Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Rhode Island

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Rhode Island:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nhcc Medical Associates, Inc. 02840, RIPsychologist Clinical1598762304
Gregg M Etter 02886, RIPsychologist Clinical1962409649
David A Kahn 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1679570311
South Shore Center Inc 02813, RIPsychologist Clinical1255327391
Mary C Moore 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1407844723
Michael Edward Werle 02888, RIPsychologist Clinical1508855263
Guy M Boulay 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1871584961
Seaside Psychological Services, Llc 02840, RIPsychologist Clinical1003281361
Julie Boergers 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1710961578
Abbe Marrs Garcia 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1881670529
Christopher David Houck 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1821074576
Elizabeth Louise Mcquaid 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1114903820
Elissa Jelalian 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1427034123
Celia Maria Lescano 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1679559371
Debra J Lobato-barrera 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1003892712
Robyn S Mehlenbeck 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1467438184
Wendy S Hadley 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1578549960
Jennifer Lynn Anthony 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1710963004
Iwona Chelminski 02904, RIPsychologist Clinical1457337776
Laura C Messier 02904, RIPsychologist Clinical1083690309
Jennifer Beth Freeman 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1407832769
Christine Louise Trask 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1558347997
Jack Howard Nassau 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1750367868
Henry R Lesieur 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1386620466
Robert B Breen 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1043296916
Jennifer Duncan Davis 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1063498996
Geoffrey Tremont 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1043297880
Diane Duchon Young 02904, RIPsychologist Clinical1811973662
Jeffrey Peter Wincze 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1184601932
Maria L Buckley 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1487632634
Judith D. Depue 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1871571927
Karen Oliver 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1578541637
Ronald W Thebarge 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1922086081
Justin Nash 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1306824461
Wendy Ann Plante 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1487630331
Matthew Richard Picerno 02841, RIPsychologist Clinical1669442125
Holly S Brown 02871, RIPsychologist Clinical1366418311
Anthony Spirito 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1346217619
Jill M Pfitzenmayer 02920, RIPsychologist Clinical1275501280
Justin Vana 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1598733099
Institute For Behavioral Medicine 02920, RIPsychologist Clinical1649636416
Bonita Gail Cade 02878, RIPsychologist Clinical1053882670
Paul Block 02842, RIPsychologist Clinical1295797389
Susan Sabol 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1700848579
Patricia Flam 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1972565752
Theresa Costello 02860, RIPsychologist Clinical1730141433
Michael J Eltz 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1639131360
Martha Williams 02842, RIPsychologist Clinical1841253150
Nancy Davis 02842, RIPsychologist Clinical1881657195
Maureen Harkavy 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1417911207
Scott Hamilton Johnston 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1982660932
Amy Sisson 02910, RIPsychologist Clinical1053360495
Jennifer Newkirk 02885, RIPsychologist Clinical1811947286
Steven K Diehl 02842, RIPsychologist Clinical1215988175
Anne Susan Presser 02726, RIPsychologist Clinical1205887957
Samantha A. Kirk 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1003869876
Ann S Zartler 02835, RIPsychologist Clinical1508822057
Elizabeth Mclaughlin 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1285113514
Marcy Atkins 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1275595993
Elizabeth Cantor 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1700830635
John Thomas Jones 02021, RIPsychologist Clinical1861447765
Jon Ladd 02842, RIPsychologist Clinical1619923414
Armenio S. Costa 02832, RIPsychologist Clinical1184670580
Sarah Elizabeth Fine 02056, RIPsychologist Clinical1346296514
John Murphy 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1417904954
Caroline Sloan Alday 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1174570345
Christina J Bellanti 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1508813791
Jennifer L Dyl 02828, RIPsychologist Clinical1114964350
John R Boekamp 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1790722627
Michael Christopher Borden 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1447297387
Karyne Beth Wilner 19102, RIPsychologist Clinical1093752560
Clifford Bromberg 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1699712489
Karyn K Blane 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1568409431
Joseph B Mcglinchey 02852, RIPsychologist Clinical1689611410
Francine A D'elia 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1619914454
Margaret R Paccione-dyszlewski 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1720026909
David Charles Guevremont 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1588602692
Karen T Cammuso 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1720026412
Peter J Gillen 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1992743371
Greta Francis 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1659319036
Rowland P Barrett 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1891733416
Anne S Walters 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1932148954
Lori Mckinsey 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1518906924
Donald Lester Round 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1598704132
Barbara Tylenda 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1629018015
Steven J Barreto 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1336180983
Jamie L Hollenbeck 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1558303677
David W Mcconville 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1689616682
Sarah Elizabeth Martin 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1528001039
Susan Dickstein 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1104869635
Jennifer E Kittler 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1245273804
Carol J Faulkner 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1710920293
Samuel R Stockwell 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1528001476
Stephen John Sheinkopf 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1972546992
Robert G Pazulinec 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1679516082
Roger Williams Medical Center 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1457395998
Stephen R Swartzlander 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1437193091
Lisa Marie Freda 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1346284981
Daphne Koinis-mitchell 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1932143229
Thomas J. Lavin Iii 02916, RIPsychologist Clinical1013952043
Lakshyan Schanzer 02910, RIPsychologist Clinical1972539377
Fernando Augusto 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1215963624
Concetta Mary Di Leonardo 02818, RIPsychologist Clinical1073540928
Jayne Audrie Kurkjian 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1902833791
Joseph J Trunzo 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1669402988
David Winston Ingle 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1275563405
Margaret Howard 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1053341891
Marjorie A. Pelcovits 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1194756684
Michael Slavit 02818, RIPsychologist Clinical1760413199
Marcia Liss 02818, RIPsychologist Clinical1922039353
Plaza Psychology & Psychiatry, Inc. 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1306890546
Steven Joel Hershey 02886, RIPsychologist Clinical1831120260
Sandra S. Rosser 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1225073745
Melissa M Amick 02860, RIPsychologist Clinical1619909108
Mohiuddin Ahmed 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1124051032
Marie Donabella Sauro 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1669405411
Cynthia Loncar 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1700819273
Sandra E. Duclos, Ph.d., Inc. 02865, RIPsychologist Clinical1497788541
Susannah L Mozley 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1558394635
Jannette Rey 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1932133915
Maryann A Paxson 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1356375604
John F Todaro 20908, RIPsychologist Clinical1487689089
Katarina Lukatela 02818, RIPsychologist Clinical1366467524
Yana M Wember 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1164449187
Lucia M Fratantaro 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1568489508
Deborah A Rasile 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1437179413
Barbara T Kao 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1972523975
William S Unger 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1669494589
Brian Borsari 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1629091418
Ann Martha Frank 02865, RIPsychologist Clinical1346264256
William H Norman 02852, RIPsychologist Clinical1740294941
Robert Michael Hayden 02806, RIPsychologist Clinical1831103019
William Vincent Catone 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1447264403
Thomas Joseph Comiskey 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1417961483
Lizbeth Erna Wolfgang 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1497769467
Carol Smith 06355, RIPsychologist Clinical1033123534
Lynn K Nicoletta 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1609882893
Gwenyth Hughes Edwards 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1861408056
Bennett Zebulun Hirsch 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1700892908
Jon Kimpton 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1134136963
Bonnie Krebs 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1306854633
Sakonnet Psychological Services 02878, RIPsychologist Clinical1518977024
Louis Anthony Cerbo 02878, RIPsychologist Clinical1225048721
Kathe A Jaret 02879, RIPsychologist Clinical1245240613
Joyce Ann Stein 02871, RIPsychologist Clinical1346250651
Northeast Behavioral Associates 02910, RIPsychologist Clinical1659382315
Sara Lynn Dolan 02886, RIPsychologist Clinical1184636995
Kristie L Puster 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1831102508
John Elliott Mcgeary 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1053324483
Timothy David Le Jacq-smith 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1295848091
St. Mary's Home For Children 02911, RIPsychologist Clinical1770698011
Margaret N. Taylor 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1659487320
Kelly Jane Doyle 02852, RIPsychologist Clinical1184635500
Joanne Louise Doucette 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1245246222
Marjory Roberts Gray 01075, RIPsychologist Clinical1093725210
Gladys V Rezendes 02907, RIPsychologist Clinical1003924226
Jacqueline Jackson Kikuchi 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1851403455
Christianne Esposito-smythers 02915, RIPsychologist Clinical1407967169
M Tracie Shea 02908, RIPsychologist Clinical1871604744
Lesley B Landau 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1255443784
Pamela M Styler 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1992817431
Wendy E Schwartz 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1194837641
Gerald David Fontaine 02909, RIPsychologist Clinical1750483277
Ann M Porto 02919, RIPsychologist Clinical1881797868
James A Azar 02871, RIPsychologist Clinical1710080361
Howard Israel Benesch 02871, RIPsychologist Clinical1871697227
Clifford I Gordon 02859, RIPsychologist Clinical1942306675
Barry A Plummer 02903, RIPsychologist Clinical1942307657
James Patrick Curran 02301, RIPsychologist Clinical1669572665
Joseph Litchman 02860, RIPsychologist Clinical1295835197
Suzanne Marie Foster-sanda 01757, RIPsychologist Clinical1033219696
James Francis Campbell 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1750482626
Tamra A Ringeling 02886, RIPsychologist Clinical1306947080
Colleen Gregory 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1609977420
Michael Benjamin Robbins 02806, RIPsychologist Clinical1982796470
Albert Rene Hamel 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1588757637
Ellen M. Costello 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1538252341
Cynthia L. Battle 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1912090861
Raymond S. Niaura 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1699868356
Lisa A Uebelacker 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1528151230
Karen Anne Holler 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1750474599
Ivan W. Miller 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1093808750
David R Strong 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1639262322
Gregory L. Stuart 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1861585564
Richard A. Brown 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1912090788
Maria Eugenia Eguia-brusco 02852, RIPsychologist Clinical1982797726
Paul F. Malloy 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1144313909
Melissa A. Jenkins 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1619060464
Vanitha G Nair 02895, RIPsychologist Clinical1003900085
Caryn Wachs Manning 02905, RIPsychologist Clinical1063507978
Frank James Canino 02910, RIPsychologist Clinical1588752406
Daniel Joseph Hurley 02909, RIPsychologist Clinical1497844963
Benjamin Johnson 02852, RIPsychologist Clinical1205926219
Peter M Oppenheimer 02806, RIPsychologist Clinical1548350861
Ira H Reiter 02909, RIPsychologist Clinical1982784674
Robert Jack Mendelsohn 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1003996489
Elizabeth G Heiss 02864, RIPsychologist Clinical1528149853
Ronitte J Vilker 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1891876835
Anne C Dineen 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1710068754
Sally L Mayo 02906, RIPsychologist Clinical1245311299


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