Providers with Taxonomy: Psychologist Clinical in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Psychologist Clinical
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kala Taylor 37919, TNPsychologist Clinical1922598531
Imani Behavioral Health, Pllc 37040, TNPsychologist Clinical1992294102
Judiann Mcniff Jones 38128, TNPsychologist Clinical1306394630
Debbie Deberry 38008, TNPsychologist Clinical1649792813
Paul S Smith 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1821041450
Alicia Anne Victory 38401, TNPsychologist Clinical1659541969
Ashley Pineda Wendt 37027, TNPsychologist Clinical1114122868
Christopher Dennis Md Pllc 11234, TNPsychologist Clinical1588090229
Michelle Reising Scobey 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1588975841
Gwendolyn Earle Roberson 84102, TNPsychologist Clinical1558504191
Stephen C Smith 37660, TNPsychologist Clinical1891876819
Kristin Lee Grant 37814, TNPsychologist Clinical1497909634
Professional Billing Services Llc 37066, TNPsychologist Clinical1306297916
Informe Healthcare Specialists, Llc 46140, TNPsychologist Clinical1467051730
Larry Dale Archer 47715, TNPsychologist Clinical1104833284
Dr. E. Mcpherson Botts, Psy.d. 37042, TNPsychologist Clinical1336406016
Edward Robert Kovach 37043, TNPsychologist Clinical1518909910
Trauma & Therapy Center Of Tn., Pllc 37043, TNPsychologist Clinical1457814675
James Michael Scott 37214, TNPsychologist Clinical1487856035
Cynthia Potter Rush 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1114075637
Timothy Cripps 38017, TNPsychologist Clinical1700071651
Timothy Paul Miller 45223, TNPsychologist Clinical1710497052
Tracy Mckee Agostin 38018, TNPsychologist Clinical1386671352
Aimee P Miltich 38116, TNPsychologist Clinical1477677433
Cheryl Funsch Smith 72703, TNPsychologist Clinical1497176093
Jason Holland 37066, TNPsychologist Clinical1912478108
Lifespark Pllc 37066, TNPsychologist Clinical1396217816
Sonya Glyn Moore 37814, TNPsychologist Clinical1255736153
John Charles Brennan 48192, TNPsychologist Clinical1538595244
Deborah Elaine Renard 38117, TNPsychologist Clinical1750916839
Impact Behavioral Counseling Llc 75231, TNPsychologist Clinical1386169050
Jodi Polaha Jones 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1841472586
David J Bumgarner 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1891024741
Heather Tahler 97266, TNPsychologist Clinical1255885810
Natasha Benfield Gouge 37660, TNPsychologist Clinical1487050233
John Paul Abner 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1508885138
Lori Klinger 37660, TNPsychologist Clinical1891934675
Alisha Polite 30165, TNPsychologist Clinical1811328347
Andrew Howard Demick 37771, TNPsychologist Clinical1932107125
Nancy Ann Davis 60076, TNPsychologist Clinical1861481277
Monica Michaela Johnson 10019, TNPsychologist Clinical1770860744
Sophia Winter 12208, TNPsychologist Clinical1932458817
Gail Carmen Faust 47904, TNPsychologist Clinical1912330549
Yolanda Anjnette Robinson 37922, TNPsychologist Clinical1285974246
Janis Lynn Neece 37916, TNPsychologist Clinical1649279332
Regina Marie Hummel 37916, TNPsychologist Clinical1205834488
Allison Renee Elledge 37916, TNPsychologist Clinical1396140026
East Tennessee Children's Hospital Association, Inc. 37916, TNPsychologist Clinical1538339874
Christopher D Watkins 37919, TNPsychologist Clinical1467769018
Dannel Karl Petgrave 25054, TNPsychologist Clinical1457892705
Brianne Janee Blevins 37909, TNPsychologist Clinical1376021741
Shelby Wright 45244, TNPsychologist Clinical1184279093
Kara R Johansen 97213, TNPsychologist Clinical1124220389
Journeypure Multispecialty Group Llc 37129, TNPsychologist Clinical1548618416
April E Nesin 37916, TNPsychologist Clinical1063439040
Elizabeth Lane Shum 02128, TNPsychologist Clinical1457722829
Jeffrey Brian Smith 38152, TNPsychologist Clinical1346420809
Tamela R Sadler 32512, TNPsychologist Clinical1356341564
Lisa Battle-gwathney 37205, TNPsychologist Clinical1093115156
Jared Goldman 19102, TNPsychologist Clinical1528477098
Norman I Itkowitz 38120, TNPsychologist Clinical1760599799
Caitlin Nmi Allen 40536, TNPsychologist Clinical1891989646
Kristin Suzanne Hoffman 33701, TNPsychologist Clinical1518196674
William Leslie Fulliton 38104, TNPsychologist Clinical1578997615
Kimberly Y Williams Collins 38163, TNPsychologist Clinical1588184857
Keidy Ding 38104, TNPsychologist Clinical1992169379
Integrated Psych Solutions Inc 72207, TNPsychologist Clinical1548894371
Brian Anderson 72207, TNPsychologist Clinical1134468895
Kayla N Larosa 40202, TNPsychologist Clinical1053934612
Sarah Elaine Barnes 02915, TNPsychologist Clinical1174026942
Angela Sallie 38119, TNPsychologist Clinical1730385188
Dr. Angela Sallie, Pllc 38119, TNPsychologist Clinical1457905820
Robert Matthew Tolliver 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1285043810
Jesse Alexander Wingate 23347, TNPsychologist Clinical1184276974
Kelcey Lynn Puszkiewicz 72205, TNPsychologist Clinical1114456613
Laura Trillizio 37122, TNPsychologist Clinical1073100160
Mary Beth Covert 37027, TNPsychologist Clinical1619158920
Michael Robert Ritter 37129, TNPsychologist Clinical1033437785
Evelyn M Frye Clinical Associates, Pc 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1578514923
Tennessee Oncology Pllc 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1811955917
Sherlean D Lybolt 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1891742680
Evelyn M Frye 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1497797682
Scott A. Wylie 40202, TNPsychologist Clinical1700890571
Allison Bradshaw 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1831338284
Monicah Muhomba 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1144553314
Jennifer C Kasey 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1063768927
Jessica Diane Nicholson 29208, TNPsychologist Clinical1851686844
Marilyn Mccabe Seeman 90405, TNPsychologist Clinical1740534122
Allan James Heritage 37027, TNPsychologist Clinical1316456551
Robert L Umlauf 37083, TNPsychologist Clinical1992035042
Meredith Kalies 37208, TNPsychologist Clinical1275004160
Elise Oehring 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1154831907
Adrianne Anderson Mckeon 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1881259521
John Verbos 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1811559651
Brynda Marie Quinn 37076, TNPsychologist Clinical1124188479
Caitlin Elizabeth Stone 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1275678203
Ruth Q. Wolever 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1154405041
Zachary Eli Warren 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1396944377
Laura Corona 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1629505615
Liliana Wagner 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1427570647
Sara Francis 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1720566524
Elizabeth Grace Walsh 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1255714143
Amy Sue Weitlauf 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1831343680
Julia Sheffield 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1538697271
Landrew Sevel 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1255812319
Amy G Nicholson 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1053697813
Lindsey Colman Mckernan 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1558607051
James Jackson 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1093816670
Heather Kreth 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1003071515
Melissa Ann Cyperski 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1598148017
Colin Andrew Armstrong 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1093028599
Shelby Reyes 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1851851711
Reisha E Moxley 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1154966299
Katherine S Spencer 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1760791529
Sarah Girresch-ward 63110, TNPsychologist Clinical1861878134
Brittany White 10155, TNPsychologist Clinical1164961231
Sailee Thakur 45211, TNPsychologist Clinical1215319298
Larry Seeman 37167, TNPsychologist Clinical1750476354
Lashonda R Greenwood 37167, TNPsychologist Clinical1902029093
Inspire Senior Care 75056, TNPsychologist Clinical1730627795
Kelli Caldwell Miller 12901, TNPsychologist Clinical1205185352
Christi Lanet Culpepper 21205, TNPsychologist Clinical1558640789
Christina Marie Kamien 37923, TNPsychologist Clinical1225504988
Ashley Mayhew Breazeale 37921, TNPsychologist Clinical1477045854
Judith G Tudiver 37601, TNPsychologist Clinical1316940182
Jean-claude I Wakim 75248, TNPsychologist Clinical1114923562
David E. Pickering 38305, TNPsychologist Clinical1578569604
Regina D Austin 37914, TNPsychologist Clinical1992701577
Damaris A Olsen 37909, TNPsychologist Clinical1609873884
Matthew Edward Fearrington 37771, TNPsychologist Clinical1285632489
Truett Paul Mcanear 37814, TNPsychologist Clinical1639177835
Brenda Miller Karns 37825, TNPsychologist Clinical1356349534
Beverly Joanne Clontz 37821, TNPsychologist Clinical1689672883
William Edward Conklin 37814, TNPsychologist Clinical1720086937
Andrew Carter Miller 37814, TNPsychologist Clinical1326046509
Dennis S Freeman 37921, TNPsychologist Clinical1609874890
William Berez 37701, TNPsychologist Clinical1649278847
Lisa Lillard Oglesby 37919, TNPsychologist Clinical1518965730
John A Cooper 38119, TNPsychologist Clinical1912905837
Deborah Perlman Welsh 37921, TNPsychologist Clinical1982603726
Karen Rene Gannon 37923, TNPsychologist Clinical1548269236
Joshua David Booher 37771, TNPsychologist Clinical1154320596
Kristin Kai Mahoney 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1316946585
Theodore L Baldick 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1497755979
David M Deason 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1285634758
Brent E Stenberg 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1427058494
David C Mathis 37388, TNPsychologist Clinical1538169743
Douglas J Hart 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1790785723
Paul J Neal 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1265433296
Christian Psychological Center, Inc. 38111, TNPsychologist Clinical1184625006
Brian Eugene Wilhoit 37996, TNPsychologist Clinical1306845250
David Armstrong 38157, TNPsychologist Clinical1326048703
Adair Allen 37849, TNPsychologist Clinical1720087216
William Bruce Allen 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1326047408
John Andrew Neece 37709, TNPsychologist Clinical1568463552
Laura Gustafson Porter 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1720087901
William Allan Richards 37849, TNPsychologist Clinical1639178684
Parinda Khatri 37921, TNPsychologist Clinical1831199595
Jean Marie Schaid 37849, TNPsychologist Clinical1306845532
Elaine O Barnes 37334, TNPsychologist Clinical1205837440
James R Hebda 37043, TNPsychologist Clinical1740282870
Christopher D Prater 37421, TNPsychologist Clinical1598767444
Charles E Martin 37922, TNPsychologist Clinical1740282631
Paula R Macmorran 37919, TNPsychologist Clinical1710989215
Michael Gene Bowman 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1770575789
Audrey J Williams 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1184616104
Karen A Armstrong 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1760474316
Oren Michael Ellis 37877, TNPsychologist Clinical1114919636
Mark A. Lemay 37760, TNPsychologist Clinical1447243480
Stephen L Tench 37076, TNPsychologist Clinical1245223148
Evelyn C Kemp 37620, TNPsychologist Clinical1295728111
Nancy June Stott 37203, TNPsychologist Clinical1033102728
Carol Steele 37760, TNPsychologist Clinical1114910213
Susan B Carpenter 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1528051448
James Long 72703, TNPsychologist Clinical1275526733
Daniel Rachlin 37043, TNPsychologist Clinical1124029251
Allan Swayze Philp 37923, TNPsychologist Clinical1356335376
Sarah Willard Penegar 37919, TNPsychologist Clinical1902890494
Sean Phipps 38105, TNPsychologist Clinical1023003548
Vida L Tyc 38105, TNPsychologist Clinical1932194453
Timothy J Cooper 37232, TNPsychologist Clinical1689669038
Mark A Miles 38105, TNPsychologist Clinical1053306159
David Arlen Solovey 37421, TNPsychologist Clinical1871588855
Michele R Moser 37684, TNPsychologist Clinical1023003951
Kathleen Ramsey Mcgowen 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1518952423
Liz T Donald 37918, TNPsychologist Clinical1447245295
Jackie Lynn Stankiewicz 37220, TNPsychologist Clinical1053306605
Robert Eric Roth 37604, TNPsychologist Clinical1992792519
Thomas E Schacht 37684, TNPsychologist Clinical1285622910
Sandra L Kilpatrick 37404, TNPsychologist Clinical1487642252
Bruce E Davis 37212, TNPsychologist Clinical1467440230
Marzi Lisa Radpour-wiley 37421, TNPsychologist Clinical1427046200
Janice K Wheeler 37404, TNPsychologist Clinical1851389639
Team Centers Inc 37403, TNPsychologist Clinical1992793012
William Fleming Mealer 38119, TNPsychologist Clinical1558359463
Cynthia Ziegler Mealer 38018, TNPsychologist Clinical1497743306
John Barry Averitt 38501, TNPsychologist Clinical1174513097
Stephen Paul Bradshaw 37404, TNPsychologist Clinical1851381271
Jama White 37404, TNPsychologist Clinical1568453629
Martha Nan Hawkes 38138, TNPsychologist Clinical1184615601


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