHPsychologist Clinical1083014302
Lois Friedman 44145, OHPsychologist Clinical1013097369
Amber Nicole Adams 45750, OHPsychologist Clinical1417588229
Paula Marie Eichner 14564, OHPsychologist Clinical1043703606
Interim Healthcare Palliative Care Of The Midwest, Inc 43230, OHPsychologist Clinical1851911440
Navdeep Kang 45206, OHPsychologist Clinical1760803514
Comprehensive Psychological Services, Ltd. 45648, OHPsychologist Clinical1831388701
Allison Burke 44308, OHPsychologist Clinical1760840367
Elizabeth Marie Machado 33326, OHPsychologist Clinical1689028805
Ebony D Ladson 44509, OHPsychologist Clinical1245721745
Tapestry Telehealth Pllc 06615, OHPsychologist Clinical1992215446
Caitlin Wesley 45229, OHPsychologist Clinical1265809818
Elizabeth Carrie Williams 45219, OHPsychologist Clinical1447795604
Ann Marie Yezzi-shareef 44039, OHPsychologist Clinical1336172584
Gomer Ray Bailey 44106, OHPsychologist Clinical1740529817
Babylon Healthcare Inc. 78704, OHPsychologist Clinical1356800569
Guidestar Eldercare Corp oh 43219, OHPsychologist Clinical1962023424


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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