Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laura Beth Schwerin 97068, ORPsychologist Clinical1508868589
Pamela J. Birrell 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1962418699
Julie A Evans Watkins 97333, ORPsychologist Clinical1033202940
Joyce M Ochsner 97220, ORPsychologist Clinical1063550390
Melisa L. Finch 97216, ORPsychologist Clinical1952528952
Tamara Lynn Hoogestraat 97068, ORPsychologist Clinical1871787754
Holly Hetrick 97132, ORPsychologist Clinical1861634255
Lindsay K. Heydenrych 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1700107505
Helen Hye-jung Hansen 98029, ORPsychologist Clinical1174801674
Clarissa Nicole Gayer 48220, ORPsychologist Clinical1932336948
Dianna Harris 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1598047045
India Cheatham King 83686, ORPsychologist Clinical1548536634
Andrew L. Wong 90048, ORPsychologist Clinical1396063053
Jessica Elizabeth Weeks 85715, ORPsychologist Clinical1255614194
Natalie K Thompson 84604, ORPsychologist Clinical1215190657
Bethany Michelle Zander 97140, ORPsychologist Clinical1245572015
Carolyn Mcgurl 97222, ORPsychologist Clinical1346685583
Larsen Sanchez Psychology, Llc 97202, ORPsychologist Clinical1588041388
Jana Marie Corbett 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1194114389
Caitlin Keller Khoury 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1821472242
Elizabeth Lillian Asta 80301, ORPsychologist Clinical1154714699
Nathan William Engle 97132, ORPsychologist Clinical1336481100
Justin T Westbrook 97227, ORPsychologist Clinical1679706014
Portland Dbt Institute, Inc. 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1073853966
Maria Berman 97233, ORPsychologist Clinical1568750230
Chelsea Spiro 98103, ORPsychologist Clinical1588901656
Samantha Pieknik 85020, ORPsychologist Clinical1366822652
Gloria Nicole Rider 55454, ORPsychologist Clinical1700199296
Shaznin Daruwalla 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1477054146
Sophia Zavrou 33762, ORPsychologist Clinical1316253867
Ian Nelson-johnson 50011, ORPsychologist Clinical1598209033
Jessica Ann Holcomb 97027, ORPsychologist Clinical1962983403
Kendall Thornton 97403, ORPsychologist Clinical1083199038
Kimberly Rideout 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1720276363
Kayla D Moorer 58103, ORPsychologist Clinical1992201917
Esther Ruth Jacobs Sexton 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1992192918
Laura Fisk 97227, ORPsychologist Clinical1962800615
Nicholas Alexander Schollars 97202, ORPsychologist Clinical1184281438
David Alan Mcnamara 98110, ORPsychologist Clinical1780905786
Alyssa Michelle Nolde 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1447621834
Zankhana Smith 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1861994709
John Joseph Conley 94553, ORPsychologist Clinical1184923161
Jason Alan Johnson 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1669651543
Erin L Iwamoto 99508, ORPsychologist Clinical1912134156
Shyn A Childress 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1205494069
Meghan Diane Crawford 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1457488603
Leslie Genevieve Davies 14068, ORPsychologist Clinical1841777505
Natasha Holmes 02199, ORPsychologist Clinical1740615715
Bethany Franklin-comb 97124, ORPsychologist Clinical1942505193
Laine Towell 97221, ORPsychologist Clinical1124494786
Roseann F Getchell 97229, ORPsychologist Clinical1326312158
Jesse Elyse Chase 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1780097410
Elizabeth L Anderson 30043, ORPsychologist Clinical1619303385
Marion Hundley Suber 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1205242112
Erin Lyn Besser 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1679818538
Craig B Morton 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1255497426
Nathaniel William Gump 97333, ORPsychologist Clinical1265714133
Marina Rosenthal 55112, ORPsychologist Clinical1124408570
Cara L Stahl 59102, ORPsychologist Clinical1992162416
Rosanna Bailey 59636, ORPsychologist Clinical1417346925
Shoshana Daniel Kerewsky 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1962469916
Alisa Niehuser 99505, ORPsychologist Clinical1023253705
Cara E. Wheeler 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1730450107
Albert Leroy Pace 80222, ORPsychologist Clinical1033509476
Suzanne Ruth Gascoyne 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1104962513
Rosanne Chien 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1932415452
Amy Duede 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1114470721
Shagun Pawar 97116, ORPsychologist Clinical1275981763
Heather Hainstock 83642, ORPsychologist Clinical1194105395
Ezekiel N Sanders 97015, ORPsychologist Clinical1831433812
Jane M Plagge 97227, ORPsychologist Clinical1780882027
Beth Diane French 97220, ORPsychologist Clinical1194814665
Meghan Crawford, Psyd, Llc 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1568001915
Melissa Marquardt 97201, ORPsychologist Clinical1962811935
Trevor Davis 98119, ORPsychologist Clinical1124207014
John Thomas Harlow Engelhardt 92374, ORPsychologist Clinical1376524645
Michael Stephen Lembaris 92037, ORPsychologist Clinical1205068780
Juliet F Lamonaca 59102, ORPsychologist Clinical1245674431
Pamela S Jacobs 97227, ORPsychologist Clinical1366462418
Jaime Spatrisano 99503, ORPsychologist Clinical1538676069
Melissa Ramsey 97212, ORPsychologist Clinical1467749549
Andrea N. R. Hartman 98105, ORPsychologist Clinical1790174209
Dr. Nicole Reynolds Llc 97103, ORPsychologist Clinical1740801455
Cassandra Sieg 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1528300399
Transitions Professional Center 97206, ORPsychologist Clinical1578990685
Transitions Professional Center 97206, ORPsychologist Clinical1093126674
Louise Ellen Marasco 97206, ORPsychologist Clinical1295137693
Brooke Nadine Davidson 92660, ORPsychologist Clinical1538568407
Lane Dewan 97223, ORPsychologist Clinical1174848022
Avas Health 33637, ORPsychologist Clinical1578180253
Michelle Smith 93012, ORPsychologist Clinical1073961983
William Calabrese 11794, ORPsychologist Clinical1487054367
Daniel Alfonso Rodriguez 97140, ORPsychologist Clinical1437515962
Katrin E Beene 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1518476282
Kylee Marie Miller 97403, ORPsychologist Clinical1902393978
Aurora Anne Griffin 46750, ORPsychologist Clinical1386013787
Emma Cohan 80026, ORPsychologist Clinical1447620109
Brent D Fisk 97132, ORPsychologist Clinical1124418561
Zhen Cheng 97202, ORPsychologist Clinical1588010912
Jacklyn Stellway Beard 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1659711604
Heather Anne Scott 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1902969280
Joseph Martin Barron 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1689228694
Robin M. Hertz 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1891177143
Cathleen M Lalonde 48864, ORPsychologist Clinical1538312111
Elisabeth Powell 95018, ORPsychologist Clinical1003345984
Amia Huang 97215, ORPsychologist Clinical1518335280
Jane Heiy 97217, ORPsychologist Clinical1033527973
Ariana Moran 10010, ORPsychologist Clinical1992173538
Kristie Schmidlkofer 97128, ORPsychologist Clinical1316116189
Jennifer Sveund 98057, ORPsychologist Clinical1952584039
Delishia Pittman 20008, ORPsychologist Clinical1801136015
Michelle Fong 97303, ORPsychologist Clinical1821477514
Randy Olander 97471, ORPsychologist Clinical1013244599
Claire Jacobs 99835, ORPsychologist Clinical1164848388
Jennifer Alida Felker-norling 97224, ORPsychologist Clinical1437286986
Michael A Sasiain 94063, ORPsychologist Clinical1841625837
Irina Gelman 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1437413317
Brian Tucker 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1902095185
Christopher Allen Smith 65804, ORPsychologist Clinical1386099471
Robert Beridha 86351, ORPsychologist Clinical1265844831
Cassendra E Caceres-licos 96793, ORPsychologist Clinical1700261492
Wendi Hirsch Major 98684, ORPsychologist Clinical1265471833
Natalie Chapman Holley 60173, ORPsychologist Clinical1720404262
Jami Howell, Psyd Llc 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1073089207
Heather Marie Laskaris 97005, ORPsychologist Clinical1083048607
Camille C Curry 97215, ORPsychologist Clinical1568719482
Metropolitan Pediatrics, Llc 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1235131632
Northwest Psychological Center, P.c. 97267, ORPsychologist Clinical1144201807
Ontrack, Inc. 97501, ORPsychologist Clinical1881685097
Pamela Miller Phd Pc 97058, ORPsychologist Clinical1013991405
Dr. Susanne Fine, Llc 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1366427759
Judith A. Smith, Psy.d., P.c. 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1487627444
Country Counseling 97446, ORPsychologist Clinical1598733230
Michael E. Knapp, Phd, Pc 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1659322717
Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1235181868
Lane County Oregon 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1811941503
Karen A. Mcclintock, Ph.d. Llc 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1306891809
Children's Developmental Health Institute 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1003863572
Pendleton Acadmies 97801, ORPsychologist Clinical1417991258
Portland Dialectical Behavior Therapy Pc 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1619913787
Firstcare Medical Foundation 97322, ORPsychologist Clinical1740216498
Locc Patricia Finley Phd Llc 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1700815909
Mid columbia Medical Center 97058, ORPsychologist Clinical1154351336
Gregg F Reiter, Phd, Pc 97213, ORPsychologist Clinical1821003823
Aspire Educational Assessment And Consulting Llc 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1144758970
St Mary's Home For Boys 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1619057098
Rita Maynard, Psy.d.,llc 97034, ORPsychologist Clinical1275602187
Salem Psychiatric Associates, P.c. 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1619061314
Affiliated Psychological Associates, Inc. 97221, ORPsychologist Clinical1942383906
Western Psychological And Counseling Services Pc 97027, ORPsychologist Clinical1912008178
Kellie Oosterbaan Psyd Rd Pc 97031, ORPsychologist Clinical1609940030
Albertina Kerr Centers 97230, ORPsychologist Clinical1477618353
Health Psychology Pc 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1558427781
David C Wade Psy D Pc 97031, ORPsychologist Clinical1124184221
Dr Brad S Kauder Llc 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1437201878
Naomi Steinberg Phd Inc 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1003961954
Natasha Wong, P.c. 97128, ORPsychologist Clinical1336294214
Neurohealth Associates, Llp 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1316085517
Morrison Child And Family Services 97220, ORPsychologist Clinical1346382975
Michael F Oconnell Phd 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1902940133
Sharon M. Labs, Ph.d., P.c. 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1689700163
Life Works Of Central Oregon, Llc 97702, ORPsychologist Clinical1225169378
Lifequal, Llc 97006, ORPsychologist Clinical1124493580
Valley View Mental Health Services, Inc 97471, ORPsychologist Clinical1437297140
Steve Hand Lcsw 97209, ORPsychologist Clinical1184761827
Chehalem Youth & Family Services 97132, ORPsychologist Clinical1356499420
Sundstrom Clinical Services Llc 97068, ORPsychologist Clinical1669508412
Southern Oregon Neuropsychological Clinic Llc 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1588726939
Hutter & Seeley Psychological Services, P.c. 97504, ORPsychologist Clinical1427178227
Janice I. Volkin 97239, ORPsychologist Clinical1720206055
Clearwater Associates, Llc 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1679793541
Willamette Valley Family Center 97045, ORPsychologist Clinical1730309816
David M Freed Phd Pc 97302, ORPsychologist Clinical1497968622
Living In Wellness, Inc. 97520, ORPsychologist Clinical1184827149
Six Rivers Counseling 97914, ORPsychologist Clinical1144425018
My School's Health Centers 97404, ORPsychologist Clinical1578760740
Gascoyne & Taylor, Psychologist, P.c. 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1013102383
Acadia Northwest, Llc 97219, ORPsychologist Clinical1891980140
Ricks Warren Ph.d., Abpp, Pc 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1205023645
Nancy Nelson Psyd Pc 97128, ORPsychologist Clinical1942481908
Jennifer R. Cooper, Phd, Psychological Services, Llc 97330, ORPsychologist Clinical1154502631
Jo Ann Barnes Phd Pc 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1699956193
Christina L Zampich A Professional Psych Corp 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1679756068
Growth Endeavor Pc 97008, ORPsychologist Clinical1053594978
Mid Valley Counseling Center Inc 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1407039308
Matthew J. Fleischman, Phd, Pc 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1144499740
Akots And Frederick Pc 97225, ORPsychologist Clinical1780855270
Winwood Center For Wellness, Llc 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1588835631
Applegate Psychology & Assoc, Llc 97479, ORPsychologist Clinical1801067491
Dr Tracey Hoffman & Associates Pc 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1104099464
Sandra M. Gonzalez 97205, ORPsychologist Clinical1003089848
Lila Mcqueen, Ph.d. & Associates 97355, ORPsychologist Clinical1982878633
Smockville Professional Services, Inc 97140, ORPsychologist Clinical1457526964
Brooke Psychologists, Llc 97214, ORPsychologist Clinical1093980070
Northwest Integrative Health Center Pc 97132, ORPsychologist Clinical1508033994
Peter A. Powers, Ph.d., Llc 97401, ORPsychologist Clinical1952569725
Harden Psychological Associates, P.c. 97124, ORPsychologist Clinical1831352632
Adagio Therapy Center, Llc 97301, ORPsychologist Clinical1659758167
Lake Oswego Counseling Center 97035, ORPsychologist Clinical1962625335
People Solutions, Llc 97355, ORPsychologist Clinical1063687697


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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