Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Kay August 97229, ORPsychologist Clinical1326042169
Ann K Murakami 97212, ORPsychologist Clinical1891799268
Neil Williamson 97526, ORPsychologist Clinical1639179575
Eric E. Mueller 97216, ORPsychologist Clinical1386644755
Tony Farrenkopf 97210, ORPsychologist Clinical1629079835
Metropolitan Pediatrics, Llc 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1235131632
Rick Jacobs 97501, ORPsychologist Clinical1740272715
Michael E Knapp 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1669464525
Jennifer R Antick 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1285626507
Scott Cabot Willis 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1679566848
Georgia Gayle Wilcox 97227, ORPsychologist Clinical1710970413
Miller Garrison 97213, ORPsychologist Clinical1962495556
Wendy Goldberg Newton 97212, ORPsychologist Clinical1134112725
Marc R Malone 97304, ORPsychologist Clinical1992273718
Laura Beth Schwerin 97068, ORPsychologist Clinical1508868589
Linda Joyce Cook 97754, ORPsychologist Clinical1023001435
Rochelle Tucker 97459, ORPsychologist Clinical1750375614
Murl L Silvey 97055, ORPsychologist Clinical1568459493
Pollyann Haslam Jamison 97404, ORPsychologist Clinical1396733614
Susan Elmore 97201, ORPsychologist Clinical1770573354
Sharon M. Labs 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1750371191
James Matthew Sardo 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1366432643
Charles Richard O'bannon 97030, ORPsychologist Clinical1508856642
Ross Allen Quackenbush 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1184615288
Mark Aron 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1538150636
Birgitta Von Schlumperger 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1578554671
Bill Lee Hennings 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1770574741
Jody Anne De Ruijter 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1902897879
Sharon L. Beickel 97403, ORPsychologist Clinical1225029721
Elizabeth Quackenbush 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1083605869
Lianne Carole Lennert 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1235120817
Terry Isaacson 97470, ORPsychologist Clinical1689665937
Gary L. Gregor 97459, ORPsychologist Clinical1760473136
Normund J. Akots 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1477534360
David C Manfield 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1871574558
Northwest Psychological Center, P.c. 97267, ORPsychologist Clinical1144201807
Hui-chang Hu 97229, ORPsychologist Clinical1184605602
Luahna Ude 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1366424681
Anne Margaret Eastman 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1659353746
Alec Norman Mendelson 97030, ORPsychologist Clinical1508848383
Sheryl Jane Chomak 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1003899337
Mark R Weinrott 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1376526699
Manuel Joseph Gomes 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1306829502
Julie D. Frederick 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1487635363
Charles Way Harrison 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1437131646
Patrick J Moran 97201, ORPsychologist Clinical1710978341
Ontrack, Inc. 97501, ORPsychologist Clinical1881685097
Rory Fleming Richardson 97367, ORPsychologist Clinical1629051776
Linda Akiko Nishi-strattner 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1851374532
Kevin Frederick Mallon 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1417930009
Annette U Selmer 97232, ORPsychologist Clinical1316920929
Pamela Miller Phd Pc 97058, ORPsychologist Clinical1013991405
Beverly Anne Nicholson 97381, ORPsychologist Clinical1467436352
Sandra Hamilton 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1073597654
Susanne Fine 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1720062490
Dr. Susanne Fine, Llc 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1366427759
Darlene Staffelbach 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1508843343
Holly Kyle Krueger 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1881672293
Joseph Peter Gretsch 97204, ORPsychologist Clinical1588642953
Darrel Worthley Eacret 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1952380982
Connie A. O'reilly 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1164401329
Ronald Dean Duvall 97365, ORPsychologist Clinical1396725164
Rosemary D Berdine 97103, ORPsychologist Clinical1548245863
Jacqueline Lee Geddes 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1700865490
Erika Patterson 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1558346411
Heidi Depue 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1689645517
Colleen M. Parker 97124, ORPsychologist Clinical1972574705
Elizabeth Ryann Watson-stites 97403, ORPsychologist Clinical1013989243
Barbara L Herman 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1548232564
David William Katz 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1720051980
Stephen Joseph Schuetz 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1922071927
Judith A. Smith, Psy.d., P.c. 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1487627444
Herbert Rodney Landes 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1215901186
Susan Norris 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1417922253
Kathleen Rae Boeve 97128, ORPsychologist Clinical1578539391
Ronna M Friend 97405, ORPsychologist Clinical1417923046
Mona M Mcneil 97221, ORPsychologist Clinical1902872419
Larry S Hart 97221, ORPsychologist Clinical1417923939
Barbara Breck 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1891763595
Country Counseling 97446, ORPsychologist Clinical1598733230
Robert Harrison Jones 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1093783144
Pamela M Crawford 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1093784563
Terry Jenkins 97266, ORPsychologist Clinical1346209541
Stephanie Miller Sears 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1891755195
Pamela Anne Daniels 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1275593162
Steven E Besing 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1730152547
Jennifer Ann Stolz 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1396706784
Kristen Lyn Mcclard 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1043271083
Mary Hinman 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1962463505
William Nuessle 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1942263397
Soonie Ann Kim 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1063475259
Lynn Knope 97266, ORPsychologist Clinical1548223258
Markham Scott Giblin 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1013971167
Scott Norman Losk 97210, ORPsychologist Clinical1801852264
Pamela R Roman 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1841257755
Tracy Marie Jendritza 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1063470987
Carol Clifton 97015, ORPsychologist Clinical1609824523
Wendi Lynn Adams 97217, ORPsychologist Clinical1013965425
Terrel L. Templeman 97801, ORPsychologist Clinical1578512133
Jonathan Michael Strand 97070, ORPsychologist Clinical1760431415
Joyce D Fusek 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1538119714
Joel Garfunkel 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1003866294
Carol A. Carver 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1952351454
Gary Winfred Mac Kendrick 97116, ORPsychologist Clinical1588614119
Michael E. Knapp, Phd, Pc 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1659322717
Bruce Jaffee Ruttenburg 97031, ORPsychologist Clinical1164473989
Naomi Steinberg 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1033161344
Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1235181868
Stephen Zahm 98663, ORPsychologist Clinical1942253257
Lane County Oregon 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1811941503
Kent S Hill 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1023060605
Carol E Menustik 97124, ORPsychologist Clinical1144282567
Karen Agalia Mcclintock 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1316992803
Karen A. Mcclintock, Ph.d. Llc 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1306891809
Bruce Patrick Kenofer 97123, ORPsychologist Clinical1073569869
Leslie Janelle Pitchford 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1831145556
Bruce D. Boyd 97306, ORPsychologist Clinical1881640910
Joseph Anthony Balsamo 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1225085194
Children's Developmental Health Institute 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1003863572
Douglas A. Smyth 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1316994643
Redmond Andrew Reams 97212, ORPsychologist Clinical1518904457
Barbara Ann Perry 97405, ORPsychologist Clinical1083651566
Stephan Tobin 97068, ORPsychologist Clinical1922047596
Seth Saturn Williams 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1851331599
Robert Stanley Horowitz 97701, ORPsychologist Clinical1194766337
Jill Elizabeth Spendal 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1538100656
Kenneth L Ihli 97229, ORPsychologist Clinical1780626036
Pendleton Acadmies 97801, ORPsychologist Clinical1417991258
Thomas F Keefe 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1003850959
Julie E Redner 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1588608319
Stephen J. Brennan 97321, ORPsychologist Clinical1821032467
Carol Ann Jauquet 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1861437758
Terry Stimac 97477, ORPsychologist Clinical1669417358
Portland Dialectical Behavior Therapy Pc 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1619913787
Firstcare Medical Foundation 97322, ORPsychologist Clinical1740216498
Luke E. Patrick 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1821025495
Katherine Jo Morris 97215, ORPsychologist Clinical1245267053
Jeffrey L Clausel 97814, ORPsychologist Clinical1508893058
Allan Michael Leland 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1740218015
Tonya Mizell Palermo 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1851329304
David Neale Sweet 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1477582906
Locc Patricia Finley Phd Llc 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1700815909
Cynthia B Nordlund 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1629007315
Howard Lawrence Deitch 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1407886021
Rochelle Lane Silver 97062, ORPsychologist Clinical1700818549
Wayne A. Taubenfeld 91202, ORPsychologist Clinical1497795173
Je T'aime Hood 97503, ORPsychologist Clinical1336170281
Geoffrey H Bartol 97701, ORPsychologist Clinical1942232459
Dorothy Jean Anderson 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1457392516
Allison Mohan 97030, ORPsychologist Clinical1467494922
Tamara Pederson 97210, ORPsychologist Clinical1093756546
Erica S.n. Tan 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1447281977
Michael Ryan Odle 97478, ORPsychologist Clinical1831691310
Raquel Dolores Muller 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1578518965
Beth Darnall 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1962439372
Mid columbia Medical Center 97058, ORPsychologist Clinical1154351336
Stephen R Condon 97801, ORPsychologist Clinical1689604290
Lorie T Decarvalho 97470, ORPsychologist Clinical1366480915
Laura Anne Roberts 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1750313060
Timothy A Perkins 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1336171313
Mark D Nordlund 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1609808724
Dawn M Hoffman-gray 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1588697197
Matthew Robert Sleasman 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1326071937
Grant Clement Rawlins 97526, ORPsychologist Clinical1164455788
Allan R. Kirkendall 97470, ORPsychologist Clinical1831122191
Rex W Turner 97404, ORPsychologist Clinical1003840620
Lee Howard Doppelt 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1750315891
Kenneth Curtis Dudley 97814, ORPsychologist Clinical1760416010
John R Finney 97470, ORPsychologist Clinical1144255951
Robert Ozwoeld 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1699700468
Gisela H Bergman 97405, ORPsychologist Clinical1871528398
Norman L Thiesen 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1548285695
Shirley May Hanson 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1578588539
James C Putman 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1306861737
Linda G. Sherman 97229, ORPsychologist Clinical1316962624
Dean Albert Shrock 97524, ORPsychologist Clinical1194741892
Sabrina Gomez Guerrero 97123, ORPsychologist Clinical1700802196
Katie A Ugolini 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1346267184
Jennifer R Cooper 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1760409254
Martha L Blake 97062, ORPsychologist Clinical1083632129
Christopher K Tongue 97030, ORPsychologist Clinical1750300281
Robert Bradley Basham 97201, ORPsychologist Clinical1043239320
James M. Wahl 97420, ORPsychologist Clinical1669492344
Sharon Rebecca Chatkuptlee 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1184645871
Sherry Lynn Harden 97124, ORPsychologist Clinical1073534780
Rita Coffin Hill 97202, ORPsychologist Clinical1457372096
David Af Raynolds 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1619998010
Alex J Ricketts 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1336162353
Roberta T Ricketts 97204, ORPsychologist Clinical1952324469
Laurence M. Binder 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1710901707
Francis Stanley Gilbert 97503, ORPsychologist Clinical1891719910
Bonnie Danson Holstein 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1023032836
Suzanne Rae Best 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1548284656
Janet Purcell 97232, ORPsychologist Clinical1144244310
Bonnie M Taylor 97058, ORPsychologist Clinical1275547325
Judith Emerson 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1346254083
Gregg F Reiter, Phd, Pc 97213, ORPsychologist Clinical1821003823
Darryn Marie Sikora 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1518972017
Sage Nottage Saxton 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1902811409
Terry Paddon 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1992710404


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