Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Susan M Evans 16412, PAPsychologist Clinical1881690063
Nancy Elizabeth Kunsak 15229, PAPsychologist Clinical1689673543
Cranberry Psychological Center, Inc. 16046, PAPsychologist Clinical1598745135
Samantha Lindsey Zbur 23320, PAPsychologist Clinical1558740381
Elizabeth Morey Campbell 17013, PAPsychologist Clinical1093795825
Smadar H Auerbach Barber 11050, PAPsychologist Clinical1336195502
Martin Joseph Diorio 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1629091764
Theresa Marie Scott 21152, PAPsychologist Clinical1346355740
New Directions Counseling Services, Llc 15090, PAPsychologist Clinical1548373541
David Worth Harman 19129, PAPsychologist Clinical1003913757
Cynthia R Warden 15217, PAPsychologist Clinical1689768574
Amanda L Pelphrey 15108, PAPsychologist Clinical1538265871
Catherine M Klosek 18102, PAPsychologist Clinical1073693214
Cynthia Elizabeth Peterson-handley 15668, PAPsychologist Clinical1285782391
Lycoming Therapeutic Wrap Around Services, Inc 17701, PAPsychologist Clinical1831245570
Luke Joseph Ciaccio 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1336282524
Elizabeth A. Skowron 97403, PAPsychologist Clinical1588715379
Maria Serrao Britt 18018, PAPsychologist Clinical1306910724
Lindsay Alt St Thomas 18411, PAPsychologist Clinical1093889842
Dante Emmanuel Mancini 15139, PAPsychologist Clinical1336283852
Kathleen Mcdonald 19348, PAPsychologist Clinical1174641195
Alissa Sen Yamasaki 16851, PAPsychologist Clinical1780860767
Carmelinda Mann Brewer 94118, PAPsychologist Clinical1326216235
Caren L Rosser-morris 17043, PAPsychologist Clinical1811186968
Rebecca E. Gras 21210, PAPsychologist Clinical1689868531
Robert William Shambaugh 17110, PAPsychologist Clinical1245446673
Thomas Bortner 19320, PAPsychologist Clinical1326369927
Laura Louise Mowery 19320, PAPsychologist Clinical1982994083
Stephanie Adam 19320, PAPsychologist Clinical1174800528
Kate Keller Samson 84105, PAPsychologist Clinical1801047022
Kerrie Smedley 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1346476090
Sari Goldman 19085, PAPsychologist Clinical1336479708
Roseanne Koslin Cantor 19107, PAPsychologist Clinical1245475052
Timothy Stephen Zeiger 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1851664692
Einat Delong 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1184856015
Allison Paige Otto 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1518258698
Megan Spokas 19096, PAPsychologist Clinical1780826511
Monnica T Williams 06084, PAPsychologist Clinical1386942589
Kristine V. Spano 17110, PAPsychologist Clinical1467944470
Yevgeniya Kutuzova Melnik 20878, PAPsychologist Clinical1801177068
Andrea Martina Chisolm 20904, PAPsychologist Clinical1801140199
Robin L Carosella 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1295162949
Ingrid Jean Krecko 67010, PAPsychologist Clinical1629478136
Valerie Braunstein 19146, PAPsychologist Clinical1689085516
Stacy Martin 18036, PAPsychologist Clinical1083081020
Julie Worley 19154, PAPsychologist Clinical1255749842
Ben M Gardner 78236, PAPsychologist Clinical1942635727
Elizabeth Anne Valentine 19383, PAPsychologist Clinical1558519645
Meghan Richetti 19355, PAPsychologist Clinical1750719928
Elisa Joy Seibert 17402, PAPsychologist Clinical1699019695
Megan Elizabeth Narad 45229, PAPsychologist Clinical1225471238
Laura Artman 15108, PAPsychologist Clinical1033551049
Kathleen Mcgann 43130, PAPsychologist Clinical1558732784
Jessica Leigh Taylor 17103, PAPsychologist Clinical1790115491
Elwyn 19063, PAPsychologist Clinical1972643203
Ashley Vacante 80206, PAPsychologist Clinical1396074613
Susann Anderson 45439, PAPsychologist Clinical1871838433
Christina Elaine Miles 17403, PAPsychologist Clinical1184148033
Julia Hollinger 17402, PAPsychologist Clinical1407371834
Tarin Santamaria 15229, PAPsychologist Clinical1487172995
Alishia Anne Kalos 19107, PAPsychologist Clinical1669990297
William David Hasek 15227, PAPsychologist Clinical1730635921
Kimberly Canter 19803, PAPsychologist Clinical1669992624
Center For Forensic And Clinical Psychology Inc 07960, PAPsychologist Clinical1740707421
Suzette Hunt 19125, PAPsychologist Clinical1417467572
Lois A Benishek 19118, PAPsychologist Clinical1972025930
Carol M Schaefer 19403, PAPsychologist Clinical1154844595
Kristen Wilson Bielecki 19343, PAPsychologist Clinical1831614718
Michael Joseph Vitale 18640, PAPsychologist Clinical1629586870
Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.d. & Associates, Inc. 18643, PAPsychologist Clinical1649507831
John Edward Carosso 15146, PAPsychologist Clinical1871655373
Cameron Ziegler 19124, PAPsychologist Clinical1467975029
Kimberly Anne Lovelock 17042, PAPsychologist Clinical1164932083
Adrienne Garro 07205, PAPsychologist Clinical1932604618
Inna Markus Leiter 19063, PAPsychologist Clinical1942610548
Nicholas Williams 15217, PAPsychologist Clinical1154718872
Temple University Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education 19125, PAPsychologist Clinical1245228360
Adam Clarke 16214, PAPsychologist Clinical1952650152
Jennie Brill Rodgers 19152, PAPsychologist Clinical1518482058
Gary Koch 15009, PAPsychologist Clinical1861845208
John Stephen Parker 19808, PAPsychologist Clinical1962615252
Jeremy Schwarzbaum 08054, PAPsychologist Clinical1295191294
Temple Faculty Practice Plan, Inc 19125, PAPsychologist Clinical1003399783
Kate Linehan 18104, PAPsychologist Clinical1801379391
Emily Blanks 43130, PAPsychologist Clinical1720488976
Lucia Mcgeehan 19428, PAPsychologist Clinical1164929345
Julie Fitzgerald Schell 19464, PAPsychologist Clinical1164997094
Tracy N Kreiling 97702, PAPsychologist Clinical1659682177
Paige Renee Nelson-ansley 55447, PAPsychologist Clinical1750741641
Kristin Kopple 19107, PAPsychologist Clinical1215240395
Jamie M Arthurs 15228, PAPsychologist Clinical1932583523
Reshma Stafford 08542, PAPsychologist Clinical1558894501
Kim Weiner 15146, PAPsychologist Clinical1376011635
Lorna Cherith Jansen 18976, PAPsychologist Clinical1861960809
Campbell Psychological Services 17013, PAPsychologist Clinical1376082644
Excela Health Physician Practices, Inc. 15666, PAPsychologist Clinical1831655091
Amanda Viner 19004, PAPsychologist Clinical1801370630
Michael Stefanov 18431, PAPsychologist Clinical1912104803
Emory L Otto 17557, PAPsychologist Clinical1396793634
Dragonfly Psychological Associates 19063, PAPsychologist Clinical1831658376
Raina Moosa 92260, PAPsychologist Clinical1417102351
Cara Knaster 19518, PAPsychologist Clinical1942633532
Angella Deneen James Egwaikhide 19608, PAPsychologist Clinical1598226565
Brian Jeffrey Allen 17110, PAPsychologist Clinical1437358223
Alison Tripptree 19103, PAPsychologist Clinical1326506171
Anne Noelle Nisenzon 19102, PAPsychologist Clinical1578815429
Kristin Van Doren 19406, PAPsychologist Clinical1871821959
Clara Holt Gautier 15213, PAPsychologist Clinical1588851851
Leilani Salvo Crane 10010, PAPsychologist Clinical1255626156
Henry Gursky 18106, PAPsychologist Clinical1447606744
Aviva Mental Health Services Inc 19023, PAPsychologist Clinical1083110605
Joseph Dicondina 19046, PAPsychologist Clinical1891152195
Umas Family Resource Center 15963, PAPsychologist Clinical1770141905
Shoshana Wortman 19422, PAPsychologist Clinical1326315904
Tara Gilhooly 10595, PAPsychologist Clinical1073055406
Indian Creek Valley Christian Family & Children's Center 15622, PAPsychologist Clinical1245737147
Tammy Gregorowicz 18704, PAPsychologist Clinical1467800615
Kelly Rabenstein Donohoe 29466, PAPsychologist Clinical1679051726
Brian Moran 19031, PAPsychologist Clinical1821570243
Sharon Virginia Elwell 18042, PAPsychologist Clinical1144280389
Nathaniel Adam O'connor 73145, PAPsychologist Clinical1457673147
William D Hasek Phd Pc 15222, PAPsychologist Clinical1972165462
Michael David Smith 54601, PAPsychologist Clinical1003167909
Kpb Wewer, Llc 17013, PAPsychologist Clinical1932751740
Anthony J Mele 92008, PAPsychologist Clinical1619021599
Jessica Kathleen Mattingly 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1679706113
Caring Healthcare Network Behavioral Health Services Llc 16601, PAPsychologist Clinical1700440872
Psychology And Learning Center, P.c. 15061, PAPsychologist Clinical1568618114
Psychology And Learning Center 15061, PAPsychologist Clinical1104993864
Amanda L Sellers 18104, PAPsychologist Clinical1700397098
Emily Lynn Loeb 22903, PAPsychologist Clinical1861919029
Alana M Mcneill 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1609429299
Chris Pagnani Md Pc 19102, PAPsychologist Clinical1881073286
Dana L. Fry 19081, PAPsychologist Clinical1083703334
Christina Berchock Shook 17837, PAPsychologist Clinical1235351396
Jennifer Moore 19090, PAPsychologist Clinical1821648759
Andrea Rigby 17057, PAPsychologist Clinical1598951337
Peter Joseph O'donnell 16601, PAPsychologist Clinical1508853995
Tara Laymon 27106, PAPsychologist Clinical1558779785
Elizabeth S Miceli 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1033667548
Elysia Benedict 19713, PAPsychologist Clinical1881084523
David Durst 16823, PAPsychologist Clinical1821521493
Shannon Len Deets 16335, PAPsychologist Clinical1912153289
Jenna Pauline Mates 15238, PAPsychologist Clinical1245767284
Sunghye Sin 19027, PAPsychologist Clinical1477079895
Chesha Simon 19129, PAPsychologist Clinical1831736461
Lauren Krug 19103, PAPsychologist Clinical1245631175
Lauren Krug, Ph.d., Llc 19103, PAPsychologist Clinical1386139269
Jesse Jong-shik Suh 19102, PAPsychologist Clinical1922265404
Jesse J. Suh, Psy.d. Llc 19102, PAPsychologist Clinical1144770884
Antoinette Cooper Tate 08057, PAPsychologist Clinical1417181850
Rhondene Monique Miller 19063, PAPsychologist Clinical1629630447
Samantha Fitz-gerald 18411, PAPsychologist Clinical1821516915
Marifel Estrada-currie 18018, PAPsychologist Clinical1558689174
Marc Laud Feldman 19072, PAPsychologist Clinical1871891994
Thomas Knight 15132, PAPsychologist Clinical1063931905
Summit Phsician Services 17201, PAPsychologist Clinical1285105809
Anna M Fineberg 19103, PAPsychologist Clinical1083113708
Michael Unger 97401, PAPsychologist Clinical1538581905
Che Senior Care Therapy Services Pc 18966, PAPsychologist Clinical1144666496
Lisa J Schening 16412, PAPsychologist Clinical1649241266
Jaclyn Michelle Davis 78746, PAPsychologist Clinical1477833176
Jamie A Jessar 19096, PAPsychologist Clinical1437193950
H&l Psychological Services, Llc 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1811419666
Alison Litman 18103, PAPsychologist Clinical1437693447
Paul Christopher Jones 19010, PAPsychologist Clinical1285962084
Siu-kuen Azor Hui 19146, PAPsychologist Clinical1336685916
Premier Health Psychology, Llc 19438, PAPsychologist Clinical1902386261
Leslie E Horton 15213, PAPsychologist Clinical1750918405
Healing Path Psychology 18018, PAPsychologist Clinical1124502232
Patrick Vincent Mitchell 06371, PAPsychologist Clinical1326473042
Jennifer Olivetti 17050, PAPsychologist Clinical1154711380
Andrea Falzone 19110, PAPsychologist Clinical1487819736
Stephen J Sell 18018, PAPsychologist Clinical1366959488
Megan Barone 15206, PAPsychologist Clinical1386289569
Sarah E. Scheckter 19010, PAPsychologist Clinical1417347253
Patricia Anne Gratson 19102, PAPsychologist Clinical1598385817
Hannah Grace Kitcey 15213, PAPsychologist Clinical1558983445
Psycare Inc 25303, PAPsychologist Clinical1144433459
Nicole Helverson 19125, PAPsychologist Clinical1619353125
Teamcare Behavioral Health, Llc 17601, PAPsychologist Clinical1598380222
Sara Capen Wedeman 04619, PAPsychologist Clinical1528683893
Stephen Michael Scrimenti 43701, PAPsychologist Clinical1235127242
Ronda Elizabeth Slonaker 18507, PAPsychologist Clinical1669098265
John G Kuna Psy D & Associates Llc 18507, PAPsychologist Clinical1487936654
Peter Daniel Hauge 30318, PAPsychologist Clinical1811346950
Christine Anne Lee 45229, PAPsychologist Clinical1952806937
The Behavioral Health And Wellness Academy 17033, PAPsychologist Clinical1992219588
Christina M Wohleber 19406, PAPsychologist Clinical1871751230
Lawrence R Sutton And Associates Pc 15241, PAPsychologist Clinical1558989228
Jennifer Margaret Yarnell 17822, PAPsychologist Clinical1013298157
Ll Mulhollem Counseling And Psychotherapy, Llc 17022, PAPsychologist Clinical1518576925
Carrie Eileen Massura 18704, PAPsychologist Clinical1336527415
Joel Benjamin Winnick 17822, PAPsychologist Clinical1992186753
Steven Joseph Craig 18702, PAPsychologist Clinical1740839687
Erin L. Hall 17822, PAPsychologist Clinical1225582299
Children's Aid Society 17350, PAPsychologist Clinical1578603825
Julie Heier 17822, PAPsychologist Clinical1497231666
Psychological Health Affiliates Llc 17545, PAPsychologist Clinical1740201920
Lashonda Green 08550, PAPsychologist Clinical1477906956


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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