Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gisela Cordero 00627, PRPsychologist Clinical1982111977
Glenivette Zayas-vazquez 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1700320512
Maria De Los Angeles Davila 27713, PRPsychologist Clinical1962559393
Hector I Rodriguez Capeles 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1225544174
Maria Rosa Otero Suria 33884, PRPsychologist Clinical1346440708
Melissa Flores Roldan 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1780892265
Neicy Marivi Munoz Morales 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1265643886
Cristina Andrea Soto Padua 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1093219644
Davidson Wilfredo Baez 01609, PRPsychologist Clinical1740599851
Jonathan Fernandez 00979, PRPsychologist Clinical1023314614
Karelys Osorio Mulero 00926, PRPsychologist Clinical1659797371
Karla Esther Torres 00795, PRPsychologist Clinical1568774404
Leslie Criado 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1487984530
Freddy Aracena Perez 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1255678132
Lorraine Marie Lugo Diaz 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1740670967
Carol Y Irizarry-robles 00966, PRPsychologist Clinical1972087260
Yelitza Gonzalez Lebron 00791, PRPsychologist Clinical1770858243
Rr Psych Psc 00703, PRPsychologist Clinical1659892677
Aida Luz Garcia Carrasquillo 00962, PRPsychologist Clinical1336647072
Javier Fernando Rodriguez Cardona 78550, PRPsychologist Clinical1164936811
Aidaliz Caban Ramos 00662, PRPsychologist Clinical1851809453
Grupo De Servicios Especializados En Psicologia E Intergativos Corp 00969, PRPsychologist Clinical1841536570
Shirleen M Collazo 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1831640010
Irma Torres-rivera 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1043742380
Ivis S. Carrion 00960, PRPsychologist Clinical1811965452
Idania Liz Arroyo Perez 00603, PRPsychologist Clinical1356633002
Liza M Rodriguez Rodriguez 00961, PRPsychologist Clinical1174763486
Keyla Mariano-mejia 00693, PRPsychologist Clinical1184089419
Jinnette Rodriguez 00956, PRPsychologist Clinical1285111955
Rr Psych Psc 00727, PRPsychologist Clinical1194246116
Sonia N Rodriguez 00603, PRPsychologist Clinical1295299337
Iris M Colon 00612, PRPsychologist Clinical1487119723
Lorena Colon-anabitarte 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1457816696
Juan Francisco Rivera 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1932649704
Omar Enrique Alicea-velez 00778, PRPsychologist Clinical1699215376
Nilsa Collazo 00631, PRPsychologist Clinical1851861066
Iris Fuster 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1255892386
Glaneymi Romero 00674, PRPsychologist Clinical1124565205
Irmarie Cruz Cortes 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1508216979
Blanca Vazquez Marrero 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1497289060
Diomarielys Alamo Mercado 00727, PRPsychologist Clinical1336603943
Nilda R Colon Torres 00794, PRPsychologist Clinical1205366341
Johana M. Estrada Rodriguez 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1528554755
Aysha N. Gonzalez Santiago 00623, PRPsychologist Clinical1558785972
Joharys Kamila Aybar Cruz 00985, PRPsychologist Clinical1316423601
Centro De Servicios Contra Adicciones 00693, PRPsychologist Clinical1659926806
Nivia Isabel Rodriguez Hernandez 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1891229134
Cesarly Rodriguez Urrutia 00985, PRPsychologist Clinical1881161081
Aixa A Perez 00627, PRPsychologist Clinical1154575512
Jennifer Pelletier 00949, PRPsychologist Clinical1356999833
Keishla M Rivera 00705, PRPsychologist Clinical1922657709
Nydia Yaritza Camacho Ortiz 78738, PRPsychologist Clinical1265602445
Puerto Rico Community For Clinical Services, Research And Health 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1396776472
Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Ruiz 34142, PRPsychologist Clinical1881144459
Hilda Maria Rivera Marin 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1962969113
Yanira Vargas-aponte 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1760909162
Jeanie Melissa Melendez-davidson 22401, PRPsychologist Clinical1588177943
Venus N Hernandez-lugo 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1225257058
Mitchlery Cardona 00692, PRPsychologist Clinical1700327798
Paloma Gonzalez Marques 00683, PRPsychologist Clinical1255571915
Sonaly Sierra Alicea 00784, PRPsychologist Clinical1588993307
Sonia Maria Medina 34474, PRPsychologist Clinical1538501952
Josefina Melendez Cabrero 00917, PRPsychologist Clinical1093871709
Anel Julissa Espada 00751, PRPsychologist Clinical1326361890
Monica Rodriguez Pagan 34638, PRPsychologist Clinical1134428170
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center, Inc. 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1386613446
Ivan Javier Vazquez Torres 00731, PRPsychologist Clinical1265772784
Yaritsa Gonzalez 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1235303702
Jose Enrique Sarazu 00669, PRPsychologist Clinical1346801750
Keyla M Rodriguez 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1164045316
Maria C Velez Pastrana 00926, PRPsychologist Clinical1114016417
Marizel Burgos Martinez 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1457908063
Sarel Rivera Rios 00911, PRPsychologist Clinical1285252486
Luis Gabriel Agostini 00966, PRPsychologist Clinical1912220658
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo, Inc 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1326096058
Fatima Martinez Toro 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1255749792
Luz Yiraida Gonzalez 00729, PRPsychologist Clinical1770836447
Coralia Krystal Maldonado 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1295377430
Glenda L. Bravo Otero 00690, PRPsychologist Clinical1003150301
Brenda Rios 00682, PRPsychologist Clinical1417281320
Lyneska Hilian Fernandez Flores 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1881294072
Rosa Aurora Rivera Sanchez 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1861092058
Frances M. Febo Cabrero 00705, PRPsychologist Clinical1174665897
Darian Rivera Arroyo 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1255628228
Positive Mindset Group 34741, PRPsychologist Clinical1982225595
Tania I Marrero 34771, PRPsychologist Clinical1154668861
Escucha Clinica, Llc 00923, PRPsychologist Clinical1750997862
Luis Eduardo Davila 34741, PRPsychologist Clinical1881965697
Debora Rodriguez 00920, PRPsychologist Clinical1609471515
Deborah Grace Tirado-class 00926, PRPsychologist Clinical1225627292
Roxanna Judith Calderon Salas 00985, PRPsychologist Clinical1912590142
Vital care Medical Center L.l.c. 00705, PRPsychologist Clinical1881083848
Vital care Medical Center L.l.c. 00705, PRPsychologist Clinical1326607466
Amanda Monserrate 00907, PRPsychologist Clinical1609460740
Luz I Rivera Pastrana 00959, PRPsychologist Clinical1508924895
Emet, Llc 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1790147262
Valerie Acosta 32819, PRPsychologist Clinical1255773586
Ana Michelle Fernandez Melendez 00646, PRPsychologist Clinical1679118871
Licelott Marie Maldonado 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1801471024
Carmen Minerva Quinones 00698, PRPsychologist Clinical1801454616
Stephanie Danielle Ramirez Cruz 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1861052359
Paloma Purcell Baerga 00909, PRPsychologist Clinical1548724842
Shirly N Stuart Sanchez 00969, PRPsychologist Clinical1366023418
Yaritza Del Valle 00949, PRPsychologist Clinical1881162261
Janice Feliciano Roman 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1922449156
Luisito Aguilar Abreu 00693, PRPsychologist Clinical1124666433
Heidi Marie Arroyo 34714, PRPsychologist Clinical1740583715
Virna Tehre Merino Landron 93036, PRPsychologist Clinical1396937843
Priscille M Joglar Pagan 34266, PRPsychologist Clinical1861469140
Jorge Arturo Cruz-matos 00703, PRPsychologist Clinical1629536222
Elsie Maria Rodriguez Palermo 00682, PRPsychologist Clinical1528540861
Melanie Angeline Rodriguez 00778, PRPsychologist Clinical1801455183
Francisco Sanchez 00678, PRPsychologist Clinical1568033256
Erika Viera Fonseca 00646, PRPsychologist Clinical1003347634
Madelyn Ortiz Brito 00791, PRPsychologist Clinical1225358781
Marilyn Morales 00780, PRPsychologist Clinical1821430984
Lourdenisse Pagan 00739, PRPsychologist Clinical1417622101
Maria Cristina Cintron Laboy 10019, PRPsychologist Clinical1164403499
Marlyn Villafane Marquez 00682, PRPsychologist Clinical1528300316
La Clinica De La Albizu Mayaguez 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1801205158
Yatzmeli Matias 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1669032785
Keishla M Esparra Lugo 00782, PRPsychologist Clinical1972089290
Jessica Muniz 00602, PRPsychologist Clinical1942855770
Julimar Saez Colon 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1699250845
Sharleene Ruiz Pacheco 00683, PRPsychologist Clinical1174162903
Marilis Enid Gonzalez 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1013460534
Leslie Ann Hernandez 00921, PRPsychologist Clinical1912333899
Los Angeles Medical Clinic Corp 00909, PRPsychologist Clinical1912970351
Hector J Guerra 00983, PRPsychologist Clinical1083630156
Centro Interdisciplinario De Salud Mental, C.s.p 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1396763561
Crece 00917, PRPsychologist Clinical1033125273
Encuentro Huellitas Llc 00917, PRPsychologist Clinical1134662240
A&r Behavioral Associates Psc 00732, PRPsychologist Clinical1235287590
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00929, PRPsychologist Clinical1255478103
Capsi Inc 00961, PRPsychologist Clinical1205967742
Clinica Dr. Merlos Y Asociados 00917, PRPsychologist Clinical1942418439
La Vida Medical Group Hatillo Corp 00659, PRPsychologist Clinical1033316856
Centro De Desarrollo Psico organizacional Y Psicoeducativo, Inc. 00921, PRPsychologist Clinical1770777005
Centro De Evaluacion E Intervencio Pasos 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1316132053
Clinica De Servicios Psicologicos Y Opciones Psicoeducativas 00949, PRPsychologist Clinical1588859938
New Health Med Group Inc 00983, PRPsychologist Clinical1295919231
Dra. Maribet Lopez Feliciano, Psc 00617, PRPsychologist Clinical1235313172
Holistic Development Therapy Inc 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1306022124
Centro De Mejoramiento Emocional Cme 00603, PRPsychologist Clinical1902083504
D & B Consultants, Inc 00791, PRPsychologist Clinical1295907145
Custom Wellness Solutions 00780, PRPsychologist Clinical1073780581
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00929, PRPsychologist Clinical1336303924
Servicios Profesionales De Mediacion 00627, PRPsychologist Clinical1922262369
Grupo De Servicios Especializados En Psicologia E Intergativos Corp 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1205348869
Grupo De Servicios Especializados En Psicologia E Intergativos Corp 00612, PRPsychologist Clinical1346752995
D & B Consultants 00927, PRPsychologist Clinical1033375274
Ponce Medical School Foundation Inc. 00769, PRPsychologist Clinical1548411531
Clinicas De Salud eps 00921, PRPsychologist Clinical1043463789
Centro Educativo Y Terapeutico Del Oeste Inc. 00682, PRPsychologist Clinical1881831105
Centro De Ayuda Psicologica Y De Talleres Educativos 00956, PRPsychologist Clinical1841437753
Ceip 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1639317019
Beknil Child & Youth Psychology Services 00678, PRPsychologist Clinical1083852230
Psych Wellness Corporation 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1346480274
Centro De Servicios Profesionales De Salud Mental Esperanza Inc. 00662, PRPsychologist Clinical1124269600
Centro Interdisciplinario Psicoeducativo 00717, PRPsychologist Clinical1811139942
Centro De Crecimiento Individual Y Familiar 00971, PRPsychologist Clinical1083856033
Centro De Evaluacion Y Terapia Brunilda Velazquez Torres 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1861635963
Ashley Professional Home Services 00683, PRPsychologist Clinical1265668214
Centro Sicoterapeutico Multidisciplinario 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1598993651
Servicios Psicologicos Educativos 00603, PRPsychologist Clinical1003045758
Oficina Psicologa Norma I Velazquez, Inc. 00751, PRPsychologist Clinical1770712929
Centro De Servicios Psicologicos Del Oeste 00683, PRPsychologist Clinical1497984207
Centro Interdisciplinario Psicoterapeutico Psc 00795, PRPsychologist Clinical1871723882
University Of Puerto Rico At Mayaguez 00680, PRPsychologist Clinical1205068988
Centro De Terapia Psicoeducativa Retos, Corp 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1548599806
Instituto De Servicios Educativos De Puerto Rico 00983, PRPsychologist Clinical1326370958
Servicios Integrados De Psicologia, Mediacion Y Arbitraje (sipma), Inc 00918, PRPsychologist Clinical1528381076
Manos Y Vida Corp. 00778, PRPsychologist Clinical1497079347
Clinica De Terapia Vega Alta, Csp 00692, PRPsychologist Clinical1669797510
On Time Therapeutic Clinic 00956, PRPsychologist Clinical1811212574
Centro De Servicios Multidisciplinario Equilibrio Inc 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1013235761
Encuentros Servicios Psicologicos 00726, PRPsychologist Clinical1396063798
Centro De Diabetes Para Pr 00936, PRPsychologist Clinical1730407222
Centro De Evaluacion, Tratamientos Y Salud Integrada 00730, PRPsychologist Clinical1336468180
Servicios Integrados De Salud Mental Inc 00921, PRPsychologist Clinical1538471115
Serv Psicologicos Y Cuidado De La Salud Csp 00777, PRPsychologist Clinical1831403260
Barceloneta Primary Health Services Inc. (clinic Salud Conductual) 00617, PRPsychologist Clinical1871808055
Psyche Centro De Apoyo Psicologico Inc 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1437466083
Instituto Terapia Familiar 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1801197033
Capitas, Inc. 00612, PRPsychologist Clinical1104128172
Ponce Medical School Foundation Inc 00716, PRPsychologist Clinical1114225901
Professional Consultant Of Affective Labor An Educational Training Cor 00783, PRPsychologist Clinical1376842450
Alianza Psicosocial De Puerto Rico, Inc. 00772, PRPsychologist Clinical1447549209
Piensa 00925, PRPsychologist Clinical1710277488
Servicios Psicologicos Vive, Psc. 00927, PRPsychologist Clinical1962796599
Universidad Central Del Caribe 00960, PRPsychologist Clinical1720360142
Comprehensive Therapeutic Center, Inc. 00982, PRPsychologist Clinical1659655488
Yo Me Levantare Inc. 00737, PRPsychologist Clinical1669757126
Instituto Multidisciplinario Y Educativo Del Centro 00736, PRPsychologist Clinical1639455611
Oruga Metamorfosis Psicologica Para Un Bienestar Integral 00617, PRPsychologist Clinical1972889459
Oficina Dr. Roberto Rego 00926, PRPsychologist Clinical1346518404
Alpha Therapy Group 00694, PRPsychologist Clinical1275802290
Genesis Instituto De Servicios Multidisciplinarios, Inc. 00725, PRPsychologist Clinical1760753701
Kids Therapy And Service Inc 00985, PRPsychologist Clinical1316212962
Clinica Del Dr Malave 00730, PRPsychologist Clinical1184990251


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